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Author's Chapter Notes:

Something I did a little while back. Not even going to try and deny it. This is smut for the sake of smut with one of my favorite characters that I did quickly when bored. Hope you all enjoy.



I stood in front of the door unsure of what to do.

In a bit of small hope I glanced at the slip of paper between my fingers again hoping I misread it. For the sixth time it read, “Please Report to S.I.N. Bedroom 1268 tomorrow at 1000 Hours to receive your re-assignment orders.”

Everything changed when I got this paper yesterday. Before I may not have been the greatest member of S.I.N. or Shadaloo for that matter but I had a nice routine, decent number of friends, nice pay. Then I get this paper from my boss and everyone started treating me differently, like they didn’t want anything to do with me. Normally I’d think this would be out of jealousy but I soon heard the whispers.

“Poor Guy.”

“It’s a shame, I really liked him.”

It didn’t take long before I started thinking too much. Did I do something to warrant a re-assignment? No not really. I messed around a bit while on duty but no more than any other guy. I also didn’t do anything to earn a promotion. So why the change in the status quo? And why go to a bedroom? The more I thought about it the more it ate at me.

Leading up to right about now: me standing right in front of my destination too petrified to even open the door.

“C’mon Alex what’re you so worried about? You’ve been with S.I.N. for years. You got nothing to worry about!” Hearing my own voice gave me a small bit of confidence. I didn’t have much time before it left me so I quickly charged in.

“Huh, what are you doing here?”

Not even two feet past the door and all the little bravado I had mustered left me. I’d expected…scary guys in suits, a mean-looking muscular guy, heck maybe even Bison or Seth. What I got was a woman lazily sitting in a chair quite literally twiddling her thumbs.

“You my new toy?” The woman looked at me with a curious look.

It wasn’t what I expected but a part of me was still terrified. There wasn’t a worker in S.I.N. who didn’t know who Juri Han was. One of the top members of the entire organization, one of the best martial artists in the world, and one of the scariest people you could ever meet. There were dozens of stories about her, how cruel she was, how strong she was, though upon seeing her I was surprised there weren’t any on how beautiful she was.

“A-Alex Barkley reporting for duty M’am!”

Juri’s eyes lit up and her tongue gently licked her lips. “So you are my new toy. Let me see…” The woman stood up and began to walk towards me; instinctively I felt my body tense up. Suddenly I was all too painfully aware the door behind me was shutting, sealing me in a room with a woman who could kill me with a single blow. 

My new boss stopped just short of me and started glancing up and down my body. Her gaze seemed to make me notice every shortcoming I could possibly have. But I couldn’t let Juri see me so nervous, beautiful or not she’d eat me alive at the slightest hint of fear.

Maybe…take in the unimportant things. Yeah! Distract myself with a quick look around. I did a quick scan of Juri’s bedroom. Surprisingly, even for a top-level agent her room wasn’t too different from my own. A small bed packed into a corner, a desk with a monitor on top, a chair in front of said desk, and whatever personal decorations a person could want. In Juri’s case, none. The only aspect of this room that distinquished it from someone like mine’s was that it seemed a little bit roomier, maybe one and a half times the size of a standard bedroom.

In short the room wasn’t distracting me like I hoped, so naturally my gazes quickly turned to Juri, like it or not. Not meaning that’s a bad thing mind you. Even in my wildest dreams I could never call this woman unattractive. She was rather well developed, muscular but not overly-so, dark hair tied up into twin horn-like pig tails and big violet eyes that seemed ready to eat me alive. As a person enthusiastic about dark hair and tough girls she was perfect to look at, but everything I liked about her also scared the hell out of me…Probably for good reason.

Her outfit didn’t make it much easier mind you. Juri was never known for wearing a lot of clothing but all she had on was a pair of tight black pants and a white bra. The bra part especially was very distracting, I tried not to stare at the chest bouncing around but Juri couldn’t have possibly missed it.

“Ahh…” Juri backed up as if she figured something out, her words instantly snapping me back to reality. “I think you’ll do nicely uh….what was it again?”

“Barkley M’am.”

“Yeah Yeah…” Even though she asked Juri seemed totally uninterested in my answer. She turned around and seated herself on her bed. I remained silent, watching her cross her legs and start bouncing one of her shoes against her sole.

“Do you know why you’re here?’

“N-No M’am. I was told to report here for re-assignment.”

It was for a brief second but I’m certain when I said no I saw Juri’s eyes light up. “I see, then let me explain- You can sit down.”

“Thank you M’am.” I began to motion for the chair she sat in when I entered.

“Not there.”

“I’m sorry?” I turned back, confused. Juri’s finger guided the way. She pointed to the ground right in front of her feet. Not wanting to risk angering her I sat there as she asked, pretty much eye-to-eye with her feet bouncing her shoes back and forth. For what it was worth her feet looked beautiful too.

“So uh…where to start…” Juri seemed to briefly ponder what to say. Her silence left me alone to grovel before her feet until she was ready. Though what she said next was unexpected to say the least.

“Basically you’re my slave.”


She looked annoyed. “What, you want me to repeat myself? Slave, plaything, toy. Your job is to do everything to make me happy and if you don’t…I’ll crush you.”

Were this any other person I’d think she was kidding but from reputation alone I knew Juri was serious. “Y-Yes M’am.” I lowered my head to hide my shame. No wonder everyone wanted nothing to do with me. This was about as humiliating as a position got. 

“Atta boy! You learn fast, just one thing.”

“What M’am?”

“Quit calling me M’am. That name’s too good for a slave like you to use. You need to call me someone more appropriate for a bug like you.”

“L-Like what?”

“Hmm…” Juri paused to think again. From between her foot and shoe she was still toying with I could see her lips whispering ideas aloud, none of them particularly nice. “I think a suitable name is Goddess. Wouldn’t you say?”

I could feel every bit of manly pride in my body leave me, “Y-Yes Goddess.”

“And Perfect! Now you’re ready to be my slave! Just one thing.”

What now?! “What is it….Goddess?” I asked warily, it couldn’t possibly get worse right?

A moment passed, my head was lowered but the ground in front of me was clearly illuminated purple. I raised my head just in time to see one of my new Goddess’s eyes glowing the same. “Just making you the right size for the job.”

“Ugh!” I instantly cringed, my body flared up in a surge of pain. My arms dug into each other as my eyes squinted themselves shut. It was all I could do to bite my tongue.

“Aww, not even gonna scream for your Goddess?” Juri laughed. It sounded strangely loud.

Somehow through my wincing I managed to start opening an eye. I look back up to Juri and then I noticed it. The world around me was getting bigger. Once that was clear there was no stopping a surprised scream from escaping my lips. I was already half…no a fourth of my size and the world was only getting bigger. Juri’s feet that were playing in my face towered above me.

“I love it when they scream.” Juri licked her lips again, enjoying every moment of my suffering. I forced my eyes shut and decided focusing on the pain of shrinking was preferable to watching it. My chest felt like it was on fire, my eyes were watering, my hands began to shake uncontrollable, my knees buckled, to call it the worst pain of my life would be an understatement. Each second lasted far too long. But even so…It seemed to be over quick.

It couldn’t have even been a minute, my body was still numb but the pain was now pretty much gone. But I still kept my eyes shut. If I opened my eyes I’d see how small I’d become, if that happened I might lose it.

“Hey runt.” Juri’s voice was the loudest thing I’d ever heard. It sounded like it was miles away but even then it carried enough power to nearly shatter my eardrums. I cringed just hearing it.

“Open your eyes…Your Goddess commands it.” I didn’t have to look to know Juri was wearing a sadistic grin.

Denying the world wasn’t going to make the situation any better, especially if I disobeyed Juri. So slowly, I opened my eyes. Even though I expected what I saw it didn’t ease the impact of it.

I was small. No, I wasn’t just small. I was fucking puny, microscopic even. Juri’s feet couldn’t have been more than one or two feet off the ground but they were easily miles high in the air from my point of view. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say most of the sky was occupied with her feet. I looked to the side; a door roughly seven feet away now may as well have been in another city. It was just a vague shape on the horizon. Even if I ran full sprint it would take a day or two to reach it.

“Welcome to your new life Slave!” Juri’s voice turned my attention back to her. “And I think I know a good way to start off your life with me.” Juri’s feet fell to the floor in two unsubtle earthquakes that knocked me off my feet. 

I watched as Juri slid her white shoes off and casually tossed them aside hundreds of feet from me. Her enormous toes danced on the ground, shimmering a violet nail polish that reminded me of the light that shrank me moments ago. “Come thank your Goddess for this honor by kissing her feet.” 

Juri’s feet repositioned a few inches so they were directly in front of me. Up close I got a real sense of how small I was. Each of the woman’s toes were just...mountainous. Heck, her big toes alone rose up a mile or so on their own. Her feet could crush an entire city. And with that scaling…that would make Juri the size of a small country.

Needless to say my fate was at the mercy of the slightest whim of this woman. But even so…I had trouble just walking up to her feet and doing as she asked. It was just…it was just a line I didn’t want to cross. If I did it would mean she really is my Goddess, I’d just be a speck between her toes. Probably for the rest of my life. That is, if she didn’t just crush me out of boredom. Something about living the rest of my life at her feet, beautiful or not, was unacceptable to me.

It didn’t take long before Juri realized I wasn’t moving. Her reaction surprised me. Instead of getting mad and crushing me outright she smiled, “Do we need to do this the hard way? Okay.” The sky was blotted out by an enormous darkness, covering everything in shadow for hundreds of feet around me. Directly overhead was Juri’s big toe.

“Last chance before I rough you up. Lick my feet and thank your Goddess for shrinking you to be her pet.”

I did nothing.

“I warned you.” Juri’s voice sounded very happy I was defiant.

Juri’s toe came down faster than anything I could ever imagine. But instinctively I knew this wasn’t anywhere near actually fast. She just gently lowered her toe down. That’s why I didn’t die. But it was still easily one of the worst pains I’d ever experienced. Funny how that’s happened twice in the last ten minutes. But while shrinking was all internal pain this was very much external. I was being crushed. My bones were bending and slowly being pulverized beneath Juri’s toe. All I could hear in my ears was the sound of every bone in my body cracking.

I cried out obviously, no doubt encouraging Juri to keep going. Here she was just resting her toe back on the ground but even such a small thing was completely devastating someone’s-my life. I had no doubts if I didn’t do anything in a minute or two I’d just explode in a pop of blood and innards against Juri’s feet. And she’d probably forget it ever happened in minutes. Of all the ways to go it’s probably one of the worst.

Though with death very clearly coming my mind was strangely clear. I could understand why no one wanted to talk with me after seeing that paper I got. They didn’t want to share this fate. I was just the one unlucky sap in S.I.N. who didn’t already know. Though I guess it could be worse. Juri was very hot, right up my alley. There are worse girls to be crushed by.

It all sounds like acceptance but I knew I was just deluding myself. I didn’t want to die. No one wants to die. It’s just a matter of what you’re willing to do to live. My eyes darted to Juri’s toe slowly smushing my body flat. All it would take is one simple action on my part, and if Juri was feeling generous I could live. Heh, with the kind of power she has over me she really is my Goddess. 


That was definitely a bone…My hip I think…or maybe a rib. Either way, it was now or never. If I want to live, and I do want to live, I had only one option left to take.

I stuck my tongue out and licked Juri’s toe.

Just like that all the pressure stopped, all my pain seemingly vanished, and with that all the walls went down. I licked again, and again, doing as my Goddess commanded. Her feet tasted of dirt and sweat but compared to death the taste was heavenly. I was going to live, and that alone made me happy enough to gladly worship Goddess Juri.

“Now was that so hard Tiny?” Juri laughed, “You’re the first pet in a while who actually ended up listening to me. Usually they either die or I get hungry and eat them. But you seem willing to listen…”

Juri’s foot pulled back, I could see her face miles away from between her toes. “Now then. Be a good pet and beg me to let you worship my feet.”

This was obviously a test, if I didn’t she’d crush me. So my response was equally obvious. I’d already licked her damn foot, I had nothing left to lose. “Please Goddess Juri! Let me worship your feet! It’s my only purpose in life!”

Juri grinned, “If you insist! Get to licking footslave!” Her feet shoved themselves back at me and I threw myself at them, assailing her soles with affection. She probably expected more than just licking so I kissed and massaged where I could too. 

“Hahahaha! Keep going! Beg your Goddess to let you live your life between her toes like dirt! Beg me to give you the honor of living off of my dirt and sweat. Beg me to crush you like a bug and treat you like nothing but the miniscule, worthless, dirt that you are. And all the while thank me for being kind enough to do it for you!”


My response pleased my Goddess. She sat there smiling as I worshipped her feet in every possible way for what felt like an eternity. She was happy; she’d won and I was now her broken toy. But at least I was alive. Compared to that living my life at her feet is nothing. I could get used to this.

“Alright slave.” Juri’s voice made me stop. “Time to show you your new home.” I stared blankly at Juri as her toes grabbed one of her slip-ons and brought it over. She kicked it over to me. “Climb in.” She ordered.

Thankfully the shoe was on its side so getting in wasn’t an issue. Not even a moment had passed before Juri brought it upright again and began to slide her foot in. All the jostling and shaking threw me to the toe end of her shoe, snug in the canyon between her big and second toes. “Here are rules slave. If my feet are in my shoes you are going to lick them. If you stop for a second I will end you, you got it?”

“Yes Goddess!” I cry from between her toes.

“If my feet aren’t in my shoes you better spend all your time licking them clean! Understood?”

“Yes Goddess!”

“If you ever leave my feet you’ll die, you understand?”

“Yes Goddess!”

“One more thing…” Juri smirked, “No more talking. Talking is for people. You’re foot dirt.”

I threw myself at her toe cleavage and licked to give my answer.

“Good boy. This is the last time I’ll ever talk to you. A Goddess can’t waste her time on dirt after all.” Juri chuckled. I understood though. Her feet were in her shoes so I had to begin licking them clean like she asked. I even threw in some kisses for good measure. This life may not be the greatest one, but I am alive.


That takes care of one foot. I better do something about the other. Juri walked over to the monitor on her desk and pushed a button, immediately a voice answered. “Yes Miss Han? What do you need?”

Hmm…I’m also a little hungry…

“Send me…five more toys.”

“Yes M’am.”

“And make sure one of them’s nice and juicy.”

“Y-Yes M’am.”

Ten minutes later a knock came from Juri’s door, and in came five S.I.N. Employees. They all wore the all too familiar nervous expressions she was used to. “Congratulations.” Normally she’d play around a bit first but she really was quite famished. Already her eye was beginning to glow.

Well…At least one of them would get to live past the meal…If they obeyed.

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