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Story Notes:

Tried to make something kind of funny, don't know if it will end that way or not though.


Romney was a 15 year old who was about to enter high school next month, but for now he and his 15 year old Indian friend who he just called Ace because his real name was too hard for him to say went to the pawn shop near by the video game store they were just in to get ace's sister a gift for her birthday.


Romney asked “Why do you have to get her a gift man, we are just about broke after getting watch dogs and titan fall.”


Ace then replied “The thing that happen is that my mom said so and I will be the grounded for a week.”


Romney then said “Fine, lets just get this over with so we can play xbox.”


They both then entered the pawn shop filled with old stuff and saw they had some guns on the back wall. Ace then picked up a old plate that had a $100 tag on it and carefully put it back down. Romney then walked up to the cashier and said “Hey Gary it's been some time hasn't it.”


Gary then with a smile said “Oh yea you and your dad came in here and got that 19th centenary rife that was used in world war one. It was such a nice weapon. It was a shame to see it go, but I think it's in good hands now.”


Romney then says “Glad you remembered us and this is my friend who wants to buy a little something for his sister for her birthday.”


Gary kept a smile on his face as his eye twitched at the last part of what Romney said and then Ace added “My mom said I have to get the sister a gift or I would be planted in the ground for a week.”


Gary just said “Okay guys I get it, I have an idea for a gift. It's a clearance idem but should be able to pass as a gift.”


Romney then asked “That sounds good, how much is it?”


Gary then replied as he pulled out a rusty old lamp “Well it was 50 dollars, but it's been sitting here for almost a year now and because you really sound like you need a gift I can sell it for 10 dollars.”


Ace said “But I only have 4 dollars and some change”


Romney then said “Don't look at me man, I only have a dollar after getting some gum on the way here.”


Gary said “Boys I tell you what, because it's a birthday gift and Romney's dad was a good costumer. I will part with it for 5 dollars, this is as low as I can go with out my boss killing me.”


Both Romney and Ace paid for it after saying “Thanks, you rock G-man.”


They then headed back to Romney's house to play video games after buying the old lamp. Romney said “See Ace we got that gift in no time flat and here you made a big deal out of it. You need to get your panties out of a bunch dude and just relax.”


Ace then replied “At lest I have gotten some of the pantie laid and yes it was a big deal because the thing that happen is my mom would have given me the ground for a week. It mean no TV, video games, outside or books other than for school.”


Romney then laughed as he said “You didn't get laid, you just took my younger sisters and smelled them.”


Ace then replied “You said that you wouldn't talk about it again. Your such a liar, that was before I got the laid.”


Romney then said “Okay Ace when did you get laid and who did it with you.”


Ace then with a smile said “Yesterday is when it happen and her name was Katelyn Jameway.”


Romney then jokingly said “So you bagged a older woman, yea right and I got every girl pounding on my door wanting to bed me.”


Ace then said “You are the suck some times Romney.”


Romney put his hand over his face before saying “That is just so wrong dude. Don't ever use the word suck again, it's just so wrong when you say it. Lets just play video games before this gets any weirder.”


So the Xbox one powered on and just as Romney put in the titan fall game the screen went blank. Romney then went over to the game system on the floor and hit it. Unlike in some movies though, this didn't fix the fact that it no longer worked. Ace then said “I think your box is dead.”


Romney then said “Crap this is my 3rd one and now I am going to have to wait weeks for it to be fixed again.”


Ace then said “I am sorry your x of box died, hope it be fixed the soon.”


Romney then laughed as he said “I don't know why, but the way you just said the xbox made me think of porn.”


Ace then laughed as he said “I didn't think that it would make you think of porn. Can we rape this gift up because your porn box died.”


Romney then about died laughing as he said “Oh man only you could turn a game system into a porn box and say wrap like rape. Sure man lets rape the gift up.”


Ace then said with a smile “We are going to die from the stupid if we don't just get this over with.”


Romney almost laughing replied “Okay I will go get the raping paper for the gift before we die from the stupid.”


Ace then pulls the old lamp that was going to be a gift to his sister and puts it under the sink to clean it off because he doesn't know were it's been. Romney then comes back with wrapping paper and then see's Ace is just plainly washing the old lamp under the sink. Romney then walks over and jokingly says “Why did you have to get it wet for, now I am going to have to dry it off before raping this thing.”


Ace responds “Okay man I get it, the word is wrap not rape. As for why I got it the wet is because I don't know who has done unclean things with it.”


Romney just said “Alright, it's fine just let me dry it off.”


Ace then nods as he hands Romney the old lamp. Romney then takes a towel from under the sink and begins to rub it dry when smoke starts coming out of it. Romney then opens the lid and to his surprise there is a tiny girl in it. Romney then says to Ace “Are you seeing this, am I dreaming?”


Before Ace could reply, the tiny girl flew out of the lamp with near transparent wings coming to eye level with the two of them though she was only about 2 inches in height said to them “Thanks for releasing me, it's been so long sense I have been able to leave that cramped lamp. I can grant any wish of yours for a week and I have to fill it no matter what it is.”


Ace jaw hit the floor and Romney in shock took a moment before saying “Wait so what your saying is that because I rubbed this thing, that released you and now you have to give us what ever we want for a week.”


The flying little girl reply’s “Because you rubbed the lamp and opened the lid that let me come out in order to help who ever released me for a week. Now is there anything you want?”


Romney then reluctantly said “If your not pulling my leg, I wish my xbox one was fixed right now.”


She then simply said “It's fixed now, go see for your self.”


They all then went into the living room and Ace hit the power button on the xbox one. Romney then saw that it quickly turned on and auto played the game he had put into the system. Ace could only find one word to say “Cool”.


Romney then says “Cool, no that was just beyond cool. Thanks miss flying girl, you rock.”


Ace then adds “Yea the girl who can fly is cool.”


The little flying girl then blushed as she said “Well I have never been told I rock before and so you guys don't have to call me the flying girl anymore. My first name is Samantha and over 500 years ago I was just a human girl who had just turned 15, but then a evil woman shrunk me and spell bonded me to this lamp making me grant wishes for those who let me free even it was only for a week at a time. I also haven't aged in all this time due to her wanting me to live trapped forever in this old thing.”


Ace then said “Samantha, I am the sorry it happen to you. Though because you can, could you make the sister of Romney want to sleep with me?


Romney just felt like saying he didn't know him after he said that, but it's too late for that as he waited for her to reply. Samantha shocked said “Are you sure that's what you want, because she is really going to want to sleep with you if I do this and she is on her way here.”


Ace then yelled “Yes, I am very very very sure this is what I want. Do it now”


Samantha then said “Well I did it, hope it's what you wanted.”


Just then the door opened and Romney could tell it was his 14 year old sister Miranda. She was a B cup and had lush brown hair with a set of eyes to match. Romney thought there was no way that Samantha could make someone bend to Ace's wish. But it didn't take long before Miranda ran over to Ace and said playfully “Come to my room Ace, so that I may cuddle up with you.”


Ace was in shock that this was really happening to him just said “Okay”


Romney watched as his sister then pulled Ace by the arm and quickly took him in her room. He just could not believe what he was seeing, Ace was able to make a wish that broke any will power she had and make her want him. Before she really hated his guts for the way he acted around her, but now she wanted to do the unthinkable with him. Romney would be happy for him if it wasn't his blood related sister who was going to do this with him.


Romney ran after them yelling “Ace you come back here right now, that's my sister your messing with not just some girl off the street.”


They both ignored him though as Miranda threw Ace onto the bed in her room and then got on top of him. Romney didn't want to look any more, but he just had to anyway as she then held Ace tightly pressing her breast against his chest. Just when Romney thought he was going to crap his pants, Miranda's body relaxed as she said “Lets have a nice nap Ace.”


So there Ace was with Romney's 14 year old sister on top of his 15 year old self, getting to take a nap with her holding him tightly against her own body. Romney thought about telling him to get her off him, but really it's not like he knows what to do with him self anyways and he could see that written all over Aces turning red face. Ace was frozen in place by his cute sisters sleeping body on top of him.


Romney didn't even say a word as he just walked out of the room and closed the door as he thought (Well he got to sleep with her alright. Just wish he wouldn't be such a pervert with my sister. Why does life keep getting so I don't even know anymore. I think I need to just play some video games in my room until I can somehow remove what I just saw from my mind.)

Chapter End Notes:

The Ace guy is well um getting his wish. Hope the readers find it funny

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