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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is the first story I ever posted on this site. I'll be the first to admit that it's pretty rough, but it holds a special place in my heart. Maybe someday I'll give it the rewrite it deserves. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!
The Goddess of Love: Chapter 1

Aphrodite , The Goddess of Love , was bored yet again. It was early in the day and she had run out of things to do already. Her version of " fun " was quite mischievous. Just then a thought came into her head. She would have some fun with a human ! Not just any human a teenage boy ! " Oh , " she thought " this will be fun". Aphrodite peeked down through the clouds and picked a high school at random.

Jonathan was about five minutes away from passing out. Ms. Henderson , Jonathan's Biology teacher, was talking about cells. Jonathan had already learned about them in Medical Science so he was especially bored. Jonathan was an average student , not super popular but not a loner either. He was somewhere in between. Jonathan did reasonably well in all his classes except for math , he hated math. Jonathan was a sophomore in high school so nobody took much notice of him. He was of average build and height. One thing made him different than his peers though. Jonathan had a foot fetish. He was never sure where it came from but he had one and he was fine with it. Of course no one knew he did. He kept it to himself. Currently he was trying to get a good look at a girls feet. Alexis was a fairly short girl so naturally she had small feet. Alexis was also a very good looking. She had black hair that went past her shoulders and was slightly tan. Jonathan was never sure what nationality she was, but he didn't much care. Alexis was gorgeous. She always wore flip flops , which Jonathan loved about her. She'd always slip her feet out of her flip flops and mess with them. Oh , what Jonathan wouldn't give to massage her feet. But that would never happen Jonathan and Alexis didn't talk or interact at all. He was stuck admiring from afar. " Oh you poor boy , what if I could fix that for you ? ". Jonathan started and looked around no one was looking at him , then where had that come from ? " Dear child , I am speaking to you in your head. No one can here me but you". " And who are you ? " Jonathan thought very confused " Am I going crazy ? ". " No, you're not going crazy. And I am Aphrodite the Greek Goddess of Love ! I'm here to do you a favor". Aphrodite said pleased. Jonathan's eyes grew wide " Um .... I'm sorry but that seems pretty crazy .......... Do you have any proof ?".

Suddenly Ms. Henderson stopped talking , as did everyone else . Jonathan looked up quickly. Ms.Henderson was standing absolutely still in front of the board , her mouth open as if she was about to say something. After a moment she still didn't move. " Ms. Henderson ? " Jonathan turned to his table partner Allen. " Allen ? " Allen was still as well staring straight ahead. Jonathan waved his hand in front of Allen's face, no reaction. Jonathan stood up slowly. Everyone in the class seemed to be frozen in place, unmoving. A flash of light exploded at the front of the room. Standing in the same spot , smoke rising around her was a woman. The woman was blonde and had olive colored skin. She wore a white toga and knee high gladiator sandals. Gold bracelets adorned her wrists, along with a golden ruby necklace. She was tall and had a large smile on her face. " Hello Jonathan " she said happily. Jonathan recognized her voice , moments ago it was in his head." A-A-Aphrodite ?" Jonathan said shakily. " Yes ! That's me ! " Aphrodite said walking towards Jonathan quickly. Jonathan involuntarily took a step backwards. " Ah don't be scared dear boy , I'm here to make your wishes come true ! " She said arriving in front of Jonathan. Aphrodite snapped her fingers and a plume of white smoke blew around Jonathan. Waving his hand and coughing Jonathan cleared the smoke.

" What was t- " Jonathan snapped his head down and saw he was wearing nothing but a white toga and was barefoot. " What's all this ? " Jonathan looked up expecting to see Aphrodite but what he saw made him scramble backwards and trip. In front of him were two giant sandal clad feet. They were the size of school buses ! Jonathan looked up and saw they weren't just any feet they were Aphrodite's ! She was smiling down on him. Her huge hand started to descend toward Jonathan. Jonathan threw his arms up. Aphrodite picked him up with two fingers by the toga , raised her hand and plopped him in her other hand. " What'd you do to me ! " Jonathan yelled. " I'm giving you exactly want you want ! " Aphrodite said walking to Alexis's table and dropping Jonathan on it. " Now don't you like this young lady and her little feet ?" Aphrodite said making her massive face level with Jonathan " And don't lie I know you do , I heard your thoughts". " Y-Yes I do ! But what's that got to do with you shrinking me ?! " Jonathan yelled. " Okay here's the deal Jon , YOU like this girls feet and I'm the goddess of love so I'll let you be with them. Today is Friday so I'll let you stay with her the weekend. On Monday everything will be normal again she won't remember anything. Don't worry about your parents I'll handle them. Now while you're shrunken you'll be indestructible , so she can't squish you by accident. You'll get to play with her feet all you want. Does that sound good ? ". Aphrodite stood up looking pleased with herself. Jonathan thought about it , this was everything he ever wanted ! And it was being offered to him ! But there must be some price he'd seen enough movies to know that. "What's the catch ? " he yelled up. " No catch Jon , this is for both of our enjoyment I'm bored , you like feet , we all win. Look do we have a deal or not ?" Aphrodite said frowning. Jonathan thought for a few minutes , but he couldn't resist temptation. " Alright , deal ! " he shouted happily. " Perfect" Aphrodite said picking him up and bring him under the table Alexis sat at. Jonathan was dropped between Alexis's big and second toe , her nails were painted red, roughly. When he stood up Alexis's toes came up to about his waist. " Holy crap , a little ago her toes were no taller than my fingers, now they're almost as tall as me ! " he thought poking one. " Oh you're still too big , you'll need to be smaller to hide under her foot until she gets home then I'll make you this size again" Aphrodite snapped again. Jonathan began to shrink , soon enough Alexis's toes were a canyon surrounding him. " Get somewhere safe ! " Aphrodite yelled. Jonathan ran to a alcove under the skin between Alexis's toes and settled in on the soft flip flop material. " Get ready for the best weekend of your life Jon ! " Aphrodite smiled.

After Aphrodite disappeared time started up again. Ms. Henderson started talking again. Whispers could be heard from students. These were quite loud for Jonathan at his microscopic size. No one seemed to notice that Jonathan was not in his seat. " I guess Aphrodite did take care of it" Jonathan said aloud.
Alexis began to scrunch her gigantic toes, Jonathan flinched from the sound of it and looked around. " How long am I gonna be down here ? " he wondered. Shortly before Aphrodite had contacted Jonathan the clock had said 2:03. It was Jonathan's last class of the day and let out at 2:20. " Well I guess I'm stuck here" Jonathan laid down on the titanic flip flop. It still felt odd being so tiny to Jonathan , it was going to take some getting used to. Especially lying down between a girls huge toes , which admittedly gave him a little bit of a hard on. It was obvious Alexis took care of her feet they looked soft and without dryness. All around Jonathan was the smell of coconuts , which was probably the scent of a lotion.

After a while of admiring the view around him , the school bell rang loudly. Suddenly Alexis's titanic toes lifted and pushed together. Jonathan started to roll as the flip flop lifted off the ground. He caught onto the soft material and held on for dear life. The foot landed back on the ground loudly , shaking Jonathan violently. As the foot lifted off again Jonathan yelled in his head " Aphrodite !". " Yes ?" Aphrodite said with a slight giggle in her voice. " I'm gonna get knocked off of Alexis's flip flop if this keeps going ! Help !" Jonathan yelled still clinging. " Alright I'll help " there was a giggle and the distant sound of a snap. Jonathan's world went black and he could see nothing but darkness. Jonathan suddenly found himself staring up at Alexis's legs and chest and the bottom of her chin as she walked. There was still a small tremor but not as bad as before. " She put me on top of Alexis's foot ? " Jonathan thought confused. Jonathan tried to look down and found he couldn't . He tried to turn his head and nothing happened. " What the hell ?" Jonathan thought trying to raise his arm and nothing happened again. Come to think of it Jon couldn't even feel his arms or legs or anything else ! " What'd you do ! " he yelled his breath quickening. " Heh heh weeeeelllll I turned you into the girls foot" Aphrodite said laughing.

" WHAT ! " Jon screamed " WHY ?! ". " So you wouldn't fall off , now you can't lose her. No one can see or hear you except me , to every mortal that sees you you're just a girls foot ! Hahahahaha" Aphrodite was obviously enjoying herself. " How long will I be like this ?! " Jonathan thought frightened. " Still until the girl gets home , then I'll turn you back into your tiny self again " Aphrodite said with less excitement " well you have fun now Jon-Jon". Jon realized the conversation was over. As Alexis's foot Jon had no control over himself. Every time she took a step he felt a slight pressure on what should have been his back but was now Alexis's soft sole. He could feel whenever she scrunched her toes ... it was oddly relaxing. Currently Alexis's was walking with a friend and talking about some homework assignment. " Alexis ! Over here ! " a woman's voice said from somewhere Jon couldn't see. His field of view was limited. Alexis waved goodbye to her friend and picked up her pace. She arrived at a white car and opened the door then got in. " Hi mom " she said happily. " Ahhh so that voice was her mom" Jon thought. The mother and daughter began a normal after school conversation. Alexis slid her feet out of the flip flops and crossed them at the ankles. She dug her toes into the carpeting of the car. Jon could see and feel Alexis's other foot on top of him. Alexis's sole dominated Jon's view. " We'll this isn't all bad " he thought happily.

After a while the car drove up a slight incline and stopped. " We're home ! " Alexis's mom said and Jon heard a car door open and close. Alexis got out of the car , walked into the house, and then into her room. All the while Jon could still only see Alexis's legs and chest. Alexis plopped her back pack down and sat down on her bed. She started to slid her feet out of her flip flops, Jon's world went black again. When he opened his eyes he found himself tiny and human . He was laying down on his back on Alexis's flip flop. He looked up and froze. Alexis was staring right at him. " Is t-that you Jon ? " she said shakily.
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