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A story I wanted to do for Jeanette, but hadn't had an idea until now

Jean smirked a little as she walked through the park. Her strappy high heeled sandals peaking out from her handbag as she enjoyed a barefoot stroll along the still warm summer heated sidewalk.

Jean held a secret though that put her apart from the others walking the part, a secret that if one were to ask, they'd be met with mocking laughter.

Jeanette or Jean, as she called herself when dealing with mortals was a being that those of the night prayed to and feared, some would call her a demon, a vampire, and many other things, and she never would hint as to what she truly was. But right now, what she was, was hungry.

Her dark eyes scanned the few park goers this early evening, a small knowing smirk on her face as she received a few longing and curious stares. If only they knew the being they stared at was a being of that brought death to mortals, thrived on it, fed on it.

She gave a toss of her dirty blond hair and tugged at her tight, white baby doll t-shirt that nestled snuggly against her chest, and tugged on her ebony skirt and smoothed out and stray wrinkles and flicked away any bits of lint she happened to find.

After all, one should look their best when they step out to eat.

A child with his parents, no she was many things but a destroyer of families wasn't one of them.

A business woman on her cell phone, tempting but looking at her it would be like eating a Twinkie, so fake and full of filler. Jean idly though of popping one of her silicone implants but thought better of it.

After a lap around the small city park, dusk had settled in to its fullest and Jean took a seat on one of the wrought iron and wood benches and sighed with a pout.

That's when she saw him, he was perfect. The young man in the velour jogging suit was fit, youthful and had that cocky young ego so many mortal men had, but there was something more to him, nothing on Jean's level, but he had the air of a man who treated women like disposable tissue, the scent on his aura of past "conquests" was ripe and Jean would've salivated at how strong this man's life force was.

She smiled demurely, trying to make herself seem vulnerable; approachable a hint of magic to entice the young man was the icing on the cake as he jogged over and looked her over, from her purple sparkle painted toenails, to her high cheekbones.

"Well if it isn't a goddess come to Earth," the young man said with a suave, silky tone in his voice as he leaned in close, a pair of manicured fingers running through his curly hair.

"Perhaps we can return to heaven together," he winked a bit and offered her his hand as if he were a true gentleman of old. Jean played along, feeding him a story of how she was new and lost. The poor fool offered her an escort home, leading them through a heavily wooded and somewhat secluded area of the park.

During the walk her prey would speak empty words of how pretty she was, and how he was on the rebound, but the otherworldly being just smiled and nodded, the words were false as his smile, and the animal lust off him told a different tale.

They rounded a Gazebo, out of site and under the cover of the canopy of trees, that's when she struck.

"I have to thank you for offering to guide this lost soul home in her new city," she said with a giggle as she kissed him on the neck, leaving the print of purple lipstick on him.

The effect was almost immediate, her prey let out a voiceless scream as ghostly wisps of vapor swarmed from the lipstick mark and enveloped the poor mortal.

She smirked coldly as the vapor encircled her meal and compressed, for her victim the world began to expand, warp, when everything finally stilled and the vapor left him, he found himself face to face with the toes of what was supposed to be a sexual conquest.

Jean wiggled her toes, her eyes glowed an eerie red, but the cheery, warm smile still on her face. Something about that smile seemed off, almost feral.

"You mortals never seem to learn, a strange new girl shows and men like you see some meat to shove your dicks in," she tsked a bit as she stepped forward, laughing as the jogging suit clad man tried to move, but found that he couldn't. A shrill cry came from his lips and it sounded like a mouse squeaking.

"Oh no one will hear you, but by all means sweety, scream. It makes the meal so much sweeter."

With the barest of nods, the prey was gripped by an unseen force and lifted to Jean’s face, the force enough to crush the air from his lungs and he uselessly struggled as the invisible grip tightened his face now pale with fear.

"Such a delectable treat," she paced around the Gazebo, the lights near by going dark and leaving the area dimly lit, as the prey hovered there helpless he could hear only the slap of bare feet on concrete and Jean's gentle laughter.

"How should I devour you, simple bite or perhaps chew you like a piece of gum and savor your dying screams," she questioned, not expecting an answer.

The victim hovered to her now open palm and was dropped into it, with her free hand, her purple painted nails extended.

"DO hold still love it's been a while since I've done this so I'd rather not harm you or that precious blood of yours,"

The wind and her nails hit like a whip and pain shot through his body as if he'd been smacked with a bag of broken glass. Through tear blurred vision he saw his expensive jogging suit shredded and carried off on the wind, leaving him scrapped and bleeding a little, and nude.

"Impressive, not a scream, perhaps I'm losing my touch," Jean said with a tone of actual surprise.

"Maybe I'll play with you for a bit," she settled onto the steps of the Gazebo, dropping her toy at her feet.

He landed with a suppressed grunt of pain, nude form sprawled onto the warm concrete before the now sweaty and somewhat dirty feet of his tormentor.

"Well how about some worship for starters, I do enjoy a bit of relaxation with a meal," she nudged him a little, smiling at the feel of his body yielding to her barest motion, sweat from her big toe miring him in her scent and giving him the faintest of sheens.

It didn't take long for the poor man to get the picture and soon Jeanette felt his small tongue on her dirty, sweaty toes. The humiliation and worship went on for what felt like hours, and every time he'd pause, a small nudge would remind him of how small and helpless he was, how close he could come to death by the slightest misstep.

Jeanette sighed, palm in her hand as she idly wiggled her toes, splaying them to let her little toy get between them and lick at the sweat and grime that had built up there from a day of walking barefoot.

The prey gagged as he got a mouthful of grimy toe jam, pulling his head away with a whimper.

"Hmph, I see someone doesn't want to prolong their already short life, very well them," the dark, otherworldly woman said as she flicked him with a toe, smirking as she felt ribs break along her sensitive flesh.

She settled her sweaty foot upon her prey, the last light he saw only illuminated her dirty, wrinkly sole as it pressed him into the unyielding concrete, what little air he had was forced out along with a feeble plea for mercy.

"Oh I'm sorry dear, but I fear I've played with my food long enough," she blew a kiss down towards the nearly fully covered body and pressed down, enjoying the feel of bone and meat crushing against the soft flesh of her sole, but no his death was not to be quick.

First her heel slowly worked its way up his legs, pulverizing them, snapping them at the knee with a cruel twist of the soft flesh, spurts of blood and the soft, pretzel like snap of bone pleasing to her in ways she could not describe.

Next his torso, that was a pleasing bit, and his jerks and spasms as his pelvis was reduced to powder and his intestines and reproductive organs burst like a hot dog in a microwave.

She curled her toes over the remaining top half of his humiliated, sweat stained body, ignorant of the tortured look on his face and then curled them, crumpling his face and chest like so much discarded paper, an arm, cruelly bent at an angle poked out between her toes, which were stained with dirty from the ground, and now his blood.

With a final, wet pop, a sound akin to chewing gum and peanuts, or a boot stomping in a mud puddle with sticks, her prey's life ended, and his life blood oozed from beneath her arch like red water.

A slight smirk crossed her lips as that gore slowly oozed from the concrete and through her sole as her body absorbed her evening meal, the poor fool's soul and life's blood now a part of her, invigorating her, feeding her. His soul nothing more than coal to fuel her infinite power.

She wiggled her toes and let out a deep shudder as if coming down from an orgasm and with a curious look, lifted her sole only to witness a small pile of ash blow away, her sole covered with a smear of ash and blood.

She tossed her sandals onto the ground with a loud clatter and slipped them in, enjoying the feel of the greasy smudge that was once a man against the leather of her footwear, and the creamy softness of her sole.

The night was young, and one must always look their best when they enjoy it after all....

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