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Author's Chapter Notes:
I got bored but couldn't find anything to write in my current stories so I decided to write this little thing. I hope you guys enjoy it and leave a review.
Rushing up the stairs, I could hear the footsteps of my girlfriend behind me as I tried to make it to my room. I knew that even a moment’s hesitation would result in capture so I did a full on sprint to my room. The extra amount of adrenaline that was running through my system gave me that sight edge as I grabbed ahold of my door and slammed it shut behind me. Barely a second after I turned the lock I could hear the sounds of my girlfriends little fists banging against it.

“But Jack, I’m hungry.” whined Lily as she started to bang on my door.

“You ate two hours ago!” I yelled back.

“Come on Jack, I promise not to eat too much.” said Lily as she continued to bang on the door.

“I’ve told you that you can eat after I finish my report for class tomorrow.” I huffed as I walked over to my bed. Pulling my book bag over I started to search through it for my history book.

“Pleeeeeeeease?” asked Lily as the banging stopped.

“I said no.”

After a moment of silence the feeling of victory started to set in. It wasn’t often that I won an argument with her, but I enjoyed the feeling all the same. Opening up my history book, I flipped over to chapter 34 and started reading. I was barely a paragragh in when the audible click of my door coming unlock went throughout the room.

“Dammit.” I signed as I placed the book down.

The door to my room busted open revealing my girlfriend Lily. A shiver went down my spine as I took in her appearance. Lily was scary when she was hungry. Not scary horror movie with monsters, ghosts, and psychopathic killers. Scary like you’re not going to enjoy what’s about to happen. Again that’s a lie, I’m just afraid that I won’t get my report done.

No before I continue let me talk about myself. My name is Jack and I’m your average 17 year old senior high school student. I stand at 6’3” tall with short brown hair and a pair of black glasses. I wouldn’t say that I’m attractive, but most girls consider me ‘good looking’. I’m not skinny per se, but I’m not buff either. I have the body of a cross country runner to tell you the truth. I’m a little braver that what most people would give me credit for, but right now I was afraid of my hungry girlfriend. She wasn’t really hungry as she has been claiming. She just wants a snack, but she tends to go overboard ever, damn, time.

No back to the present, I was looking through the doorway at Lily. All 5’2” of her. We’ve been together for years, but since she turned 17 major changes have happened. Anyway, Lily has short black hair with crystal blue eyes. If you looked up perfection in the dictionary then her face would be the picture beside it. It was hard for most people to look her in the face and not blush, but I’ve seemed to have grown a tolerance towards it. Lily’s body on the other hand leaves many to believe that she is younger that what she really is. She has a petite athletic body, and unlike me, excels in anything that requires coordination. The only disappointing thing, to people that don’t know her, is her general lack of curves. She has a cute little bottom and barely wears a training bra most days.

“Now Lily” I tried to say before I was tackled onto my bed by my girlfriend.

I could feel her tiny hands begin to fight with my shirt as she tried to remove it while showering my body with kisses. Grabbing ahold of her we wrestled for a few minutes. I don’t know how it happened, but I was somehow able to pin Lily to the mattress with her hands held above her head. The only reason that I was on top was because of my size advantage. We were both panting lightly, but I made sure to keep ahold of her hands. Looking over I saw my shirt lying across my computer. At least that was the only thing that she was able to remove.

“Let me go Jack.” moaned Lily as I felt her buck her hips up lightly.


“Come oooonnnn.” moaned Lily as she tried to fight against my hold.

“I said no Lily. I’m going to have to hold you here until you calm down.”

Looking up at me with the nearly irresistible set of puppy dog eyes Lily tried her best to get me to let go. Fixing her with a stern stare of my own I was almost certain that she had given up. That was until I saw a smirk on her face.

“It seems that I need a little help.” said Lily as her eyes flashed purple.

“@#$%” I cursed.

Magic, it was the biggest downfall of dating a Succubus. Lily let of a moan as she tilted her head upwards. At that moment my ‘cute petite girlfriend’ started to expand underneath me in all directions. The sound of my bed straining under the growing weight it supported could barely be heard from Lily’s moans. My legs were force apart as my girlfriend continued to grow underneath me. I was momentarily stunned as Lily effortlessly broke free from my grip as she continued to expand. I felt her giant hands on each of my hips, holding me to her stomach. I was speechless as I watched Lily’s once nonexistent bust grow into something that would make even the biggest of strippers look small. With one final moan my girlfriend Lily’s growth seemed to have come to an end.

Looking behind me, I found Lily’s feet closing the door behind us. Looking back up I saw Lily licking her lips as she examined my tiny form on her stomach. Lily was easily over 14 feet tall with breasts the size of bean bag chairs. I could smell the aroma that Lily’s body was giving off that was already making me hard.

Seeing my reaction, one of her massive hands pressed against my member rubbing it in small circles. Her touch alone was sending shocks of pleasure coursing through my body.

“It seems that this little guy is eager to play.” Cooed Lily as she continued to play with me.

“Lily…please…” I panted as I tried to keep some form of control over myself.

My world was flipped upside down as Lily changed positions with me. Gently placing my body on the mattress, Lily expertly undid the buttons of my pants and had me naked in a matter of seconds. Looking down I found Lily staring intensely at my erection. Lily’s looks combined with her aroma was becoming too much for me to handle. I needed release as my erection was becoming painful. Bringing my own hands down, they were soon swatted away by Lily.

“Awe, it’s so cute!” exclaimed Lily as she pressed it against my belly.

Her finger alone easily put my member to shame in the size category, but when your girlfriend is a Succubus size doesn’t matter. Lily continued to fondle my member with her hands as she placed kisses all over it. The sensation was too much for me as my hips started to buck upwards. Lily just squealed in delight as she would plant another kiss every time that my hips raised up. I was soon thrashing my head back and forward as moans escaped from my lips.

“Is something wrong my little Jackie?” asked Lily as she stopped her fondling.

“You should have let me have it the first time I asked.” giggled Lily as she raised herself up.

“I wouldn’t have had to use this much magic.” Replied Lily as she used both hands to jiggle her rack.

“But now that I have, I’m going to need more that a snack.” Bringing her hands to the bottom of her shirt, Lily pulled it upwards revealing the biggest set of breasts the world has ever seen. This was enough to push me over the edge as I came violently. After what seemed like a minute my head hit the pillow as I gasped for breath. My stomach was covered now in my own stuff, but this only made Lily smile.

“I’m going to need a full course meal.”

I slowly began to awake sometime later to the sound of Lily humming. I tried to sit up, but I soon found that my entire body was soar. After a bit of effort I was able to prop myself up on my pillow as I tried to rub the blurriness from my eyes. My actions didn’t go unnoticed as Lily’s humming came to a stop.

“Hey, how are you feeling big guy?” asked Lily as she knelt down beside my bed.

“Tired.” I mumbled as I looked over at her.

Lily seemed to have returned to her normal little pixy self, but something was off. I shivered a little as I noticed how cold the room felt. It wasn’t until Lily leaned over to cover me up that I realized what was off. She was still huge! It wasn’t until I looked around that I noticed that everything else in my room seemed to have grown along with her.

“Not again.” I groaned as laid my head back down on the pillow.

“I sorry,” replied Lily as she began to rub my right leg with her giant hand, “I kind of ate a little bit too much.”

“But my report.” I mumbled as I looked over at her concerned face.

“It’s okay, I finished it while you were sleeping.” Replied Lily as she pointed over at my desk. With Lily’s help I was able to sit up in a sitting position. It wasn’t too bad to be honest. I estimated that I was just shy of 3 feet tall now, but given enough time I would grow back to normal.

“If it makes you feel better we have a two hour delay tomorrow.” Replied Lily as she smiled down at me.

“That’s great, I’ll get a little bit more sleep tonight.” I was soon taken out of my calm as I heard Lily giggle. Looking over I found Lily getting on my bed until she was looming over me.

“Lily.” I moaned.

“We do have a delay after all.” giggled Lily.

Lily then proceeded to tenderly ravage me all throughout the night.
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