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I read a story a while ago over at giantesscity that had been translated to English. I can’t remember what the story was called, but the cause of growth in the story was very unique so I decided to use it in this story. I hope that you guys enjoy it and please leave a review.

Tony sat on the bed patiently waiting for his wife to come into the bedroom. He had done everything in his power to make their anniversary one to remember. Allison had been so happy that they ended up skipping dessert and went straight for the bedroom. Despite being married for five years it still excited Tony to see his wife in the bedroom. The bathroom door opened revealing Allison in nothing but a pair of dark blue panties and a frilly bra. Ducking under the doorway Allison entered the room as she stood back up.

Allison had always been the tallest girl around standing at an impressive 6’7” tall. If it wasn’t for her incredible rack she would have played volleyball for the collage that Tony and she went to. It was still hard for people to see how Tony was able to land this raven haired beauty. Tony on the other hand was a bit on the small side. Standing at 5’5” tall there was over a foot difference between the two. It wasn’t so bad as the height difference gave Tony the perfect hugging spot. Allison couldn’t help but smile as she saw the massive bulge in Tony’s underwear.

“I was thinking that since you made today so special that we should try something different today.” said Allison as she walked around the room.

“Um, what do you have in mine sweety?” asked Tony as he stood up to face his wife.

“Oh, we’ve tried doing it plenty of different ways but I was thinking that we should try it standing up.” replied Allison as she stood in front of her husband.

Tony couldn’t help but feel aroused as Allison slowly slipped out of her panties revealing her womanhood for Tony to see. Tony soon followed her example as the couple was soon standing naked in their own bedroom.

“Impressive.” said Allison as she eyed Tony’s cock. She couldn’t help but remember the first time that they did it together. She couldn’t walk straight the next day.

“Um, Ally I can’t reach.” said Tony as he stepped up on his tip toes. Even with his impressive length he was only able to touch Allison’s inner thigh. It was slightly irritating to be just a few inches away from his objective.

“Well hurry up and think of something.” cooed Allison as he caressed the top of Tony’s hair.

Not wanting his wife to wait Tony ran into the living room and soon came back with a stool. Placing the stool down in front of Allison, Tony jumped on it as he grabbed his wife’s waist and thrust his hips upwards. This only caused his wife to giggle as Tony’s cock was only able to rub against her inner thigh. Tony noticed this too as he tried standing on his tip toes again. Even with the stool Tony was a few inches short.

“Come on big guy I’m waiting.” moaned Allison as she slowly moved her hips side to side.

Tossing the stool to the side, Tony grabbed ahold of a chair. Before he placed it down in front of Allison an even better idea came to him. Placing the chair back down Tony jumped up on top of their bed and motioned for Allison to come closer. The huge grin on Tony’s face disappeared as it soon became apparent that Allison was still a few inches out of his reach.

“Could you perhaps spread your legs a little?” asked Tony as he stood on his tip toes again to no avail.

“Nope.” replied Allison as he waited patiently for Tony. It was a little puzzling for her as well. Tony should have known that the bed was nowhere near high enough to reach her. Hopefully he wouldn’t get too agitated from her little games; she still needed to be able to walk tomorrow.

Jumping off the bed Tony tried to brainstorm some ideas as he looked upwards at his towering wife. Her womanhood was a little above eye level for him so he needed something higher than the bed.

“Meet me in the living room.” said Tony as he walked out of the bedroom.

After ducking through the doorway, Allison only had to wait a minute as Tony returned with a ladder. A smile crept across her face as he little guy sat in up in front of her. The ten foot ladder came up to the top of her breasts. Tony also noticed this as he began to climb it.

“I think my little guy has found the answer.” said Allison as she watched Tony climb to the top.

“I hope you’re ready Ally.” said Tony as he stood on the top of the ladder.

To Tony’s delight he found that he was finally at the right height to have sex with his wife. The only thing that he needed was a ten foot ladder to stand on top of. He tried to grab ahold of his wife’s hips for support but they were a little too wide for him to get a good grip. Tony was brought out of his train of thought as Allison began to giggle.

“I think that we have a problem.” said Allison as she tried to suppress a laugh.

“And what is it?” asked Tony as he looked up at his wife. He was only able to see a small fraction of her face as it was blocked out by her massive boobs.

“I said that we should try having sex while standing.”

“So what does that have to do with this?” asked Tony who was now even more confused.

“Well, I’m not exactly standing now am I?” said Allison as she pointed downwards.

To Tony’s dismay he noticed that Allison was on her knees in front of him. He watched on as Allison began to stand up in front of him. Her womanhood rose out of his reach as it continued to rise upwards. Standing at her full height, Tony found that Allison’s womanhood was at least a foot above his head.

“I’m getting a little lonely honey. If you don’t hurry up and please me then I’m going to have all the fun myself.” said Allison as he began to slowly massage her chest.

Tony knew that Allison was only joking, but it was starting to get on his nerves a little. If they would just do it on their bed then none of this would have been an issue. Tony stood their trying to think of a way to have sex with his wife when a brilliant idea came to him.

“Can you meet me outside?” asked Tony as he began to descend the ladder.

Allison was generally confused as to what her husband could be thinking of as she tried to squeeze out the back door. It took her a few minutes, plus a broken door, but she was finally able to make it out into her back yard. Luckily for them they lived in the middle of nowhere. The night air tickled her skin as Allison waited for her husband to come outside.

“Over here!” shouted Tony. Allison burst out laughing as she finally noticed her husband standing on top the chimney of their two story house. His legs were shaking a little from being up so high, but Allison could tell that his member couldn’t get any harder. Standing in front of her house Allison placed her womanhood right in front of her husband. The house gave a groan as Allison placed a hand on each side for support as she waited for her husband to penetrate her. After waiting for a few seconds she could only feel a tiny object brushing the upper portion of her thigh. Looking down she could see Tony standing on his tip toes as he tried his best to reach his wife.

“Just a little more.” grunted Tony as he tried in vain to reach his wife.

“How about we call it quits for today and just have some regular sex?” asked Allison as she looked down at her little husband standing on top of her house. It had been cute when she first suggested it, but now the only thing that she wanted was for Tony’s cock to get inside of her already. Tony seemed to have finally stop moving as he took a moment to catch his breath. Looking down at Tony, Allison could see a smile spread across his face.

“Let’s just try one more thing.”

A few hours later

Tony hummed along with the music as the elevator continued to rise upwards towards the top floor. The thought of being caught inside of this building had turned both him and his wife on. He was just lucky that his wife was beautiful enough to cause a distraction so that he could sneak into the building in the first place.

“Are you sure you wanna do this?” came Allison’s voice through the Bluetooth headset.

“Don’t worry everything is going to be fine.” said Tony as he continued to watch the number on the elevator rise.

“We could have been on round three or four if you weren’t so hard headed.” said Allison as he waited outside.

“Awe, come on Ally. I know that you’re looking forward to this as much as I am.”

“Well can you hurry up? Everyone is just staring at me.” said Allison as she began to tap her foot. Several people below her backed away from the girl in front of them.

“I’m going as fast as I can. Just be ready for when I slide every inch of Big Toney inside of you inch by inch. I’ll continue to pump him inside of you until you fall to your knees from exhaustion.”

Tony’s words did the trick as Allison could feel herself begin to blush. The front of her panties was wet from the thought of what Tony had in store for her. Allison started to wonder if this was such a great idea in the first place. She had come close before but she was never able to fit all twelve inches of Tony inside of her. Allison was soon brought back to reality as she saw a door on top of the building open. Tony walked over towards the ledge before dropping his pants down around his ankles. The entire rooftop rose several degrees as Allison dropped her panties down revealing her vagina for Tony. Thankfully she was moist enough that it shouldn’t hurt when Tony started to make his move.

“Shit!” came Tony’s voice over her headset.

“What is it?” asked Allison as she looked down at the building.

“I’m still a few feet away!” replied back Tony.

“What are we going to do now?” asked Allison. She had become impatient about this entire ordeal.

“I’m on top of the Empire State Building and I still can’t reach you!”

The tapping of Allison’s foot caused a couple of people to fall to the ground as the ground started shaking around them.

“I give up!” exclaimed Tony after a second.

“So now what?” asked Allison as she looked down at the building.

“How about you just spread your legs a little until I can finally reach you.” said Tony as he positioned himself.

“Why couldn’t we have done this sooner.” said Allison as she slowly began to spread her legs apart slowly.

A smile crept across Tony’s face as Allison’s womanhood began to slowly come closer towards him inch by inch. The tip of his penis was able to brush against the bottom, but this wasn’t low enough. After a full minute Allison finally stopped moving. It was still a little high, but Tony was sure that he could fully penetrate her if he stood up on his tip toes.

“Are you ready?” asked Tony as he leaned forward.

“Just go slowly, I may be a little tight.” Came Allison’s reply.

“Why?” asked Tony as he slowly rubbed his cock against his wife’s lips.

“Because I haven’t done a full split in years.” said Allison as she looked down.

It took everything she had to ignore the small amount of pain that she was in. The building in front of her was about a third as tall as her pinky and yet her husband was on top of it about to give her the best sex of her life. She had heard that it felt good when you spread your legs apart so would it feel even better since she was doing a perfect split. One hand came up to her gigantic breast as she waited for Tony.



Tony began to pump himself into his wife as hard as he could possibly go. It must have been too good for her as Allison had yet to make a single sound. It was satisfying to know that he could make his wife speechless. Tony continued to push himself faster until Allison finally spoke.

“You can begin whenever you want sweety.” said Allison over the headset as she looked down at the tiny building.

“But…I’ve been going for the last minute.” replied Tony as he looked upwards into the sky.

At that moment a realization came over the couple as an invisible sheet was pulled from over their eyes. Allison had been growing the entire night every time that Tony tried to have sex with her, and neither of them had noticed it at all. Allison had grown from a 6’7” tall stunner to a literal goddess before Tony’s very eyes.

“I got a feeling that this isn’t going to work.” said the couple at the exact same time.
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