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Story Notes:

This is going to be in-depth and detailed. Just think of it as gripping foreplay and emotional investment. Take your time, it will be skippable, but it will play out with a specific rythym. 

Author's Chapter Notes:

All stories need the groundwork of their world layed out before you can feel engrossed. Take your time, and enjoy!

   Eric was up late again, the glow of his computer screen illuminating his face and wall in a blue hue. Although he was drowsy, he knew he wasn't quite at the point of tiredness he needed to sleep. He drooped forward in his chair, his perspective completely absorbed by the monitor. In his hunched state, his only sign of movement was the constant scroll of his fingers on the mouse as he rapidly glazed through pages of random websites. 

   His mind was wrapped up in a form of decompression as he browsed the internet. Letting go of his difficult physics midterms, he still found himself browsing scientific articles. Trying to remove himself a bit more, he opened up several content sites to pick through and rose out of his chair. Stretching, he straightened his legs and rose on his tip-toes and leaned back, tightening all his muscles up to his arms as he reached up, as if grabbing some imaginary energy pack, and opened his eyes wider. He shuffled towards his bathroom and turned the light on.

   Although the lights assaulted him and he had to immedietely close his eyes again, he adjusted quickly and gazed at his scruffy self in the mirror as his vision began to focus from its' watery-glossyness. Blinking rapidly, he quickly looked around his counter and spotted his multi-colored glass bowl laying in his isoproyl bath and washed it under his sink. Letting the hot water wash away the disintigrated tar, he blew it clean, wiped it dry and packed it with fresh pot. 

   "I'm not going for anything crazy", Eric mused to himself as he only put a light amount into his bowl. "Just enough to make this a bit more fun and help me pass out for the night". Gently tapping the soft material flatly into place, he lit up and finished it off in a matter of minutes with about a dozen small flicks. 

   "There we go.." he thought to himself as he precariously placed the bowl onto his counter top. He gazed into the mirror with slightly drooped, relaxed eyes and noticed the pinkish hue in them from the increased blood flow. He hummed to himself in a rythmic tone, "Vascular dilation..that's my elation!" satisfied with his rythme and connection to his highness, he smirked to himself in the mirror. He then turned the light off and returned to his chair, bringing his face back to his blue and white screen.

   Thinking to himself, "Alright, only a few more minutes and I'll head to bed for the night", he rapidly opened anything that seemed even the slightest bit interesting to him. Feeling a bit more creative and lucid, Eric pursed through a selection of science article tabs he had gathered open out of his tab-spree. Nearing the end of his own pre-disposed time limit, he found himself deeply staring into the information of an article regarding fractilization of the universal fabric versus the planck model.

   Although he knew there was a good chance he was reading the hypothesis of a much-too-optimistic physicist, Eric enjoyed playing devils' advocate, especially while in his high state. Engrossing himself in the ideas of the article, he read further as the ideas progress into electrons, taus, muons, protons, neutrons, all the way down the line of atomic and sub-atomic particles being manifested as waves in a sort of generational-quantum foam that could be fractically enhanced or reduced infinitely. The physicist skewed elsewhere, citing scripts from indian texts such as the Bhagavad-Gita as proof, and Eric quickly found himself, although highly amused at the idea, desperately falling into sleep.

   Stumbling into his bed, he quickly passed out diagonally on top of his covers, contently snuggling a lump of bedding in the corner as night rapidly changed to dawn for him under the disrupted REM-effects.

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