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Author's Chapter Notes:
I really wanted to read another story like Going Up, Randy's New Shoes, Magic Shoes and etc so I just decided to write another one. The only problem was I didn't know how to end it so I wrote four separate endings. I'll post them later but enjoy the first part of this story for now.
One of the biggest advantages of living in the middle of town for Mark was the fact that he could just walk back and forth from work every day. It saved quite a bit in gas plus it was a little bit of extra exercise. Mark was now walking back home from work when a small shop in an alleyway caught his attention. It would be unnoticeable unless you were looking straight at it. The shops name was ‘Loki’s Gag Gifts’ and underneath in small letters read ‘More than you’d bargain for’. Mark had gotten off work early so why not take a look around.

Walking into the shop felt like walking into a closet. It was dim, stuffy, and musky all in one place. All sorts of odd trinkets lined the walls such as playing cards, colored boxes, rings, and hats. Mark had made it half way through the store when he came to a table with clothes scattered about it. Picking up a piece of women’s underwear, Mark had to stiffen a laugh.

“I’d hate to see the woman who could fill these.”

In his hand was a gigantic pair of black panties that were easily wider than his chest. He didn’t know why, but something compelled him to buy them. His wife Sarah would get a kick out of them. He was about to walk to the counter until another piece of clothing caught his attention.

“And I would love to see the woman who could fill out these.”

Mark had picked up a white and black cow pattern bra with cups the size of bean bag chairs. Mark just knew that Sarah would absolutely love his gifts. After paying the elderly shop keeper five bucks, Mark stuffed the bra and panties in a shopping bag and started to walk home.

“Welcome home sweety.” came Sarah’s voice as soon as Mark opened the door. No sooner had Mark taken two steps did his wife of five years came bounding into the hallway. Dropping his bag onto the floor Mark scooped Sarah into his arms and lifted her up into a kiss. You could say that opposites attract and in Mark’s and Sarah’s case that could not be truer. Mark was a beast of a man standing at an intimidating 6’8” tall and weighing 275lbs. He had short blonde hair and brown eyes. He worked as a personal trainer at the local gym for the past few weeks. Sarah on the other hand stood at a small 5’1” with long black hair and green eyes. The only thing big on Sarah were her D cup breasts. On her small frame they looked huge.

Mark was in love with Sarah’s breasts, but Sarah was always disappointed with them. Sarah had six younger sisters, who like her mother stood between 6’2” and 6’5”. Add in the fact that her mother and sisters were all as big as or bigger than an F cup made Sarah feel tiny in more than one way.

“Did you bring me something?” asked Sarah as she looked down at the shopping bag.

“Just something that I wanted you to try on.” said Mark as he carried Sarah over towards their bedroom

As soon as Mark sat Sarah on the ground she snatched the bag out of his hands and rushed towards the bathroom. Sitting down on the bed Mark just waited for Sarah’s reaction to the clothes.

“Really Mark? How am I even supposed to wear this?”

Mark whistled as Sarah walked out of the bathroom wearing his gag gifts. One of Sarah’s hands were holding the giant pair of panties up while her other arm was held across her chest to keep the gigantic bra in place. Sarah looked ridiculous, but she seemed to enjoy showing off for her husband.

“I doubt that even the world’s biggest stripper could even fill up these.” said Sarah as she looked at the two cups.

“To be fair I read an article that claims that wearing a bigger bra allows for more growth. Maybe you’ll hit another growth spurt.”

“I finished growing a while ago sweety.” said Sarah. Sarah was about to head back towards the bathroom to change until Mark grabbed her from behind and pulled her closer to him. Sitting back down on the bed Mark began to plant several kisses down Sarah’s neck while his hands traveled towards her chest. He began to slowly massage the breasts hidden underneath of the giant bra.

“How about you let me take them off for you?”

Sarah only responded by grinding her ass side to side on Mark’s crotch. Sarah began to moan as she continued while Mark placed his hands on her hips. Mark laid back on the bed watching his little wife giving him a close and personal lap dance.

“I feel just so good Mark.” moaned Sarah.

Sarah began to grind against him even faster as her hands went up to her covered chest. Mark didn’t know what had taken over his wife, but he kind of liked it. As Mark continued to watch he could have sworn that the panties and bra that Sarah wore had faintly glowed green for a second. This was pushed out of his mind as Sarah stopped moving and gave out an especially loud moan.

As Sarah continued to moan the impossible began to happen, Sarah began to grow. Normally Mark wouldn’t have believed it, but the growing weight on his lap told him that it was really happening. Sarah seemed to be lost in her pleasure as she continued to shoot upward. Mark on the other hand had to find a way to get Sarah off of him. Placing one hand on each of Sarah’s massive butt cheeks Mark began to push but to no avail. Surely Sarah would have hit the ceiling, but this never happened. Mark was struggling for breath as Sarah finally stopped growing.

“Oh Mark, that felt so good.” said Sarah as she relaxed. She would have liked nothing more than to just sit there and enjoy the afterglow, but her bra kept cutting into her shoulders. It was really sweet of Mark, but the bra that he had bought for her was a few cup sizes too small.

“Small?” asked Sarah as she looked down at the bra.

“They’re fuckin’ huge!” exclaimed Sarah was her hands went up to her chest. Sarah didn’t know what exactly happened, but her breasts seemed to have grown three times larger than normal. Placing a hand underneath of each breast Sarah estimated that she was easily twice as big as all of her sisters.

“Mark are you seeing this!?” asked Sarah as she turned around. What she saw was a tiny Mark struggling to breathe underneath of her massive behind.

“Mark!” Jumping up, Sarah knelt by the bedside as Mark tried to regain his breathe.

“You shrunk!” exclaimed Sarah as she helped her small husband sit up.

“No, you just grew.”

“I don’t think so sweety.” said Sarah as she placed a hand on Mark’s head to check his temperature.

Looking around the room Mark saw that he must have indeed shrunk. His once queen size bed was now the size of their old bedroom.

“This is impossible.” said Mark as he tried to move. He winced as the simple movement sent pain through his waist and thighs.

“Try to stay still sweety.” said Sarah as she gently pushed him down on the bed. “Let me check it out.”

Sarah worked as a nurse in the ER, but this did nothing to comfort Mark as his giant wife slipped her hands into his shorts and removed them. He had been naked around his wife quite a bit, but it felt different when Sarah was a towering giantess. He felt her fingers lightly trace the sides of his hips applying a little pressure to some areas.

“I don’t think anything is broken, but you might get a little bruising.”

Seeing Sarah’s giant hands beside of his member made Mark feel inadequate for the first time in his life, but this did nothing to stop a natural reaction once his eyes rested on his wife’s expanded chest. His member began to swell with blood which caused Sarah to giggle.

“Ah, did my little Mark just get a stiffy.” cooed Sarah as she lightly touched him with her hands. “At least this thing still works.”

“Sarah, I don’t think I’m comfortable with thi-“

“Then say no more. Let me see if I can ease your pain a little bit.”

Mark gasped as Sarah’s gigantic tongue shot out and licked his entire member. Sarah soon followed by pressing her lips against the diminished head before engulfing the entire thing. Usually Mark’s penis was an intimidating ten inches long, but with his new size it was absolutely tiny. Sarah enjoyed the feeling of Mark squirming under her as she continued to suck gently. To take it a step further she engulfed his balls and began to play with both with her tongue. After another minute of bliss Sarah felt Mark tense up before a small jet of semen squirted into her mouth. Sarah continued to suck gently until Mark was completely done before releasing his penis with a loud pop.

“I took the little monster all in at once, but would it really be considered deep throating?” asked Sarah as she looked down at her panting husband.

“Wow.” panted Mark as Sarah began to gently kiss his stomach. He was tempted to go to sleep, but a picture on the nightstand caught his attention.

“Sarah the pictures!” exclaimed Mark as he set up on his forearms.

“What about them?” asked Sarah as she reached over and pulled one closer to her.

Sarah immediately knew what Mark meant as she looked at the picture in her hands. It was the picture of their wedding day with Mark and his friends in tuxedoes beside of Sarah and her six bridesmaids and mother. Sarah wasn’t a big fan of the picture because of her sisters. They were standing beside Sarah with smug little smiles on their faces. They had all made the same adjustments to their dresses causing them to reveal quite a bit more cleavage. Sarah knew they did it on purpose to draw attention away from her. But now the picture had changed. Mark and his friends were still there smiling like idiots, but Sarah’s sisters weren’t showing anywhere near as much cleavage as before. They were all looking over at Sarah warily. Sarah on the other hand was now standing behind Mark with one hand on each of his shoulders as she bent down at the waist to get into the picture. This caused the majority of the frame to be consumed by Sarah’s cleavage.

“I really didn’t shrink you just grew!” said Mark as he looked at the picture with Sarah.

“I still don’t think so,” said Sarah as she glanced at the other pictures then her bra, “I think that the bra and panties that you bought me must have changed reality in some way. I’m this big in all of the pictures.”

“Just how big are you then?” asked Mark.

Mark was a little worried as Sarah gently grabbed him by his underarms and lifted him off the bed and onto the floor before standing up straight. Mark gulped as he realized that his head was barely above his wife’s knees. Looking upward Mark eyes rested on the giant pair of black panties that now fit his wife perfectly. If he was to reach up on his tip toes then he might be able to reach the bottom of Sarah’s panties. Above the black panties and toned stomach stood the biggest breasts the world has ever seen. Mark couldn’t see Sarah’s face because of the two giant obstructions.

“I’m probably a little over twenty feet tall now.” said Sarah before she bent down to Marks level. Even crouched she was a few feet taller.

“Do you think there’s a way to fix this?” asked Mark as he looked up at his wife nervously.

“Probably, we could always just call the place where you bought… Are you okay Mark?” asked Sarah as she looked down at the man in front of her. It then hit her why he was looking so nervous and a smile crept across her face. Placing her hands on the bed behind Mark, Sarah arched her chest forward while giving an exaggerated sign.

“I’m just as surprised as you are. There’s just so many ‘big’ changes,” said Sarah while looking down at her breasts, “but as long as I have you I know it’ll be all right. I mean just look at this.” said Sarah as she lifted her right breast up.

“They got so big and heavy too fast. This top is barely able to hold them back. I know that you’re a breast man but do you still like them now that they’re this big? If my mother and sisters are considered big then what would these be considered.” Grabbing ahold of Mark’s hands Sarah pressed them into the sides of her breasts. “I’m bigger than all of them combined. What do you think?” Sarah began to move Mark’s hands around her breasts and according to Mark’s erection he was enjoying it.

“They are pretty big.” said Mark as he tried to push them upwards.

“But are they too big?” asked Sarah as she lifted Mark onto the edge of the bed. Sarah quickly ran to the bathroom before returning with a bottle of lotion. Kneeling down, Sarah separated her breasts and engulfed Mark’s penis between them. She then pulled her left breast to the side as she squirted a large amount of lotion inside of her cleavage. Mark jumped a little as the cool lotion ran over his member. Sarah began to rub her breasts together while talking to Mark.

“Even though they are so big do they feel good Mark?” asked Sarah.

“Its amazing.” moaned Mark.

“But it’s so weird Mark. I’m used to seeing it pop up between my boobs, but now the little guy is completely engulfed.” Sarah began to rub her tits together faster alternating between moving them up and down and just squeezing them together. To Mark it felt like heaven. He had placed both hands on top of Sarah’s breasts and just the fact of how small his hands looked on them turned him on even more.

“Do you think that this qualifies for the world record for biggest titfuck?” asked Sarah as she continued.

She continued to watch Mark as he moaned underneath her. She could feel him try and buck his hips upwards, but her boobs just kept him in place. Every time that Mark seemed like he was close to cumming Sarah just slowed down until he calmed down. Sarah continued to bring Mark to the edge of an orgasm just to deny him the pleasure. She did this for half an hour until Mark was left panting and exhausted underneath her. It was cute how he would try to press her boobs together or buck his hips, but she was just too big for him to try and release himself.

“Sarah.” panted Mark as he looked up at his wife.

“Do you want to cum?” asked Sarah innocently.

“Please.” begged Mark.

“Please what sweety? Tell me what you want.” cooed Sarah as she quickly built him up to the bursting point.

“Please let me cum.”

“Ah, anything for my little hubby.”

Mark let out a grunt as Sarah finally let him release between her breasts. It was probably the most intense orgasm of Mark’s life. He continued to shoot load after load of cum into his wife’s cleavage, but none of it made it to the surface. After what felt like a minute, Mark laid back against the bed as a huge wave of fatigue washed over him. He could feel himself drifting off to sleep slowly. He was vaguely aware of a giant pillow being placed under his head as his wife slipped his shorts back on.

“I think my little guy deserves a little rest.” cooed Sarah as she kissed Mark’s forehead. He was fast asleep before Sarah even left the room.

“Don’t be afraid sweety, we’ve done this plenty of times.” said Sarah as she turned to look back at Mark. “Besides, this is your favorite position.” Sarah lightly pressed her behind into her husband’s smaller form and began to sway a little side to side.

“But I’ve never needed a chair to reach you before.” replied Mark as he placed one hand on each side of his wife’s massive hips.

“Don’t worry about it sweety. Just think of how good we’re going to feel after this. Woops it seems I’m still a little too high up.” Sarah spread her legs a little farther apart until she was within Mark’s reach.

“If you’re sure about this.” replied Mark as he took a step forward. Mark slowly began to enter his member into Sarah’s womanhood inch by inch. It didn’t help that his wife continued to sway gently side to side. It was a lot warmer on the inside than what he was used to, but it felt amazing all the same. Soon he found himself completely inside of Sarah. Mark felt a slight suction as Sarah’s vagina tried to pull him in deeper.

“You don’t need to tease me sweety, go as deep as you can go.” said Sarah as her hand went up to her breast.

“But I’m already completely inside you.” replied Mark.

“Really!?” asked Sarah as she turned back to look at her husband. Sarah could see Mark’s ego quickly deflating. “Ah don’t worry, it still feels really good. Just go at it as hard as you can.” said Sarah as she gave Mark and apologetic smile. Mark could feel Sarah clamp down on his member. Grabbing ahold of Sarah’s hips, Mark began to thrust himself in and out of his wife in a slow rhythmic motion. After a few minutes of going at it slowly Mark began to speed up.

“That’s it babe, faster.” moaned Sarah as she just focused on Mark’s movements. After hearing this Mark began to slam himself in and out of his wife as hard as he could. Sarah was enjoying it, but she knew that Mark couldn’t keep it up so she decided to help the little guy out. Dropping her hand down, Sarah soon found her clit as she began to gently play with it. She did it in a way that Mark couldn’t see what she was doing. Sarah nearly giggled as Mark continued to thrust faster as moans escaped from her lips. Mark on the other hand felt himself coming closer to climax with every passing second. It was Sarah’s increase in moaning that gave him an extra burst of energy to help her get off.

“Keep it up sweety, you’re doing great.” said Sarah as she turned to look at him.

Mark was panting from the physical effort alone, but he knew that he was going to sum in a few seconds. Sarah seemed close to her own orgasm too. If Mark could get her off then it would be a huge victory for him. His since of pride began to swell until his wife moaned her next few words.

“I’m about halfway there sweety.”

Mark tried to stop his oncoming orgasm by ramming himself as far into his wife as possible. Despite his best efforts Mark felt himself explode causing his wife to clamp down on him. Mark’s legs gave out from under him as he felt himself slipping out of her. Before he was even halfway out of Sarah, Mark felt a giant set of hands grab his backside and pushed him back inside.

“Give it all to me.” came Sarah’s voice as Mark continued to cum. After a few more seconds Mark finally stopped moving as his orgasm ended. It was a little fuzzy, but Mark was sure that Sarah had carried him over to his bed to lay him down.

“You really tuckered yourself out huh?” asked Sarah. Mark watched as Sarah’s giant fingers began to play with his flaccid member trying to make it rise back up Mark let out a gasp as Sarah gently squeezed his balls in between her thumb and index fingers. “I wonder if their empty?” Sarah gave his member one last kiss before picking up her panties. Mark thought she was going to put them back on, but quickly became confused as she turned them inside out.

“Let’s clean you up a little bit.” said Sarah as she pressed the soft interior against Mark. The fabric was cool to the touch, but something seemed off. The impossible began to happen as his dick began to quickly harden. In no time at all Mark was sporting a raging boner that even Sarah noticed.

“Seems like someone’s ready to go again.” Using her panties Sarah began to give Mark’s revived penis a giant panty job. Mark would have tried to push Sarah’s hands away if he just wasn’t so tired. In less than a minute Sarah was able to make Mark ejaculate three more times before his penis finally decided to stay down. Sarah decided to leave her panties on top of her husband as she got up to stretch. Laying their completely wiped out the only thing that Mark wanted was his regular sized wife back. He loved her no matter how big she was, but he didn’t like the fact that she dominated him sexually with ease.
Chapter End Notes:
I'll post the first ending tomorrow but until then let me know what you think.
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