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Story Notes:

Wanted to try using a subtly different writing style on this one to keep it snappy and direct. Feel free to comment, or send me any suggestions or requests. Enjoy!


The date was August 28th, and the time was 5:28am. Early morning, the dawn already turning to full light over the city of Osaka. All over the country people were catching their last hour or so of sleep before starting their Friday, but in one moderately-sized home on the outskirts of the city, one person was up uncharacteristically early. A particular young man quietly slipped a rather “adult” publication back into it’s hiding place behind the desk in his room, and climbed out of bed slowly. Having got a few ideas from his reading, he had decided to sample something real, something which could get him in trouble if he was caught. While his plans weren’t outstandingly taboo, he still felt a rush of adrenaline as he snuck out from his room. Everyone was asleep, as expected; his parents weren’t due to wake up for at least another half hour, and his sister not for 90 minutes. He had all the time in the world.

He crept down the stairs, heart beginning to race as he locked eyes on his target. The initial state of arousal from earlier building again quickly. He crouched by the entranceway. A momentary wave of dizziness flowed over him, but he attributed it to simple morning grogginess. He’d felt the same a few time over the last few weeks, sometimes before leaving the house, sometimes just when relaxing with his family, but thought nothing much of it. Slowly he reached out, gingerly gripping his younger sister’s school shoes with his fingertips. He didn’t want to deform them or leave marks, lest his deviancy be noticed. Slowly he raised them a little, looking them over, before selecting the right shoe and placing the left back as it was on the ground.

The dizziness struck again, harder. He blinked, a little worried, but so consumed with his task, his member hard against his shorts, he dismissed such concerns. Taking the right shoe in both hands, he inspected the slightly worn outer leather, the shiny black material was slightly scuffed around the toe and heel. ‘She really does bump into things a lot’ he mused, angling the shoe downward. The interior was hard to see, dark. The soft insole showed a gentle darkened indentation where his sister’s weight bears down upon it daily.

He’d had enough of simply looking. His groin ached and his imagination wandered. Without further ado he brought the shoe up to his face, and began to masturbate with the other hand. Inhaling deeply, the scent of his sister’s sweat rushed into his nose, flooding his senses. Slightly sour, bitter perhaps? A hint of the soap she used was present, along with the smell of the leather of the shoes themselves. The thrill was overwhelming, as he rubbed harder and faster. ‘This was the smell of my sister’s feet… long days… after gym… summer heat…”. thoughts crashed through his head exciting him more and more until the dizziness came back, and this time it comes hard. Nearly losing consciousness, he slumped forward, his left hand lying under him, his right limply dropping the shoe with a light clatter.

A moment later his senses reassembled themselves. The heady smell of his sister’s footwear still hung in his nose as he looked across the floor. His head was resting neatly by the shoe he’d placed down earlier. He tried to stand, but his arms felt like they were made of jelly. His legs didn’t seem to reach to where they used to. A glance downward showed his feet fully off the house’s inner flooring, barely 40cm away. His brain struggled to comprehend the situation as the image of his sister’s school shoe came back into view. It’s true that he was lying on it, but it wasn’t just his head, but his entire body. Shock and panic set in as he scrambled to move, setting his legs into the opening of the shoe as he did so. ‘This doesn’t make sense’ he thought. ‘Everything’s getting bigger’.

The truth was in fact that he was getting smaller. For whatever reason, the smell, the composition, or some other property of his sister’s shoes was causing him to shrink. The first wave had taken over half of his height, and the minutes of dizziness and nausea that followed had left him in a position to lose half again. As he struggled, he reached the 20cm mark before he managed to stand, and 15cm as he stood flabbergasted in the shoe, no wiser as to how this was happening.

He moved to retreat, to seek help from someone, anyone. The idea that he might be punished for what he had been doing sank into insignificance compared to the peril he was facing. However, it already seemed to be too late for such an easy retreat - the sides of the shoe were now almost as tall as he was, and were only getting taller. He jumped, fingers grasping at the smooth leather around the opening, but to no avail. For almost a minute he tried, until he could no longer reach the edge. He tried running against the surface, but the slight concave nature of the walls trapped him efficiently. He sat still in shock, heart racing in the middle of the insole. He could do nothing but wait.

Fortunately, after a few more minutes it seemed that his rate of shrinking had decreased. Having said that, he must only have been a fraction of a centimetre tall by now, perhaps 5mm in height? He could see the huge numbers “22” written on the insole, each as tall as he was. The smell was ever-present, and seemed so much stronger at this size. The darker area of his sister’s footprint formed an appreciable slope, and emanated a subtle moistness. He was very much aware that he was breathing, touching and soaking in his sister’s accumulated sweat from years of daily wear.

A sudden sound broke his reverie. “It’s still too early for anyone to be up, right? And why would they be coming to the entranceway?” he thought, taking a few steps toward the toe end of the shoe. He craned his neck to peer out from the shoe and into the surrounding room, to see…

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