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Daniel Borders was your prototypical American “patriot”. Coming from a relatively well-off industrial & farming family, his ancestors had emigrated from Scotland to America in the mid-1800s, hoping to find better lives for themselves. By the 1880s, the Borders family owned some of the best farming land in Texas and by 1910 decent amounts of oil reserves were discovered underneath some of their property. As the 20th century wore on, the Borders became one of the most influential families in west-Texas, eventually becoming heavily involved in the state’s politics, current family not excluded.


Having recently won election as the representative of Texas’ 29th district in the state Senate, Mr. Borders was feeling quite excited to begin his new duties as a politician. Running on a heavy anti-immigration (both legal & illegal) platform, Daniel failed to see the irony as his family had only come to the state less than 200 years prior. Having won election, he sought to immediately fulfill one of his campaign promises of patrolling the great state of Texas’ perimeters himself. So, a mere two days after being elected Daniel Borders hopped in his F-150 equipped with two-handguns, a rifle, binoculars, survival gear, and his “volunteer” shirt, he made his 75-mile journey to the borders of west-Texas.


Dripping with sweat, Evita Meza looked up to sun which was already beginning to rapidly heat the early morning sky. Taking a sip of water from her canteen she looked around at the group she was traveling with; others, just like herself, hoping to flee the violence which was plaguing their hometowns. As the sky-lightened she heard the group’s coyotes usher them to travel faster and that the border was near. Evita trudged forward feeling the sweat from her back and feet drench the clothes which she wore. 1 ½ hours later, the group could see the border of United States of America.


Sitting in his F-150 with the air-conditioner on full-blast, Daniel looked through his binoculars for any sign of life in the barren landscape. His efforts were soon rewarded with the image of 10 or so people slowly making their way north from Mexico. Reaching for one of his handguns, he placed his truck into drive and began speeding toward the group.


Evita was awoken from auto-pilot by the shouts of the coyotes. Looking up, she saw a large plume of dust with a white-speck, looking like a pick-up truck, heading her way. Filling with adrenaline the group began a near sprint to their final destination.


As Daniel grew near he could see that the party had made it across “his” border. Angry, he gunned his engine even hard, feeling the hard bumps from the brush and rocks underneath. Coming upon three members of the group running north, Daniel screeched to a halt and got out to give chase.


Evita could hear the shouts of “Alto!” and “Border Control!” behind her. Her lungs burning for air she dared not look back as she ran, hoping to escape the nearing threat. Unfortunately, however, she felt the grip of two strong-hands on her shoulders as she was grabbed and thrown to the ground. Turning onto her back, she looked up fearfully at the large man standing above her, “Missy, you’re in for a lot of trouble,” said the man.


Standing above the woman whom he had tackled, Daniel briefly noticed the darkening sky and thanked God that it was finally going to cool down. As he looked down at the female’s panting form he noticed her sweat stained clothes and dirt-covered skin. He only briefly felt pity for her as he reached for his handcuffs and stating her rights. Before he could finish his motions, however, he was paralyzed and blinding by a blinding flash accompanied by a loud bang.


Evita screamed as the man who was about to cuff her was struck by lightning. Shielding her eyes with her arms she was briefly deafened by the loud thunder coupled with the light. Seconds later she unshielded her eyes and tried to gather her wits. Looking around, the “border control” man was gone. Happy, but confused, she stood and looked around for any signs of her captor or others. As her eyes scoped the ground and landscape she noticed something small moving by her boots. Covering her mouth, Evita let a “¡Dios mío!” escape her lips.


Struggling awake, Daniel felt the coarse dirt upon his naked skin, but thought nothing of it. Lying on his back, he looked up to the darkened sky and wondered what happened. As he struggled to stand, he looked down at his naked body and around the landscape until his eyes met two denim covered pillars stretching into sky. Following them up, he saw the face of the young woman who only mere minutes earlier was his captive. Angrily, he screamed up to the giantess.

“What in the fuck did YOU do to me, you fucking spic bitch!?”


Confused and frightened, Evita heard the squeaks coming from the man’s mouth but couldn’t understand his words. Finally, wanting to continue to her final destination but not wanting to leave the man defenseless, her shaking hand reached down and grabbed the naked individual and placed him gently in her pocket.


Dan screamed as the cream-coloured palm descended from the sky and its fingers wrapped around him.

“Fuck you, you goddamn fucking spic!”  He screamed as he felt rough denim against his skin accompanied by darkness and a strong smell of sweat and body-odour.


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