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            Asuka had finally found what she was looking for.  She held the vial triumphantly in her hand, her pulse speeding up as she realized she had a certain way to become the best EVA pilot.

            “I’ll show Rei and stupid Shinji exactly what it means to be an EVA pilot!” she proclaimed triumphantly. 

            Asuka stood expectantly, but at first nothing happened.  Then, after a while, she noticed something.  Her suit began to feel slightly tight.  But it felt almost… like her skin was riding up them.  She fidgeted as a wedgie began to develop in her tight plug suit, as it slowly became too small for her expanding body. 

            “I feel warm…” she breathed.  The sensation felt oddly pleasant even as her suit was practically suffocating her.   As her underwear continued to ride up on her crotch, she slowly started panting and began lightly fingering herself.  However, the sensation soon ended as her suit quit stretching against her skin.  She then began to realize that she felt extremely uncomfortable.

            “Why do they make these plugsuits so tight?” Asuka whined as she struggled to figure out a way to peel off her suit.  Eventually she found the decompression switch, and with it no longer clinging tightly to her skin, she began to slowly clamber out of her suit. 

            “So this solution… makes you taller!?” Asuka said as she looked around, wondering what the heck was going on.  But as she looked at the mirror in NERV’s bathroom, she began to realize that she wasn’t taller, per se.  Rather, she was slightly bigger in every direction.  She stared at herself some more, trying to comprehend how this solution could possibly make someone a better EVA pilot. 

            “Well that was a waste of time” she sighed after a while, having run out of ideas.  She prepared to head home after that, hoping that NERV would cover any expenses for new clothes she would have to purchase.  As she walked home, she noticed that everything looked different, even just being a few inches taller. 

            “Was the catalyst placed in the formula?” Ritsuko asked her friend and co-worker, Misato.

            “Yes… it was an awkward process to undertake… why did we have to use his again?” Misato asked, sighing deeply.

            “We didn’t.  It should only react to his from now on, however.  It should be matched to his genetic signature.  I had you get his simply because it was convenient.  It was pretty simple with the tranquilizer dart, right?”

            “Yeah… you seriously have to quit making me do stuff like this Ritsuko.  A favor’s a favor, but having to sneak up on this kid in the middle of the night… it’s beyond awkward, I’m supposed to be his guardian, y’know.”

            “Right… well at least it should work.  You know how all of our body originates from differentiated stem cells, right?  Well, these will be able to turn the sperm cells into stem cells, as well as trigger multiplication.  If done properly, whoever drinks this should become larger, in all three dimensions, as these stem cells differentiate to those of the host.  Once someone’s taken the potion once, the replication of these stem cells and growth should occur each time someone’s injected the well… you know.”

            Asuka had listened to the entire conversation and was wondering what was going on when Misato left the room.  Ritsuko then began to walk over towards Asuka with purpose.  When she reached her she began to speak

            “So, I assume you listened to the entire conversation.”

            “Yes… I shouldn’t have drunk that potion, Ritsuko… I’m sorry”

            “On the contrary, I was going to have you drink it.  This removes a step from what I needed to do.  The Evas are narrowly defeating the Angels, and we are concerned about our ability to maintain our capabilities while fighting them.  This project should work for …temporary conversion of a person into an Eva unit.”

            “So this would make a person the size of that that thing!?  It would be kind of cool, but only if I could go back afterwards.  How does the thing work?”

            “Well, whenever you inject the genetic material of another pilot, it triggers the formula to work.  It has to be another pilot specifically because it has to be someone else who has participated with you in syncing exercises before.  It’s most potent if you consume someone’s stem cells, specifically, so we use the… y’know…”

            “Eww!  GROSS!!!  Why did you do it that way!  Wasn’t there anything else you could’ve done!  I don’t want to drink their… uggggg…”

            “It’s the best thing you could do for NERV.  Asuka… please do this for us.  It’s the greatest way you can help… and it you do this right, you can take out the Angels by yourself.  You won’t need Shinji or Rei to help you in combat at all!” 

            “I… I guess I can do this.  So you seriously just need me to get Shinji’s stuff… and I’ll turn into an Eva.  That shouldn’t be hard in any sense of the word at all.  I’ll be there in just a few days.  Shinji can’t help but think of me at every moment.

            “Well then!  It’s decided!  It looks like my experiment will work out for NERV after all!  I see you later then!  We’ll get you different clothes for when you take over as the Eva at NERV.  I’ll see a lot of you later!”  And with that, Ritsuko walked out of the room, leaving Asuka to wonder about the purpose of this new experiment. 

            Asuka, laying on her bed at Misato’s apartment, felt more conflicted then she had at any moment in her life.  She could hear the sound of Shinji’s business often at night, and previously at even heard him whispering her name, longingly, in a low pathetic voice.  The thought of doing it with him disgusted her.  Yet at the same time, she knew that if she was tall enough, she could distinguish herself from other people.  That had become very apparent at school earlier this day.  She waited patiently by the door, listening to Shinji’s breathing become more steady after his nightly “business.”  Finally, the sound of his breath was quiet and steady.  She slowly slid open the door, and began to creep quietly into Shinji’s room.

            When she got closer to Shinji, the smell of his nightly activity was very apparent.  It was so bizarre, the way he jerked off every night, sometimes twice in a row, always to her.  In a way, she enjoyed it though.  The stares she got every day confirmed that she was special, that she was sexier than the other kids at school.  She gingerly lifted the covers off of his bed, looking for her prize, which she quickly found.  She bent down, hoping to not wake up Shinji, and gingerly lapped his fluids into her mouth.  However, the warm sensation hit her immediately, and she let out a low moan, which caused Shinji to turn over in his sleep…

Right into her lap.

Startled Shinji suddenly woke up to look into Asuka’s eyes, and she suddenly realized that she had fucked up.

“Stupid Shinji… I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not what it looks like,” she said unconvincingly as her growth started, a warm feeling bubbling up within her.

“Did you just drink my… my…” Shinji stammered.  Even though he had masturbated twenty minutes earlier, his dick promptly stood to attention as the source of all his lust was right there, having ingested his cum, moaning softly.  Then he made another observation, one that made his dick even harder than it already was.

            “Asuka… you… you’re getting taller!”  Shinji exclaimed, stating the obvious.

            “I… I… I’m not getting taller, it makes me BIGGER!  Look, Shinji.  Can’t you tell?  It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?” She smirked lowering her hands across her body, all of which was indeed growing in size. 

            Shinji began panting, overcome immediately by how overpowering this erotic sensation was to him.  Asuka always held a charm women otherwise didn’t to him largely because of how strong a force she appeared to be to him.  While on the outside he acted as if he was in eternal conflict with her, he always savored the sensation he felt at any moment when she hit him.  She never really hit him that hard, just hard enough to remind him whenever he was being an idiot… according to her.  She didn’t hit him often really… aggravating her had pleasant side effects for this reason.  Seeing her become more powerful… this turned him on in a sense that nothing else could.

            “So Shinji, I guess you feel very comfortable here, it IS pretty nice after all,” Asuka smirked, looking down at Shinji who was still lying in her lap.

            “I… I’ll move!  I’m so sorry!”

            “No Shinji, it’s fine.  You’re a complete weirdo who’s obsessed with me, but honestly, that’s pretty understandable.” 

            “So… why are you growing?”

            “Ritsuko and Misato had some weird experiment going on.  For some reason they synced it with your… love juices, so I figured that by getting some more of them I might be able to experience the effect again.  Well, it obviously appears to work, doesn’t it Shinji”

            It clearly did work, as she was still expanding in every direction, her underwear becoming tighter on her, with her nipples clearly poking through her bra.  She moaned deeply as she knew she was becoming taller within the span of a few minutes.  She arched her back, showing off her proudly growing breasts to Shinji, thrusting them above where he lay in her lap.  Shinji gaped at her even as her growth began to slow.  Finally, she stopped, appearing to be nearly half a foot taller than she was before.

            All Shinji could think about was the pleasant aroma and feel of her lap, which he didn’t move from even after he apologized.  There was also a musky aroma emanating from her crotch, one that brought him almost to the edge of releasing again.  He couldn’t help but inhale her scent as strongly as he possibly could, like he was a dying man.  Asuka marveled at how he didn’t seem to care about anything except for moving his head towards her crotch. 

            Asuka slowly brought her legs together, sandwiching Shinji’s head between them.  Then, just as suddenly, she pushed Shinji’s head deeper towards her crotch, letting him get what he had obviously been waiting to do for so long.  She then turned her head around to look at his erection, jutting proudly out from his pants. 

            “So… Shinji, do you have any sense of shame whatsoever?  Well, I guess you know you’re helping me in a way, I suppose I might as well help you too.  The only reason I’m doing this is to get taller, just to let you know.  It’s not like I’m doing this for you, idiot.”

            Asuka slowly bent down towards his erection, preparing to put her lips over the pulsing, throbbing shaft.  She bent down slowly towards it expectantly, and then all at once plunged her lips over it, sucking quickly.  Laying beneath her, Shinji began bucking up and down, thrusting her shaft into Asuka’s mouth with all of the energy he could muster. 

            “Huh… in a way that’s cute.  You’re in complete bliss, aren’t you Shinji… stupid, stupid Shinji.”  She ground her crotch deeper into his face, causing Shinji’s ministrations to intensity.  He was truly forgetting everything except the smell of her underwear, and the sight of white and blue stripes above him.  He felt her smooth skin pressing into him, in a sensation which was punishing, yet pushing his senses to the match.  At the same time, she was slurping at her erection greedily, yet forcefully.  A line of her saliva was dribbling down his shaft slowly, as she clumsily consumed the end of her penis.  Shinji wished that this could last forever, yet it did not.  He suddenly emptied his load directly into her warm, soft mouth.  It wasn’t as large as Asuka hoped, yet she consumed every last drop of it, waiting for her growth to begin again. 

            Asuka felt the warmth building in her stomach again, as the familiar sensation took over.  Shinji stared at her back in enraptured awe as she began to grow yet again, his eyesight freed somewhat as she leaned form.  His dick remained solidly hard even immediately after ejaculating into Asuka’s mouth.  Her clothes began to tighten on her again, her bellybutton being exposed by the retreat of her nightshift up her body.  Her underwear began to feel pleasantly tight on her, hugging her so tightly that it appeared that the waistband was about to snap.  Her weight on top of Shinji was becoming far greater than before, and as she balanced herself so she was completely on top of him, he felt that he was being crushed beneath it.  She lazily stretched her legs as she planted her butt on top of Shinji’s head, and purred contentedly as she watched them extending, little by little.   The whole room was appearing to shrink around her, and she could tell that her soft, firm butt was beginning to make it difficult for Shinji to breathe.  She wiggled her expanding bottom over Shinji’s mouth and nose to give him a hard time with it.  This was not least because what Shinji wanted to do more than anything else was smell more of Asuka’s intoxicating scent.  Shinji smelled her musk more strongly now coming from her crotch, and he knew it wasn’t because of anything he had done, but rather due to the sensation, the feeling of power her growth had brought Asuka.  Yet, buried beneath her strained underwear, Shinji knew he would rather be nowhere else.

            Finally, the waistband snapped, leaving the undergarments on Shinji’s face.  Asuka kept sitting on him, giving Shinji no indication that she was ever going to get up, admiring her newly expanded body.

            “So… what do you think, six, seven inches taller?  This is going to be hard to explain at school tomorrow, isn’t it?  Do you think maybe I could borrow Misato’s clothes?  Of course, those will be pretty tight as well, wont’ they?  Ahh… Maybe I can afford to go in tight clothes tomorrow though.  I guess I’ll have to go shopping for some new clothes tomorrow, won’t I!”

            “Asssukkaa, I,” was all that Shinji said before she grinded her ass as hard as she could into her face to shut him up.

            “C’mon Shinji, the big girl is talking here, can’t you be quiet!”  Having an idea, she suddenly bounced a little on his face.  Shinji let out a slight groan as she did it, causing her to laugh explosively.” 

            “Ahhahaha!  C’mon Shinji, is the awesome power of my butt too much for you!  We barely even did anything, are you already worn out!  You don’t even qualify as a man, do you!  Well, take that! And that!” She bounced on his face, harder and harder, laughing uncontrollably as her underwear flopped around on Shinji’s face.  The feeling of complete control over Shinji, the knowledge that she would grow even taller, this turned Asuka on like nothing ever had before.  As she continued to bounce, pounding Shinji’s face, he finally tried to get up from under her.  But she held his legs and pinned him down, keeping him from getting away. 

            “Come on Shinji… let me have a little fun.  Don’t you want to play with me?” She mocked up as she bounced and bounced, and another warmth began to build up within her, as she moaned softly.  “It’s too bad that you can’t see this Shinji, it’s quite a sight.”  She began to fondle her breasts, quickly rubbing her nipples as she approached her own climax.  Finally, she released her fluids spilling all over her underwear and Shinji’s face.

            “Well Shinji, I gave you a little present, I hope you enjoy it very much”

            “Tha… Thank you, Asuka.”

            “Do you want another present?”

            “Well… I”

            Immediately Asuka farted on Shinji loudly the vibration being felt upon his face, and his senses soon overcome by the smell.  Shinji turned, appearing to try to get out from under her.  He’s fucking hard again, isn’t he?  Asuka realized one thing.  My farting on him made him hard again.  Stupid Shinji is acting like he doesn’t like it, but he realllly does. 

            “So Shinji, was it a good fart.  It’s a special one, from Asuka to you.”

            “I don’t like you freaking farting on me Asuka.  I didn’t think you could be that gross.  Jeez.”  Shinji said from underneath her.

            “I think you’re lying, Shinji.  How can you explain this?”  Asuka farted again, causing his dick to stand promptly to attention, revealing his true thoughts. 

            “I… I… I don’t”

            “Hmmmph!  Asuka sandwiched the hard dick between her feet, each as large as it now.  She rubbed them slowly up and down his shaft, gradually increasing her pace.  Shinji was squirming under her, waiting for release.  Begging for release.  He was grunting and breathing rapidly, his breath tickling her crotch and asshole.  She could hear slurping as he drunk the fluid she had deposited on his face earlier.  He was consuming it eagerly, as if he was a man dying of thirst.  She was going furiously now, and precum was dribbling down the shaft.  But all at once, she stopped, leaving his dick throbbing appearing to desperately call for attention.  She stayed there, her heavy weight entirely on top of Shinji, not moving any more.  Then she asked a question.

            “Shinji, give me the correct answer, and I’ll reward you.  Do my farts turn this little pervert on?”

            “I’m a pervert!  I’m a pervert who loves the smell, the feel, everything about your perfect farts!”

            This nearly set Asuka into another fit of laughter, but she immediately launched another fart to reward him, and clamped down on his dick with her feet, causing him to immediately spasm in orgasm.  The load wasn’t as big as last time, but it landed around his crotch, spurting the valuable liquid.  Asuka lazily reached towards it and scooped up the liquid, putting it into her mouth, swallowing it all in one gulp.  If her weight was hard before, it became punishing as she began to grow again, her butt smashing into his face even harder than before, with no panties to create a gap.  Her feet swelled larger than his dick overshadowing it in their presence.  Shinji could barely breathe.  All he could see even with his eyes open was the curve of Asuka’s magnificent tight butt, the flesh appearing to attempt to crush him.  Above him he could hear Asuka laughing uproarishly.

            “So all I have to do to become a giant is simply get your cum, Shinji!  This is the easiest thing ever!  I’ll be bigger than Tokyo-3 by the weekend at this rate!  This is going to be so awesome!  I mean, you came 3 freaking times in an hour.  You just become a spurting fountain around me!”

            As she kept growing she lazily bounced his dick back between his feet, enveloping it in her smelly, sweaty embrace.  Her ass lazily shifted, forcing his head to turn with it. 

Asuka slowly calmed down and stood up.  Then she prepared to give Shinji a proposition.

            “Shinji, you know I wouldn’t be doing this for any other reason, so… perhaps we could make this a deal.  You can go along for the ride with me, as long as you give me what I want.  All you have to do is let me play with that little dick of yours whenever I want, and I’ll be able to stand out more than anybody else.”  “So,” she said, turning towards his hard cock and blowing softly on the shaft, “do we have a deal?” 

            Shinji looked at Asuka hesitantly.  “You’ve already grown quite a bit, haven’t you?  If we do this repeatedly, won’t you become too big?  You already probably can’t fit in most of your clothes.  I mean, don’t you think you might regret this?”

            Suddenly Asuka turned and gave Shinji a single, powerful kiss, knocking the breath out of him.  She forced her tongue into his mouth, twirling it around his mouth, probing it forcefully.  The feel of her soft, hot tongue inside Shinji’s mouth was incredible, something he thought that he would never experience.  After nearly a full minute, she withdrew her tongue from Shinji’s mouth and looked at Shinji expectantly, holding his head in her hands.

            “I’ll do anything you want,” Shinji starred meekly, looking up at the much larger Asuka, realizing that even after one night, he only stood as high as her chest.  He gulped thinking of what was to come.


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