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“Gotta love Vegas baby! Let it ride!”

Mark was on a hot streak. This was his first trip to Las Vegas and boy oh boy was he loving it! The loud noises, the crowded atmosphere, the bright lights; this was his kind of town! People arrived here with money and either left thousands in debt or exponentially richer. For someone with money like to spare like Mark it may as well have been Disneyland. 

“Black. You win again sir.”

“Woo! Keep it going!” Mark took another sip of his drink, absolutely giddy. With some time off he opted to head out to one of the sleaziest places in the world and man was it worth it. Right now he was up ten grand and by the looks of the roulette that number was only going to go up.

“Black again. Nicely done sir.” The man politely said behind the wheel.

“One more time! Lady luck’s riding strong with this one!”

“If you wish.” The casino employee did as requested, sighing under his breath. 

“Round round she goes. Where she stops, I bet I know!” Crowds began to conglomerate around the obnoxiously loud man on a hot streak. Some envied his luck, others watched with a sick pleasure as he built himself higher and higher to be broken down.

“Black. Congratulations. I’m guessing you’d like to spin again?”

“Nope! I’m done for now!”

Mildly surprised the man did as requested, handing Mark all the chips he acquired.

“Much appreciated man!” He turned, carrying his chips gleefully. He reached for a handful and tossed them to people, “Go on! Share in my good fortunes!” The tipsy man laughed his way out of view.

Mark glanced around the casino. It was about time for him to cash out but he had a hankering to do something else, but what? He’d already made a fortune off a combination of Blackjack, Slots, and Roulette. Then it hit him. It’d be an absolute travesty if he didn’t play the one game he loved more than anything else.

“Mind if I join you guys?” Mark asked three men about to start a round of Poker. The people already at the table grinned upon seeing him. A drunk idiot carrying thousands of bucks in chips? It’s an easy payday. 

“Go right ahead! Don’t mind us. We’re just having an off night.”

“Yeah, an off night.” All three men laughed.

Mark had one too many drinks to pick up on the obvious eyes lusting after his money. He slammed his chips on the table with gusto. “Let’s do this!” He missed the smirk his fellow players shared with each other.

Needless to say the game did not go well for Mark.

Actually it went very well at first, too well. His money doubled very quickly and showed no signs of stopping anytime soon. His fellow players had nothing but garbage. Even if they did have something good they always folded. It was like they didn’t even want to win at all.

“No offense guys, but you really suck.” Mark sipped his drink again.

“I guess we just can’t compete huh? This’ll be my last hand.”

“Yeah mine too.”


“All in!” The three said in near unison, pushing their lesser piles up for wager.

How well-timed they all were should’ve tipped Mark off to something being wrong. Alas being the fool he was he greedily pushed all his chips in. “Now you’re taking. All or nothing. That’s how men play. You guys are going down!”

He got beat that round. Badly

Mark sobered quick once he saw all his money get taken from him. The man who won laughed triumphantly. “Great game man! You just made my night!”

“Yeah…” He mumbled, trying to be a good sport. “You spend it wisely you hear?”

“Oh we will. Come on boys. Let’s go cash these things.”

As the trio walked away Mark got the vague feeling he’d been played. With an eerie calmness he got up from the table and began to walk away, wandering his way into the restroom. Once inside, he made sure he was alone and slammed his fist into the wall.

“Goddammit those mother fuckers!” His anger spewed out of him in a slur of curses and punches against the wall. Judging the way they looked he wasn’t the first to do so either. Minutes passed of him just cursing as loud as he could before he was calm enough to think properly.

Okay…Relax Mark…You can make this back easy…you just need to do what you always do.
Ignoring his now swelled hands Mark reached into his pocket and pulled out a bracelet, slipping it onto his wrist. Once it was fully on the thing seemed to spark to life and light up a touch-pad interface with various instructions and settings. Mark ignored most of them and went ahead and pushed the one key he needed: Shrink.

This wasn’t the first time he’d ever done this but he never got used to the feeling of shrinking down. First it was always that initial surprise at seeing the world get bigger around you; then came the upset stomach feeling that usually made him vomit; finally ending with a strange dizziness until the shrinking was completed. For an experienced shrinker like Mark the first two parts rarely happened anymore but the dizziness still held him back a moment.

Once the world stopped spinning Mark checked his bracelet to see his current size: 3.23 inches. 

“Perfect.” He mumbled, heading to the bathroom door. He hugged the wall beside it until some regular-sized person came and opened it for him. As luck would have it ten minutes later a man hurriedly stormed into the rest oom and dashed for a stall. Mark quickly slid into the door and hugged the wall back in the main lobby.

Seeing the room busy with all manners of people frightened him slightly. Admittedly, this was the first time he ever shrank himself in a place so…public. If a single person brought their foot close enough to the wall he was done for. Mercifully everyone stayed far away as he made his way towards the back. 

Despite his cheerfully dim attitude Mark had broken into more than his fair share of places. Ever since happening upon one of the new size-changing devices he quickly found his calling as the world’s first shrinking thief. How else could an unemployed man make enough money to live the life of luxury? Being small left almost no evidence and only the already wealthy had enough money to afford a shrink bracelet so why would they need to steal? He just needed to waltz in, either grow back or shrink the goods, then head out. It was almost foolproof…almost. 

“Woah!” Mark jumped back as a red heel almost crushed him.

“Here’s your food sir.” A busty waiter handed things off a platter to the people playing nearby.

The only problem was that the slightest step from anyone would crush Mark into paste. He stayed where he was and eyed the waitress until she left.

Meanwhile he enjoyed the view. In his spare time Mark often liked to shrink down and check out the gigantic beauties of the world without them noticing. It became something of a turn on to see a girl stand hundreds of feet above him. In fact, that’s part of the reason he chose this casino.

The Heavenly Bunny it was called. It had one gimmick and one gimmick only: bunny girls, lots and lots of bunny girls. The place was chock full of tall, busty women with long, flowing hair ready to serve you whatever you’d like. Their only uniform was a revealing dark leotard with stockings and crimson red heels, and of course…the bunny ears and tail. The only men were the ones running the games. Once he’d heard of the place Mark knew this would be where he’d make more fortunes.

“Now if only I’d keep them.” He sighed to himself, sidling along the wall. He spied the employee area in the back. Almost certainly there’d be money somewhere around there. It’d just be a manner of getting there.

Carefully Mark worked his way along the casino, taking his time and making sure he wasn’t seen. Thankfully despite there being easily over a hundred people crowding the room no one cared the slightest about a bug-sized man hugging the walls. Before he knew it he was there. Looming overhead was the glorious sign that read “Employees Only”. Once again he took his place beside the door and awaited someone to open it for him. 

Right on cue a brunette bunny girl hurried herself through the door with an order in tow. After taking a quick glance at her ass Mark hurried into the door before it shut.

The room he was in now was considerably smaller than the others. It was basically a lounge with lavish furniture and a few doors to the other employee only areas. He took his place by the wall and looked around for clues. Aside from Mark himself, a bartender sat on a couch with a leg outstretched on the table. Across from him was a redhead bunny on break. The brunette who let him in hurried into a fluorescently lit room and shouted of a couple orders.

“Okay that’s the kitchen…” Mark glanced at the other two doors. Neither were marked and someone wasn’t just going to tell him where to go.


He paused, hoping the two employees on break would do just that. No such luck. Just idle chatter about how annoying some gamblers were.

“Worth a shot.” Mark chuckled. “Maybe it’s in the direction the cash-in desk is at? They gotta have a safe or something nearby.” After briefly recalling the direction of the desk Mark picked a door and was thankfully able to crawl under it without needing to wait for someone to open it this time.

“Ugh, this place is crawling with bugs.” The brunette said from behind him just as he left the room. Thankfully she seemed to be in a hurry and didn’t bother opening the door to deal with the “bug”. Regardless, Mark hurried just to be safe.

After an hour of traversing at his miniscule size, guided only by the general direction he believed to hold his goal, Mark soon found himself looking at a door unlike all the others. Specifically, this door was fortified. Above loomed two separate keyholes, a number pad, and a thumbprint scanner, whatever was in there they sure didn’t want anyone wandering in.

“Sounds just like I’m looking for.” He grinned to himself.

Now how to get in…Obviously Mark couldn’t just grow back to normal size and wander in, pocket whatever he wanted, and wander out. If there were some things he could climb on by the door he could try to worm through one of the keyholes…No that wouldn’t work . No one would just come wandering in either.


“…Dammit.” Mark laughed.

That left only one answer: the bottom of the door. Just one problem: unlike all the other doors this one was sealed much tighter all around. Mark wasn’t just going to crawl under this one…At least not at this size.

But this was no issue for someone with a shrink bracelet. Mark brought it up and played with the settings a bit before shrinking even further.

This was a size he only saved for emergencies. The world around Mark grew absolutely massive. The floors he walked to get her seemed to go on for miles. He took a glance at the size indicator on the bracelet again: 5.00 millimeters, or half a centimeter. Mark was now near microscopic size. Though he could now fit under the door nicely.

Easily the worst part about shrinking down this small was the travelling. Even the most basic of places just went on and on for miles, often times with no end in sight. Just to prove that Mark was at most an inch away from the door. That inch alone took about five minutes to walk across, then another three just to clear the door. But he finally made it.

He saw his goal across the room: a set of safes all ready to be looted. A couple cameras surveyed the room but they wouldn’t be much of a problem. No, the problem was that he wasn’t alone.

Resting on top of a safe was another bunny girl: a busty babe with flowing blonde hair and voluptuous curves. Even among her other bunnies she was a looker, probably even the best out of them. Mark couldn’t look away. She sat with her nylon-covered legs crossed, lazily bouncing one of her heels off her feet. From her long, defined legs up to her chest that threatened to burst from her leotard with every breath to her absolutely gorgeous face she resembled everything a man could dream of. She looked like a literal goddess. Mark could stare at her all day. But he was a man on a mission.

With all the security he couldn’t simply unshrink himself and solve his problems the way he always did. Even if the woman standing guard ahead of him decided to leave the cameras would catch Mark if he got any bigger. No…if he wanted his money he’d have to get inside the safe first before anything else.

Thus began the last leg of his journey. Slowly, the speck-sized man approached the safes, eyes on the giantess ahead of him. She was far from what he ever expected of a security guard. There was certainly a degree of muscle to her but no matter how he looked at it she was just a poor choice for the job. If he wanted to Mark could probably unshrink and just take her down…though the cameras would catch him then so that’s out. Nah, stealth was definitely the way to go.

It had to have been an hour since he started walking. Once he was sure he wasn’t going to be noticed Mark quickened his pace slightly but he was still only about halfway through the room. His female companion hadn’t left yet either unfortunately. About half an hour into Mark’s journey she stood up and leaned against the wall, lazily staring at the floor. She hadn’t moved since.

Or at least…not til now.

Mark didn’t know what suddenly caused it. But for whatever reason the bunny girl wandered right over to him and stomped a foot dangerously close.

“Looks like a bug made it here.”

That made Mark’s blood run cold. Already the woman’s heel was rising dangerously high into the air. He could never hope to outrun it but nonetheless he tried. Overhead he heard thunderous giggling as the heel came down inches in front of him.

“Whoops, missed!”

It didn’t take much to realize she was merely toying with him. No matter where Mark ran her foot would rise and cut him off. Honestly, how bored could a woman be that she’d toy with a bug like this? Even though it was his life Mark was starting to wish she’d just get on with it. He’d been shouting for her attention the entire time he’d been running but she never seemed to respond. Now he was out of breath and too tired to run, he didn’t move.

“Oh my! Is the bug out of breath?” The girl giggled.

“For the last, fucking time…I’m not a bug…I’m a person!” Mark put the last of his breath into an annoyed shout.

“You think I don’t know that?”


He couldn’t have heard that right.

“Y…You know I’m a person?!”

“Of course. You think you’re the first bug to try and shrink himself into our safe? Lemme guess, you were doing great then suddenly lost all your money and decided to earn it back by stealing it?”

Ouch, she hit the nail right on the head. “I didn’t lose! I was cheated.”

“Stupidity’s not our fault sweety. Next time don’t be an idiot.”

Mark grimaced, letting the insult slide considering the woman was big enough to put a city on. “Just let me out of here please! You know I’m not a bug. Let me go and I’ll never steal again. I promise!”

“Oh I know you won’t.” The girl giggled again, “Especially after I crush you.”

Mark was too horrified to speak for a moment. “W-Why would you do that?”

“Because we have one rule here at the Heavenly Bunny: Cheaters and Thieves are worse than dirt.”

“And for that you’d crush me?!”

“Why do you think they hired me for this tiny? I love crushing bugs.” Her foot began to rise. “They always scream and beg me to spare them. Then with a tiny bit of pressure from my foot they pop like grapes. That’s not even getting into the stuff I can make them do before that. One guy actually licked my whole heel clean before I crushed him. Just like I’m gonna crush you.” She stomped beside him. 

“Please! Have mercy!”

“Oh if I had a nickel for every time I heard that!” The bunny girl laughed. “You little bugs always beg thinking it’d get you out of it but you always spout the same things. “Don’t crush me. Please have mercy. If you let me go I’ll do whatever you want!” God it really does get old after a while. Guess it can’t be helped if you’re stupid enough to try and steal from us.”

Mark lowered his head, “Yes. I’m an idiot. I shouldn’t have even tried this. Please…”

“Then comes the part where they try to agree with me. It really does happen every time.” Her shoe hovered just over Mark. “Much as I enjoy taunting you you got any last words bug?”

Mark’s mind raced. Only one idea came to mind. The one thing he had others most likely didn’t. “I can pay you!”


“…Go on…”

“I have half a million in my bank account. Let me live and I’ll give it all to you. And I’ll never come steal from this place again.”

“How do I know you’re not just lying?”

“Check my accounts! I have my cards right here!” Mark pulled out his wallet and showed the woman.

“Lot of good they do me that small.”

“I’ll unshrink them just to prove it to you!”

“And unshrink yourself? I don’t think so.”

“Just my wallet. I promise!”

She paused to think for a moment, tapping her heels. Mark watched nervously as the shoe higher than a building moved dangerously close. It stopped near him. “…Do it. Any funny business and I’ll stomp you into dust.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.”

Mark pulled out his bracelet again to adjust the settings. Without hesitation he pointed it at his wallet and proceeded to unshrink it. The bunny girl watched intently until the wallet was full-sized again.

“Good boy…Now let’s see here…” She pulled a thin device from her cleavage. “This here’s a card reader. It’ll let me go ahead and do our little transaction…unless you mind if I do it right here?

“Not at all.”

“Good…” The girl pulled out Mark’s bankcard from his wallet and gave it a swipe. Moments later she smiled down at him. “Well I’ll be. You were actually telling the truth. And here I am half a million dollars richer!”

Mark smiled, “Glad to hear it. Now you can let me go!”

“Of course my…little……splatter.” In an instant her heel came down upon Mark, crushing his body without so much as a pop.

“You can go to hell.” She laughed. “If it makes you feel better you’re definitely my favorite bug I’ve crushed so far.” The bunny girl hummed happily as she sat back on top of a safe and contemplated what she could do with her new wealth. 

“Maybe I can buy one of those brand new shrink rays.” She mused.

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