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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hello everybody! This is my new story 'Goin' Down'. I was starting to get a little burnt out on 'Fleeting Love' so in the meantime I'll be writing this. This story is mainly for fun, I make no promises on updating it on a regular basis. I really wanted to experiment with a new genre and this is the product. The first few chapters are mainly going to be set up. After that, it'll start heating up. In the beginning, please leave a review telling me what you think and if you'd like to see more. I don't wanna write a story no one enjoys. Anyways, please enjoy chapter one of Goin' Down! Also, thanks to Carycomic for helping me with the title of this story. Go check him out!
Goin' Down: Chapter 1

" Alright. This is the place. Get ready. " Enrique said pulling the van into the lot behind the giant Amatrax skyscraper.

More specifically to the building's loading dock. It was slightly after 12 PM and the sky was dark.

" THIS is the place? Are you shitting me? This place has gotta have ridiculous security. " Carlos said.

" Hey, man. We got a guy on the inside. He and el jefe have the whole thing planned. You got the ID card, right? "

" Yeah. "

" Okay. There are two guards inside the loading dock. The card should get us in without a problem. I'm gonna send a text to our guy. He'll turn all the cameras off for a few minutes. The guards won't see us coming. Once we're in, I'll make some noise to get the guards attention. You sneak up behind them and knock 'em out. El jefe doesn't want us killing anybody so use the taser if you have to. Then we'll load up the van and get the hell out of here. "

" Okay... Sounds easy enough. What is this shit we're stealing anyways? Some new drug? Isn't that what Amatrax is all about? "

" Don't know. All el jefe said was we were going to be pulling in some major dough. Alright, he's shutting off the cameras. Put your mask on. " Enrique pulled on his own mask.

He looked over at Carlos to see he was wearing a similar black mask but with a skull design. The pair got out of the van. Enrique was a man of average height and weight. He worked out on a regular basis and was fairly strong because of it. He could handle himself in a fight too. Enrique was wearing a black hoodie, gloves, and dark blue jeans.

Carlos was a monster of a man. Standing at nearly seven feet tall, with muscles on top of muscle, he made an intimidating sight. He wore a black, long sleeved shirt and black pants. Climbing a small set of stairs, they arrived at the door to the inside of the loading dock.

" Give me the ID card. "

Carlos handed over the card.

" This better work, E. I'm not getting arrested again. " Carlos said keeping a lookout for anyone.

" Shut up, foo. It's gonna work. "

Enrique slid the card through the scanner, after a few tense moments there was a beep and the door clicked open. The duo slipped into the loading dock. Crouching low, they snuck over to hide behind a row of shelves. The room's lights were off, making it hard to see. A fact that could work in their favor. Enrique heard a door open and a bank of ceiling lights switched on.

" Davidson? What are you doing here? I thought you were home sick. You out here? " a man's voice called out.

" There's no one out here, Greg. You're losing it. " another voice said.

" Someone just scanned in with Davidson's card. I saw it, Adams. Come on. Let's take a look around. "

" Ugh, fine. Ya paranoid freak. I'll check over here. You go over there. "

" Alright. "

Enrique turned to Carlos.

" I'm gonna go make some noise. Try not to get seen and sneak up on the guard when he comes. " he whispered.

Carlos nodded silently. Enrique crouched over to another row of shelves. He picked up a large box and threw it to the ground with a crash. One of the guards rounded the corner in seconds with his own taser drawn.

" Hold it right there! Put your hands up! " he shouted.

Enrique held his hands up, a smug grin hidden under his mask. Carlos loomed up behind the guard and wrapped one arm around his neck. With his free hand, he drove his taser into the man's back. The guard made a surprised sound, convulsed, and fell to the floor. From the other side of the room, they heard the remaining guard running towards them.

" Adams! What is it? " he yelled.

" Get out of sight! " Enrique hissed.

They both took cover at the end of two parallel rows of shelves. The second guard came running down between the rows to get to his downed friend.

" Ada-! "

The guard was cut off as Carlos whipped around the corner and clotheslined him. He hit the ground hard, the air had been knocked out of him. Enrique quickly tased the guard.

" Alright. Let's stow these guys in the office and find the stuff. "

Each of the robbers dragged a guard into the office and shut the door.

" You remember what we're looking for? " Enrique asked.

" Yeah, yeah. Just start looking. I wanna get the fuck out of here. " Carlos said walking away.

After searching for ten minutes, Carlos called out. " Hey, E! Over here. I think I found it. "

Enrique walked over to see Carlos standing in front of a large stack of white, rectangular boxes covered in plastic wrap.

" MC-001, right? " Carlos asked reading from a sheet of paper on the stack.

" Yep, this is it. Tear this bad boy open and start loading the van. "

Enrique opened up one of the loading dock doors while Carlos tore open the plastic. Fifteen minutes later, all of the boxes were loaded into the van. The duo climbed back in and pulled the van around to exit the lot.

" See, foo? I told you there was nothing to worry about. Once we get out of here, we're golden. All we gotta do is sit back and let the cash start rolling in. "Enrique said pulling off his mask.

" Whatever you say, E. "

Little did the two robbers know, but they were about to unleash chaos on their sleepy city.
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