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Normal size man with shrunken woman


genital play 

human masturbating 

Epic cumshot


                Alyssa paced back and forth. Butterflies filled her stomach as she walked back and forth in her bedroom. She took a deep breath, and sat down on her all pink, queen-sized bed.

“Okay, I can do this.” She said, gripping the resizer in her hands.

“Let me test it out, one more time.” Alyssa said.

She pointed the resizer at one of her action figures. It was a Lara Croft doll, from the Tomb Raider collector’s edition. She set the size to 1ft, and set the time for infinite, and clicked “operate”. A loud wiring noise began sounding from the resizer, and soon enough, it shot out a blinding green light. The Lara doll began shaking with a bright green aura around it, and soon after, it shrunk down immediately to 1ft. Alyssa walked towards it and stood in front of it, towering over the tiny doll. She bent down and watched it. Her mouth began to water, and she licked her lips.

“Oh my god Kai, I cannot WAIT until you’re this small.” She said in a soft tone.

Alyssa grabbed the doll and set it on the bed, she slowly crept up to it and got onto the bed. Alyssa got on all fours, and knelt over it watching it, while rubbing her pussy. She pulled her jogging pants off and lowered her pink panties, and threw them off to the side. She knelt onto her thighs and knelt over the doll.

“Oh Kai, why can’t you be small now? Why do I have to wait?” She said in a sexual tone. She was using the Lara doll as sort of a simulation, practicing for her real scenario. She pressed her vagina into the doll, rubbing forward and backwards onto the doll. It is a very soft doll, so it felt great against her vagina. She rubbed her clit and moaned, tilting her head back and speeding up the process. She began jumping up and down on it pretending it was Kai, and enjoyed herself even more. She stopped what she was doing and just laid on top of the doll.

“What am I doing? I have to save my orgasms for Kai!” She yelled in her head, as she threw the doll into a drawer and put her panties and pants back on. Alyssa closed her eyes and began rubbing her pussy even more. She had to change her panties as it was soaked from her previous event. She quickly undressed and began picking out her clothes. She tricked Kai into thinking they were going to see a movie together, nothing harmless, just something cousins do; so he thought. Alyssa put on her push-up bra. It was a cute, all black bra that gave out maximum cleavage. She put on a very low cut shirt, nearly showing all of her sweet, succulent breasts. She put on her favorite, all gold belly button piercing. It had a shape of a heart on it, as it dangled from her belly button on a shiny gold chain link. She put on her favorite, all pink G-string. It stopped higher than her waist. She put on her skin tight, leggings. The G-string propped itself higher than her leggings. Her ass was so big that it stretched the leggings to its limits, making her backside completely see-through for everyone to see her bright pink G-string; just how she wanted it. She put on her glossy pink lipstick and applied her Smokey eyeliner. She was ready for the night of her life.

About half an hour later, Alyssa got a message from Kai, he was just pulling up on her driveway. She quickly ran down and waited by the door, waiting for him to ring it. Kai rang the doorbell, and Alyssa immediately swung the door open. Kai stood there, in awe at Alyssa’s appearance.

“Oh my…” Kai, cleared his throat and kept his eyes strictly on Alyssa’s eyes.

“Hi Alyssa, you’re looking stunning today!” He said with enthusiasm.

“Come here silly! That’s no way to treat your cousin! Give me a hug!” Alyssa yelled as she grabbed Kai’s arm and dragged him in. Kai wasn’t that tall for a model, only standing at 5’5. Alyssa grabbed Kai and pulled him close, hugging him tightly. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled it close to her breasts. She pushed her waist close to his. Kai, quickly pulled away. Alyssa quickly contained herself as they met eyes again.

“Well the movie isn’t for another 2 hours, so you want to watch some T.V?” Kai asked

“Yeah sure, the only working T.V. is in my room though” Alyssa said.

“Cool. Cool cool cool.” He said, as he began walking upstairs.

Alyssa straggled behind him, changing various settings on her resizer. She set the height to 10 inches. She smiled and hid the resizer up her sleeve. They walked into her room and they sat down. Kai began switching channels on the T.V. to find something nice. Alyssa wasted absolutely no time.

“So no one is home Alyssa?” Kai asked.

“Nope. Everyone is gone on a cruise for a year. They really wanted me to come but I had work at the university to do and couldn’t go, otherwise it be a waste of money.” She told him

“Ah.” He simply said, and went back to flipping channels.

Alyssa watched him, intentions full of ecstasy. She licked her lips and kept her distance.

“Something wrong Alyssa?” Kai asked

“Nope. Just stand still for me babe, and everything will be alright.” She said in a devious voice.

“What are you saying Alyssa?” Kai asked, as her stood up and watched her.

Alyssa quickly pulled out the resizer and pointed it at Kai, having it already prepper while in her sleeve, the bright green beam shot out of the resizer and shot towards Kai. Kia quickly ducked and rolled off to the side, quickly recovering to his feet. The beam hit a mirror, and instead of shrinking the mirror itself, shot off the glass and hit Alyssa square in her chest. She gasped and immediately dropped the resizer. Her body began glowing with a green aura, and soon enough, she shrunk down to 10 inches. The resizer dropped directly in front of her, nearly flattening her. Booming footsteps began growing louder and louder towards her, and soon the resizer was lifted from the ground. Alyssa looked up to see a giant Kai, towering before her. He picked her up by the hair and held her close to his face.

“Put me down you asshole! Stop grabbing me by the hair! It hurts!” Alyssa screamed at the top of her lungs, dangling, what seemed to be thousands of feet from the ground.

“Alyssa? What the fuck is going on?” Kai said in a scared voice. He kept watching her in confusion.

Soon Kai’s eyes widened. He watched Alyssa with rage and walked over to the bed. He threw her onto the soft bed and her body jumped up and down with the force of his throw.

“You bitch! You were going to shrink me where you?!” Kai said with rage, but Alyssa did not reply.

“What were you going to do with me? Huh? Look at how tiny I was going to be! I wouldn’t have been able to do anything. What did you ex- Oh my god.” Kai said with a gasp. He locked a fist together and slammed it down into the bed. Sending Alyssa flying into the air. He quickly grabbed her and squeezed her in a tight fist. Alyssa tried to gasp for air but her entire body was in a tight deadlock of his fist.

“You were going to use me as a sex toy weren’t you? WEREN’T YOU!” He yelled. He loosened the grip on Alyssa and set her down.

“Okay bitch, now I see your intents, don’t think I didn’t know about those subtle hints you gave me before when we saw each other, pretending to  touch my ass, constantly bending over in front of me, even sending me an “accidental” nude picture? You were just using me for your own sexual pleasures. Okay Alyssa, two can play that game. You better start running, because you’re not going to enjoy what’s going to happen next, but I sure will!”

He screamed. He took his shirt off and revealed his tone chest, showing his 6 pack. His arms are ripped, muscle everywhere. Alyssa watched in awe, unable to move at his desirable body, but then it occurred to her of his words. She shook her head and started running. She ran as fast as she could, wind cutting by her sides. She was running like the wind, but to Kai, she barely moved. Kai took his pants off, now just in his boxers. He slowly walked to her, stomping down hard with every step. Every stomp felt like an earthquake, making Alyssa lose her balance. He stomped his foot down in front of Alyssa, blocking her path. He grabbed her by her hand and held her to his face.

“Oops, looks like you lost sweetie. Now time for me to have fun” He said as he held her in his hand and brought her to her all pink bed. He laid down on his back on the bed, and set her on top of his chest.

“You like what you see?” Kai said as he watched her walk all around his chest.

Alyssa couldn’t deny it. This is what she wanted, but the proportions were all wrong. She didn’t want to be the one who is small, she wanted him to be small, towering her vagina over his entire body. She wanted him inside of her, for maximum pleasure. But she is stuck like this, forever.

“Okay bitch, now it’s time you stay where you belong. I know you’re a slut, I’ve seen how much guys you’ve dated and how they all broke up with you because you couldn’t just have one man. You always wanted the guy with the biggest dick, well I’m your man.” He said with a smirk as he picked up her up with his right hand. He took his left hand and reached for his all grey David Beckham boxer shorts, and pulled them off completely. Alyssa was left in complete awe as a gigantic penis towered over her. He placed her by the base of his penis and began stroking it.

“9 inches of pure beauty, isn’t it babe? But for you, that’s like the size of a house! Hahaha!” Kai laughed as he kept stroking his penis

(Oh my god, it’s so big! I can’t stop rubbing my pussy! I hope he doesn’t see me doing this. But it was supposed to be much smaller than! This isn’t fair I was supposed to be the big giant, not him! Fuck! Why does this always happen to the pretty women?) Alyssa said to herself. She still watched the giant penis in awe.

“Oh? I expected you to already begin licking it. Oh well, I guess this is too good for you. It’s time you started from the bottom and worked your way up. Kai stopped stroking his penis with this hand and grabbed Alyssa with it. It was warm from all the masturbating and had a strong musk scent to it. He sat upright and opened his legs. He placed Alyssa by his testicles.

“You can start here. Don’t be shy, you’ve seen enough balls in your life to be scared now slut. Start your job.” He said in a devious tone. He was really getting on Alyssa’s nerves now. Alyssa sat there with her arms crossed. She wouldn’t lick anything. Shortly after, a giant hand swung towards Alyssa. It grabbed her and she was shoved right into Kai’s clean shaven ball sack. She was continually rubbed into it, and she could hear low tone moans coming from Kai. He was getting all riled up, and soon he would let out his full sexual desires.

Alyssa gave into temptation and got on all fours. She began licking. (God this is so fucking good) Alyssa thought to herself. No matter how much Kai thought he was winning, Alyssa was enjoying every moment. She began licking all over his balls. It towered to almost twice her height. His balls were stiff from enjoyment. She began rubbing her body all over his balls, with her soft, yet large breasts pleasuring him with each rub. Larger moans began coming out from Kai, and soon after, he grabbed his balls and pulled it up slightly, dropping it on Alyssa. His gigantic balls trapped half her body, She screamed and try to squirm, but she couldn’t escape, Alyssa could hear Kai’s laughter as he continually rubbed his testicles into her body. Each rub let out a louder moan, and with each moan, the rubs began getting more and more aggressive. Her body began moving around violently, Alyssa wasn’t in control of her body anymore. What seemed like forever, Kai’s balls lifted from her body and she got a sense of control for a few moments. Soon after, Kai got up from the bed and put Alyssa by the bedside. He stood next to it and positioned his fully erect penis in front of her.

“Hold on sweetie, we’re going for a ride.” He said as he pushed his cock into her face.

Alyssa was able to wrap her arms around his penis and the moment she did that he swung around and walked towards the bathroom. Her body swung with his penis, holding on for dear life. The bathroom door swung open and Kai positioned his penis over the bathroom counter. Alyssa quickly let go and plopped onto the counter. Kai began rummaging through her things, throwing various bottles and creams aside. He stopped throwing things around and yelled “Aha!” and picked up the bottle. He slammed it onto the counter in front of Alyssa. It read Baby Oil: the softest and smoothest oil there is! Will make anything move around smoothly, or your money back!

Alyssa gulped.

“Let’s see if they’re right, or else you will have to get your money back!” Kai said, laughing. He opened the bottle and dropped a lot of the liquid onto his right hand. He immediately slapped it onto his penis and began rubbing in a 360 degree motion, lathering his entire penis with it. He dropped some more onto his hands and lathered his ball sack too. Soon enough, his entire manhood was coated with baby lotion, shining in the light. Alyssa watched it and her knees grew weak. The giant penis, standing above her, shiny and all was too much for her. She soon dropped on her knees and watched it. Kai smirked and picked her up. He lifted up one of the toilet seats and sat down, holding her in his right hand.

“Let’s see if I got good aim.” Kai said, as he dropped Alyssa high above his chest.

Alyssa began plummeting to the ground, her body out of control as it was being violently flung around with the lack of balance she had. Soon enough, she fell down, straight onto his penis. Her body was barely bigger than his the head of his penis. A dark shadow casted over her as a giant hand pushed her onto Kai’s penis. He lightly gripped her, careful not to squish his plaything. He slowly began rubbing her against his penis. Her body straggled a little bit as she wasn’t lathered in oil, and on top of that, she still miraculously had her cloths on intact. All she could see was a big tan piece of meat as she was dragged back and forth, on his penis. 5 minutes have passed and Kai let out a sigh.

“God, I was expecting this to be way better you know? Your body is so fucking amazing I was sure I would cum in a few minutes. “He said

“Please! Stop Kai, I can’t take anymore!” Alyssa said, crying. She was truly broken, only after 5 minutes of gigantic sex, she couldn’t take it anymore. Her body was sore, it felt like she had been doing a 5 hour workout.

“OH THAT’S WHY!” Kai yelled, as he picked up Alyssa.

“Silly me, I didn’t even notice you were wearing clothes still!” Kai yelled

“Oh my god, please don’t! Leave my clothes on Kai!” Alyssa yelled.

“Oh shut up bitch, like you haven’t been naked in front of a man before. Believe me, I don’t care what you think at this point, you’re my plaything now.” Kai said.

Kai began toying with Alyssa, watching her. He began kissing her face, despite being rubbed all over his penis.

“I’ve never French kissed a girl before, time for me to practice hehe!” Kai said.

He slowly licked her face, slowly bringing his tongue closer to her mouth. He began poking her mouth, but Alyssa tried her best to keep it close. She screamed at the top of her lungs to try and ward off Kai, but nothing worked. He kept smiling. Soon enough, Kai began applying pressure to her lips, slowly forcing his tongue down her throat. Alyssa soon gave in, allowing the tip of his tongue enter her mouth; due to the fact that, that was all that could fit. He licked all over, but soon stopped as he was getting nowhere. He watched her perfect DD cup breasts and began licking her cleavage. He licked all over the top of it and licked straight down the middle of her breasts. Alyssa tried to squirm away, but soon came to acceptance; there was no point in trying now. She’s his slave now and there’s no point in trying. The most she could do was bore him with her lifeless actions. Alyssa let go of all actions of struggle and let Kai have his way with her. Kai licked all over her breasts and licked her nipples. He licked something hard, but it wasn’t her erect nipples. It was nipple piercings. This just excited Kai more.

He stopped licking her and lick his lips. He stopped masturbating with his left hand and grabbed her shirt. He slowly tugged at it, pulled the low cut top away from her body. He stopped grabbing it and watched her. He quickly dove his hand in and ripped her top and bra off, in one quick motion. He began licking her breasts all over. Even for her size, her breasts where huge. He carefully licked every area of her breasts, even attempting to suck on them, but he couldn’t feel it. He rubbed his thumbs slowly onto he breasts and was greeted with full satisfaction. Her breasts were real, and very much squishy. Kai’s moans were getting more and more violent. He wanted to end this with a bang. He ripped her leggings off and left her G-string on. He laughed and licked her from head to toe. Each lick made his dick throb, harder and harder per lick. He stopped licking and spread her legs. He put his pinky finger into her vagina and moved it inside her carefully. As much as she hated being dominated, Alyssa enjoyed it. She just let everything happen. He stopped fingering Alyssa and flipped her over. Kai finally ripped her G-string off and licked Alyssa’s lump ass. He started poking around her asshole.

“You a virgin there?” Kai asked.

“Well I don’t care, you won’t be after I’m done with you.” He said softly in a seductive voice.

He began rimming Alyssa’s asshole and she let out a pleasant gasp. Her pussy was completely wet, and not from Kai. Alyssa was enjoying this no matter how much she hated it. She must have orgasmed multiple times as he licked her entire body down. Alyssa could feel something soft and wet enter her ass. Kai’s tongue entered her asshole, licking everywhere. Alyssa moaned, as this was the best thing she had ever felt.

“Oh fuck, I think it’s time babe!” Kai yelled out, as he removed his tongue from her ass and wiped his mouth clean. He laid Alyssa back onto his penis and grabbed the Baby lotion. He sat up from the toilet and walked back to the bedroom. He sat down on the bed and lathered his penis and Alyssa in the baby oil, and then tossed it off to the side. Kai put Alyssa face first onto his penis, with her large, soft breasts rubbing against his cock. Kai wasted no time in masturbating her on his rock hard penis. He rubbed her violently against his penis, Alyssa, again, in no control of her body. He masturbated her for minutes on end, what seemed to be hours for Alyssa. And finally, her nightmare began.

“Oh god babe, I’m gonna cum!” Kai yelled after letting out an enormous moan. He picked her up and dropped her by her pillows. He knelt on his shins and pulled his cock straight to Alyssa’s face. He began pumping his penis. Pumping, and pumping, and pumping. Alyssa watched as she was about to be drenched. She stayed loyal as Kai’s cumslut, and sat down on her shins and opened her mouth. Kai’s cock began to throb, and he let out a giant scream as cum exploded out from his giant penis. Alyssa was instantly knocked back by the force of his cum, exploding all over her like a tsunami. Her mouth was drowned with cum and she drank it all up. Alyssa was left in a puddle of semen, her entire body drenched in cum.

“Oh FUCK! I HAVE MORE ALYSSA!” Kai screamed, as he quickly cleaned up Alyssa with her bedsheets.

“This one is going to be creamy babe!” Kai yelled as he pumped his dick.

A giant blast of cum shot out of Kai’s slit, instantly drenching Alyssa in cum. His cum was incredibly thick, and hot. It warmed up Alyssa almost instantly. She began licking up all the cum she could possible lick and looked up. Kai still pumped cum on top of her, getting even thicker than before. It slowly guzzled out of his slit, and onto Alyssa. Alyssa laid there, in what to her, looked like an ocean of jizz. She laid on all fours, licking all the cum she could, constantly slipping and falling face first into his creamy cum. Kai kept on slowly pumping his cock, which was slowly begging to become limp. He had his head titled back and had his penis close to Alyssa. He put his clothes back on and cleaned her up again with her bedsheets.

“Ah that was amazing babe, wasn’t it? And to think, I was supposed to be this small! Ha!” Kai laughed.

“Well I’m not done with you. If I remember correctly, your parents are gone for an entire year, and if I remember correctly, my parents are on the exact same cruise as yours, so I’m home alone too! We’re going to get along so well!” he laughed as he grabbed Alyssa. He opened his pants and dropped her onto his cock, and let his pants snap back. Kai picked up the resizer and shrunk down her entire closet, and her dressers. Putting it in his pocket as he got into his car and drove off.

Alyssa could faintly hear a movie playing in the background, grunting as they were supposed to watch that together. She felt sleepy and fell asleep.

Alyssa woke up hours later, to find a giant pair of balls in front of her.

“What the fuck?” Alyssa yelled.

“Oh! You’re up! Well, as you know, I’m exponentially smarter than you, so I took the liberty to rig your resizer to make things bigger now; something you failed to even accomplish! Cute isn’t it? Well I made you a little bigger so I can enjoy myself better.” Kai said, laughing

Alyssa stood up and realized she wasn’t 10 inches anymore. She found herself to be around 1ft tall, just barely reaching the quarter way mark of his penis. She looked down and found that her breasts were much larger too, looking to be about F cup breasts, and her ass was even fatter, plump and soft enough to make a Kardashian jealous.

“I’ve changed the resizer to do all sorts of things, and now there’s a clone of you at your house right now, so no one will ever know you’re my cumslut. I even took the liberty of enhancing how much I can cum, as well as making it even thicker, so I hope you’re a great swimmer. Additionally, I took the liberty of getting your best friend Sarah, so you won’t be alone forever.” Kai said.

Alyssa’s best friend, Sarah, dropped down next to her. She watched Alyssa and smiled.

“Hey babe, you ready to have some fun?” Sarah asked as she grabbed Alyssa and held her close.

“Hey! What are you tal-“but before Alyssa could finish her sentence, Sarah dove in and began making out with her, groping her ass and fingering her asshole. Alyssa gave in to these pleasures and did the same, rubbing her body. Sarah pulled her backwards, and the two fell onto Kai’s ball sack, enlarged from the resizer. Kai moved away from his computer and watched the two make out.

“Oh god this is so hot, I need to jump in!” Kai said, as he grabbed and brought them to his bed. He placed them down by his pillow and grabbed his bed frame. He pulled his pants down and whipped out his even larger than before cock, and began rubbing his cock into their bodies. Alyssa thought about everything; maybe this is better than being smaller, and let Kai’s thick penis rub her into the pillows.




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