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Author's Chapter Notes:
Jon receives his " punishment " with a twist.
The Goddess of Love: Chapter 9

Alexis rose up to her full height. Inside her shoe she felt the tiny body of Jon under her toes. She clenched her toes around him again. " This isn't much of punishment , but whatever he'll enjoy it " she thought leaving her room. Alexis walked out into the living room and plopped down in a recliner. Her dad , David , was sitting on the couch watching some history show. " So are we gonna go soon ? " she asked. " Yeah , your mothers getting ready right now ". Fifteen minutes later Alexis's mother came out dressed in a gray t-shirt , black yoga pants , and black flip flops. " Alright , let's go ". On the car ride to the restaurant Alexis continually massaged Jon with her toes. She could have sworn she left his small hands rubbing back. Soon they arrived at the little family owned Italian restaurant they frequently went to. They got a table for three and placed their orders. While her dad told some boring work story , she slid her foot out of her right shoe.

Jon had thoroughly enjoyed his time in Alexis's shoe. Her toes had rubbed him the entire time. Although , at times , he felt slightly claustrophobic he still loved every moment of it. He even sneaked a couple kisses. But now the foot had stopped walking , and the toes just lay on top of him. Suddenly the toes lifted off of him and started sliding back up the shoe. Light flooded in , making Jon squint involuntarily. At the opening to the shoe the big toe stopped and tapped a few times , then disappeared out the opening. Alexis wanted him to come out. Jon walked to the opening and looked up , from his hiding spot he could see Alexis's knees and the bottom of a table. " So we're at the restaurant , why does she want me to come out ? " Jon wondered. He jumped and caught the fabric that was the side of the shoe. It dipped down from his weight and he hoisted himself up. He jumped and landed on his feet on a brown cement floor. He looked around and realized he knew the restaurant. He'd been here a few times , the food was pretty good. He also noticed Alexis's moms gargantuan feet just a little ways away from him.

They were crossed at the ankles and her toes were bent so the flip flop wasn't touching her giant sole. Jon cringed remembering his encounter with the two monsters earlier in the day. Despite his slight fear of her , Jon had to admit Teresa was very good looking. She kept herself in shape obviously , and her hips were big. Her breast were also quite large. Jon also liked how she didn't put any toe nail polish on , he preferred the natural look. Jon heard a soft smacking sound behind him. He turned around and saw Alexis was tapping her foot impatiently. Jon walked over to the beautiful, dainty foot. Now Alexis's toes came up to the midsection of his chest. He patted her pinky toe to let her know he was there. Her other foot came up a tapped the top of the foot Jon was standing next to. As if to say " Climb aboard ". Jon quickly scrambled up her pinky toe and stood on top of her foot.

Jon took another look around the restaurant. It was empty except for Alexis's family , an old man , a married couple , and the staff. If there were more people , they might've seen tiny little Jon on Alexis's foot. Jon saw a large pair of black shoes walk up to the table , hesitate a few moments , then leave. " Looks like the foods arrived " Jon said. He sat down on top of Alexis's foot and lied down. After awhile Alexis's other foot came up and poked Jon. Jon got up and saw the foot tapping her shoes. It was time to go. Jon slid off Alexis's foot and started walking to her shoe. The distance sound of a snap echoed through Jon's head and then a giggle. " What now ? " Jon thought exasperatedly. Alexis's shoe seemed to be getting bigger , no , Jon was getting smaller ! He ran to the now much larger shoe and jumped trying to reach the edge. He was too small ! Jon watched in horror as Alexis's titanic foot slipped back into the flat , he was too late ! Alexis started to stand up from her chair. " No, no, no , what do I do ? I can't get left behind ! " Jon twirled around and saw his only option.

Teresa's massive feet were still crossed under her seat. Jon wanted to start cursing at Aphrodite , but knew it wouldn't help his situation. Aphrodite wanted him to hitch a ride on Teresa's giant peds. He knew there was no other way. Jon ran to the flip flop and hopped up onto the shoe. He was now in between Teresa's big and second toes. He was so small he could walk under her second toe. He walked underneath it for shelter and laid down. He grabbed onto the spongy flip flop material. This was gonna be a bumpy ride.
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