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Author's Chapter Notes:
Co-Author on this chapter is Tinyone234, http://giantessworld.net/viewuser.php?uid=21146
This chapter contains shrinking, violence, and humiliation.
Karen was out of time. She hastily threw her clothes on, picking up whatever she could find, while an incessant pounding from her front door pervaded her small apartment. Her eyes caught on a small object on her dresser, and she quickly stuffed it in her pants pocket.

“C'mon, Morello!” The sweet, lilting voice came from outside. “We just wanna talk with you!”

“Please, fucking listen to me!” Karen shouted back, knowing it was useless. “I can fix it, okay? I have what she wants!”

“If you could fix it, I wouldn't be here huffin' and puffin', now would I, little piggy?”

Karen groaned as she slipped out the window, plotting her escape route in her head all the while. She just had to get down the fire escape, drop into the alley adjacent to her building, and sprint as fast as she could the twenty-or-so blocks to Mama's place. She could prove she was still valuable. Mama would listen to reason, unlike these brain dead grunts she used to do her dirty work.

She was only one floor down when she heard her apartment’s door burst open. Not stopping to look up, she kept flying down the fire escape, concentrating on keeping her footing on the tiny metal stairs. “Oh, son of a bitch!” she heard from above her before another set of footsteps approached from above and shook the flimsy metal stairwell.

Karen finally reached the bottom and began to climb down the ladder to freedom. Gripping the cold metal as tightly as she could, she stepped to the bottom rung and stared at the ten-foot drop to the alley below her. Steeling her nerves, she prepared to release her grip just as she spotted Lindsey, another pursuer, waiting below her.

Fuck!” she shrieked, bicycling her legs in an attempt to climb back up, but it was too late. Lindsey deftly grabbed her ankles and ripped Karen down from the ladder, stepping to the side as the girl landed hard on the concrete. Grunting in pain, Karen tried to get to her feet, but a flurry of kicks from Lindsey kept her down, curled up and whimpering for mercy.

“You should know better than trying to run from Mama,” Lindsey taunted as she delivered a swift kick to Karen's face.

“I wasn't,” Karen insisted. “I was running from you two! I have the thing, okay? I can make this right!”

“You have what thing?” Lindsey frowned. Karen’s other pursuer, Anette, dropped from the fire escape. She took a moment to catch her breath, before giving Karen a half-hearted kick and doubling over from exhaustion.

“I'm... I'm really not supposed to tell you. It's top-secret. Mama's orders.”

“The time... for secrets... is through,” Anette wheezed, leaning back and breathing deeply.

“You feelin' all right there?” Lindsey taunted. “Gonna be able to recover from going down a flight of stairs?”

“Hey... fuck you, okay? You try... breaking down a fuckin' door,”

Lindsey gave a dismissive wave, turning her attention back to Karen. “Asthmette is right, though,” she said through a grin, earning a dark glare from her companion. “There's no secrets from us, not anymore. Tell us what this is all about and maybe we'll let you bleed out slow, give you a fighting chance.”

“I...” Karen rolled from one side to another, trying to determine which one hurt less. Finally she sprawled out on her back, staring up into the blue-eyed, red-haired visage of Lindsey. “It's in my pocket. My right pocket,” she confessed. “It's... God, you're not gonna believe me.”

“Try me, hon,” Lindsey smirked as she knelt down, fishing inside the prostrated woman's pocket. Her fingers curled around a small metal device. A button stuck out from one of its flat surfaces, and a tiny hole was on another end. She turned it over in her hand, fingering the button lightly, but not pressing it.

“It's a sh...” Karen shook her head, chuckling to herself. No way they believed her. “It's a shrinking device. A shrink ray, I guess. It can make people smaller.”

“What, like this?” Lindsey asked, aiming it at Karen and firing. The plastic box emitted a blinding flash of light, and before anyone knew what was happening, Karen's body had vanished. Her uninhabited clothes fluttered to the ground, gently coming to a rest on the concrete. The two normal-sized women's eyes opened wide as they looked at one another in surprise.

“Why the fuck did you do that!?” Anette yelled, still incredulous that had it worked. Karen was right; Lindsey hadn't believed her, and was preparing to administer onto the little woman a world of hurt. But then this happened! Before she'd had time to even think of an insult over such a stupid claim as a shrink ray, Karen had vanished!

“I didn't think she was telling the truth! I was gonna be like, 'See, no tiny bitch!”

“Yeah, well, now there is a tiny bitch! She wasn't lying, she did what Mama said!”

“We don't know that!” Lindsey shook her head, getting to her knees and sifting through the clothes. “We don't know she's tiny! Maybe she... maybe she just vanished!” Anette watched her partner search, still unsure of what had happened over the past thirty seconds. As she tried to piece together her fractured reality, Lindsey uncovered a small pink creature crawling around inside Karen's shirt. She picked it up carefully, holding it up for the two of them to inspect.

“Oh my god,” Lindsey said, looking into Karen's miniature eyes. “It worked. I actually shrank her.” She blinked. “What are we gonna tell Mama?”

“Who says... who says we gotta tell her anything?” Anette smiled, making the little woman in her palm uneasy. “The way I see it, it's between you, me, and this little mouse. Maybe we're the heroes of the story. Our story is just, 'We broke into her apartment, but she was long gone – we did find this weird little thing for ya though, Mama.”

“No... wait, no, you can't do that!” Karen shouted up, her tiny voice bringing a smirk to Lindsey's lips. She even squeaked like a mouse. “I worked hard to get that back, the credit belongs to me!” she screamed.

“Maybe we would drop her down a sewer grate and let her scream and shout to her heart's content?” Lindsey teased, prodding Karen's chest lightly with her finger. The tiny woman stumbled backwards, barely keeping her balance. She glared up at her giant captors.

“Mama won't forgive you for this! You know how much she values loyalty! A-and me, I'm her favorite!”

“Oh, that's a pretty good idea!” Anette replied, ignoring the tiny Karen’s cries. “Or maybe I could just throw her at a wall, see what sticks?” Both girls chuckled at the joke, the light movement shaking Karen's platform. “Y'know, I always did wonder what goes on inside that little head of hers. Now we can just smush it open and find out!”

“Now Anette, don't be rude,” Lindsey said, smirking down at Karen. “The little girl addressed us, we should show her respect and respond to her complaints.” Lindsey took Karen out of Anette's hand and set her down on the ground, standing up to her full height. Anette joined her, and the two women grinned broadly at the tiny creature at their feet. “Please go ahead, Karen. You have the floor.”

Never in her life had Karen been more intimidated than she was at that moment. Two giantesses towered above her, teasing her with her life and her freedom like bullies keeping a ball away from a small child. “I...” She began, gulping nervously. “I was just saying tha-”

“I see her lips moving, but I can't hear a word you’re saying. Anette, can you make it out?”

“No, her voice is just really, really quiet.”

“Karen, honey, do you think you could speak up?”

The tiny woman swallowed and raised her voice before continuing, “I was saying that Mama va-”

“I still can't hear a thing, Lindsey.”

“Maybe since we can't hear her, she can't hear us either.”

“Oh, that makes sense!” Anette cupped her hands around her mouth and squatted down, getting closer to Karen. “HEY, KAREN! WE'RE TALKING TO YOU! WE CAN'T HEAR A WORD YOU'RE SAYING. PLEASE TRY TO SPEAK UP!

The message was largely lost on the little woman; it only took a few words before Karen's ears rang painfully, bringing her to her knees as she clasped her hands over the sides of her head. She didn't realize she was sobbing until she felt tears rolling into her mouth and onto her tongue.

“Oh shit, you made her cry by shouting at her!” Lindsey laughed. “High five!” The two women exchanged a high five, chuckling and looking down at their diminished prey.

“So, what's our plan? Take the shrinky-thing back to Mama, tell her we found it on the dyke's dresser and leave her in someone's lawn to get eaten by squirrels or ants or whatever?”

“Most of that sounds fine, but do we have to just leave her to die?”

“Why, what were you thinking?”

Lindsey nudged Karen onto her back with the toe of her shoe. She liked the way Karen's limbs flailed and grappled with her obviously-superior foot. It reminded her of the way a bug's legs kick out in all directions when you knock them over, just madly fighting an overwhelming force because they're too stupid to realize it's lost.

“I was thinkin'... you know!” Lindsey began, feeling awkward that she and Anette weren't on the same page.

“Oh. I see. You want to kill our associate here yourself, don't you?” Anette asked, furrowing her brows and folding her arms over her sizable chest. “We may have been sent here to get rid of her, but she didn't actually do anything wrong. She had what she'd been ordered to find all along, so the right thing to do would be to take this... thing and leave her be.” She explained, watching as the little Karen sobbed in a ball on the floor.

Lindsey looked her serious friend in the eyes for a moment, and turned her head down to little Karen again. What would be so wrong about getting rid of Karen herself? Gently tapping the curled-up girl with her shoe, Lindsey sighed, and tightened her grip on the shrinking device. Anette may have been her partner, but this entire situation was too exciting, too real to not take advantage of.

Taking a deep breath, Lindsey lifted her head, now committed to shrinking her best friend. Her newly-determined eyes met with Anette's once again, only there was something different.

Gone was the stern expression she'd been giving her partner. Now there was a huge, wide smile plastered all over the girl's face, and she nodded her head, as if waiting for Lindsey to get a silent joke.

“Ahh! You almost got me there!” Lindsey laughed, loosening her tight hold on the shrinking device. “So, how do we get rid of her?” she asked, looking back down at their victim.

“Shit, man, I don't know. Maybe I should just step on her?” Anette asked, lifting the toe of her booted foot over the curled up little girl. With a light tap, she pinned the little thing between the sole of her boot and the hard ground. A tiny, almost unheard squeak rose from the bottom her of shoe and Anette couldn’t hold back a grin at the sound.

“Whoa whoa whoa, why do you get to step on her?” Lindsey complained, lightly pushing away Anette's boot and rolling the injured Karen backwards.

Things had taken a dramatically worst turn for little Karen who was being denied even a moment of respite under the cruel gaze of her two captors. While the two had been staring each other down shed been allowed a moment to regain her composure, and try to think of a way out that didn't end with her being captured and offed by these two.

Placing her tiny hands against the street, she pushed herself up, and wiped the wet tears from her face. She wasn't the type to cry, she was the type to get even, and she would have her day.

Booming laughter from above surprised the fleeing girl, and she fell, scraping her knees and the palms of her hands. Wincing in pain, Karen quickly pushed herself back to her feet, right as an impossibly huge weight slammed into her from behind, pinning her to the hard asphalt again.

Karen recognized what was on her back from the feeling alone. Soft, well-worn leather boots. The same type that were kicking her when she'd been forced to the ground at normal size. They were now all-encompassing, pressing down on her with enough weight to force her mouth open and press her tongue into the ground.

Fresh tears streamed down Karen's face as her face got compressed further into the ground. Her jaw was stretched open, and she fought back as best she could, knowing full well that she couldn't save herself. More pressure was applied, and she closed her eyes, preparing for the loud CRACK to ring in her ears.

Then, the pressure was gone. Karen's teeth clacked together as the pressure was lifted from her face all at once, and she immediately brought two ease the pain. Her jaw was sore, and she weakly tried to roll back to her stomach to stand up.

Rising to her knees, Karen felt something rise up from her chest, and coughed onto the street. Flecks of blood were mixed in with the mucus, and her bottom lip trembled in fear. Her entire body was in pain, and she was completely caught off guard when another boot slammed into her from behind, smashing her tiny face into the ground.

Her nose was broken. Karen was sure of this, and she could taste the blood pooling around her lips. Why hadn’t she acted first and shrunk these two? This could have all been avoided if she’d only-.

The weight increased again, and Karen thought she felt her skull buckle. This was it. She was going to die. There would be no comeuppance. Her body would never be found.

“No! I want her!” Anette whined, pushing her partner over and exposing the tiny girl to the air again. She didn’t even notice the tiny puddles of red beneath Karen’s body as she plucked the girl up, and stretched open the front of her shirt. “Hey, remember these, bitch?” She yelled, dropping the little girl into her cleavage before squeezing the oversized breasts together.

Karen had only a moment to enjoy her peace before she was rocketed high into the air. Her body was too sore and broken to move around much, but she wasn't ready to give up just yet. She may have been battered but there was no way she would give these two overgrown bitches the satisfaction of killing her.

Unfortunately, things were just not to be as she tumbled head over heels into Anette's cleavage. Two soft boulders smashed together on her, forcing the air out of her lungs as she had to listen to Anette brag about her chest size from above. She'd always been annoyed by how blessed these two idiots were genetically, but had always tried to play it down. It was impossible to ignore now though, and as the pressure increased she opened her mouth to scream again, filling it with impossibly soft breast flesh.

The pressure continued uninterrupted, and it finally happened. With a sickening crack, Karen felt her jaw dislocate, and a fresh river of tears flowed down the all-encompassing breasts, mixing with the blood. Cruel laughter was the only other sound she could make out from above, and she held onto the hope that she'd survive all of this.

“You hear that?” Anette laughed, rubbing her melons together. “I broke her! No more Karen!” She giggled, releasing her chest and wiping a finger between her breasts. She pulled the bloodied finger out as proof for the just-recovering Lindsey, and smiled. “Come on, let's go back to Mama's.” She laughed.

She knew Karen wasn't actually dead. She could still feel the helpless little thing's twitches between her sensitive breasts. Anette just wanted to keep the shrunken little minx for herself, and didn't want Lindsey to try and take her away.

“FUCK! I wanted to finish her off!” Lindsey whined, dusting herself off as Anette began to walk away. “I get the next one though, okay?” She added, turning the device over in her hands a few times.

“Yeah, yeah, you'll get the next one, I swear.” Anette said dismissively.

“Deal.” Lindsey said, smiling mischievously. Looking over the little device still in her hand, she pointed it at her friend, and slipped a finger over the button. “And I know just who I want to be next...” She teased, pressing the device into Anette's back.

Sensing what was coming, Anette quickly turned around, only to be greeted by a blindingly bright light. Though still trapped in the expansive cleavage, Karen was just as blinded, and her heart skipped a beat as she knew what had just happened.

Moments later, a huge, thick layer of clothes was lifted, and a giant Lindsey stood over her former partner and the now-microscopic Karen. Anette’s eyes grew wide as she stared up, and up, past the lengthy legs, and trim waist, all the way to her former partner’s grinning face. Karen wasn’t even able to see anything past the giantess’s knees, she was so small, and trembled in pain, jiggling the soft masses of flesh surrounding her.

Lindsey was all smiles as she plucked the little Anette from the ground, and began the walk to Mama’s place. The girl may have been her friend, and former partner, but Lindsey was ambitious, and nothing would stop her from moving up in the group. Not even Mama.
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