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Author's Chapter Notes:
Been playing SAO lately and wanted to see a size related story so I ended up writing one myself. As always let me know what you think.
“Link Start!”

Kirito could feel himself being pulled into the newest VRMMO as the system made sure that all of his senses were in sync. The familiar white area was full of notifications from systems checks to updating the latest data. It was a bit odd for Kirito because this was the first game that he had played without using his old SAO/ALM avatar, but the thought of how he was going to build this character excited him.
It had been a little over a month after Kirito finally defeated the boss of the 100th floor of Aincard. There were several games that he wanted to play especially the game Sinon’s avatar was from GGO (Gun Gale Online), but all of the girls had forced Kirito in joining them for the grand opening of GWO. Kirito had no idea what GWO stood for because all of the girls wanted it to be a surprise. It was really lucky that Asuna’s family was rich enough that they could all play inside of her house.
After a few seconds Kirito found himself standing inside of the middle of a large field with several wild boars running around the place. These boars were massive compared to their counterparts in SAO standing just shy of seven feet tall. This game must have had a higher difficulty rating than the other games he played. Looking through his inventory, Kirito found himself armed with the basic starting equipment; boots, tunic, gloves, etc. The only weapon that he had on him was a simple dagger. Kirito was about to equip it to take on one of the boars before he noticed the ground below him beginning to shake followed by a familiar voice.
Looking behind him Kirito found Asuna jogging over towards him waving. Normally he would be more than happy to see her, but in truth he was a little scared. Kirito took an involuntary step back causing him to fall backwards as Asuna finally stopped in front of him.
“Looks like someone needs to work on their dexterity.” giggled Asuna as she bent over to help Kirito up. After patting the dirt off of his clothing, which nearly cause Kirito to fall down again, Asuna stood back up as she spread her arms open wide.
“Welcome to Giantess World Online!”
Kirito was speechless as he had to tilt his head back just to look up at his now gigantic girlfriend. She was the same old Asuna except for the fact that he was barely thigh high compared to her.
“Cat got your tongue?” asked Asuna as she crouched down to get closer to his level.
“Y-y-you’re so big!” replied Kirito before covering his mouth.
“That’s not a nice thing to say, but I’ll let it slide for now. Open up your trade menu.”
Kirito quickly agreed as he noticed a trade request from Asuna. Upon opening the package, Kirito found a small golden ring.
“What’s this?” asked Kirito as he examined the golden ring.
“Do you really not remember what a marriage ring looks like?” asked Asuna as she held up her hand to show Kirito the massive ring that surrounded her finger. “Go ahead and put it on, or am I too big for you now?”
Kirito quickly placed the ring onto his finger which caused a new window to pop up on his menu. Opening it up Kirito could see a list of all of Asuna’s gear, skills, inventory, and location, but there was one more thing that made him a little nervous and that was a side by side comparison of their stats.

Kirito: LVL 1, HP 100, SP 100, Strength 50, Dexterity 50, Vitality 50, Accuracy 50, Evasion 50, Defense 50.
Asuna: LVL 1, HP 10000, SP 10000, Strength 5000, Dexterity 5000, Vitality 5000, Accuracy 5000, Evasion 5000, Defense 5000.

“I see that you’ve notice my stats.” giggled Asuna as she closed her menu screen.
“How are your stats so high?” asked Kirito as he looked up at Asuna.
Asuna went on to explain that in GWO there was a female only buff that multiplied their starting stats by a hundred. It was only a one time deal so with enough training even male players could compete with female players of a lower level. It was because of this that Kirito wasn’t surprised that he was the only guy willing to play this game, but if it would make Asuna happy then he was willing to put up with it.
“Try taking down one of these boars Kirito.”
Asuna happily sat down on the hillside as she nudged Kirito closer to one of the boars. Kirito would be lying if he said that he wasn’t intimidated by a level one monster, especially since this one towered over him by over a foot. Opening up his inventory, Kirito quickly equipped his dagger to face his opponent. The only problem was that the weapons in this game weren’t scaled to the player’s size. This meant that Kirito was now wielding something more akin to a giant two handed sword. He didn’t want to admit it to Asuna, but the dagger was a little bit too heavy for him.
“Go Ki-ri-to!” cheered Asuna. Locking onto the boar, Kirito rushed in to start his assault.

Two Hours later

“Raaagh!” grunted Kirito as he brought his dagger downwards causing the boar in front of him to fall down.
Kirito was visibly shaking from exhaustion as he let his dagger rest on the ground. Every muscle in his body was screaming at him. He wasn’t sure if he could raise his weapon one more time to finish the job. His cloths were drenched in sweat and his breath came in gasps. The boar in front of him was slowly getting back to its feet preparing for its last charge.
“I-I can’t do this,” panted Kirito as his legs were about to give out from underneath him. Before he could fall Kirito felt a massive set of hands wrap around his shoulders as Asuna’s lips brushed against his left ear.
“If you can defeat this monster then I’ll give you a special surprise when we get back to the inn.”
Asuna could feel Kirito relax as she continued to massage the knots in his muscles away. She couldn’t get over how delicate Kirito felt in her hands. Despite his small size Asuna knew that Kirito could defeat this boar. She would let him rest up a bit after this one was over before taking him back to town. In the meantime she might as well form a party, that way she could grind some xp for him while he rested. It would be funny to see his reaction once he got to see all of the other girls.
Asuna gave Kirito a little push forward as the boar began to charge. A second later the boar burst into thousands of tiny blue fragments as Kirito collapsed upon the ground. A yellow notification appeared above his head signaling that he had leveled up.
“Good job!” said Asuna as she effortlessly cradled Kirito in her left arm as she carried him over towards the hill side. “Just rest here a bit while I get us some experience points.”
Kirito opened up his menu to check out his new stats and was pleased to see that everything had risen by five points while his HP and SP had risen by twenty. Looking down Kirito found Asuna standing in front of a boar that was ramming into her knee. Asuna didn’t even seem bothered by it as every hit only reduced her HP by one point. She was too busy going through her menu to notice the monster below her. After a few seconds the boar fell over from exhaustion as Asuna finally took notice of it. Bringing her leg back, Asuna lightly kicked the monster causing blue data bits to go everywhere. The same level up notification had popped up, but it was her stats that had surprised Kirito.
Every stat that Asuna had was doubled while every skill in her skill list was suddenly mastered. Asuna seemed to have noticed the same thing as she admired the stat increase in her own window. She was just as surprised as Kirito with the sudden change. She had been told that the playing GWO was like playing a game on god mode, but she didn’t believe it till now. While Asuna looked through her equipment screen she failed to notice the boar that had respond right behind Kirito.
Kirito was attempting to get up until he felt something massive hit him from behind sending him flying forward. Whatever it was had knocked the wind out of him while simultaneously bringing him down to just one HP. Looking behind him, Kirito found the boar about to charge at him again. The situation was only getting worse as the hit had given him the stun debuff that was to last another fifteen seconds.
“KIRITO!” came Asuna’s cry as the boar rushed forward.
Kirito closed his eyes as the boar was a few feet away. A loud thud came from in front of him along followed by a set of gigantic hands that picked him upwards. Kirito slowly opened his eyes as he felt Asuna’s gigantic bust rest on top of him. A boulder was now sitting in a crater where the boar had been just moments ago. Kirito finally looked up as he felt warm water falling on his face.
“I’m so sorry Kirito,” cried Asuna as she began carrying him towards town. Kirito tried to talk back, but the stun debuff was still in effect. He decided to just rest inside of Asuna’s arms, enjoying the warmth from her body. He wondered if she would take it offensively if he told her that her chest was a little bit too heavy. He quickly tossed the thought aside as he felt himself regain control of his body.
“Its okay.” said Kirito as he felt himself being repositioned so that Asuna could see him better.
It took him a while, but Kirito was finally able to get Asuna to stop crying. The worst that could have happened was that he would have lost a level and respond at the beginning again. Asuna continued to apologize profusely and promise to cook him a delicious meal once they got back to the inn. Unfortunately neither one of them had a healing potion on them meaning that Kirito was stuck with only one health left until they got back to the inn. This didn’t seem to affect Asuna because she enjoyed carrying Kirito around. It also helped that she could just toss a rock and destroy any monster in her path. It was a little too easy for her to do. The only thing that she had to do was lock on and the game would take care of the rest.
It wasn’t until she was halfway back to town that something interesting happened. The scenery around her froze as the sky above her turned dark red. A female voice came from the sky giving the players an emergency notification.
“We are sorry for your inconvenience, but Giantess World Online is suffering from a critical data failure. Players will be unable to log out until the game is completed. Again we are sorry for your inconvenience.”
The message continued to play another three times before ending. To both Kirito and Asuna’s horror they found that their log out option had disappeared from their menu. Kirito was a little depressed about the turn of events, but Asuna assured him that everything was going to be all right. It was a little bit embarrassing to be helpless inside of this game, but at least he had his friends with him. Kirito had no doubt that he would be back in the real world in no time at all.

River Side Inn

“KIRITO!” came several voices as Asuna entered the inn.
Kirito found himself laid upon a cushion as a giant vial was pressed against his lips. A few gallons of a blue potion came rushing out of the bottle nearly drowning him until his HP was finally full again. The pain in his body seemed to have disappeared, but he couldn’t stop himself from trying to cough up the portion that had been caught in his lungs.
“You need to be more careful Strea.” Came Lisbeth’s voice from off to Kirito’s right side.
“I just wanted to make sure that Kirito got enough of it.” replied Strea as she recapped the bottle.
“Just cough it up Kirito-san.” Said Silica as a giant hand began to gently pat his back.
“Had a close call huh Kebo?” said Argo from somewhere behind him.
“Is Papa going to be alright?” asked Yui.
“Of course he is.” replied Asuna.
The group was soon joined by Philia, Sinon, and Leafa who came bursting through the front door. Leafa had broken down in tears as quickly drew Kirito into a massive hug. Kirito would have been killed if they weren’t in a safe zone. Leafa refused to let Kirito out of her grasp as the girls sat around the table to discuss what was going on. It was quickly turned into a strategy meeting about how to handle their two greatest problems. The first problem was on how to keep Kirito safe. It would have been simple enough to just lock him inside of a room while the rest of them went out to beat the game, but none of the girls felt that it was fair to leave Kirito alone. It also wouldn’t work out to have only one girl having Kirito all to themselves while the others worked to finish the game. It was thanks to Argo that the girls finally set up a plan.
Argo informed everyone that it would take nine more days for the girls in GWO to beat the final boss. A glitch in the system has made it to where their stats were doubled every time that they leveled up. This meant that any player could defeat the final boss when they reached level five, but they had to just get through a mountain of quests just to reach the final level. It was with this knowledge that each girl, except for Argo who was just there to sell information, would have a day alone with Kirito to make sure that he stayed safe.
The girls continued to discuss things related to the game, but Kirito had other problems to deal with. Because of the way that Leafa was holding him, everything that the girls said was muffled. His arms were pinned to his sides as Leafa held him in a firm hug against her stomach. Kirito didn’t want to mention it, but Leafa was a big girl in the chest department before login into GWO. Now she was absolutely gigantic which meant that Kirito’s head was firmly resting in between two massive boobs the size of boulders.
It took everything that Kirito had in order to not think about the situation that he was in. The last thing that he wanted was for the girls to notice his ‘excitement’. The long day that he had, combined with Leafa’s heartbeat soon sent Kirito into a peaceful slumber. The meeting had finally come to an end when the girls came to their first problem. Who would get to watch over Kirito for the first day?
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