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I always walked straight home from school. I couldn't even bare the sight of a school bus. All of the kids who rode them were animals, and did not give a rat's ass about anyone else. The only downside to walking home was the distance. I slowly jogged and the distance was about 3 miles, so I got home in about an hour.

When I come home I am usually greeted by my mother standing right in front of the door, who will then offer me either a snack or a towel to go take a shower. However, when I got home today things were different. I walked in the front door and saw no one was there. At first I was a little panicked. The first thought that ran through my mind was that something bad happened, or she's in an unpleasant mood. "Mom?" I called out. "Mom, are you there?"

"Yes, sweetie, I'm in my room," she called back. "Come here, please."

I rushed over to her room, thinking something was wrong, but as I entered her room I saw a flash of light, and everything went black.



My eyes flung open, but everything was blurry. I was laying on some sort of pillowy surface, then I heard a thundering voice above me.

"Hi, sweetie," the familiar voice said.

"M-mom?" I instantly realized who it was, and I was sitting in the palm of her hand. "W-w-what happened? Why am I so small?"

"It's very simple sweetie, you've come home every day and preferred eating a snack over getting rid of the horrible smell after jogging 3 miles every day. Now mommy wants her turn... and she chooses the snack!" Mom replied before lowering me into her mouth.

"What! Mom you can't be serious! I'm your own son!"

"No, right now you're a snack," she replied after dropping me onto her tongue, and shutting her mouth closed. Her colossal tongue rose up and began licking every square inch of my body while she simultaneously sucked on me as well. I couldn't believe my own mother was doing this to me, and without remorse.

She continued to taste me for about an hour before spitting me out onto her hand. "You taste really good, sweetie! Now for the other mouth..." she slyly said. I was confused at first before I realized what was going on. She was unzipping her blouse, and pulling her panties down. She was butt-naked right in front of me, I couldn't believe it. Mom smiled and slowly inserted me into her pussy. She thrusted me, her own son, in and out of her vagina. She picked up her speed as time went on.

"God damn, this feels so good!" Mom exclaimed as she blew out her load all over me and her. "Okay, now that we've finished that, it's time to say goodbye, sweetie!"

I couldn't believe I was about to be eaten by my own mother. She opened her mouth, and tossed me in she licked me a few more times, and swallowed me whole. I could feel her pushing the buldge I created down her throat.

"Hehe, well that was fun. I think I'll go shrinknap some other people!" She said as she bolted out the door, heading for her next victim.


Chapter End Notes:

Sorry for a short story, but I can't really see myself making 3 or 4 chapters of a mother mouth-playing with her son, so it's just a short-story.

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