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[Incomplete]This story centers around the main protagonist, Eric Fayton. Currently beginning his second year of graduate school into physics. Upon reading an article about physics, he experiments with several theories and ends up regretting at least one of them!

Eric: He is 5'10, short hair lightly brushed to the side with full exposure of his face and forehead. Moderately athletic with mostly lean weight and only a little cushioning of fat. Fairly layed back overall, his strict regiment of schooling is coupled with a strict diet and light workout regiment. He offsets this stress with his weekly pot and meditation routines, as well as yearly dabbling of mind-expanding drugs. He is stricken with a confidence and inquisitive nature that were somewhat dangerous together. Whether out of unintentional narcissism or optimism, he often brazenly rushes into situations without properly analyzing their implications on reality or negative consequences.

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Published: October 05 2015 Updated: October 06 2015
Story Notes:

This is going to be in-depth and detailed. Just think of it as gripping foreplay and emotional investment. Take your time, it will be skippable, but it will play out with a specific rythym. 

1. Groundwork for Reality by Ourabora [Reviews - 0] (645 words)

All stories need the groundwork of their world layed out before you can feel engrossed. Take your time, and enjoy!

2. Putting the Pieces Together by Ourabora [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (2556 words)

A more developmental arc in the story. This will transition more from groundwork to erotica.