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My name is Jack I am an ordinary kid I am 16 turning 17 in a week I like a really hot girl named Julia she is the hottest girl in school anyway enough about me lets start the story

It all started on my way to school I was walking with my friend Josh we were talking about typical boys things like which girls we liked a what not it was when we got to school that I had gotten a feeling like today was going to be a bad day when we got to class I sat down and got my textbooks and pencils out when I noticed the girls passing a note around and when I see that sort of thing I want to know what the note says then the girl sitting beside me annabeth gets the note and passes it to me it says my name on it from Julia I open it and read meet me in the library after school today I was thinking cool the girl I like wants me to meet her at the library. When class ended I hurried over to the library thats when something hit me and I blacked out. When I woke up everything seemed bigger when I stood up I felt a bit sick but it went away I looked around to see that everything around me was gigantic I started to walk when I found my school bag to tall to look into and I never was good at climbing I noticed that my clothes shrunk with me so that was good now I needed to find help thats when I noticed a pair of giant Nike shoes of in the distance and when I looked up I saw Annabeth studying for the quiz I ran over to her gigantic feet and climbed up on her shoe and yelled up she didn`t here me so I yelled again she didn`t here me I needed to find a way to get her attention so I climbed into her sweaty smelly shoe and pounded on her foot as hard as I could she moved quickly and threw her shoe off with me in it it landed over by a bookshelf then the ground started to shake a she walked overshe picked up her shoe a flipped it upside down I fell down onto her smelly white gym sockshe looked down and screamed she through her foot up and slammed it down right beside me then she looked down and saw that it was me she picked me up and examined me for about two minutes until she set me down on the desk then she asked how it happened I told her everything I knew then she picked me up and threw me in her pocket she brought me to Julia and showed me to her Julia said she would take care of me and threw me in her pocket when we got to Julias house she threw me on her floor in her room closed the door and said do you know who did this to you and I said no she then said she did because I embaressed her in front of the whole school and now she was going to get payback she walked over and pinned me down with her giant foot then she made me grow a little and told me to take her giant boots off so  I listened so she wouldn`t crush me with her giant smelly feet Then when I set her boots down she rubbed her dirty  white smelly gym socks in my face I felt like I was going to die from the smellshe then said she had to go for her evening run and said since you love my dirty smelly feet so much why don`t you join them in my sweaty shoes she then picked me up and threw me in her shoe then she slowly slid her giant foot in and sqaushed me into the wall of her shoe then she started her run.

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