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Author's Chapter Notes:

ah! So it's the holidays and I waned to try something a bit different. So without further ado! here is my firist atempted at something  different. welcome to Maple.

Maple, New Hampshire, a small rural area that is hidden behind a thicket of wood, mountains and for the time being, snow.  Wayside High had its annual snow day and four sixteen year olds with two seventeen year olds where hanging out in front of school waiting for the bus.   


Bryce Bean the tall slender bunch of the group and one of the oldest of the friends was your run of the mill jock, well by looks he was. 6’8” short blonde hair dark brown eyes, he was that guy girls liked in High School however he had a great mind for science his twin sister Emily Bean was beautiful as ever and like her twin also liked science mainly because she wants to build a TARDIS form scratch. She stands at 5’8” with perfect size Brest for someone of her age, she was more so a tom boy and had a crush on Oliver who she would always her “little Olive”.


  Oliver “Olive” Octoson was the smallest member of the group at just 5’0”, everyone but his friends picked on him and he did have a Crush on Emily. Olive as his family and Em called him mainly because he looked like one. He was overweight for his size and had olive skin, zits on his face and glasses too big for his head. He may look like a stereotypical nerd and he was for the most part, he was also a fan of giantess. Wishing to be found by Emily would be the best dream to come true. He read stories, made plans for everything, he was like an adorable little batman of the giantess kind. He secretly prided himself on it. 


Loretta “Specs” Lux was sixteen, and one of the few African Americans to live in Maple, her father had a traveling practice of Law and he wanted the quite life for his daughter and son.  Mr. Lux lost his wife Caroline in an accident a few years after Loretta’s brother James was born.  James was 2 and Loretta was 4 when she died.  Loretta’s step mother Alexa was a women form England and while white she has always been Loretta’s mother and the two shared a close bond.  Loretta was called spec’s, due to the goggles she always worn around her neck, at 6’10” she was on the basketball team.  She had gotten well with just about everyone and usually stuck to her own tune.



With their friends the Other twins of the group identical girls; Strawberry & Mary Links. Both girls where famous around Maple for being one of the oldest families around town and wealthiest.  Strawberry and Mary where complete opposites while both stood at 5’2”, have Strawberry blond hair and Green eyes with freckles. Strawberry or Berry by her friends was bright happy, kind and always had a lot of empathy her sister was more emo, dyed her hair recently black and was a bully toward others.  If anything Mary did like Bryce however she loved to pick on Oliver and Dylan, the new guy. Strawberry would defend the two and eventually fallen for Dylan.



Dylan Brenner was the new guy in Maple and probably the only Jew. He was 5 feet and half inches tall, so taller than Oliver by a half an inch. He also had glasses and came from southern California. He and his Mom; Maureen moved to Maple on a whim and too get away from it all. Dylan’s grandfather passed away and while the too where pretty close they were clearly generations apart. Dylan had brown hair and chestnut colored eyes. He was excited to be invited to spend charismas with his girlfriend Berry and her sister’s family, whim he tried to like but clearly they just didn’t get along. Dylan had a feeling this charismas /Hanukah celebration [he talked berry into celebrating a bit of Hanukah with her family this year] was going to be epic.   He’s also a giantess fan and shared it with his girlfriend Berry, the two have been dating for six months now.



Everyone was excited to spend time with their families, as the bus came by to pick everyone up Oliver saw something shooting from the sky. “look everyone what’s that?” everyone looked up to see it. “Wow what an awesome find Olive!” Emily said making the young teen blush.  “Okay well Oliver since you found it why don’t you make a wish.” Bryce said. “sure” Olive said and with that he wished for something he’s been wishing for his whole life. A Giantess adventure for his friends, wait did he say for? Well no biggie, it isn’t like wishes come true right? Well this wasn’t a normal shooting star, it was a rare magical one that crossed dimensional planes of existence and released a powerful pulse. Looks like maybe Oliver may have doomed his friends.  I mean what exactly is the worst that can happen to a bunch of teens right?

Chapter End Notes:

I Hope you guys enjoy, and please I'd love to get feedback.

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