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Just to apologize this is very much just a set up chapter.  Laying things out on the table to write more later.

It was the last day of Jay's junior year and so many things were going his way.  With his team's final meeting before having a couple of weeks off he was named one of the three captains for next fall's football season.  He was already all an All State wrestler in his weight class and he was hoping for an even greater season.  He knew it was going to be a summer of hard work preparing for a senior year that would be all about sports and very little academics.  He had a 4.0 GPA and with his athletics he would have no problem getting into the colleges he wanted.  Jay's life was not perfect though, far from it in his mind.  Jay was unfortunately the same height as he was while a 7th grader, 5'5".  In high school football he was still able to be a great running back with his speed and shiftiness.  His height even helped in certain situations as he almost gets lost running behind his offensive line.  In wrestling his short height allows him to dominate weight classes that are typically filled with inexperienced freshmen who haven't started puberty.  With that said, Jay wished every night that he could be taller.  

Jay didn't care about being taller for athletic reasons, he had made the most of his height... even capitalized on it.  The problems really come in his social life.  When all of your best friends are near 6' or more he looks even smaller.  He looks like a little brother trying to cling with the older kids.  Freshman year while already dominating athletically he began dating the hottest girl in his class, Valery Green.  She was also a force in athletics being the school's best volleyball and basketball player.  They seemed like a natural couple... until she kept growing and growing.  Valery was 5'11" and had broken up with Jay sometime during sophomore year when she was already several inches taller than her former boyfriend.  She did her best not to make it about height, but everyone always said that was the issue.  Valery had that typical "volleyball" body.  Long legs and athletically toned all around and a bust that made adults and students alike force themselves to not get caught staring at.  All topped off with a blue eyed beautiful face draped in blond air.  She was what every warm blooded male wanted.  Jay had it, and lost it in his mind to his lack of height

Valery is not the only tall girl in Jay's life though.  Embarrassing enough Jay was watching his younger sister, Darcy, grow past him as well.  Jay has always been stronger than his sister so its not like there was ever a "balance of power" between the older brother/younger sister relationship.  She would tease her brother on occasion but usually ended up being tackled to the ground and overpowered by her brother that while shorter, worked out and was much stronger.  The next shift in their relationship though would be when Darcy was going to be a freshman this coming fall.  Jay was already dreading pulling up to school with his freshman sister a good 3 inches taller than him walking in.  He knew that with his friends he would never hear the end of it.  To make matters worse, he would never admit it openly but he knew his sister was developing into quite the looker herself.  Standing at 5'8" with long, toned legs that were showing the effects of being a year round athlete, much like her brother.  She had long tawny hair that was usually pulled back in a neat pony tail and with the summer heat she was getting used to showing off her developing body.  She was also already signed up with the volleyball team so surely she would be spending plenty of time with Valery.

Driving home from that last day of school his thoughts weren't of Valery and Darcy though, he had a determination to work hard enough where his height wouldn't impede his athletic goals... until he heard a commercial on the radio:

"Over the past decade there have been amazing technological advancements in the field of physical science.  Are you tired of your appearance we can change it.  This is not plastic surgery, but we can instantly help you lose weight, gain weight.  We can make you taller, we can make you shorter.  We can focus on increasing the size of certain, maybe sexual body parts.  This is not a scam.  This is part of the evolution of all human kind.  Be part of this new evolution.  Visit ScientificEvolution.com"

Jay thought he was hearing things for a second.  A midst the penis enlargement scam ad did they also just mention that they could make him taller?  He tried hard not to obsess over his height, but deep down it consumed him.  Every time he was outmuscled by one of his buddies while messing around.  Every time he looked up to his ex girlfriend and forever crush Valery at school.  Anytime a stranger thought he was still in middle school, never mind the times people thought he was Darcy's younger brother.  He rushed home and immediately logged onto his laptop.  He went right to the website from the radio ad.

It seemed like a professional website.  There were all sorts of references to medical degrees and scientific experiments.  As he read over the basic idea of the site it seemed like this group of researchers have found amazing new ways to alter the physical make up of anyone.  Depending on your desires you can be sent to a different specialist.  Height, Weight, Eye color, muscle density, etc.  It started with some sort of radioactive treatment that a person will endure just one time and then with a prescription medicine over the course of several weeks the process will be complete.  Jay couldn't believe it at first, but the more he read, the more he wanted it to be true.  

According to what he was reading, they would be able to make him as tall 6'5" from his current 5'5" without potential risks to his heart.  There were no prices given since they argued a doctor to patient was needed to form a proper evaluation.  It was implied though, that this procedure would be outrageously expensive, to help advance the field.  No worries Jay thought, his family was rich.  His father had been killed in a fire years earlier while at work and in a case of neglect Jay's family received a large lump sum.  Meanwhile his mother was also a research specialist of the highest level.  Jay needed this.  Luck was on Jay's side, or in his mind fate was on his side, the offices of the Scientific Evolution were just a two hours drive away!  

Jay enthusiastically called the number and arranged an appointment that next day!  They would be able to have his evaluation appointment to get things moving and see if he would be eligible for the program.  He just needed some id, proof of being over 18, (by two months he was!) and they would begin. He was too excited to fall asleep that night.  Was this for real?  Will it work?  Could this make him go from being a top high school athlete to a potential full scholarship Div I quality athlete.  And more often his thoughts would drift back to Valery.  What will she say when she has to look up to him?  Will she still want to just be alone in high school and not date anyone?Jay eventually did fall asleep while thinking about again being side by side with his crush and former girlfriend.       


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