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Author's Chapter Notes:

Just had a short stroy come to me, thought I try and do something a little different.  Tell me if you like it or not (I think I got all the tags).

“I swear dude it worked wonders for our relation,” exclaimed Lucas’ friend Parker. 

“I don’t know,” Lucas said hesitantly.  “It sounds dangerous.”

Parker waved Lucas’ words away and clapped him on the back.  “Look I told Frances I wouldn’t tell anyone, but you’re my best friend.”  Lucas perked up as he leaned in to listen to the secret.  “We fucked like there was no tomorrow for the rest of the day,” Parker laughed out loud.  “I mean we were going at it like a couple of rabbits.”  Lucas shook his head still uncertain.  Parker wouldn’t take no for an answer.  He handed a small sheet of paper with words written on them.  “Look you just say the top line ok.  Then in no time you turn into a stuffed teddy bear.  Then when Becky gets home she finds you as an adorable toy and falls in love with you and turns you back to normal in no time.  She just has to read these words.”

“I don’t know,” Lucas said still unsure.  He didn’t want to say anything but he was starting to feel his girlfriend, Becky, was starting to get bored of their routine.  He didn’t want to lose her and wanted to try and spice things up for Valentine’s Day.  That’s why he asked Parker what he should do and this is where the tale of him turning into a stuffed toy and surprising Frances helped them and could help him.  Still it sounded preposterous but Parker had never lied to Lucas ever since they meet (3 years). 

“Shit my breaks almost over.  Just think about it ok?  Me and Frances are going on a trip to Spain and won’t be back for a while.  If you do go through with it tell me everything, just trust me, you won’t regret it,” Parker said chuckling.  Before Lucas could say anything Parker was already heading back to clock in leaving him sitting at the coffee shop. 

“Maybe I should…” Lucas thought as he reliazed what time it was.  He too had to head back to work. 


Lucas decided he would do this.  He was sitting on Becky’s bed holding a piece of paper in his hands.  It read:  Dear Becky, I feel that our relationship is becoming stale.  That is why I decided to try something outrages.  I’m turning myself into a stuffed toy to show you how much I love you.  At the bottom of this page is the spell to turn me back, Love Lucas.

Lucas was feeling ridiculous.  He just had a bad feeling that this wasn’t going to work and was a joke being set up for him between Parker and Becky.  Taking a deep breath Lucas said out loud, “Alright time to make a fool out of myself.”  He repeated the words that are supposed to turn him into an inanimate object.  When he was done he sat there waiting for a flashing light or some weird sensation, but nothing happened.  Shaking his head in utter disbelief, “Should have known this was a stupid joke…”  Suddenly Lucas couldn’t speak.  Frightened, he tried again but found out that it was the same results.  Trying to stand up to look if there was something wrong with his throat Lucas found he couldn’t move his body.  Panicking, Lucas fought whatever invisible force was preventing him from doing so but made no progress.  All he could do was move his eyes and looked into the mirror next to him.  He watched in horror and disbelief as the spell actually worked and he saw fuzz starting to appear all over his body.  His clothes merged into his skin and formed into brown fuzz.  His hands were next and his head changed shape into that off a bear.  Then came the weirdest part (yes like turning into a fuzzy bear wasn’t weird) he began to shrink down.  Everything became big as he became smaller and smaller down to the size of a regular stuffed toy that you would find in a store.  Excited and scared of this new sensation Lucas was unable to move as he sat on the edge of the bed with the piece of paper in his hands.  He could only look out the door, down the hallway in wait for Becky to find him.

Time went by and Lucas was getting annoyed.  He rushed things too fast as he reliazed that Becky wouldn’t be off till later tonight and now was stuck as a stuff teddy bear.  Lucas thought about turning back and looked down at the paper.  He started to read the words out loud…


What the fuck?!  Lucas shouted only to find out that he couldn’t speak.  Just fucking great!  All he could do was sit there pissed off at this situation.  This better help my relationship.  Just as he thought those words he heard clicking and clacking of some sort coming toward the bed room.  Oh thank goodness she got out early.  His thoughts were shattered as Becky’s German Shepard came walking down the hallway toward the bed room.  The noise was its claws hitting the wooden floor.  It’s only Chester, Lucas thought as he watched the dog come walking through the door and sniffing around the room.  Hey there boy, Lucas said again only to find that the dog couldn’t hear him.  Suddenly the dog jumped up on the bed knocking Lucas onto his back.  Chester looked over toward the movement and walked over and sniffed Lucas. 

Lucas was never afraid of dogs but the size of Chester made Lucas rethink this fear.  Chester was a larger dog normal size but now he was gigantic.  Good boy, Lucas said as the dog continued to sniff Lucas up and down.  Lucas could feel ever sensation: the dog’s wet nose pressing into his fur, the air rushing over him as the dog sniffed, and the noise from the inhaling the dog made.  Suddenly Chester opened his mouth and grabbed the paper in Lucas’ hands and pulled it out of his fuzzy arm with no effort.  NO CHESTER PUT THAT DOWN NOW!  Sadly Chester didn’t.  Suddenly Chester started to shake the letter around and tearing it apart.  Lucas screamed in horror as the dog ripped his note up and started to eat some of it.  The dog laid there in a mess of ruined paper munching on scraps.  Then Chester stopped.  He looked toward Lucas and tilted his head.  Lucas could only watch the dog from upside down as it came toward him.  Opening his mouth, Chester picked up Lucas in its maw and hopped off the bed with him in it.  Lucas screamed as he felt himself being lifted off the bed and fly through the air.  He could feel the teeth gently bite into him and saliva start to ooze into his fur making it sticky and smelly of dog food.

Chester carried Lucas off toward the family room where his bed was.  Lucas was screaming for Chester to stop but he couldn’t hear him.  Chester dropped Lucas on the dog bed and lay down near him.  The dog just eyed him for a little while.  Lucas looked deep into those large eyes hoping to tell what Chester had planned for him.  Suddenly the dog moved closer and started to sniff Lucas.  Lucas realized that the Chester must recognize his smell which was on the toy.  Chester sniffed harder and harder barked happily.  Yes thank God it’s me Lucas-

Chester bit down on Lucas’ leg and pulled him closer to him.  Lucas screamed out in pain and fear as he felt the teeth bite down harder than before as the dog was using his leg like a chew toy.  Chester was taking good care not to rip holes into Lucas’ skin, or what is his skin now, but hard enough to cause Lucas to cry in pain.  The dog growled a little as he continued to bite on his newly found toy.  It was complete heaven for the dog, but hell for Lucas as he prayed for it to stop.


Becky came home a little later then she hoped.  She opened her door to be greeted by Chester jumping up on her barking happily.  “What’s gotten into you,” Becky asked confused.  Normally Chester was fine unless if Lucas is here…

Becky immediately perked up.  Lucas must be here!  Oh, this was great.  The past couple of months have been hard on Becky, between jobs and getting her master’s degree, she couldn’t help but become distant from him.  Now she had time to spend Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend.  She headed toward her room hoping to find Lucas but only found a mess of paper on her bed.  “What the,” Becky said confused and upset at her dog for destroying something.  Picking up the pieces she started to read the hand writing that belong only to one person, Lucas.   Dear…  feel … our relationship … stale… a stuffed toy to show you how much I love you.

Becky’s heart jumped at those words.  He was here and was giving her a present to fix their relationship.  Becky couldn’t help but love him for this.  In fact she wanted to show him how much she really appreciates him right now.  Yet he was nowhere to be found.  Suddenly Chester walked in with a new looking toy.  “I guess that was the stuffed toy meant for me,” Becky said shaking her head yet couldn’t help but laugh at the pleased look on Chester’s face.  Almost as if to answer her, no its mine, Chester shook his head back and forth shaking the toy with vigor.  “Well I’m sure Lucas won’t mind if I gave it to you.  Besides I’m sure he will be more preoccupied with having sex with me then a stupid teddy bear, right,” Becky said cheerfully to her dog who nodded vigorously moving his head up and down and having the toy fling around with his mouth.

Lucas was screaming in agony as he felt like he was being torn apart every time the dog shook his head to Becky’s words.  BECKY SAVE ME!  Becky just walked away and headed toward the kitchen where Chester and Lucas followed.  Lucas was weeping silent tears as his girlfriend didn’t even recognize him at all.  She had her back toward him and Chester, who was busy drooling all over him now.  Lucas still wasn’t used to the stench of the German Shepard’s breath seeping into his fur.  It was like something crawled up and died in Chester’s mouth.  Lucas could smell and feel but couldn’t do anything at all.  He was powerless to this beast that was taking pleasure in torturing him.  Was Chester as oblivious to his plight as Becky or was this some sort of revenge the dog was giving him for something he did.  As if to answer his question Chester shook him around flinging Lucas left and right over and over again.  Lucas felt himself being flung around by his arm.  It was excruciating, Lucas’ arm felt like it was being pulled out of his socket… if he had one that was.  His arm was being stretched to the limit as pain filled his every being.  Finally after the brief few seconds that it lasted, it stopped leaving Lucas in agony and more saliva dripping into his skin.  Suddenly Chester opened his mouth and dropped Lucas onto the kitchen floor near his water bowl.  Lucas could only watch as the German Shepard opened its giant mouth, the one that had been playing with him all this time, and gulp down large amount of water.  Water started to splash around making a mess and covering Lucas in water.

“Chester, you’re getting your new toy dirty,” Becky called out.  Still Chester continued to drink not caring what his owner was saying.  Becky went over and picked up the toy causing the dog to stop and let out a whine at its master taking its play toy.  Becky thank God.  Please I don’t care if you can’t hear me just don’t let him have me again.  Sadly this thought was short lived as Becky slide open the back door and flung Lucas out the door causing him to cry out as he landed in the dirt in the back yard.  “He’s going to have to be your outside toy from now on,” Becky called out letting Chester scurry out the door after his new play mate.  Noooo!  Lucas cried as the door was closed locking Chester and Lucas in the backyard… alone.

Lucas horror continued on as Chester came sauntering over toward him.  Chester picked up Lucas and tossed him in the air where he flew in the sky and landed a couple of feet away.  Chester ran after Lucas and picked him up again and flung in across the yard.  He continued to play catch with himself for a little while forcing Lucas to feel like he would throw up, of course that is impossible because stuff toys can’t.  It wasn’t long till Chester got bored of playing with Lucas and walked over to where Lucas was.  Lucas could only stare up as the towering dog walked over and sniffed him. 

Letting out a bark Chester lifted his head and walked over Lucas.  This left Lucas stare up at the belly of the dog as he walked forward till Chester lower body was directly above Lucas.  Confused at what was going on Lucas could only watch as the dog continued to stand over him almost as if he was oblivious to him being there. 

Then it happened Lucas didn’t see it coming… well actually he, but didn’t expect it.  A stream of yellow liquid poured out from above as Chester started to piss on Lucas.  CHESTER NOOO- Lucas got a mouth full of the liquid.  Actually it hit him on the head soaking into his fur and ultimately into his mouth forcing him to taste the foul liquid as it continued to pour on him.  Lucas couldn’t think straight as the liquid seemed to fill him up of the vile liquid.  Chester started to walk forward spraying Lucas’ lower body too, soaking his entire fluffy body in the fowl smelling liquid.  Finally what felt like forever Chester stopped peeing on Lucas.  Chester sniffed Lucas and let out a happy bark as walked off.  Lucas didn’t know what to think, it then dawned on him that Chester just marked his property, making him Chester’s. 

Lucas was disgusted as he could feel the liquid seeping into him and become part of him.  Chester on the other hand seemed delighted that he just marked his new favorite toy.  He ran off somewhere out of site.  Lucas could only lay there waiting for Chester’s return, praying that maybe he forgot about him. 


Becky was finishing dinner when she looked out to see Chester playing with a ball.  He seemed to have forgotten the stuffed toy and was playing with his other backyard toys.  Setting the table for two, Becky was prepared for whenever Lucas would drop by, whenever that would be.  Wanting some company Becky opened the back door and called out for Chester, “CHESTER DINNER.”

The dog stopped what he was doing and looked at his owner with delight.  He quickly marched off toward the door and stopped.  He quickly turned toward where he left his new toy and picked it up in his mouth.  Lucas let out a yelp that couldn’t be heard as he was picked up in surprise by the dog.  Lucas wasn’t wet anymore and the pee had dried leaving only a faint stench of dog urine.  Yet that didn’t help Lucas with the case that he had dried dog pee covering him.  As Chester entered the house, Becky let out a tired sigh, “Chester how many times do I have to tell you, outside toys belong outside.”  She went to take it from Chester but he let out a whimper causing Becky to pause.  “Fine, but only this one time you understand,” Becky asked.  Chester bonded away as if he understood his master’s words. 

Chester quickly let go of his toy on his bed and then went back to the kitchen to eat his dinner.  Lucas landed face down into the dog bed with his back up.  Lucas couldn’t do anything as he lay there waiting for Chester to return.  It felt like forever as Chester stayed out in the kitchen with Becky.  Hours went by and Lucas realized that Becky was waiting for him to show up.

“I’m sure he’s stuck in traffic or something,” Becky said out loud.  Still time went on and finally he heard an aggravated noise and silverware hitting dishes as Becky gave up waiting and started to eat dinner.  Lucas tried again to call out but there was no reply as he lay there with his head into the fluffy dog bedding.  Finial Becky was done and started to do dishes and then headed out to the family room where she sat down and started to read her book, which she did after dinner every night.  Chester followed and came up toward Lucas and laid down with his head pressing down on Lucas’ back like he was a dog pillow.  The pressure felt like a log landed on top of him.  “Aww don’t you look adorable,” Becky called out to Chester.  “If only Lucas was here,” Becky said as she went back to reading her book. 

I’m right here! Lucas shouted but again was ignored by everyone in the room.  As the time went on Chester started to become restless and decided to use Lucas as a chew toy again.  Sadly he didn’t feel like flipping him over and started to bite into Chester’s ass.  Owwww!!!!  Lucas screamed as he felt the sharp teeth puncture into his skin.  Chester started to growl playfully as he started to munch louder and louder on Lucas.  The pain increased more and more until there was a sharp painful feeling and a ripping noise.  Chester literally just tore Lucas a new ass.  AAAAAAAHHH!!!  Lucas screamed as he felt the material of his butt rip open and revealing his fluffy insides to the world.  Becky must have been oblivious because she didn’t say anything.  Lucas was crying as it felt like someone had pulled his butt apart and left it open to the whole world to see.  It was embracing and scary as Chester started to sniff the insides of Lucas.  That wet cold snout poking inside of him and wiggling around felt alien and horrible.  Then in complete disbelief Chester stuck his tongue out and started to lick the fluff and the exposed hole that was created by him.  Chester was licking Lucas’ newly created bottom for some bizarre reason.  The sensation of that probing object going in and licking around and up the hole made Lucas make weird sounds at the horrifying nice feeling.  The licking got deeper and deeper where Lucas swore that he felt the tongue slide up to his head and lick him from there.  Finally the tongue was retracted and left him alone. 

Chester started to stand up and walk away from Lucas.  What was going on?  He thought as he saw Chester out of the corner of his eye.  What he saw next scared him more than anything that happened tonight.  He saw that Chester was started to unsheathe himself.  NO!  Lucas screamed as he watched out of the corner of his eye, Chester was heading back toward Lucas’ back.  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!  Lucas waited for the sensation he feared when Chester put his body weigh all on top of Lucas.  Chester used his front paws to pull Lucas toward his back legs.  That was when Lucas felt it.  Something large and hot poked him and ran up his spine where it settled on top of his head before being pulled back down toward his butt.  Chester was trying to fuck him in the ass!  Again Chester humped up Lucas’ spine causing Lucas to try and squirm away but it did nothing as he lay there waiting for the inevitable.

The third time was the charm.  Chester nailed home as he rammed his long member all the way up Lucas’ insides where it filled him completely to the point where he feared he would burst.  The member was just large enough that it stretched the opening just enough for it to enter him without further tearing it open.  Chester let out a simple whine as he pulled out a little and then slammed it back in at full force shoving Lucas forward only to have the front paws pull him back into the throbbing member.  Chester started to pick up speed as he rammed into Lucas again and again causing him to scream in agony at the brute force being forced on him. It was like having a large tree shoved up your ass repeatedly.  Lucas cried out for Becky to help.

“CHESTER,” Shouted Becky as she noticed Chester humping the stuffed toy.  “Stop that now!”  Chester didn’t listen as he continued to pound away at the toy.  Becky was going to stop Chester by taking the toy away but she remember reading somewhere that dogs could get violent if you try taking their toys away.  Becky shook her head.  Fine, let him hump the toy, at least he won’t hump someone’s leg when they come through the door.  It’s best for him to get it out of his system anyway.

Lucas waited for Becky to save him from this torment but she didn’t come to his rescue.  WHY?!  Screamed Lucas as Chester speed up more and more until the heated friction from the penis and the stuffing felt like it would catch fire.  Lucas felt like his inside was a volcano as the large penis seemed to move faster than ever.  Suddenly it started to grow.  Lucas couldn’t help but cry as he figured what was next.  Chester slammed his now growing member into Lucas and left it there as it welled up until Lucas felt like he would split open.  Chester leaned forward into Lucas and panted heavily with his tongue out drooling all over Lucas’ head.  Lucas would have been appalled if it weren’t for the throbbing dog dick inside him.  Then it happened, there was an intense throbbing when a geyser of hot liquid shot out of Chester’s member and soaked Lucas’ insides.  WHYYYYYY cried Lucas as another blast of liquid filled him up making him feel like he drank way too much.  Than another gush of liquid and another and another, it just kept coming.  For what felt like an eternity Lucas was pressed down into the ground with Chester full weigh on him and with his penis squirting his seed all inside him making feel like a bloated water balloon.  Praying it was over when Chester stopped spraying, Chester decided to stand up and walk over to his owner.  With his member still way to larger for it to pull out of Lucas, he was forced to ride the large penis as he was still stuck to the swelled up member.  Chester walked over toward Becky with the teddy bear still in-between his legs.

Becky looked up from her book to see Chester staring up at her wagging his tail.  She looked over toward the dog bed to see the mess that he made with the toy but didn’t see it.  Confused she went to pet her pet when she noticed the weird object between his legs.  Peering over she saw with disbelief at what she saw.  The teddy bear was still attached to Chester’s member.

“Oh my goodness,” Becky gasped and unable not to laugh, “How’s it hanging,” she joked.  Chester seemed to get the joke because he barked in response to Becky’s joke.  She patted Chester’s head as he trotted off with the bear still attached to his underbelly.  Chester went to get some water then went back to his bed where he laid there with the bear still in-between his legs.

Lucas felt sick as his insides felt like they were filled with goo… well they were, there was probably a gallon of doggy cum inside him.  It took a while but finally the cock got smaller and came out of his rear letting in fresh air into his sticky stuffing.  Lucas lay there hoping it was over but soon Chester got up and again walked around Lucas as if inspecting him.  He let out a low ruff as if to say, “Hey bitch,” which Lucas was.  Lucas was now Chester’s bitch.  As to solidify this role to him, Chester got into position to show him who was boss and began to mount him again for another round.


Becky looked at the clock and noticed she needed to get to bed.  Lucas never showed up which infuriated her to an extreme.  In fact she was kind of glad Chester was drilling Lucas’ gift to get back at him.  Letting out a wiry sigh, she got up and started to head to bed.  Chester stopped in mid thrust to watch his master heading to bed.  Becky called out, “Well at least one of us got lucky.”  As if to answer her, Chester barked happily and continued to thrust away into the stuff toy that seemed to be taking it like a champ.


It had been almost a week and Lucas was treated as just a well-used dog toy.  Becky began to worry about where he was after the first few days of him not showing up.  She called around but no one had seen him.  The police told her that it was possible that he might never be seen again which only increased her worry and loneliness for him.  It was about the second week that she noticed the teddy bear that Chester had.  It looked horrible and was beginning to stink.  Chester must have used it well because it looked like it belongs in a garbage can.  Stuffing was leaking out of its stitches and a strong but faint odder of urine was filling the air.  She wanted to get rid of it for a while but it was the only thing she had that was left of Lucas and didn’t want to get rid of the reminder of him.  Sadly the stench was too much to bear with.  Even now Chester would only use it for a good fucking and then leave it alone.  Of course Becky’s friends have told her that maybe it is time to move on from Lucas.  She didn’t know if she could, but one more whiff of the toy told her that it was time.  Walking over to the used toy she picked up the teddy bear and carried it outside toward the garbage can.  She picked up the lid and looked the once beautiful toy in it’s now disgusting face.  “I guess it’s time for the both of us to part ways,” Becky said sadden at the choice she had to make for her boyfriend. 

Becky please, it’s me Cried Lucas, but there was no recognition in those eyes.  She dropped Lucas into the trash can and went to cover the lid.  BECKY PLEASE I LOVE YOU!!!  Lucas screamed with all he had.

Becky paused as she looked around, “Lucas?”  She called out looking around.  She must have heard Lucas’ cry.

Yes, in here.  Becky in the trash can!  Becky looked down at the toy.

“I must be hearing things; I swear I heard Lucas’ voice.”  With that she went to cover the lid up.

NO YOUR NOT IT’S ME!!!!  But it was too late.  Becky covered the lid and left Lucas to the garbage men that were just down the street coming to collect the trash.

Becky let out a sadden sigh as she had to move on.  Where ever Lucas was she hoped that he wasn’t hurt and was doing well.  Looking on the bright side, at least now her room wouldn’t smell like dog pee and cum, that was a good thing.

Chapter End Notes:

Not stopping my other stroy just wanted to see how everyone likes this type of stroy.

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