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Story Notes:

Starts out slow but works its way up to steamy stuff. hope you enjoy it. Any thoughts you have please share with me!

Author's Chapter Notes:

The beginning of it all.

Rylie is a simple girl, average plain jane. Nothing too stunning about her besides her crystal blue eyes. She wasn't the type of girl to get hit on often, she was always in the background. She is a good person though, solid heart and kind soul. She isn't ugly but she isn't gorgeous, and she is content with her looks. She's curvy but not over weight, with long brown hair, and a simple round face. Sometimes she felt insecure and jealous of other girls her age. Being 21 meant you should have your look and style, but she would shrug it off and try to forget about it. Her friend on the other hand, Ava, is a stunning girl. She is a fitness junkie, going to the gym for 2 hours or more, 5-6 days a week. The girl is a beast, with fine toned muscles and a perfect curvy body with above average chest. Long brown highlighted hair with big brown eyes and a face that would make any man drop to his knees. With a sex drive that put horny men to shame.

Rylie enjoyed Ava's company, she liked listening to her, hanging out and doing things together. She also had a girl crush on Ava (who wouldn't? this girl, earthly goddess really) was her best friend and she selfishly stared at Ava from time to time. They met in college and had worked together at a retail store for over 2 years. They were close, as if sisters, for Ava anyway. Ava knew Rylie had a girl crush on her and it was hard to fight the urge to flirt. Ava knew she looked good, she knew she was beautiful but would often pretend to be modest and take any compliment that was given to her about her looks. She was self centered and had not much kindness to others, harshly judgemental to strangers and people she disliked. Rylie felt fortunate she was friends with her, that she was regarded as a good person to her and loved... or so she thought.

Over the last couple months Ava and Rylie's friendship was disintegrating, it was strained and distant. Rylie couldn't understand what was happening, had she done something wrong? Was she being too needy? Ava hadn't been talking to her like usual, they would talk every day and it wouldn't stop until they both said goodnight to each other at the end of the day. Only to continue the following morning. The few times Ava did reply and decided to talk to Rylie, it was cold, short, and meaningless conversation. Rylie was becoming more and more heart broken, not for the fact because she liked her, but she felt she had lost a good friend. She didn't have many, and she couldn't let go of another. She decided something had to be done about it.

Rylie sent a quick text to Ava.

"Good morning. Hope you slept well, we are going on an adventure for 3 days. Get your shit and lets go."

Rylie was tapping her fingers violently, she waited for 2 hours and was becoming angry and very impatient until her phone finally vibrated.

"Sorry can't go, I'm busy." Rylie grunted. "Ava... freaking bitch"

Rylie quickly typed back "You're coming whether you like it or not. Three days won't destroy your life. I'm picking you up in an hour, DO NOT make me wait." she slammed her phone down and began packing her clothes in a duffle bag. She was shuffling her feets around angrily thinking this was going to be a mistake, but it was the last chance and if it didn't work she would give up and let Ava go. At this point it was causing more damage to hang on than to let go.

Rylie had a small cabin in the mountains that her family owned and she had grown up at during her childhood. They haven't been there for a few years, but it will be a quiet and isolated place that maybe Ava and her could reconnect and become close friends again. It's a long shot, but Rylie was desperate to try it. Rylie drove a red 95' Ford pick up truck, the back was loaded with firewood and tarps. She arrived at Ava's house like she said she would, she honked the horn and wait a few seconds before honking it again. She waited a little more and her frustration was peeking through, then she saw Ava come out the front door slamming it behind her. She had a mean scowl on her face, not a happy camper. She threw her duffle bag in the back with the firewood, plopped into the truck and slammed the door to the truck. Ava was quiet and moody, and Rylie was uneasy and speechless.

"So where are we going." Ava said bluntly

"Its a surprise, but you will like it. We can exercise there."

"I don't want a surprise. Just tell me already, so we can get this over with."

The attitude in her voice was terrible, Rylie wanted to throw her out and be done with her. But she reminded herself to be patient and to give her one last chance.

"We are going to my family's cabin."

"Where is it?" rolling her eyes.

"In the mountains. Its not on a map, its off the main roads and half a mile away from a river."
"Great.... don't get me killed this weekend."

Rylie didn't say anything, she started driving with bitterness. The ride there was 2 hours, it's a beautiful drive but unbearably uncomfortable with the awkward silence. They arrived in the evening and Rylie knew that the sun would set quicker than usual. Tall trees surrounded them and the silence of nature and their breathing is all they could hear.

"Weird... there were always birds chirping here when I was a kid. I don't hear any now." Rylie thought to herself. She unloaded the tarps and firewood. She walked into the cabin, it was cold, dusty and dark. She opened the blinds and began looking around the house for matches. The house was too far away to wire electricity, so it was solely dependent on candles and the fireplace. Meanwhile Ava sat in the truck regretting coming and wanted to go home. She was cold already and wanted her bed or at least her boyfriend to be here with her. She watched Rylie unloading the wood and start a fire inside the house. She decided she best get out of the truck and deal with this 'adventure' now than later.

The two women had finished dinner, 2 king sized burritos to go for dinner at the cabin. For the next three days they would have to fend for themselves and try to hunt off the land... yeah right. Rylie could, but Ava was helpless. She brought canned food, bread, and peanut butter for Ava. There were 3 beds in the house, one kind size, and two twins. Ava plopped on the king and made it her's.

"Sure... you can have the master bedroom. Not your house but sure." Rylie slinked away into her old bedroom she shared with her sister, it was cozy and she prefered it away. Rylie tried to relax her body and thoughts to rest so she could get some sleep. Half the night she slept soundily until something stirred Rylie awake, she woke up in a panic, feeling uneasy and worried. She quickly lit a candle and looked around the room and finally out the window. She knew there was a lot of wildlife in the forest of the mountains, but it never ceased to calm her. She was more than prepared for a bear or cougar, she had a shotgun beside the front door. She couldn't understand the feeling she was experiencing... almost a premonition or instinct to keep an eye out. Her nerves were annoying and she needed sleep for tomorrow, it takes a lot of energy trying not to kill Ava with her bitchy attitude. She dozed off falling into her dreams, faintly hearing animals moving outside the cabin. Twigs and limbs breaking and swaying with a slight breeze, and a pair of luminescent blue eyes peering from the dark. Ava was sleeping like a rock without a worry in the world, and the same glowing blue eyes peered into her window, staring blankly at Ava laying on the bed. The fire was still crackling and fiery hot, the eyes drifted and moved towards the living room to the fire. It stared aimlessly into it, watching the flames dance around the wood and consume it. After gazing for a long while at the fire, the being peered into Rylie's room, simply watching the young woman sleep peacefully.

Rylie woke up feeling awful, ridiculously exhausted and still uneasy. She was up before Ava (thank goodness) she enjoyed her mornings to be silent and peaceful. She wanted to walk around the forest a bit and feel the brisk air and feel alive. She left a vague note for Ava and left quickly. She took her time walking around, admiring the beauty in woods. The trees and plants flourished with green and the flowers were vibrant with color.As she walked she notice the birds were gone and the animals must of been hiding. She was curious to where they were, she remembered the wildlife thrived outside the cabin. When she was a child all she had to do was look out the window and see deer and their fawns. After walking for 20 minutes Rylie finally heard some birds chirping in the distance, she started jogging to catch up with their beautiful songs. She was close to the river too, she could hear the water moving its way through the mountains. She reached an opening of trees and a partial meadow,, on the other side was the river. She glanced into the trees and searched for birds, frantically hoping to see one. It had gone quiet again... nothing besides the river was making a sound. She was thoroughly confused and swore she heard birds, she knew she did.

"I must've heard a flock and they flew away before I saw them. Well I'll see some eventually." she was disappointed but she shrugged it off and started walking back to the cabin. As she walked away the birds she had just heard were quivering high in the trees, sitting as close to the trunk as possible. A lone crow was sitting on a branch far from the trunk of a tree, squawking away. As it squawked it didn't notice the impending danger of a dark big figure coming closer. The thing stood behind the naive crow, it grasped and devoured the small bird. Hiding in the shade of the massive trees, it slinked away into a wide crevasse on the side of the mountain, behind a cluster of trees close to the river. With a loud roar all the birds scattered in fear, leaving eerie silence behind.

Chapter End Notes:

i know its slow at first but it gets better!!

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