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I'm really excited to get this story started! I'll try to add another chapter tonight. Please enjoy & leave a review!
Love Games: Chapter 1

Jon sat on the school bus still contemplating the past weekend. He was now sure it wasn't a dream. When he had gotten up to get ready for school , he still felt sore from his escapades. Now , he was on the bus wondering how long until Aphrodite appeared again. He was worried. Who knew what she would to him now ? She could turn him into a girls shoe for a day or the rest of his life. Jon looked up ; they were nearing the school.

Jon usually sat by himself on the bus ride to school. He sat with friends on the way home. Soon enough , the bus pulled to a stop at the back of the school. Jon slung his backpack over his shoulder and got off. He said " Hi " to a few friends and went to his first class of the day. He didn't much feel like talking today. His first class was Spanish , it was a fairly easy and fun class. He took his seat in the back corner of the room. Just then , the bell rang. People started filing into the classroom. Jon's friend Steve took his seat next to him. The two started talking about their weekends. Jon didn't know what to say so he lied , saying it was very lazy. The door opened and a short, brown haired girl walked in. Jon's eyes snapped to her immediately. Her name was Rebecca , she was Hispanic as far as Jon knew. She was a fairly short girl , only a bit taller than Alexis. She almost always had a smile on her face with her large dimples. She walked down the row Steve sat in. Her seat was in front of Steve and diagonal from Jon. That's when Jon noticed she was wearing sandals. Rebecca had small feet , perhaps smaller than Alexis's , her toes had French tips on them. Her sandals had white straps that were woven into an intricate pattern atop her foot. She talked to Jon and Steve occasionally but today wasn't one of those days.

The guy who sat in front of Jon wasn't there. The door opened again and in walked Mckenzie. She was also Hispanic but taller than Rebecca and had a darker skin tone. Mckenzie was also slightly chubby , but only a little , nothing too bad. In fact , back during Jon's freshman year he had liked her. But , they had drifted apart. Jon noticed that happened to him a lot. Mckenzie's feet were larger than Rebecca's but by no means the largest he'd ever seen. Jon would've guessed a size 7 or 8. Lastly , she was also wearing sandals. A tan insole with a blue strap to match her outfit. Her toes had no polish. She sat down at her seat that was diagonal from Steve. Jon realized this was a formula for disaster. This had all the makings for one of Aphrodite's tricks.

The Spanish teacher , Mr. Sanchez , walked in and told the class to take out their vocabulary lists. Jon reached into his backpack and got it out. He started writing down the words on the overhead mechanically. While writing Jon's eyes wandered to Rebecca and Mckenzie's feet. " Dammit , stop doing that. Aphrodite is going to notice and do something " Jon chided himself. " Oh , you know me all too well Jon-Jon " a woman's voice said in Jon's head. Jon's face dropped. If Steve had been looking at him , he probably would've asked why he suddenly got so pale. " Happy to hear from me so soon ? " Aphrodite asked. Jon really couldn't say he was. He'd hoped she'd at least give him a few days rest. His hopes had been too high. " Well , Jon. Are you ready to start today's games ? ". Today's games ? What the hell could that mean ? Jon didn't want to know.

" Aphrodite , I really liked what you did for me and all but could I have a break for a couple days " Jon asked hopefully. " No , sorry. I still haven't found anything that entertains me more than you ". Jon couldn't decide whether to feel flattered or just flat out angry. He went with flattered. " Look , I think it's cool you like ... playing with me. But I'm really tired from all I did with Alexis over the weekend " Jon pleaded with the goddess. " Why do I waste my time ? " Aphrodite said but Jon knew it was redundant. A snap echoed in Jon's head while white smoke enveloped him. When the smoke cleared , Jon knew he had been shrunken yet again. His normal t-shirt and shorts were gone , replaced with a white toga. He looked down at his bare feet and saw he was standing on the class rooms carpet. He looked around and deduced he was under his desk. His giant backpack was to his left and a giant Steve to his right. No one seemed to notice Jon's disappearance. It was as if he was never there.

" Ok , Jon-Jon. I already know you were looking at those two girls feet. For the days first game I'll let you pick your poison. Rebecca or Mckenzie ? You'll be spending the rest of this class with their feet so choose wisely " Aphrodite explained. Jon wanted so badly to resist , to tell Aphrodite he chose neither. But if he did that Jon knew Aphrodite could make his life a living hell. Jon weighed the two options Aphrodite had given him. Rebecca was much more attractive than Mckenzie , that was for sure. She had long brown hair and eyes the same color. She was also very popular. Mckenzie had black hair with a large portion of it died a dark red. She had braces and an annoying laugh. She was semi popular. Jon looked to the girls feet. Rebecca's feet stayed still for long periods of time. They would move to a different position occasionally. Mckenzie's feet were bigger and moved around a lot. She constantly slid them out of the sandals and they moved around on the carpet. Both girls would sometimes put one foot under the opposite leg on their seat. Jon decided quickly.

" I choose Rebecca " Jon sighed. Don't be mistaken , Jon did very much like both girls feet and any other day he would've loved this " game ". He just wasn't in the mood today. He was sad about leaving Alexis and was exhausted. " Let the game begin ! " Aphrodite laughed. Jon knew he had been transported somewhere else in the classroom. He expected to see Rebecca's feet in front of him , but instead saw two empty blue strapped sandals. Wait , weren't those Mckenzie's ? He'd been tricked ! Jon's head snapped up. He starred in horror as five giant toes came down and scooped him up off the floor.
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