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            Carolyn Carter! No need to say anymore. I think it might have been her friend Courtney who taught her how to. But anyway on my stop getting off the bus from school she shrunk me to the very small size of ½ an inch. Then she tried to step on me with her bare foot but Katie Burke “stepped” in the way and I jumped into the bottom, the actual “floor” part where all of the little bumps on her soccer sandal originated from, of her soccer sandal, the right one.









 I went to the “floor” so that her foot would not step on me. I felt every bump and then some as she walked home. Once she was inside she became so exited that she forgot to her sandals off. She picked up her cell phone, giggling to herself the whole time, and proceeded to dial someone “beep beep boop beep boop boop beep…… ring………ring…….. HI SEBO…… YA  I’M  OKAY LISTEN  MY  PARENTS  HAVE  LEFT FOR A LONG TIME…….. MMMHMMM I WAS WONDERING IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO COME OVER TONIGHT…. OKAY SEE YOU AT 4:00 BYE!” Then she walked over to the door and kicked her sandals off (with me still in them!). I had to get Katie’s attention I had kind of known her maybe she could help me. So at about the time I had finally reached the kitchen the doorbell rang and there stood her “boy friend” Sebastian Wedig! “SEBO CAOME ON IN BUT FIRST TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF!” And indeed he did take his shoes off revealing his extremely low cut white socks. “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO NOW KATIE?” Sebo asked “LETS TALK AT THE KITCHEN TABLE.” “OKAY” he said. Uh-oh maybe I could grab a hold of her sock as she walked by. Nope Whew! Did his feet stink. Oh well anyway both of them were seated at the table talking away happily about each other so I started walking over to her to tickle her foot or something to try and get her attention, I had kind of always had this thing for Katie and for her feet so doing this kind of felt like heaven. Then I slipped and fell into some white sticky fluid that was warm and felt kind of like superglue. Then I looked up and saw something terrifying Sebo’s socked foot ½ of an inch above my body. Whew did Sebo’s foot stink. Then I found out what the white sticky stuff was that kept me stuck under Sebo’s foot it was his semen that was dripping down his leg from watching Katie

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