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Author's Chapter Notes:

Co-Author on this chapter is Trap http://giantessworld.net/viewuser.php?uid=28158 This story contains some feet, vore, violence, an entire town being shrunken, and some insertion.
Exhaling deeply, she looked down at the town far below her. Tall, tanned, and beautiful, she was the very picture of elegance, but she knew she was nothing compared to her Princess, who had sent her on this mission. Lavish gold jewelry may have decorated her arms, but a simple cloth wrap around her breasts belied her true status not a noble, but merely the court’s magician. Standing on the edge of a cliff, she overlooked the entire port town, and smiled. This was Porta Panga. The place she’d been instructed to visit. The place that would soon experience a day unlike any other.

Squinting her eyes, she quickly spotted the group of servants standing just outside of the city. In their hands they carried a large box, and gently placed it on the ground, as if waiting for something. Nodding her head, the magician raised both of her arms into the air at the same time.

The townspeople had disobeyed. Tribute was to be given to the rulers of the area once a year, and they had failed to deliver. For six years now they had been freeloaders, living off their land and offering nothing in return. Breaking the agreement meant that the ruling class would claim their land back, and she’d waited these six years for the Princess to be ready. To come of age.

For an instant the sky above the entire city grew dark. The citizens of Porta Panga stared up for a moment, curious about the strange phenomena. After a minute though, nothing seemed to have changed, so they resumed their daily lives. It seemed it would be an interesting anecdote to relay to their friends, and nothing more.

At that moment, the ground began to rumble, and anyone still hanging about outside began to grow worried. It couldn’t have been an earthquake, as the ground shook rhythmically, and not erratically. Multiple dark shadows began to encroach the small city on every side, and the townspeople looked up in awe.

Four enormous, towering women carrying a box as the big as the city approached from every direction. The smooth pillars of their tanned legs were enough to drive the people into a riot as they didn’t know what was going on. There was clearly some sorcery afoot, and with a loud, crackling sound, the entire city went dark again.


Old Ayutthaya had grown terribly dull recently, but today was going to be different. It was to be lively, and fun! The crown city of the Eastern lands, along with its hundreds upon hundreds of people were now in the palm of Her hand. The Princess imagined their faces, with a gigantic padded wall of flesh taking over the sky, their world slowly smothered between the tanned wrinkles of Her palm as She ground them into tiny a pulp...

Staring out the window, She giggled to herself, heels clicking together. An array of fine colors and spices were lit up far below, like a joyous wildfire; and Her royal majesty Suwanmalee knew exactly the reason why. Today, the Princess would come of age. Even now, from Her tower high above, She felt a lot taller than usual. Bringing Her fingers in front of Her right eye, the young woman leaned out the window again, picking a random house among the crowds below. The sun bounced off her elegant crown as She brought Her fingers together again, quietly made a squishing noise to Herself.

She broke out into another fit of giggles, and twirled into Her bed, hugging the scarlet curtains. All Her life had been leading up to this one moment. The jewelry was a nice present, but Her servants had promised something really big for Her. And when something big was promised to one as wealthy as Herself, it had to be really amazing.

A steady, rhythmic knocking sounded from Her chamber’s doors. Her gift had arrived!

Darkness. After the many strange occurrences of the day they had been plunged back into darkness once again. For days the veil of night had refused to lift from the small port town. Even the stars and moon had gone into hiding, lending that much more uneasiness to the population. How many days had they been stuck like this? The incessant, horrid rumbling was enough to stir even the hardiest men to their knees. A steady rhythm, as if the gods of this foreign land were beating a drum to signal war.

Was it a group of angry Goddesses that they had met before being plunged into this eternal darkness? They had been unable to glimpse much over the smooth legs that stood taller than the mightiest structures of Rome, or the tower of Babylon. They were but a simple group of settlers. Why would they be facing such horrors?

Faint splotches of light would visit the town occasionally, leading many to believe their sky was false. Rifles were fired at the blackness posing as a sky for hours upon end, to no avail. With nothing left to hold onto, they could only pray that this nightmare ended soon. To return home to Portugal, and see their fellow men and that bright, shining sun once again.

The servant girl waited anxiously at the door, brushing her fingers over the fine, wooden box. It extended about two meters in every direction, and was covered by an uneven silk towel. She had other duties to attend to, and briefly considered leaving the box on the floor in order to get to them. The great Princess Suwanmalee of Ayothaya could have her head off at a moment’s notice, or whip her skin until it bled, and glowed red if she’d failed to perform her other duties. Yet, it would be impolite to leave the gift out here for the Princess to pick up Herself! The poor girl needed a little instruction!

With a gust of wind the door swung open, shaking the servant girl to her bones. A second servant escorted her in, carrying the box to the bed. There She was. Clad in red and gold, She looked like a cat ready to pounce even as She relaxed. Lowering her knee to the ground, the servant girl turned her head down in respect. Then, with one swift movement, she tore off the silken sheet, and flooded the city with light once again.

It took the citizens a moment to adjust to the sudden, violent shift in lighting. Many immediately missed those moments of temporary blindness, as the sight of a giant woman hovering over their city paralyzed them with fear. Her smug grin seemed to claim the entire city, and even the skies as Her own. Those who could still move bowed instinctively, or turned away. Others viewed Her as a threat, and shouted insults at the strange girl that loomed overhead. She moved slightly, making a light tinkling sound as the golden jewelry and many oversized jewels adorning her body moved about. A light breeze followed the slight movement, punctuating the incredible difference in scale between Herself and this entire city.

“They did not pay tribute, your Highness. As Princess, their land is now yours.”

With a wave of Her hand, both servants nodded to each other. Wordlessly, they exited the room, allowing the Princess Her privacy. Once the doors were shut Suwanmalee grinned widely, rubbing Her palms together. A whole port town, all for Herself! Her entire body tingled with delight. She’d wasted so much time at the windows, waiting for something like this. The power to decide the fate of entire villages with a tiny movement.

The pinkish forms below weren’t even a centimeter tall. Just one little flick, and an entire strip of city would crumble into dust. And now, as She brought Her hand down, that was just what She intended to do. Reveling in the little peoples attempts to move away, She held Her fingers in front of an impressive building, enjoying the moment.

Suddenly, her head higher than the clouds, the tiniest tinge of hesitation floated around Her royal head. It reminded her of executing a prisoner. Should a Princess not be merciful to Her subjects? Should She not exude an image of grace and kindness? Quickly glancing around Her room, She settled Her eyes on the lavish red curtains and spotless wood floors. Nobody was watching. And, after all, this was just part of Her duties, was it not? They did not even deserve to look upon Her face no matter what size they were, and that was that.

Closing Her eyes, She tapped her nail against a tiny, weak wall, and listened to the panicked cries below. Slowly biting Her lip, She opened Her eyes to examine the destruction She'd so easily caused.

The once-proud little building was no more than a heap of rubble in the ground. She'd crushed a tiny person or two in the process and squinted to get a better look at the carnage. Amidst the destruction lay an odd limb or two, sheared clean from its owners body. The way in which the survivors squirmed was almost comedic, and Her giggle rumbled through the land. Almost more embarrassed than happy, She tossed a few pieces of fruit into Her great maw, and chewed the juicy snack loudly.

Princess Suwanmalee’s laughter boomed across the land below. Her elegant form was slouched, as She relaxed sideways on Her bed. Even the subtle movements of her breathing were clearly visible with her size. They’d heard the land itself would be taken from them, but this was ridiculous! They assumed it only meant a repossession, an order to evacuate!

This wasn't just! The only reason they hadn't paid tribute was lying on its side in the town's center. An enormous statue of the Buddha, intended for delivery when the Princess came of age. Now she'd received it, along with the rest of their city!

The giantess's outfit chimed and glittered gently as she chewed her fruit, looking over her gift with all the wonder of a child and its new toy. Beside the felled men and women, some shouted screams of protest to the skies. Nothing like this would ever happen back in Europe! The people’s demands melded into one another, until they turned into a single sensational sound. A loud, incomprehensible noise with no real meaning.

“You talk too much.”

Her statement rang out as if it were an ultimatum. She let a smooth, flawless hand float over the city and extended a single finger. A whooshing sound echoed in the box as the finger cut through the air, and some of the more brave tiny citizens chose this moment to attack. Dozens of guns fired at her lovely caramel flesh, and failed to even scratch the surface. She waited for the perfect moment, and cracked a lovely smile.

With a single teasing twirl, Her finger descended onto the people. The unified protest became a scream… then silence. The ground shook as it fell, drawing a shapely crater into the earth. It rose again after a second, revealing even greater horrors. The corpses of two men, not even a centimeter tall, slopped off of the Princess’s finger.

“Idiots. You commoners do not have the right to look directly at me.”

Letting another finger fall into the ground, She watched the people scurry for shelter. Buzzing with excitement, She began to dance Her fingers through the city, seeing just how many people She could flatten. Spinning with a twisted sense of delight, She let Her entire hand rest in the air for a moment before crushing a fleeing commoner underneath.

Soon after, She lifted the hand over a more populous section of the tiny port city, and lowered it carefully. Her elegant fingers dug gracefully into the soil, and withdrew a minuscule little collection of people and houses. She tossed them idly onto Her plate of fruit, and scratched the back of her head. Out of curiosity, she let Her bare toes fall on little people now, instead of Her fingers. While certainly not as comfortable, the sensations filled Her mind with a multitude of pleasant thoughts. She pictured what chaos Her toes were causing below, as even the filthiest parts of Her magnificent body could destroy the land they never deserved. She needed to try this again, but first, Her stomach ached for sustenance.

With another little giggle, She tossed some fruit into Her mouth. A lone woman grasping onto Her fingers found herself pulled away by the amazing force of Her wrist. Without a second thought, she was sent flying into the gaping maw. Suwanmalee’s mouth was like a wet, sticky cavern, leading into an infinite abyss. Her teeth were like sharp, hard stalactites and stalagmites, able to tear through anything with a single bite. Soon, the tongue took her over, pushing Her meal this way and that against the mouth, savoring the people’s texture. The poor woman was sloshed among the sickly sweet saliva, and assaulted with chunks of her former brothers and sisters.

At the very least, the torture wasn’t long. She slid down the expansive throat easily, with a heavy gulp from the Princess. An idle hand tapped on a bit of blood caught on her lip

This HAD been the greatest gift ever. Bits of red and chunks of grey filled nearly half the reeling city. She curled up on her bed again, an idle hand tapping on a bit of blood caught on Her lip. Then, covering her mouth, the princess belched ever so softly. It was an unbecoming move for one of Her status, but who was going to complain? Why, if She so desired, she could just eat anyone that complained about Her eating habits!

It was a lovely thought, and She gently rubbed Her flat belly through Her clothes, wondering what these people tasted like without the fruit attached. With a casual dip of Her hand, She scooped up a second neighborhood, homes and all, and brought it to Her eyes for inspection.

Everything was in ruins. Though She’d moved as slow as She could manage, the people on the unstable surface of Her hand had been thrown about like dust caught in a whirlwind. Their homes hadn’t fared much better, as they simply weren’t made to withstand anything more than the slightest of earthquakes.

Mildly disappointed, but still hungry, Princess Suwanmalee leaned back, tilted Her hand up, and let the slice of civilization fall straight into Her gaping maw. Men, women, and children alike were lost to the hungry, dark pit below that consumed them needlessly. They were barely more than a bite to the girl.

Swallowing loudly, Her face grew hot in excitement, and She sat up once again. Most of the city was still there, pristine as ever, and awaited Her judgment. They knew She would be far from kind, but they were long past the point of doing anything about it.

Lifting both of Her dirty, bared feet over an untouched part of the city, She began to wonder what exactly the people below Her were seeing. Were they realizing their mistake in not paying tribute to their superiors? Or maybe they were angry, cursing Her in their final moments.

A large section of the city turned dark in the blink of an eye. Panic and hysteria were already spreading through the city like a wave, and many people looked up, not ready for whatever new horrors awaited. They knew they wouldn’t like what they’d saw. They knew it was some fresh instrument of death that the Princess was going to rain on them, and that thought filled them with fear.

Two lightly tanned feet hung over a large section of the town. An oddly pleasing odor of powders and perfumes pervaded the area, and intoxicated many of the future victims in an instant. They hated themselves for the attraction to this beast, this monster that now existed only to claim their lives.

Like the thick sheet that had covered them earlier, Suwanmalee’s feet began to lower, and touched the tops of dozens of homes at once. A sharp gasp from their Captor echoed around the town, and time seemed to stand still for just a moment. Some of the more foolishly brave took up arms to fight the beast off, but most stood still.

Anyone still caught beneath the foot looked up in awe at that sound, wondering what it could mean. All their theories were cut short as a temple with a tall steeple tickled the royal Girl’s sole, and She inadvertently jerked Her feet downward at the sensation. Hundreds of voices crying for mercy were silenced, and answered with a slight wiggle of Her toes.

Suwanmalee lifted a foot up from the town, and looked over the bottom of it. Everything had been crushed beyond recognition, and the footprint-shaped space left behind looked like it had been ravaged by war. With an excited glint in Her eye, She brushed Her sole clean, and pulled Her other foot free from the town as well.

Now she sat, with her legs spread and nearly touching the ends of the city. The length of Her exotic dress prevented anyone in the shrunken area from having any sort of indecent peeks, but Her mind began to wander again. After all, She’d been given this as Her rite of passage. She was a woman now. She should do womanly things, and not stick to childish things like merely stepping on the city.

Her heart began to race as She gently hooked Her fingers around the fabric flowing at Her ankles. Thinking of what she was about to do, Her face flushed and She turned Her head to the side, thinking it would be easier if She weren’t looking directly at them.

With a slow, controlled movement, She lifted Her dress up, exposing Her perfectly smooth, gorgeous legs to the people. She was going to do this. She was going to give these things permission to gaze upon Her nude form. They would die for this honor, of that She was sure. Inhaling sharply, She steeled Her nerves and yanked the silk upward in one swift movement.

A cool breeze wafted into the room, and Suwanmalee shivered. She’d done it. Her legs were exposed from the knees down, and doing so had exposed Her womanhood to the outskirts of the town. Her heart pounded in her chest as She slid a hand between Her legs, and rubbed Herself gently. Everyone in this city was watching Her, and soon they’d become a part of it.

People simply stared open-mouthed at what had just happened. Many turned their heads at the sight, finding her display too vulgar to even look at. Those that didn’t were treated to the sight of their Ruler’s fingers descending from the heavens and gently stroking the tight lips.

Suwanmalee groaned with need, a sound that echoed far and wide across the city. Their eyes turned to Her face high above them, and noticed Her beginning to blush. There was no way She’d be satisfied just by rubbing herself. She was going to make use of them in some way. Everyone watched Her half-lidded eyes lazily scan the city, desperately trying to stay out of any area She found interesting.

“What is this?” She asked the tiny people, Her voice heady, and breathy. In the middle of town, lying on its side was what looked to be a golden statue of the Buddha. “Was this to be my tribute?” She asked, gently sliding a slicked finger across its surface and smiling as Her actions marred the shining surface.

With but a touch She’d forever soiled the sacred monument. Had Her servants known this was there? No, of course not. If this was to be tribute they’d have at least taken it before shrinking the city down. This meant no one knew it was there beside Herself, and she’d just committed an unspeakable blasphemy.

Wrapping Her womanly fingers around the golden figure, She plucked it from its resting place. Noting to Herself how light it was, She thought of using it to fulfill certain… other needs. Using a free hand She spread Her lower lips apart, and touched the top of the golden statue to Her nethers.

Another sharp gasp escaped the Princess’s lips and She bent forward suddenly. Touching herself with Her fingers had been one thing, but a foreign object was so, so… exhilarating! After taking a moment to rest, She spread herself again, and slid the hollow statue into her body.

The feelings were absolutely exquisite. She’d managed to resist the urge to twitch suddenly when the golden being made contact again, and squirmed as it slid into her depths. About halfway inside She encountered a slight bit of resistance, and but was too impassioned to stop. With a small push, the head of the statue was dented, but managed to break past the resistance, and She continued sliding it in until only its tiny, golden feet were visible from the outside.

Shivering, Suwanmalee began to wonder how anyone would react if they encountered Her like this. What would they think of Her ruining what had to have been a massive Buddha statue in such an impure way? Her hand drifted back between Her legs, and She again rubbed Herself while watching the little city below in awe. She imagined they were cursing Her blasphemy for placing Herself above the Buddha, and She clenched Her inner muscles at the thought.

Being Her first time, it didn’t take long for Her to reach climax. Squeezing Her legs together, She slid Her huge, naked feet all over the city, and clenched her teeth. Arching Her back in pleasure, She opened Her mouth to scream, but no sound came forth.

She sat in this position for nearly a minute. Her toes clenched and released every other second, while Her breathing rate increased exponentially. A light sheen of sweat formed on Her brow, and She began to feel dizzy. Her world grew began to fade, but the pleasure refused to cease.

Finally, with a breathy gasp, Princess Suwanmalee slipped into blissful unconsciousness, overwhelmed by it all.

It was over. They had survived. Their struggles were ending, and they had been afforded a chance to escape. After she’d plucked the enormous statue from their city square, she’d used it to pleasure herself into unconsciousness. Now she slumbered. Her feet were still planted in the square, and the dead were still dead, but they’d been allowed a moment of respite.

People began to come out from their battered homes, wanting to regroup with any other survivors. There had to be some way out of this box, and back home. Most didn’t care if they weren’t able to return to normal size, so long as they were able to escape the humiliating ends She had undoubtedly prepared for them.

Things were slow moving. Some chose to stay behind, preferring a quick death at the hands of the Princess over an uncertain death out in the rest of the world. Some even approached the Giantess’s feet, hoping to be crushed as soon as She’d woken up in order to end it all.

Crowds of survivors gathered at the box’s back wall, as they’d silently agreed it was the safest place from Her presence. The more athletic in the group attempted to scale the smooth wooden wall, but found it impossible to maintain a grip.

Then, She stirred.

Suwanmalee woke up, still breathing heavily. She could feel the statue inside, and gasped with a jolt of pleasure as She spread Her legs again. Using two fingers She carefully fished the sacred Buddha from Her depths, and brought it to Her eyes again.

It was more than slightly deformed from Her strength. The head was crushed, the shoulders were bent, and there was a great gash running down the middle of it. No longer recognizable as a Buddha, she felt it symbolized her own status above even a deity, and sighed. It glistened with Her secretions, and, with a casual smile, She flicked the formless hunk of gold back into the town.

The comparably massive chunk of gold flew through the air like meteor, striking an untouched section of the city like an explosive. Loose droplets of the Princess’s love were shaken off by the impact, drenching the entire area in her unique scent.

Feeling hot, Suwanmalee decided that She no longer had any reason to preserve Her modesty. Lifting off Her exotic dress completely, She exposed Herself to the town. Despite her casual nudity, She kept her many, many pieces of expensive jewelry on, as She considered it important to remind these vermin of the differences in their status. She was the rich, all-powerful princess, and they were Her subjects, shrunken and given to Her for disobedience.

Sliding her feet out of the city, Suwanmalee sat forward again, and let Her pendulous bared breasts hang over the city. It was strangely empty now, and She wondered what exactly was going on. There was no way She could’ve killed them all already? And She was certain they couldn’t have escaped.

“Where have you all gone~” She asked, in a sing-songy voice. With her perfect birds-eye view of the city, She knew it wouldn’t take her long to find out. Empty house after empty house was looked over, and She furrowed Her brow, wondering if they were stupid enough to attempt escape.

Sure enough, at the far end of the box stood a crowd of people attempting escape. They were making some sort of human pyramid in the hopes of escaping their captor, but it wasn’t going well. Once they’d realized She was looking directly at them, the makeshift structure fell apart, sending dozens of tiny people tumbling to the ground.

Smiling, Suwanmalee pressed Her chest into the city, shivering at the sensation of more than a few homes and people being crushed under Her sensitive nipples. Taking a deep breath, She crawled forward, carving a swath of destruction straight through the city. Tiny people who had stayed behind lost their nerve at the sight and sound of those twin boulders smashing through the city,

Suwanmalee and Her heavy, unstoppable breasts stopped just before touching the crowd. For a moment she rest there, uncomfortably close to the little people’s tiny bodies. Rolling to the left, She cradled Her head with an arm, and regarded the terrified people for a moment, drinking in their fear.

The Princess had wiped out most of the city as She crawled towards the escape group. A lone man, desperate to avoid his fate broke fee from the crowd, and ran. The pitter-patter of tiny feet increased as more cowards followed suit, unable to take the intense glare from the Princess.

One man pulled ahead of all the others, and turned around. The others had stopped running, and he didn’t stop to question why. High above him, the Giantess began to turn Her entire body to the left, and stretched an arm out just over him.

A second later the sky turned dark, and he looked up. Cursing his foolishness he turned, and tried to escape Her descending arm. It was no use. The smooth pit of Her arm was directly over him, and coming down fast. As a last ditch effort he raised his own puny arms to slow its descent, and for a split second his hands touched Her skin. He was na´ve to think he could stop it, but as he felt her sun-kissed brown skin, he realized that he wanted nothing more in life. This was how he wanted to go, enveloped in her perfect, soft skin. Even if it was Her underarms.

Her weight fell on him and pressed his body into the earth. For a single, solitary instant he filled his lungs with her scent, and held his breath. It was too precious to exhale.

Suwanmalee felt the slightest bit of moisture under Her arm, but ignored it. She had more pressing issues to attend to, like the crowd that was quickly dissipating.

Cupping Her empty hand, Suwanmalee gently scooped it into the crowd, and lifted the entire, writhing mass of humanity into the air. The sudden movement forced them all to their knees, and She smiled at their forced submission.

“You tried to escape your Princess.” She stated, Her voice regal, and calm. “That is treason, and for that you shall all receive the highest punishment of which I am capable.” She explained, before curling Her fingers inward. She was going to crush them simply by making a fist, and nothing could stop Her. She had made Her decision, and it was final.

Pandemonium erupted in the massive, soft palm as people began to push one another in a desperate bid for freedom. Fights broke out, and Suwanmalee couldn’t stifle a giggle as their feet tickled Her lovely palm. Few managed to escape the deadly trap, and, in doing so, fell from her empty palm back into the city below. They were ignored, as Suwanmalee continued to close Her hand in on the remaining victims.

The tips of Her fingers touched the tops of their heads, and Her lips curled into a toothy grin. All of this. In the palm of Her all-powerful hand. And it was all so fragile, so breakable, so completely at Her nonexistent mercy. The first cracks against Her skin reverberated through the crowd, and their cries rose to a fever pitch.

It was too late now. Her fingers had closed into enough of a fist to make an unescapable cage, and the squishy, crunching sounds Her fingers made as they flattened body after body were sweet to Her ears. Blood dripped from Her palm, down her smooth wrist, and back onto the city, but She paid it no heed.

Finally, it happened. Suwanmalee’s fingers reunited with Her own palm. With a quick clench, She finished off anyone still living in her fist, and licked Her lips. A spurt of blood shot out from both sides of Her fist and She sighed pleasurably. She couldn’t wait until She got to do this again, and opened Her hand to look at the results of Her play.

Carnage was strewn around Her palm like a great battle had taken place. Severed limbs, crushed bodies, and the like were but decorations to Her royal skin. Sitting back up, she admired the beauty of it all, and wiped Her hand off on a naked breast, smiling at the lovely shade of red on Her tanned skin. Being careful not to stain any part of Her bed, She climbed out, and stood on Her legs for the first time since the box had arrived.

Naked as the day she was born, She exited her room. Her box and clothing were both left behind, as She was done playing with that city. Anyone left behind was none of Her concern, and the servant girls would take care of Her clothing.

One such servant walked past Suwanmalee, careful to avert her eyes from the Princess’s immodesty. Stopping the girl with Her bloodied hand, Suwanmalee ordered a bath to be drawn, and informed her that the other servant girls could have what remained of her gift. It was the closest thing they’d be getting to any sort of pay, after all.
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