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Author's Chapter Notes:
For some reason I can't add anymore categories to the story. So fair warning this story is mainly about feet. I'm going to add this chapter and one more today

The Goddess of Love: Chapter 5

Jon heard a knock on Alexis's door from his hiding place in the drawer. After a moment Jon heard Alexis and her mothers muffled conversation. Jon heard the door close and the drawer was tugged open. " Hey foot boy " Alexis said picking Jon up. She set Jon down carefully in front of her. " Sorry about that , I didn't want my mom to see you" Alexis sitting criss cross applesauce in the center of the bed. " It's fine , so what do we do now ? " Jon asked pacing in front of Alexis. " Well I usually go to bed pretty soon". " Alright , so where am I gonna sleep ? " Jon stopped pacing. " I had an idea about that actually " Alexis said smiling already. " Let's hear it". " Well I sleep on my stomach and don't move much so I thought you could sleep on my foot ". Alexis said excitedly.

For the second time that day Jon just about fell over from shock. He hadn't thought this day could get any better , he was wrong. " Y-yeah that sounds great ! " Jon said. " Okay well hold on " Alexis reached to her nightstand and plucked out a tissue " Don't want you to get cold". She gave Jon the tissue and told him to walk towards the edge of the bed so she wouldn't hit him. She turned off the lights and laid down on the bed. " Well climb aboard and get comfortable" Alexis said looking at Jon. Jon walked across the bed to Alexis's right foot. He climbed on top of it, laid down on her soft sole, and pulled the tissue around himself. " You comfortable down there ? " Alexis called. " Yep ". " Alright see you in the morning " she said happily. Fifteen minutes later Alexis was out cold. Jon was laying there smiling to himself. Yet again he had a hard on. He admired how soft Alexis's soles were , they were quite comfortable actually. Soon enough he went to sleep too.

Jon woke up bleary eyed. He rolled over and realized he was still on top of Alexis's foot. He pulled the tissue off and stood up on the bed. From the slight snoring noise he knew Alexis was still asleep. Jon walked in front of Alexis's gigantic upturned toes and put his tiny foot on her big toe. It started to twitch , so Jon took his foot off. He plopped down and watched the ATV sized toes in front of him. A sudden urge came over him. Jon leaned forward and licked Alexis's big toe. It didn't taste bad at all , it really had no taste actually. Jon leaned back and waited for Alexis to wake up.

A half hour later Alexis woke up , she told Jon to wait where he was. She went to the bathroom and had breakfast with her parents. She came back some time later and gave Jon some small pieces of bacon. " So I'm gonna go somewhere with my dad we'll be back in a bit " She said getting dressed . She told Jon not to look. Jon turned his head " You're gonna leave me here ? ". " I can't take you with me too dangerous , no I'll leave you in here" She said kneeling in front of him. " Fine" Jon said slightly disappointed. " Don't worry we'll have fun later , okay ? And here I'll put you on the floor so you can hide easy, just in case". " Alright , bye" She said closing the bedroom door behind her. With that Alexis was gone and Jon was left alone. He went and sat in Alexis's huge flip flop. " This isn't what Aphrodite promised" he thought sadly.

Suddenly there was a flash of light and two giant sandal clad feet appeared in front of Jon. Jon looked up and saw Aphrodite smiling down at him. " Well I do hate to disappoint" she said picking him up. " Whoa ! What are you doing ! ". Aphrodite carried Jon out into Alexis's living room and sat on the couch , still holding him. " While Alexis is gone I still need to entertain myself Jon. And I thought of a great way". Aphrodite said with a wicked grin. " What do you mean ? " Jon asked getting slightly scared. Aphrodite reached down and pulled out Alexis's moms size 14 flat. " Oh god " Jon said his eyes widening. " Teresa needs some foot love too Jon , they never get attention ! ".

Aphrodite dropped Jon into the flat on his back. Jon tried to get up and found he couldn't. " Ah,ah,ah Jon-Jon you aren't leaving Teresa's feet until Alexis gets home. Hahahahaha" Aphrodite disappeared. Alexis's mom came into view and sat down on the couch. She sighed and pulled her flats out with her toes. Jon fought violently but to no avail. The last thing Jon saw was Teresa's titanic foot sliding on top his tiny, trapped body.
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