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Author's Chapter Notes:
A couple people enjoyed this story idea so I went ahead and wrote a quick story about it. Leave a review to let me know what you think.
“Ah,” gasp Joe as he buried his face into Kim’s bust trying his best to ignore the pain.

“Don’t worry,” replied Kim as she delicately pushed his hair out of his left eye, “we’ve made it to the emergency room.”

Kim walked slowly towards the receptionist trying to move Joe as little as possible. Cradling Joe’s body in her left arm, Kim quickly filled out the forms explaining her situation to the woman behind the desk. Joe didn’t hear much of the conversation between the two women. His only concern was trying to numb the pain both physically and mentally. They had been having a wonderful evening that had eventually led to sex. Their evening was cut short because of Joe. Kim hasn’t said much since the accident, but who could blame her since it was his fault.

Joe and Kim had been dating for over a year now and many of their friends expected them to be married before the end of this year. They had met in a calculus class and shortly fell in love. Joe was your average guy standing at an even six feet tall with medium long black hair and blue eyes that he hid behind a pair of glasses. Kim on the other hand was a semi average woman of Asian descent. Kim had long black hair and brown eyes. She was a little on the short side standing at a measely 17’ 6” tall. One of Joe’s favorite features about Kim was her breasts. Kim was able to put nearly any girl to shame in the chest department, but they looked massive on her small frame.

“Easy does it.” said Kim as she carefully sat Joe across her lap. Her left arm was used to support his back while her right hand gently pressed an ice pack into Joe’s groin. Of course it was a woman sized ice pack meaning that it covered everything from Joe’s lower stomach to his thighs.

“Is it helping?” asked Kim as she examined Joe’s face.

“A lot,” replied Joe as he moved away from Kim’s bust to look up at her face, “it’s starting to feel much better, I can barely feel anything.” In truth the ice pack was helping a little, but the pain was still there.

“I’m sorry, if I hadn’t insisted on being on top then this would have never happened.” said Kim as she began to lightly pat the ice pack.

“N-n-no,” grunted Joe as he tried to sit up, “it’s completely my fault!” Joe quickly fell back into Kim’s arm as the pain in his pelvis became too much.

“What are you talking about?” asked Kim.

“This would have never happened,” began Joe as he touched the ice pack, “if I wasn’t so weak and small.”

“Don’t even begin to think that this is your fault!” exclaimed Kim. “The blame lies with me big guy for getting a little carried away. No matter how big you are, a guy’s pelvis isn’t made to handle a one ton hump fest.” Kim could see tension disappear from Joe as he relaxed in her arms.

“Are you sure it’s only one ton?” asked Joe as a smile crept across his face. This caused Kim to gasp as she lightly tapped Joe’s head.

“That’s it mister,” replied Kim as she sat up straight, “no more boobs for you!” Kim would have loved to have seen Joe’s face, but her boobs were blocking him from view.

“Nooooo,” whined Joe as he tried to reach Kim’s breasts, “you wouldn’t deprive an injured man of such great pillows would you.” Kim began to laugh as she slouched in her chair. Once Kim’s bust was within reach, Joe began to bury his face into Kim’s left breast. “So big.” said Joe as he pulled Kim’s top down to reveal her nipple. Since they were the only ones inside of the waiting room, Kim just sat back and enjoyed the sensation.

“No matter how much you suck on them milk won’t come out.” said Kim as she rubbed the side of her left breast. They were more than a handful for Kim, but to Joe they were the size of a large beach ball.

“But they’re huge!”

Kim was about to reply until she noticed the door to the waiting room begin to open. Kim quickly readjusted her top, thankful for the padding that hid her erect nipple, as a nurse walked over to where she sat. The nurse took one look at the ice pack on Joe’s lap before a knowing smile spread across her face. Apparently it wasn’t the first time that she had seen an injury like Joe’s. Kim followed the nurse to the back where she was instructed to gently lay Joe across the examination table. Soon after the nurse left a female doctor entered the room.

The doctor looked to be in her early thirties with dark blonde hair. Joe could tell that Kim was a little jealous as she stood across from the doctor. Kim only came up to the woman’s chest which was close if not just a bit bigger than her own. The doctor soon introduced herself as Rachel as she removed the ice pack from Joe’s lap.

“Let’s see what we have here.” said Rachel as she carefully removed Joe’s shorts. Rachel carefully began to inspect the area around Joe’s hips. Joe let out a gasp as the nurse began to fondle his balls with one hand while the other began to slowly stroke his member.

“Can you turn your head to the left and cough?” asked Rachel as she continued stroking Joe’s member. Joe complied with the request as his member soon became fully erect. In the doctor’s hands, or any woman in general, Joe’s member looked absolutely tiny.

“Impressive,” muttered Rachel as she slowly began to move Joe’s penis in small circles before slowly stroking it again. “You’ll be happy to know that this still works. Now I can take a guess, but how about you tell me exactly what happened.”

Kim told the doctor how she had really wanted to be the one on top during sex that night and everything was going great at first. Kim went into extremely embarrassing detail as she recounted their love making session an hour ago. Kim was getting close to the edge of an orgasm when she lost it. She began to rapidly slam herself down on Joe’s pelvis over and over again. The reason she didn’t hear Joe’s screams was because they were drowned out by her much louder screams of pleasure. It wasn’t till after she came did she notice Joe unconscious underneath her. Joe was in extreme pain once he awoke which lead to them going to the ER.

“Gah!” grunted Joe as pre cum started flowing out of the tip of his penis.

“Oh, I am so sorry!” exclaimed Rachel as she removed her hands from Joe’s throbbing member. “I kind of forgot about you.” Rachel quickly got to her feet as she grabbed a pad out of her pocket and scribbled on it.

“Nothing seems broken just bruised, but he’ll need to take it easy for a day or two. Here’s a prescription for some mild pain killers and also be more careful when you decide to be on top next time.” Rachel soon left the room leaving Kim and Joe by themselves.

“At least nothing is broken.” said Joe as he closed his eyes to calm himself down. If Rachel would have continued for a few seconds longer then there would have been a giant mess to clean up. “Just give me a second to calm dOWN!”

Joe let out a yelp as his member was completely engulfed by Kim. Kim’s massive tongue effortlessly began to circle around and bully the much smaller intruder in Kim’s mouth. Joe’s hands were gently engulfed and pinned above his head by Kim’s right hand as she continued to suck gently away. The way that Kim would press her lips together as she swallowed his manhood before increasing the suction as she rose upwards drove Jim wild. Jim quickly came as Kim effortlessly swallowed every last drop. Panting lightly now Joe enjoyed the afterglow as Kim began to gently redress Joe’s lower half.

“What was that about?” asked Joe as he was carefully lifted off the table. The night was beginning to get to him along with the orgasm that he just had.

“I couldn’t just leave you there to suffer now could I?” replied Kim. Looking down she soon found Joe fast asleep in her arms. Giving Joe a gentle kiss on his forehead Kim made her way towards the door. Hopefully Joe would get better soon because Kim really wanted to try being on top again.
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