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Author's Chapter Notes:

This story takes place directly after Jessica's Origin Story in the main Big Friendly Giantess series.


In a matter of moments the life of the young Jessica Snape had completely turned upside down. A week ago she had been a short and very plain girl and now she was a towering woman who could be the considered the definition of beauty. Her transformation wasn't the only thing that had completely changed her. Just moments ago she had been a colossal giantess who had confronted her bully after years of tormenting her. With just the mutter of a single word Jessica discovered that she could shrink herself back down in size and with the muttering of another word could turn herself into a giantess once more. She didn't know what terrified her more, the fact that she had just been incredibly huge or the fact that her life was never going to be the same again.

Jessica looked upon the now abandoned funfair, just minutes ago it had been full of people enjoying all the rides and games that the fair had to offer but now it was completely empty. After Jessica had gone on what seemed to be a rampage everyone had fled in sheer terror of her. This was more hurtful than what her bullies had done to her, she had always considered herself to be a nice and gentle person and to know that she had terrified all those people did bring a tear to the eye of the gentle woman.

Even in her small size Jessica was still a very tall girl. She was an inch shy of being seven feet tall and had a body that would be the envy of any supermodel. She had yet to truly come to terms with how her body had changed and the one part of it that she hated the most was the fact that she had large breasts. They were so large that they blocked her view of her feet and they made her think that when people were looking at her it wasn't because of her height or her beauty but rather her breasts.

She was clothed in a simply toga like outfit that she had been able to rip off from a nearby tent. The clothes that she had came to the funfair with her been torn to shreds as her growing body had exploded out of them. She was barefoot as well but she was just glad to have something that covered her nudity. She didn't want to go walking the streets in her birthday suit and at least if she found someone she had some of her dignity left.

One thing that was constantly on Jessica's mind was what she was going to do, she didn't know whether to go back home to see her father, go back to the home of her best friend Alicia or to go to the headquarters of Park Incorporated. It was their serum that had caused this to happen and she began to think that it was probably the best place for her to go. They had the proper equipment and facilities that could help her fully understand her new power and what limits they had.

The only possessions that she had at that moment in time was a small bag that she had brought on what had turned out to be a sham date and a large stuffed toy that she had won at a test of strength game. Her bag contained a communicator that she wanted to use to call her friend but she didn't know what she could possibly say to her. Everything had happened so fast that she didn't even know if what had happened had truly happened. She was hoping that before the date that she had fallen asleep and that all this just happened to be a dream and that Alicia would wake her up at any moment.

Unfortunately as the seconds went by she began to realise that it wasn't a dream and that everything that happened had been real. She hugged the stuffed toy tightly much like a little girl would if she were afraid and she sat down on the ground and shed a couple of tears. At the beginning of the night she had been happier than she could remember but now all she could feel was sorrow.

Word of what happened at the funfair was spreading widely throughout the city. A giantess suddenly appearing was more than enough to gain the attention of local law enforcements. Rather than going into a full scale panic a couple of uniformed officers were dispatched to the scene to see what was actually going on. Even though their culture was far beyond that of the distant planet Earth even they thought that a giantess was extremely unlikely. They thought that it was either a hoax or some kind of group hallucination. As the law of the city they had to keep a level head at all times.

Jessica remained exactly where she was and she simply sat down on the ground still dumbstruck over what had happened. Her life had been turned upside down and all she could do was sit on the ground and hug the huge stuffed toy that she had won. The events of the night were going over in her head again and again. She still couldn't believe what had happened and she still hadn't contacted either her father or best friend. She didn't notice just how much time went had gone by.

She was so caught up in her own world that she didn't notice two uniformed officers slowly approach her. They had seen that the funfair had simply emptied in a very short amount of time and they could see the collapsed tent right where Jessica was sitting. While she was sitting down they couldn't tell just how tall she was. They were somewhat confused to why she was wearing a toga rather than normal clothing. They approached her with some amount of caution but they had no idea what had happened just a short while earlier and they wanted to see if she was alright.

"Are you alright young lady?" asked one of the officers. He was a tall dark skinned man and he had a pleasant smile on his face. This was to reassure her that everything was alright. "It's a mighty chilly night to be wearing just a toga."

"Please go away," replied Jessica with tears in her eyes. She still remained sitting down and didn't look up to the officers.

"Not until I know that you're fine ma'am." He held his hand out to her and she looked up to him. "Now let me at least help you up to your feet."

Jessica could see a kindness in his face and she felt that she could trust him. She held onto his hand as he helped her up to her feet. Both officers looked in amazement as they saw this young woman tower above both of them. The smaller officer was easily a foot shorter than Jessica while the second officer while being considered to be tall himself felt small compared to her. They realised that she was most likely the giant woman that had been reported. Both men agreed that she was indeed very tall but it wasn't worthy of police attention. Despite all of this the two officers were concerned about her and wanted to make sure that she had somewhere to go before they let her go.

"Wow I know you probably hear this a lot but you're tall," said the shorter officer. He had brown hair and was easily into his forties.

"Actually you're the first," replied Jessica. She hadn't told them that a week earlier she had been a short plain girl. Even if she told them they probably wouldn't believe her so she didn't want to waste her breath.

"I bet, now can you tell us your name young lady and do you have any next of kin that can pick you up from here if need be?"

"My name Jessica Snape and my father is a top scientist for Park Incorporated." She was feeling a little cold only being in a toga and she did begin to shiver a little. This could be seen by the two officers.

"Ok Miss Snape," replied the first officer. "Can you tell us why you're here and in clothing that isn't exactly the norm?"

"I'm sorry officers but my other clothes were destroyed."

"Destroyed how?" He began to think that something terrible had happened to her and he was thinking that they might have to bring her down to the station to answer a few questions. "Did someone try to sexually assault you?"

"No nothing like that." She gave a small sigh before she could carry on. "I'm sorry officers but I'm the one who caused all this panic. Everyone ran away because of me and I feel like they should have, I acted like a monster."

"Miss Snape I need you to tell us exactly what happened here and how exactly you are involved in this," answered the second officer.

"I-I had an injection at Park Incorporated and it made me like this." She paused for a moment as the memories of everything that had happened to her played through her head once again. "Some girls put me on a sham date with a guy that I have crush on and then they humiliated me. I don't know how it all happened exactly but I got really angry and I grew. I don't mean grow as in until I got to this height I mean I was really big."

Jessica realised her mistake when she felt her body begin to rocket up again Both of the Policemen took several steps back as they saw the very tall girl grow even taller before their eyes. She had forgotten by simply muttering the word big caused her to grow to giant size. In all of her amped up emotions she had forgotten about it and in less than ten seconds she had gone from being an inch shy of seven foot all the way up to one hundred and twenty plus feet in height. The toga that she had been wearing had completely torn off her as her body once again exploded with growth.

Almost instantly rather than continuing to talk to her the two officers decided to turn tail and run. When they had first met her they didn't think that she would grow into a towering giantess before their eyes in this manner. Like the people who had attended the funfair they were in complete panic and were only thinking about running to safety rather than trying to help the unfortunate girl.

"Please wait don't run!" shouted the enormous Jessica as she looked down to the fleeing officers. It would take minimal effort for her to simply walk forward and pick them up. She could see how terrified they were and she didn't want to make the situation any worse. "I'm sorry."

A shiver ran down her spine as she felt the cold breeze blow against her naked body. Unlike the last time she was a giantess she cared that she was completely naked and almost without thinking she used her arms and hands to try and cover her private parts. It was difficult for her to cover her breasts since they were so large, she was still getting used to having such large breasts since before they had been very small.

In her panic for the moment Jessica had forgotten that she only needed to say the word small to make her shrink back down to a more manageable size. It took her a few additional moments before she realised and as she muttered the word 'small' she felt herself drop like a stone.

It only took Jessica seconds to shrink back down to six foot eleven but her nakedness had not been solved with the mutter of the word. She had to resort to tearing another strip of cloth from the fallen tent to use as a toga. She needed to grow again before she had the strength to tear the tent and when she did she shrank back down again and covered herself up. That was at least one problem solved for her.

Jessica found herself alone once again as the police officers had fled. She felt guilty that she had scared them away after they had tried to help her. She had not intended to scare them but events had taken a turn and she saw herself as a monster once again. When she had grown the first time and had her main tormentor Shelly at her mercy she felt like she was a different person. Her rage had gotten the better of her and with just a simple action she could have made her tormentor a stain on the ground. Thankfully for everyone her common sense had prevailed and she showed shown Shelly that she was above all the bullying that she had suffered before.

One thing that Jessica wasn't aware of was that the officers had contacted HQ and already a team of professionals were being mobilized to deal with her. Rather than having standard or even armed officers deal with Jessica it was quickly established that super powered agents of Park Incorporated were needed to deal with her. The circumstances of the situation was well above the norm and in this case the police would leave it to the agents. They had specialist training and since Jessica was super powered herself it was up to them how the situation was dealt with.

With the rumours of a giant woman at the funfair confirmed the agents of Park Incorporated were going to be given authority over the situation and if things escalated any further the military would have to be called in. So far Jessica herself hadn't been identified at all and for the moment the agents thought that they were dealing with some random giant woman. They didn't realise that since she was officially a junior agent she was one of their own but her powers had manifested in a way that had never been seen before. Normally when someone was exposed to the Jones serum the effects would be instantaneous but with Jessica it had been very different. At first the Jones serum didn't seem to take any effect but a few hours later she transformed from the small plain girl into a beautiful and curvy woman. At first it had seemed that her change in body was the limit of the Jones serum effect but with her growing several times in the manner that she had was something that the scientists of Park Incorporated her never seen before. They had run numerous tests before they released her and nothing could have prepared them for what happened to her.

At the Park Incorporated headquarters itself the agents were preparing for the mission ahead. They had been called in on extremely short notice and quite a lot of them had plans that night but they had to put them all aside when an emergency call like this was phoned in. For this mission a four person team would be mobilized and then sent out to engage the giant woman at the funfair.

The team was going to be led by veteran Agent Lang who was a relatively short man with the ability to manipulate water molecules. This allowed him to control all manner of water ranging from mighty rivers to the moisture in the air. He was a man with some colour to his skin and he had very short black hair. He was in his mid-forties and was beginning to think towards retiring within the next few years.

The second agent on this team was Agent Fredericks. He stood almost nine feet tall and weighed over half a ton. His body was comprised of mainly fat and muscle, he was by far the largest agent in the company but he was also one of the most kind hearted. He had short and relatively messy brown hair and was seen with a smile on his face most of the time. Scientifically with the amount of weight his body had to carry it would have been impossible for him to move but he could move freely as if he was a normal person. He could not run too particularly fast but his body gave him strength and durability that couldn't be rivalled by any normal person.

The third agent was Agent Wayne who was physically the most gifted agent in the company. The Jones serum had increased her physical stamina and attributes until they were the peak of what could be considered to be normal. Her strength, speed, gymnastic skills and hand to hand combat skills were at the very peak of excellence. Technically none of her attributes could be considered to be superhuman. She was a little over five and a half feet tall with long red hair and blue eyes. She was still relatively new to the company but she had already been passed as a full agent.

The final agent for this team was Agent Munroe who had the ability to manipulate the ground. This allowed him to create earthquakes or create mountains out of nothingness. He seemed to be an oriental man with long black hair that was tied back. He had been with the company for a few years as well and was known to keep a cool head in the toughest of situations.

In the briefing room the agents were not alone. General Kilgore was there waiting for them and he too had been informed about the situation on very short notice. He didn't know exactly what was going to happen but he was going to be sure that there was going to be no casualties either for the agents or civilians. He even cared about the safety of the giant woman that the agents were going to be confronting. On the surface he did seem to be short with people but in truth he did care about the safety of others and would avoid using violence when it wasn't needed.

General Kilgore stood in front of a screen that showed a map of the city itself. It zoomed in over the area where the funfair was and it was going to be used for the briefing. For the moment the agents had no idea why they had been brought there.

"Agents I thank you all for coming on such short notice," said General Kilgore. He began to point to the map on the screen. His finger was exactly where the funfair was. "Within the last half an hour a situation has arisen at this location. There is a person of great interest located there."

"Isn't this supposed to be something that the police should be handling?" replied Agent Munroe. "I was in the middle of a date when I was called in here." He crossed his arms to show that he was somewhat annoyed.

"Believe me Agent Munroe, if this was merely a job for the police I wouldn't have bothered you. No this is something completely different, the person of interest has been described as a giant woman. Numerous sources have confirmed her existence including the eye witnesses of two uniformed policemen on the scene. So far we have heard no word that she has moved anywhere else so we are assuming that she's still there."

"Do we even know who she is?" asked Agent Lang. He was more prepared than the others for this mission and he wanted to know as much information as he could before being deployed into the field.

"For the moment no, your mission is to track down this giant woman and bring her in. Whatever happened to her I feel that we are someway responsible. I want her brought in alive and unharmed if possible. If she attacks then you may defend yourselves and if she proves too much for you to handle we have military personnel on standby. This isn't a mission of destruction. This is a mission of mercy, so far we have no confirmations that the giant woman has killed anyone so we can begin to assume that she's not hostile. Agent Lang will lead this operation, does anyone have any question?" He waited for a few moments and the agents said nothing. "Good you depart immediately."

Several minutes later the agents were preparing to leave for the mission. They were going to use one of the many vortex generators within Park Incorporated headquarters to travel the relatively short distance to the funfair. They needed to get there as quickly as possible and the vortex generator was the fasted way that they would get there. Since it was a relatively short trip not too much power would be needed but it might need a little extra juice to get Agent Fredericks through, his enormous bulk was straining to almost any piece of technology but the jolly agent took it in his stride.

One by one each of the agents stepped through the vortex and moments later they would find themselves right outside of the funfair. They looked up towards the sky in the hopes to see the giant woman but much to their surprise they couldn't see anything abnormal. This came across as being a little odd in their view.

"You know when I stepped through the vortex I was expecting to see some kind of giantess," said Agent Fredericks with a small smile on his face. "She's either invisible or not that much of a giant."

"Quit the chatter for the moment Fredericks," replied Agent Lang as he placed his finger on his ear. There was an ear piece there that he was using to communicate with headquarters. "This is Agent Lang located in sector three are you picking me up?" He needed to wait to get a response but he soon got what he was waiting for. "We are at the location but have no visual on the target, is there any confirmed sightings of the target outside of our current location." He needed to wait a few moments before he got his answer, the other agents couldn't hear what was being said to him. "Roger that we will continue on until further notice." He took his finger off the small piece of equipment in his ear and looked at his fellow agents. "There's no word of the giant woman located anywhere else in the city. This gives us two possibilities. Either she's somehow shrunk to a smaller size or she's hiding. Either way we've been told find any evidence of her or better still find the giant woman herself. I want us to split up in teams of two so that we can cover more ground, Fredericks you go with go with Wayne and Munroe you're with me. If you do come across the giant woman do not engage in combat with her, call the others in and maybe try to reason with her. Fredericks and Wayne will take the east side while Munroe and I take the west side. If you see anything of interest report it immediately. Stay safe and remember the woman is probably more scared and confused than us."

With that the four agents split into their pairs and went into opposite directions. All the agents were carefully surveying their environment trying to see anything that would lead to the giant woman. They saw numerous footprints on the ground but they belonged to the other funfair goers who had been scared away by the events of the night. Other than that they couldn't see anything that could be seen as being unusual.

On the east side Agents Fredericks and Wayne were continuing their search. They were both experienced agents but this was something they weren't too particularly used to. They were used to travelling to different planets or helping out in some kind of disaster, not searching an abandoned funfair for one person. They didn't question the job and just got on with it. They did think that it was a little eerie to see a funfair completely abandoned like this, it seemed to be a good setting for a horror film.

"What was that?" asked Agent Fredericks as he looked towards what had been one of the games. He had been startled by something and immediately Agent Wayne got herself prepared for whatever was going to come their way. Instead the agents saw what seemed to be a small bird fly away and they gave a sigh of relief. "This place must really be getting to me, I'm getting nervous over a bird." He gave a small laugh although Agent Wayne didn't find it too funny. She was a stern woman who never joked around and was always serious. She wasn't always the most popular agent but her heart was always in the right place. "Oh come on Debra lighten up."

"We've got a situation going on here," replied Agent Wayne not caring for what Agent Fredericks had just said. "The last thing we need is the subject to escape us and we'll be reprimanded."

"Ok I was only having a little laugh, you know life can be a lot more interesting if you laughed every once in a while."

"I don't get time to laugh." She was being stern as usual and was always a realist no matter what the situation.

"There is always a time to laugh." For years he had been trying to make her laugh but so far his efforts had fallen short. His mind did have to go back to the mission at hand since even he admitted that if he didn't carry out the mission he would get into serious trouble. "Do you even think this giant woman is real?"

"To tell you the truth no." The pair were continuing to walk along the various stalls. Agent Fredericks made her look small even though she was more or less an average sized woman with some muscles. "I've seen a lot of things but a giant woman is one of those things where I draw the line. I still believe that this is some kind of hoax and that I'm missing a very important dinner date for this."

"I think she's real. Think about it before I had the Jones serum I was a scrawny little man, now look at me, my body's got more peaks than a mountain range and when I go to fall people run in fear of an earthquake." He often joked about his weight and since it wasn't self-inflicted he could see the joke in it. But before he said anything else he could hear something, it was faint at first but as he concentrated on the sound he could hear it clearer. "Hey Debra can you hear that?"

"Hear what?" She carefully tried to listen as well and eventually she could hear the sound as well. At first she didn't know what it was but as she continued to listen she could hear that it was someone crying. "Yeah I hear it." Quickly she looked towards where she was hearing the crying. "And it's coming from over there."

Quickly the two agents headed towards where the crying was coming from and they readied themselves for whatever came next. They thought that they could be in some trouble very quickly but they were prepared to defend themselves. Even the most powerful of opponents would have some difficulty battling these two and when Agents Lang and Munroe returned they would be almost formidable.

Eventually the crying led them to the destroyed tent where Jessica was still more or less a wreck. She sat down on the ground and was continuing to hug the large stuffed toy that she had won earlier in the night. Agent Fredericks was the first to see her and slowly he began to approach her. Since she was sitting down he couldn't see just how tall she was but there was one thing that he especially saw that was odd. She was wearing a toga rather than normal clothing and the fact that he could see a giant footprint not too far away from where she was sitting he figured out that she was the reason that they were there. Rather than bringing down the law upon her he thought that a more gentle approach. Carefully he walked towards her and she didn't seem to notice him coming despite his enormous size.

"Hey there," said Agent Fredericks as he carefully stepped towards her. It was only then that she looked up at him and noticed him coming. He was definitely the tallest and fattest man that Jessica had ever seen but she didn't care about that. She was too sad to really take much notice of this. "Are you alright?"

"Go away please," replied Jessica. Her voice was full of sorrow and she continued to sit where she was. "I don't want to scare you like I did everyone else."

"I see and if you don't mind me asking why would you scare me?" He was trying to develop a connection between himself and Jessica. He could see that she was very upset and he wanted to make sure that she was fine.

"Because I can grow and when that happens I scare everyone away." She continued to hug the stuffed toy.

"Even if you grew you probably wouldn't scare me, believe me in my time I've seen a lot of things that are scary. Besides people get scared of me when I've eaten Tation beans." These beans had an urban legend on Home that it gave a person gas. This was a little joke to try and lighten the mood. By now he was very close to her and tried to put on a smile to show her that he wasn't a threat. "And you're a pretty girl too. Now tell me your name."

"Jessica, Jessica Snape." She was still somewhat nervous but she felt more at ease with him than she had with the police officers.

"Wait you're Jessica Snape? You mean Dave's little girl?" He couldn't believe that this was the junior agent that he would be training. The previous day she had been assigned to him but this was the first time that they had ever met. He saw her nod to respond to the question. "Well I'll be a skinny bastard, you're supposed to be my new trainee." He began to laugh a little but he could see that Jessica was still sad and he knew that he had to bring her out of her slump. "Look Jessica I know that what's happened to you might be scary but believe me you'll learn how to use your new gift. Believe me I wasn't happy myself at first when the Jones serum turned me into this walking tub of lard but eventually I came to accept what I am and I used it to the best of my abilities. Your father told me that you had changed and it's alright to be scared. Fear is the first step towards accepting what you truly are. I know that you might have scared a few people tonight but that's alright, what seems to have happened must be scary but I can help you. My friends and I are here to take you somewhere where you can learn to hone your new powers and find a way to use them to help people just like you wanted. All you need to do is take my hand and I can take you away from all of this. The first bridge is trust."

He held his hand out towards Jessica just like the policeman had done earlier. It took several moments before Jessica took his hand and she stood up to her full height. Even then Agent Fredericks still towered above her by around two feet and he was several times heavier than her. She hugged him and continued to cry, he patted her on the back and told her that everything would be alright.

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