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Author's Chapter Notes:

Setting the scene here. You'll get a look inside Ryan's head, and some of the preparations he's made before he and Alex take the plunge.

The cheap plastic cover on the counter Ryan was leaning against was peeling. That was a shame because he loved the pattern on it. But if he didn't get it replaced, it would drive him crazy. But that was a headache for another day. Today had enough headaches. He went over it all in his head again.

The cat was at his friend's house and would be until Ryan went to get him. (That was the first thing he arranged). An emergency "Accelerator" had been stashed under the bedside table. (The Accelerator would speed up the chemical's decay and should return the pair to normal in around an hour.) Food and drink was hidden in caches across the room, ensuring athat hunger and thirst would not bother the couple. The upcoming 3-day weekend allowed for a plausible "Camping Trip" to explain their absense. And the chemical would decay naturally in about 72 hours.

Ryan glanced up at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. He was clean shaven, his brown hair was recently cut and short, and he had just finished his shower. As far as anyone was concerned, he and Alex were already on the way to the mountains. But he had even set up plans in case things went catastrophically wrong. His computer was programmed to fire off an email detailing what the real plan was at midnight, monday night if he didn't disable it first. Three emails would be sent. One to his mother, one to Alex's mother and one to his friend Steve. He would allow nothing to ruin this.

Feeling satisfied, he finally emerged from the bathroom to find Alex, his girlfriend, sitting on the bed, playing with her phone. She had been his high school sweetheart, and when they reconnected a year later, they realized they had really missed each other. Her hair was long and wavy, which he thought must have driven her crazy, since it was almost never left that way. Sometimes she curled it, and sometimes she straightened it. But today, it was its natural wavy style. She had large blue eyes that had always captivated Ryan, and once in high school he had a dream about swimming in one. He found it odd as he thought that while similar to his fetish, it didn't arouse him. He since had come to believe it meant he loved her.

"What's up?" He asked as he moved to stand before her. Her left leg was crossed over her right, and she was slowly waving her foot around. She always made him wonder if she did it unconsciously  or to tease him. Her nails were black. He had painted them for her while they discussed the plan.

"Just talking to Bekah." Alex replied, while stealing a glance at Ryan's penis. "She is jealous that we get to go camping."

Ryan slipped his hand under her chin and urged it up until she was facing him. He bent forward and kissed her, taking her lower lip between his for a moment.

"Are you ready?" He asked.

Alex rose, sliding a hand up his stomach and chest until it rested on his shoulder. She kept rising to stand on her toes as she pulled him down into a kiss. This was a full and long kiss, resulting in his member growing hard, and her phone being discarded. When finally they pulled back, her large blue eyes had an excited and mischievous look to them. She wrapped her fingers around his erection and began to stroke it slowly.

"Let's do it." God, Ryan loved her. He wanted to push her onto the bed right then and there, but a bit of patience would pay off.

Chapter End Notes:

This is my first story, and as such I'd like you guys to help me with as much feedback as possible. Anything from grammar help to thoughts on a plodding story. Thanks, guys.

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