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Author's Chapter Notes:

A chance encounter turns a supermarket bagboy into a toyboy. 

Josh, age 20, 3" tall (most of the time). 

Hi I'm Josh. I'm 20 and I've been small for a couple of years now. 

My dad used to tell me about girls and women. How hard it would be to get them, how hard it would be to keep them. Lots of rejection, one girl says yes, lots and lots of money to keep her. 

Then came the Rebalancing of Sexes and everything changed. 

I remember the first day after the Goddess of Love made her speech. The girls at school were staring at me and every guy in school, twirling their hair and trying to get our attention. Some just couldn't wait and grabbed boys and kissed them. Then they got their honey on them. About a quarter of the males on campus disappeared that day. The rest of us got scared and kept our distance. It's not like the girls our age weren't hot. I think we were worried about what they would do to us because they were so teenage-girl hormonal. Would they stomp us? 

Then I went to my part time job bagging groceries at the supermarket and I noticed the girls weren't the only ones looking at me. Women, from their twenties all the way to their sixties, started staring at me with lust. It was like the way things were for girls before the Rebalancing happened. 

I started staring back. I noticed the women usually had fuller curves and especially, bigger butts. Those butts were hanging higher. There was a rumor that the Goddess of Love gave older women, like over 30, sort of a makeover, especially in back. Women's asses usually age better than other body parts and these were looking fine.

One day about six months later, I was standing in the produce aisle when a woman asked me for directions to the ladies room. I reached out to point and she grabbed my hand and dragged me to the restroom, then inside. Then she hiked up her skirt and pulled down her MILF panties. She was baring this pretty big ass but the thing I noticed most was the tan line. She was brown on her legs but inside that panty line she was glowing white. 

I couldn't stop myself. I finished pulling down her panties and took her doggie style. Before I knew it I was shrinking. It was like the Goddess of Love was telling me I needed to be loverboy to her ass. She kept lowering it down as I got smaller, and I switched from the front hole to the back, where I came. I was six inches tall. 

I found out her name was Susan, she  was 43 and didn't have a husband or boyfriend. She asked me if I wanted to be her toy. I was scared of the girls but it felt OK saying yes to this woman. It just feels right to have a more mature partner when you're this small. 

Now, we're still together. I usually ride in her panties to work. I like to play with her clit and make her wet when she's talking to her coworkers or giving a presentation. I can feel when her skin blushes. I don't think I'm really embarrassing her because all the other men are doing it to their women too. 

Not only did the Goddess of Love make older asses hotter, she fixed it so women don't have to poop anymore. There's a rumor that she's making a second womb in al women and that's where some boys will be conceived from now on, so they'll start life small. So there'll be bornsmalls and shrinkies, and between them enough guys for a woman to have several lovers. Supposedly women will stay fertile in the back longer than in front. But that's just a rumor, I've never seen or heard of anyone giving birth to a tiny baby. 

Some people say that when you get small, you lose your manliness, I say bullshit. Sure, it's not a good idea to put on the macho act because it doesn't work. But there's a lot that's manly about working Susan's body. I feel like I'm the cowboy and she's the herd. 

The only music I hear is when Susan puts on the "mom"station at work. One song I hear a lot is "The Cougars Get Hotter (As the Boys Get Smaller)." Story of my life. Whenever it comes on, I start licking Susan's clit and making her wet until she sticks her finger down here and starts keeping time to the song. 

I think about what my life would be like if ROS never happened. Maybe I would have a right hand woman right now, or maybe just my right hand. I like this better. Susan really likes me and keeps me inside her clothing, or inside her, as much as she can. This is a really cool life. I hope it's as good for every other man now. 



Chapter End Notes:

Perhaps another story of MILFs miniaturizing males. 

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