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Author's Chapter Notes:
Haven't got much feedback from my other stories lately so I decided to write a quick one shot to try something new. As always please enjoy and leave a review to let me know what you think.
So many things seemed to be going wrong today in Aaron’s opinion. First off the school had been on a two hour delay on the Friday before Christmas break. This meant that only Randy and himself were the only students dumb enough to actually come to school. This led to his second problem which was that he had texted Randy the night before that he wanted to tell her something in person.

Aaron had always liked everything about Randy. She stood at a perfect 5’6” tall compared to his 5’9”. The 18 year old beauty had long brown hair that she usually kept in a ponytail with the most beautiful green eyes. He had wanted to ask her out, but now that they were alone it had become more nerve racking than ever. At least if she said no then he could at least have hung out with some friends. Now however they were both in the gym getting a head start on some of their Christmas break homework assignments. Now this leads to his biggest problem yet. She had worn her Barbie shoes to school today.

If anyone remembers around a decade ago, Barbie came out with a commercial where all the girls in it were gigantic. The theme song was “Barbie is big”. Well some jerk up at Barbie HQ decided to come out with a special line of shoes for girls of all ages. Needless to say that the shoes had become quite popular with nearly all girls nationwide. It wasn’t really the design that had every girl buying them. The shoes came in pink, purple, or yellow with the Barbie logo and a couple of pictures of the doll around them. What had every girl getting a pair was the fact that the shoes had some sort of malfunction in them that made the wearer as big as they wanted to be.

Aaron was sweating lightly as he tried to solve a rather difficult Pre-calculus problem. He was sitting in the center of two pull out tables in the middle of the gym floor. He wasn’t sweating because of the problem itself, but because Randy was sitting against the wall behind him.

*Click Click Click*

Aaron looked up as little pieces of dirt landed on his paper. Randy had rested a giant foot on each of the tables that Aaron was working on. It was a little distracting, and intimidating, to have a girl tapping her toes together above your head. The table would groan every time that Randy shifted her weight.

“Barbie is big.” sang Randy as she continued to look over her paper.

“Stupid shoes.” mumbled Aaron under his breath.

Aaron continued to listen to Randy singing as he finished up the last problem on his paper. The only thing that Aaron had to figure out now was how to get Randy to shrink back down to her normal size so that he could ask her out. Aaron was suddenly brought back to reality as he felt a gentle pressure around his torso as Randy lifted her up into the air.

“Do you know the answer to number seven?” asked Randy as she set Aaron down on her knee.

It was um…was…it was” stuttered Aaron.

“What was that?” asked Randy as she gazed down at the boy on her knee.

Out of everywhere that Aaron could be at, Randy had placed him on the one place that made concentrating the absolute hardest. Sitting on top of Randy’s knee had made Aaron eye level with her breasts. Randy could easily be considered big in the chest department. Heck, some of the older guys in school claimed that she was bigger than most of the strippers that worked at the club on the outskirt of town. But all of this applied when Randy was her 5’6” self. At a little over forty feet tall, even the word huge didn’t seem to be enough to describe what Aaron was looking at.

Randy had ditched her jacket inside of her locker a while ago. This left her wearing a white spaghetti strap tank top that was struggling to hold the two behemoths underneath. The outline of a strapless black bra, that seemed to be a size too small, could be seen underneath of her tank top. It was a wonder that the straps didn’t break because of the weight of Randy’s chest.

“So do you have the answer to number 7?” asked Randy again.

“Oh yeah, I believe it was 3.” replied Aaron as he tried to maintain eye contact.

“How? Shouldn’t it go to infinity?” asked Randy as she checked her work.

“Try applying L’Hopital’s rule.” said Aaron.

“Oh I get it now!” exclaimed Randy as she started to erase her paper viciously.

This only caused Aaron’s mouth to drop as Randy’s breasts jiggled inside of their confinement. With Aaron’s help Randy was quickly able to finish her homework.

“So, what did you want to talk about?” asked Randy as she searched through her purse. Aaron sat nervously on her knee as Randy continued to search through her purse until she retrieved a small, to her, bottle of red nail polish.

“Can you hold this?” asked Randy as she handed Aaron the bucket size bottle of nail polish.

“I just wanted…” started Aaron as he blushed slightly.

“Wanted what?” asked Randy as she smiled down at the little guy.

“I just wanted to know if we could get together to knock out some of our work later.” said Aaron as he said the first lie that he could come up with.

“Sure!” said Randy as she continued to paint her nails. Several times Aaron had come close to dropping the nail polish. Not because it was heavy, but because Randy would add a little too much strength when she would dip the brush into the bottle. Aaron had to anticipate her movements and try to keep the bottle in place. After Randy had finished her first hand, Aaron could feel his arms beginning to shake a little from exhaustion. Randy didn’t mean to do it on purpose, she just didn’t know her own strength.

“How about you get us some ice cream? My treat.” said Randy as she took the bottle out of Aaron’s hands. Aaron found himself being placed between Randy’s feet as she grabbed a hold of her purse.

“Down we go.” Randy said as she began to shrink rapidly. Within second, to Aaron’s relief, Randy was once again standing at her usual 5’6” tall self. Randy quickly pulled out three dollars from her purse so that Aaron could go and get them some ice cream. Not wanting to make Randy wait too long, Aaron made a dash after leaving the gym to find some ice cream.

Aaron was holding two chocolate popsicles in his hands as he made his way back into the gymnasium. Hopefully while Randy was eating her ice cream at her normal size he would get the chance to ask her out. Walking through the doors, Aaron saw Randy at the table blowing on her nails.

“You’re back!” exclaimed Randy as Aaron walked up to her.

“Here.” said Aaron as he handed her one of the two chocolate popsicles. Jumping up on the table Aaron finished his in just a couple of bites.

“Can you do me a favor?” asked Randy as she licked her popsicle.

“What is it?” asked Aaron.

“Hold this so I can eat it without getting it on my nails.”

Aaron began to blush lightly as several dirty thoughts quickly ran through his head. Holding his hand out, Aaron saw a smirk come across Randy’s face. Before his eyes Randy started to grow taller rapidly. Aaron watched on as Randy’s breasts shot above his head soon followed by her waist and finally her knees. Randy finished growing as she reached around twenty or so feet. As Randy bent over to look down at Aaron, she inadvertently gave him a perfect view of cleavage.

“Here you go.” said Randy as she gave Aaron her nearly three foot long, eight inch wide popsicle. Aaron was about to ask her what this was about when Randy started to grow taller again. Randy soon reached her normal height of a little over forty feet before her growing stopped.

“There we go.” signed Randy as she knelt down on the gym floor.

“What is this about?” asked Aaron as he stared up at the colossal beauty.

“I’m just starting to watch what I eat. It seems that all of the weight goes straight to my boobs.” said Randy as she placed her hands underneath of her chest. After giving them a good jiggle, Randy pressed them together forming well over six feet of cleavage. “I think that they are plenty big enough,” said Randy as she let go of her breasts, “what do you think? Are they big enough?”

Aaron tried to come up with a response, but just ended up bumbling out some random gibberish to which Randy just laughed. Setting the wooden end of the popsicle against the table, Aaron held onto the base of it with both of his hands. He watched in awe as Randy slowly lowered her head towards the three foot tall treat giving the tip of it a lick. Aaron tried to hold the ice cream still, but every time that Randy would lick it, it would move in that direction. If it wasn’t for Aaron’s hoodie then the bulge in his pants would have been clearly visible by now. Looking back up at Randy, Aaron noticed her eyes set directly on him. He felt his heart skip a beat as Randy gave him the world’s largest wink.

Pressing her lips against the tip of the popsicle she began to slowly engulf the treat inch by inch. Once her lips would reach the base, she would rise back up before descending once again. It was the most erotic display that Aaron had ever seen, and the fact that Randy would throw in a moan every once in a while wasn’t helping out what so ever. After her seventh repetition, Randy rose up while licking her lips.

“It tastes so good!” exclaimed Randy. “The size is a little disappointing though. It fits in my mouth a little too easily.”

Aaron was about to respond until Randy started to suck gently on the partially melted ice cream in his hands. Randy was moving her head too fast for Aaron as he felt the stick being violently pushed and pulled in his hands. As he was about to let go, Aaron felt a giant hand wrap around his torso securing him with a huge thumb against his chest. Randy’s other hand had grabbed the hilt of the popsicle from Aaron as she continued to enjoy her treat.

Aaron was raised into the air, along with the popsicle as Randy made herself comfortable against the wall. Randy’s grip on his chest had also pinned his arms to his sides which meant that the only thing he could do was wait for Randy to finish. The bulge in his pants was becoming painful as she continued to eat. Randy was holding the stick in between the first joint on her index finger and thumb. The other side of her index finger was held firmly up against Aaron’s crotch. He was getting closer and closer to cumming as Randy continued to rub against him with every movement that she made. Looking down Aaron noticed one very important fact. Randy’s nails must have dried a while ago. The only thing that Aaron could think of while Randy finished up her ice cream cone was whether all of this was necessary or not.

“Sorry about that.” said Randy was she tossed her stick into the trashcan against the wall.

“Don’t worry about it.” replied Aaron as he tried to discretely adjust himself. He was sure that Randy was going to send him over the edge, but she finished her ice cream at just the right time. He was saved from an embarrassing situation for now.

“So Randy, how does your shoes works exactly?” asked Aaron out of curiosity.

“Do you mean how they make me grow?”

“Yeah.” replied Aaron.

“Well, the only thing that you have to do is think about how big you want to be and the shoes take care of the rest. When you want to shrink back to normal the only thing that you have to do is think about it.” explained Randy.

“What would happen if you took off the shoes?”

“You’d just remain the size that you were once you took them off.” said Randy. After she said this, Aaron came up with an idea.

“And what if both you and your friend wanted to be big together, but you only had one pair of shoes?” Aaron waited for Randy to reply.

“That’s easy, after one of you have grown the only thing that the other girl has to do is put one foot in each of the shoes. They would then have to think about the shoes returning to normal size. After the shoes shrink back down to their regular size the girl can grow bigger to join her friend. Of course you could always think about yourself becoming bigger from the get go, but then you would end up being a giant with an even bigger pair of shoes.”

Aaron became excited at this concept because it meant that the only thing that he had to do was either find a way to get Randy to return back to normal, or have her take off her shoes so that he can grow bigger himself. As he thought about this, he was interrupted as Randy continued to speak.

“I guess that we would be in gym class now.” said Randy as she looked at her phone.

“Really?” asked Aaron. If it was already time for gym then he only had a couple of hours left of school before he had to go home.

“Wanna play a quick game of basketball?” asked Randy as she grabbed ahold of one of the, to her marble size, basketball off the ground.

“Um, how exactly are we going to play when you’re this big?” asked Aaron. He brought this up because it would force Randy to shrink down closer to his size in order to play. It was finally going to be his chance to talk to her face to face instead of face to ankle. He wasn’t expecting Randy to come up with a compromise.

“Hmm, how about I make shots in the basket while you try and get the ball between my boobs.” replied Randy as she pulled down her white tank top a little. “Since they’re a little higher than the net I’ll make it more room for you to get it in.” The bulge in Aaron’s pants quickly returned as Randy continued to adjust herself.

“Well play for ten minutes.” continued Randy. “If I score more points at the end of the game then you’ll have to do whatever activity I choose next without complaining. But if you score more then…” said Randy as she tried to come up with something for Aaron.

“You’ll shrink back down to your regular height for the rest of the day.” replied Aaron quickly.

“Deal!” said Randy as she clapped her hands.

“We need rules though.” said Aaron quickly.

“Like what?” asked Randy.

“First rule is that you’re only allowed to shoot the ball.”

“Okay, that’s fair.” replied Randy.

“Rule two is no goal tending.”

“What is that?” asked Randy. Aaron went on to explain that she wasn’t allowed to block his shots once he let go of the ball. Randy quickly agreed as she scooted over to half court.

“Okay, but I get ball first!”

Taking the ball in between her two fingers, Randy lobbed it over towards the net, but the ball fell short a few feet to the right. Grabbing ahold of the rebound, Aaron dribbled the ball up the court towards Randy but had to stop once a giant hand appeared in front of him. He tried to go around it, but another hand came up to his side. Aaron tried to go around the hands, but Randy was just too fast for him.

“Running down the shot clock.” giggled Randy. Aaron did the only thing he could and made a shot for Randy’s cleavage. The ball just bounced harmlessly off of Randy’s right breast before falling into Randy’s awaiting palm. The ball was then sent flying towards the net before bouncing off the left side of the back board. Rushing over towards the ball, Aaron was thankful that Randy had apparently never played beer pong.

He was able to make it a few feet further this time before he was surrounded by a pair of giant hands yet again. Taking his time Aaron tossed the ball up and let out a yell as it landed snuggly in between Randy’s massive breasts. The game continued on as both Randy and Aaron continued to make baskets. The biggest disadvantage for Aaron was that Randy could reach the majority of the rebounds before he could, and she didn’t have to run around like he did. After eight and a half minutes the score ended up being Randy 27 to Aaron 23.

“Time’s running out.” giggled Randy as she cornered Aaron yet again. Aaron was cover in sweat by now, but quitting wasn’t an option. He was surprised as his desperate shot ended up landing in Randy’s cleavage yet again.

“Ha, 27 to 26!” yelled Aaron. The only thing he had to do now was make a two pointer and he would win the game. It wasn’t until Randy giggled that he was realized what she was doing.

“But I’m still winning.” replied Randy as she placed her hands on the ground to her sides. The ball was still nestled in her cleavage, but Randy was making no attempts to remove it. “One minute to go champ.”

Aaron couldn’t believe that Randy was just going to let the time run out! Dashing towards Randy’s shirt, Aaron jumped up and grabbed as much fabric as he could. His arms were already burning after having shot so many three pointers, but he had to get through this. Pulling himself up he could hear Randy giggle as he made his way up.

“45 seconds.” taunted Randy as looked at her phone.

Aaron felt a large indent in Randy’s shirt that was most likely her belly button. Placing his feet inside the hole, Aaron jumped upwards again trying to get closer to Randy’s breasts. He had just reached the undersides of Randy’s bust coming up to his biggest obstacle, or should we say two biggest obstacles. He had to climb up the two mountains just to reach the ball.

“30 seconds left.” giggled Randy as she held the phone up for Aaron to see.

Aaron grabbed a fist full of clothing at a time as he slowly made his way up towards the top of Randy’s chest. Grabbing ahold of the top of Randy’s shirt, Aaron slowly pulled himself up.

“15!” exclaimed Randy.

Looking up Aaron found the ball just a few feet away sitting in the center of Randy’s cleavage. Aaron tried to lean forward to grab the ball, but it started to move away from his hand. Looking up he saw a smirk appear across Randy’s face as she began to grow rapidly. Aaron tried to run to where the ball was, but Randy just arched her back causing just enough room between her breasts for the ball to fall into.

“10.” signed Randy as she pushed her arms together causing the hole to disappear as her breasts pushed against each other. Aaron estimated by the way that Randy was slouching that she must have doubled in size, which meant that she was well over eighty feet tall. Running over to where the ball was buried, Aaron place one hand on each of Randy’s breasts and started to try and push them apart. This only caused Randy to giggle from Aaron’s efforts.

“5.” said Randy as she continued to look down at the boy on her chest. In a last bit effort, Aaron placed both of his feet against Randy’s left breast while his lower back was against the right. Pushing with all of his strength, Aaron tried to pry Randy’s breasts apart far enough so that he could at least touch the ball. His legs began to shake from the effort, but the two soft behemoths underneath of his refused to even budge from his efforts.

“And that’s game!” exclaimed Randy as she clapped her hands together. Aaron collapsed on top of Randy’s breasts as the girl continued to giggle.

Aaron was now standing in the middle of a gym mat facing Randy. The good news was that she had shrunken down to forty feet tall. The bad news was that she was still forty freaking feet tall. Randy had finally removed her shoes, but Aaron didn’t know if it was a good thing or not. He flinched as two sockless feet, each around six and a half foot tall, landed on his left and right. After winning the basketball game, Randy decided to try out one of her favorite sports, wrestling.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” asked Aaron as he looked at the two giant feet.

“Yep!” replied Randy as she brought her feet together.

Aaron was soon squashed between the two feet as they began to gently grind against his body. He tried to push the feet away, but once again Randy was just too strong. He tried to keep his head down, but Randy’s left toes grabbed the back of his head pulling it upwards. The toes on Randy’s other foot were busy being pressed into Aaron’s face one at a time.

“This little piggy went to the market.” began Randy as she rubbed her big toe up Aaron’s body. She continued to do this as she played with Aaron’s tiny form. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been in Aaron’s opinion. Randy must have taken extensive care of her feet on a daily basis. Unlike his own feet, Randy’s smelled faintly of citrus lotion. They were also amazingly soft without the faintest hint of a rough patch anywhere. Regardless of his best efforts, Aaron ended up tasting the sole of her foot as Randy pinned him to the ground. With his arms trapped against the mat, Randy’s toes were free to do anything they wanted to his face.

“Come on Aaron,” said Randy as she gripped each of Aaron’s arms between her toe, “you’re not going to lose to a little girl are you.”

Aaron found himself tangling about twenty feet in the arm by his arms as Randy started to text on her cell phone. He soon found himself squished between Randy’s feet yet again as she hummed the song “Barbie is big” yet again. This time however only his head was visible between Randy’s middle toes. If all of this wasn’t enough, Randy was absentmindedly rubbing his crotch with the sole of her foot. The grinding continued to get faster as Randy became completely immersed in her phone. Aaron tried to fight against his foot prison as Randy’s foot was bringing him closer to cumming.

“Randy.” panted Aaron as he came closer to the edge.

“Barbie is big…” sang Randy.

“Please stop.” grunted Aaron as his hips began to try and buck against Randy’s foot.

“Back to school...”

With one exceptionally long grind of Randy’s foot Aaron came violently in his pants. Randy must have felt Aaron tighten up as she stopped moving her foot. She asked if he was okay not knowing that she had just made him cum. Luckily Aaron was wearing a pair of shorts under his pants that hid the growing wet spot.

“Sorry, I guess I got a little rough there at the end huh.” said Randy was she bent down to look at Aaron. Aaron could feel his member coming back to life as she was given another view of Randy’s colossal bust.

“Its okay.” replied Aaron. He was going to ask her something until Randy’s giant phone started to ring.

“Hold up, I gotta take this call.” said Randy as she turned and walked towards the other end of the gym.

Aaron was now standing alone at one end of the gymnasium with nothing but a gym mat and…a pair of giant Barbie shoes. Aaron remembered what Randy had told him earlier about the shoes that he only needed to have his feet inside of the shoes in order for them for them to make him grow. Taking one last look over at Randy to make sure she wasn’t looking, Aaron quickly pushed both of her shoes together. Placing his own shoes on the ground, Aaron ran around the back as he placed a foot in each shoe. Belonging to a forty foot plus tall girl meant that his feet barely even touched the bottom. It was a little uncomfortable for him, but all of that was about to change. He would finally be able to ask Randy out once he could talk to her eye to eye.

First he had to have the shoes return to their original size before he started growing. Taking a deep breath, Aaron’s single thought was about the shoes shrinking to fit his feet. Suddenly Aaron had the feeling of going down in an elevator as he held onto the top of the shoes for support. As soon as the feeling came it vanished. The only problem for Aaron was that the shoes were still huge. Opening his eyes Aaron cursed the shoes for not working. It wasn’t until he looked over that he got a surprise.

“Shit.” said Aaron as he looked over at his own pair of Nikes. The only problem was that they were gigantic also. Looking around Aaron’s biggest fear was confirmed as everything inside of the gym had grown to colossal size.

“Aaron?” came Randy’s booming voice as she walked back over towards the mat. Aaron was breathless as he watched the giantess cross the gym to where he was at. Randy was about to call out again until she saw two tiny pairs of shoes on the floor. Bending down she saw a tiny figure straddling her shoes.

“Aaron what happened!” exclaimed Randy as she continued to look at the tiny guy.

“I um, tried to wear the shoes but I ended up shrinking with them.” explained Aaron.

“Well, try thinking about returning back to your normal height.” said Randy.


Focusing once more, Aaron thought about turning back to normal. As soon as he thought this the shoes started to do their magic. Aaron watched on in horror as he felt his feet leave the bottoms of the shoes as they started to grow under him. The only problem was that he still wasn’t growing. His legs kept stretching further apart as the gap between the shoes continued to grow. He was practically doing a full split and the shoes were still growing. Soon Aaron felt himself hitting the mat as the shoes grew too big for him to keep his feet in them. He was now sitting between two gargantuan shoes, still stuck at his shrunken size.

“Hold on Aaron!” said Randy as she carefully picked up her shoes. After placing them on her feet, she shrunk quickly back down to her 5’6” tall self. To Aaron however she was still a forty plus foot tall giantess.

“Are you okay? That split looked like it hurt.” said Randy as she gently picked up Aaron. She was now rubbing his crotch with her finger trying to ease his pain. This did nothing but bring Aaron’s member back to life.

“Why did you do that? Didn’t you listen to the news when the shoes came out? They specifically said that the shoes don’t work for guys.” said Randy. It was hard to answer a girl when she is basically giving you a finger job, but Aaron had to try.

“I just wanted to be as tall as you.”

“Why would you want that?” asked Randy. Luckily for Aaron she had stopped moving her finger, but didn’t remove it. Randy continued to look down at Aaron as she waited for an answer. After a while Aaron spoke.

“I wanted us to be the same size so that I could ask you out.” replied Aaron as he blushed.

“You’re a complete idiot, you know that. You could have asked me at any time and I would have said yes.” giggled Randy. Aaron looked back up to see Randy beaming down at him.

“Really!?” exclaimed Aaron.

“Hmm how about this, we go back to my place and email the company to see if they can fix this. And while we are waiting we can have a little fun.” said Randy as she began to move her finger again. Aaron would have replied, but Randy’s fingers were bringing him closer yet again to another orgasm.

“I just hope that,” said Randy as she removed her finger. She then pressed Aaron’s tiny form against her right breast and began to massage him into it.

“you like big girls,”

Aaron felt himself cum as Randy pressed him into her right tit. After an entire day with a giant Randy Aaron was exhausted. Randy decided to place him in the most comfortable spot possible which was right in between her breasts. If this was any indication of what Aaron was in for then he would have his hands full.

“because I can get,” said Randy as every step she took expanded her chest in all directions, “pretty BIG!”

Aaron was lost in a literal sea of boob flesh as he was carried home by his now forty plus tall girlfriend.
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