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Five years had passed since Tucker Martel had decided to stay on Home with his love Agent Jessica Snape. Over the month that they had spent with one another they had fallen in love and had been through more as a couple in that month than most would in a life time. Their love for one another was pure and although there was the fact that they weren't from the same planet and the fact that Jessica was a towering giantess it didn't matter to them. Tucker had become Jessica's fifth husband in two centuries but he had given her something that she thought was impossible for her.

Jessica and Tucker were married only a few short years ago in a lovely ceremony and Jessica had even taken the name Martel. It was not expected of her but her love for Tucker allowed her to do this, although for her work sake she would still be called Agent Snape even though her actual name was Mrs Jessica Martel.

Together the couple had been able to have a beautiful daughter that they named Dawn since she was the dawn of a new day for them. For as long as she could remember Jessica had wanted to be a mother but her size meant that it was impossible for her to be impregnated. After the help of a particular serum and Tucker himself Jessica finally got the child that she had always wanted.

The only thing that Jessica and Tucker found truly odd about Dawn that instead of having brown or black hair like her parents Dawn's was completely white. Numerous examinations failed to provide an answer to this question, she was not an albino and neither of them had anyone with white hair in their family. It was a mystery to the science of Home but it was not too important of an answer.

To earn himself a bit of money Tucker had even taken a part time job at Park Incorporated. The fact that he was human was intriguing to the people of Home. His main task was to create new training simulations for the various agents amongst other minor tasks. He would use his knowledge of various franchises from Earth to create a wide range of simulations that the agents didn't know what to expect. This small amount of income did give him some independence and it didn't make him feel that he was completely dependent on his colossal wife.

One thing that was still going strong for the couple was their sex life. Despite their difference in size sex between them was still enjoyable. Tucker could make Jessica feel things that she thought were not possible. He was by far the best sexual partner that she ever had and she needed to be careful. Her body was extremely powerful since her size and strength made her possibly the strongest agent on Home. It was her first time having sex with Tucker that had caused her to have a thirty foot growth spurt and a sharp increase in muscle mass. There was even the added benefit that after having sex with Tucker it would give her an energy boost.

Jessica had gone from being one hundred and twenty plus feet to the mid one hundred and fifty foot range. Her strength was almost beyond belief and it had taken her some time to get used to her new strength. On more than one occasion she had accidentally ripped one of her doors off the hinges as if it had been held by paper. She had picked up various items and accidentally crushed them. It was a small source of embarrassment for her but over time she had learned to control her strength.

This day was more like any other day. Jessica was going through one of her extensive training exercises. It was especially created to push her to her limits and keep her at the peak of her condition. For this exercise she was wearing her blue and yellow uniform which had needed some repairs after her battle with Tamsin and her brown hair was tied back into a pony tail.

Jessica was running through what looked to be an exercise course which was conjured up by the control room machinery but this was no ordinary course. Even if a normal sized person went inside they would find it almost impossible to move around. The artificial gravity had been turned up until it was five times above normal. For most people they wouldn't be able to move but for Jessica it was barely anything.

For the last few years all of Jessica's solo exercises had taken place in increased gravity. She was not the only agent to do this but she made it look easy. She was running down a track and jumping over various obstacles. Since her body was five times heavier than normal whenever she landed on the ground there was a loud thud sound but she would ignore it and just carry on.

This was an excellent way for Jessica to maintain her added strength and she even thought that her training her made her muscles grow a little more although she hadn't tested that theory yet. It had taken her a single sex session with her husband to gain these muscles and five years of intense training to maintain them.

Even with the gravity as high as it was Jessica still ran as if the gravity was normal. She could still remember the first time that she tried to work out in increased gravity she found it difficult to move but as she continued to train her body got more and more used to the atmosphere. Even now she was thinking that five times gravity might be too easy and she was just waiting for the scientists to upgrade the room so that she could work out under ten times gravity or maybe even higher.

Eventually Jessica reached a straight in the room which she found to be a little odd. Her answer soon came when the ceiling above her began to fall right down towards her. Rather than crashing down it looked like a control descent as if the ceiling was some kind of press. She thought that she was fast enough to get out of the way like she was supposed to but she wanted more of a challenge.

Jessica allowed the press to fall on top of her and she just raised her arms to try and stop it. As soon as it struck she felt herself get pushed down by the sheer force of the press. It was an extremely powerful press and she could feel herself go down to one knee. With the additional gravity it just made the press that much more powerful.

All this was being watched by Doctor Henry Murray who began to fear for Jessica's safety. He was on the verge of deactivating the program but suddenly he heard a grinding noise. He was located in the control room but through the large window he could see exactly what was happening. He could see the large press begin to rise up although it was trying to push itself down. He could see the strain in Jessica's face as she pushed the press, every muscle in her body was tense as she had finally found the test that she was after. She groaned as she slowly began to stand back up, it was a great effort for her and yet she still wanted more. She wouldn't be satisfied until she had pushed herself even further.

"More!" shouted Jessica with much strain in her voice. Henry wasn't sure whether to fulfil her request. He could see just how difficult it was for Jessica at that moment in time and he couldn't believe that she wanted more. With some amount of reluctance he turned the power of the press up even higher.

Jessica felt this immediately as she fell to her knee again and she could feel the press coming down further onto her. Its weight was almost beyond measure and she could feel herself get pushed further and further down. It seemed that the press was too much for her and at a moment's notice Henry would press the off button.

The straining noise from the press only increased as Jessica began to stand up and force the press back up. She was giving a small cry of effort as she continued to push, this was somewhat of a challenge for her. She continued to push and the straining noise only continued to increase as Jessica slowly stood back up to her full height and she pushed her arms up.

With one final effort Jessica pushed the press up as she stood to her full height and held her arms up in the air. The press was doing everything that it could to force itself down but nothing was happening. She was simply too strong to allow it to move any further down and it just stayed exactly where it was. There was a small amount of pride in Jessica as she held the press up, she had succeeded in another of her training goals but she still had plenty more to go.

Almost instantly Jessica felt the pressure of the press disappear and as she looked around she could see the room reverting back to normal. It was a somewhat odd sight but it was something that she had seen numerous times before. It only meant that the training program had been shut down. She turned to look at the control room and through the window she could just about see Henry at the controls. She gave him a little smile and she even sat down so that she could have a better view of him.

"I could have gone a little further," said Jessica. Her muscles were still tense and a small amount of sweat ran down her face. She also felt incredibly light as the gravity had returned to normal and now her body had to get used to being normal weight rather than five times heavier.

"Sorry Agent Snape but its Agent Perry's turn to use the room," replied Henry through a nearby microphone. "I am still impressed with the readings I got however. Do you realise just how much pressure was in that press?"

"I'm not sure but obviously it wasn't up to the task. Any chance that you can make it even more powerful, or maybe turn up the gravity even more."

"We are developing some upgrades but it might be some time. Anyway it's almost quitting time for you."

"Great, thanks for everything Henry."

Jessica stood to her full height and walked out through the large opening that had just appeared. It was easily large enough for her to step through and on the other side she could see many other staff of Park Incorporated going about their business. Some of them even said hi to her as she walked passed and she would say hi back. She was just glad that another busy day was ending.

Today she had to go on two missions and complete three training exercises that included theory work. Jessica was more of a woman of action and didn't particularly like having to do paperwork. Unfortunately it was an essential part of her work and unlike Agent Perry she couldn't complete it within the blink of an eye.

Jessica was particularly looking forward to going home so that she could spend some time with her young daughter and when it was time to put her to bed she would read her a bedtime story. Tucker would also read Dawn stories and he would use fairy tales from Earth and she especially liked the ones that involved giants. Tucker would have to change the stories a little so that the giants were not made to seem like they're that bad. Sometimes it was difficult but Dawn enjoyed them all the same. It made her feel that being big wasn't a bad thing and when she grew up she wanted to be just like Jessica.

There was one quick thing that Jessica did have to do before she could leave. While she had been going through her training exercise she had received word that Junior Agent Anderson had wanted to see her. Although she was Agent Lee's trainee it was not uncommon for Junior Agents to turn to other full agents for pieces of information. It seemed that there was something that she wanted to know that only Jessica could tell her.

Jessica found the young woman standing by a nearby wall. She was looking through some paperwork on a handheld device. Junior Agent Anderson had only been a part of the company for a couple of months and thanks to the Jones Serum she had the power to walk through solid objects. It would be an ability that when fully trained could be an invaluable ability for the company but for now Anderson was still learning to control them. She was a fairly short girl with dark hair and tanned skin. She had only just turned eighteen and was considered to be very beautiful.

As soon as Jessica arrived Anderson looked up to the towering giantess. It was only on a few occasions that Anderson had seen Jessica up close and each time it completely took her breath away. She didn't know how she could stand being so big but for now it was not of any real importance.

"Hi Zoe," said Jessica. Her voice was warm and bubbly. "Was there something that you wanted to talk to me about?"

"Well there is something I want to ask," replied Junior Agent Anderson. There was a small amount of fear in her voice but Jessica could tell that it wasn't her that was causing this fear to pop up.

"First thing's first, you don't mind if I pick you up. It's just so we can talk on the same level and you don't get a neck strain.

"I-I guess that's alright." With that Jessica placed her gigantic hand down right next to the young woman.

"Don't worry you're perfectly safe, anything you say will strictly stay between us, you have my word." Without saying a word Anderson stepped onto Jessica's hand and soon she found herself rising up into the air and she came face to face with Jessica. Being this high up did make her feel nervous but if she fell she knew that either Jessica would catch her or her own abilities would prevent her from receiving any injuries. "Ok fire away." Her voice did sound reassuring and it was exactly what Junior Agent Anderson wanted to hear. There was a lot going through her mind.

"I'm having a difficult adjusting to everything," said Anderson. "These powers of mine are difficult. Several times I've tried to walk through a wall but when I do my clothes get left behind." Her face did turn a little red due to embarrassment. "I was told what happened to you when you first got your powers and it made me think a little. But I'm just not sure if I'll ever master them."

"Of course you will. I can only imagine how difficult your powers are but I assure you that you'll be fine. No one expects you to master your new abilities instantly. There are agents who have been here for years and not fully mastered their abilities yet. You're a smart girl, I'm sure that you'll figure it out."

"Well it's not just that. Since I've had these powers I've found out that I've grown half an inch. I'm somewhat afraid that I'm going to be growing and I'll become extremely tall. No offense but I like being short, I was wondering what's going to happen to me if I do become very tall?"

"I don't think that you need to be worried about that." She could see that the young woman was very worried about this. For this reason she smiled at her to try and make her feel better. "Most likely what you're experiencing is just a late growth spurt, it's not unheard of for a person of your age to have a growth spurt. Besides if you do become tall that's not a bad thing either. My best friend was tall and she didn't let it get her down and she chose to embrace it. She might have been small in comparison to me but I always looked up to her." She slowly lowered Junior Agent Anderson to the ground. "I'm sorry to cut this conversation short but I have to get going. If you need to talk later I'm more than happy to talk." She gave her another little smile.

"Thanks Agent Snape." She was still a little nervous but she was did feel better than she did before their conversation.

"Please call me Jessica." She then stood back up to her full height. "I'll see you later and don't forget to keep studying."

Jessica was glad that she was just about to go home. Her day had been long and she was wanted to see her family again. She was already thinking about tucking Dawn into bed and when she was asleep Jessica and Tucker could spend some intimate time together. She wanted to have the housewife/repair man scenario and she was even thinking of wearing a dress that was a little too small for her. It really helped to show off her enlarged breasts and toned muscles.

Unfortunately these little thoughts faded away when she heard an alarm go off. It did make Junior Agent Anderson almost jump out of her skin. She didn't know what the alarm meant but Jessica did, she gave a sigh as she knew that her day hadn't ended yet and that she would most likely not get home to see Dawn.

"Are we under attack?" asked Junior Agent Anderson as she looked up at Jessica. There was a small amount of fear in her voice as she thought that her life and those she loved might very well be in jeopardy.

"No it's not an attack," replied Jessica. "It means that there's some kind of situation taking place." She turned around and went to walk away but she still looked down at Junior Agent Anderson. "Sorry but I really have to go now. Just try not to worry about your body, everything will work out in the end."

Jessica began to walk towards the war room where many of the top agents were beginning to gather. She knew that she would most likely be part of the team to handle whatever was happening. Her enormous size was often an asset in most situations and it was on rare occasions that she was left behind. She hoped beyond hope that she wouldn't have to go but she knew that was unlikely.

It only took her a few moments to reach the war room which was especially big just so that she could fit. Over the years many of the places in Park Incorporated Headquarters had been specially made so that she could fit in them. It was a vast improvement from when she first joined when she could only fit in a few hangars. She could see that many of the other agents had arrived including many of her good friends. One person she didn't particularly see was Jenny but that was most likely because someone was blocking her view of her. Unfortunately in the last five years Jenny hadn't gotten any bigger.

The alarms were still sounding and it was a cause for irritation for many of the agents. It took several minutes until it was finally switched off. By then the vast majority of agents were present, the rest were off planet. There was a large screen that the agents could see and a minute later General Fields stepped in front of the screen. Over the last few years his hair had gone a little grey but he still looked relatively young. He did have a deep cut on his hand which was still healing over and after another treatment it wouldn't look like there was a cut there at all.

None of the agents were aware of exactly what was going on. Many could sense that it was something of importance but it wasn't like there was a major disaster taking place or a city was under threat. All they could do was wait for General Fields to talk and just on the far end of the room a couple of his assistants were spotted.

"Thank you very much everyone on coming on such short notice," said General Fields in a voice that was loud enough to be heard. "As you can imagine there is a situation at hand that requires our immediate assistance." The screen changed behind him and the layout of a building was present. To many of the agents they didn't recognise the structure at all. "There is a full scale riot taking place on ZX-Twenty Two. ZX-Twenty Two was an asteroid that orbiting the planet like a second moon. Unlike Home's actual moon this asteroid was much smaller and since it didn't have a breathable atmosphere it was thought to be the ideal place to create Home's most secure prison. Some of the most dangerous criminals on Home were sent there to do time and it was believed to be inescapable. The facility was protected from the atmosphere-less environment in strong glass bubbles with glass so strong it was even thought that it was indestructible. Air was pumped in through several generators which converted the carbon dioxide in the air back into oxygen. It was thought that escape was impossible since the only way on and off the asteroid was through a vortex generator and if a prisoner were somehow able to get out from the protective glass bubble they would not survive in the oxygen-less environment. "As many of you know the worst of the worst are kept there and unfortunately the local prison staff and police services have been overwhelmed. They have asked us for assistance in this matter and it is our duty to make sure that no one escapes no matter how unlikely it may seem." He pointed to a particular part of the layout that was just outside of the complex. "There will be a team of five going to the prison to give support to the authorities. There are five vortex generators on the site including the industrial one just outside of the building itself. The other four are located inside and each of them must be secured so that there is no chance of any of the prisoners escaping. The team will consist of Agents Grimm, Daniels, Rogers, Lane and Snape. The rest of you are free to leave to fulfil your other duties."

This is what Jessica didn't want to hear. She had been selected to take part in this mission and she had no idea just how long it would take. She knew that she would not be seeing her daughter tonight and there was a good chance that Tucker would be asleep by the time she got back. And to top it all off she had to come back to work early the next morning, for this reason she was seriously considering taking some time off and having a family holiday to the villa on Planet Paradise.

The agents that were not taking part in the mission left the war room. Jessica would have liked to have left with them but she knew what would happen if she did. She would also feel guilty if someone was seriously hurt because she decided to just leave. Like it or not she had to stay.

"Ok agents your mission is a simple one," said General Fields. "Secure the vortex generators and provide aid to the authorities. Each of you will have additional tasks. Agent Grimm I need you to treat those who have been injured, whether they are prisoners or staff it doesn't matter. Agent Rogers we need you to bring the prison's security systems back online. Agent Snape you will be the heavy support, Agent Lane you will give additional support and finally Agent Daniels will be leading. You have ten minutes to prepare yourselves before you are dispatched."

A few moments later Jessica found herself right by an enlarged communicator. It didn't get that much use but now she wanted to use it. Since she couldn't go home to her family she thought it was the least she could do was call them. She did feel bad about not seeing them but unfortunately duty did call. She knew that Tucker would understand but she just hoped that it wouldn't upset Dawn.

Jessica only had to wait a few moments for Tucker's face to appear on the screen of the communicator. He had some stubble on his face and he did look to be a bit tired but other than that he was still the same man that she had fallen in love with five years earlier. She was happy to see him again.

"Hey Jessica what's up?" asked Tucker. He did have a small amount of concern in his voice but nothing to make Jessica concerned herself.

"Hey Tucker I'm just calling to say that I won't be coming home for another few hours," replied Jessica. "Something's come up and I need to help deal with it. I should be back later tonight."

"That's a shame, Dawn was really looking forward to seeing you. And besides tonight's our special night."

"Tucker every night is our special night." She gave him a small smile. "How has Dawn been today?"

"She's been running around a lot today and has tired herself out. She was so tired that I had to put her to bed early. She has drawn you a picture and I would show you right now but unfortunately I don't think I have the muscles to pick it up."

"That's fine Tucker, I'll take a look at it when I come back." She knew that she didn't have that much time so she had to finish the conversation sooner than she would like. "What did she have for dinner?"

"I think you should rephrase that to what didn't she eat. I swear that girl's gonna eat us out of house and home."

"Don't worry about it Tucker, I'll pick up some more food tomorrow." That had been one thing that the couple had noticed about their daughter. Even from when she was first born they noticed that Dawn ate a lot more than they thought she should for her size. Jessica remembered that when Dawn was first born it would take all of the milk in her enormous breasts to satisfy her and even then sometimes it wasn't enough. This had caused enough concern for both herself and Tucker for her to consult Doctor Summers for advice. He just stated that Dawn's growth was most likely what was causing her appetite. There was no doubt that she would become one of, if not the tallest person that Home had ever seen so she needed a lot of calories to sustain such a rate of growth. "If you get a chance tell Dawn that her mommy loves her and will see her in the morning."

"Will do honey. Just be careful when you, you know how I worry about you." There was some concern in his voice but Jessica just responded to this with a pleasant smile that went right through him.

"Don't worry Tucker, I'll be fine besides when I come back home I think we still have some time to spend some time together." She gave him a wink. "If you know what I mean." Tucker fully understood what she was talking about. Unfortunately she had to say goodbye as she was on the verge of being deployed to another high octane situation. She just hoped that she wouldn't be there for too long.

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