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Author's Chapter Notes:
Here's chapter 2 re-edited

" Uh Yes ... It's me Alexis" Jon said feeling suddenly nervous. Jon hadn't even thought of how Alexis would react to all this. He doubted she would go for it. " Why are so small ? And on my shoe ?" She said still sounding scared. Oh god ! how would Jon explain his size and why he was laying on her flip flop ? " Go ahead , tell her Jon I'll just erase her memory. Tell her I shrunk you." Aphrodite's voice said in Jon's head. What else could Jon say ?

Jonathan quickly retold his tale to Alexis. He left out the part about himself having a foot fetish of course. He made it sound like it was by random chance he was shrunken. All the while Alexis's face became more disbelieving. " Alright , so why are you wearing that white thing ? " Alexis said frowning. " It just sort of appeared on me when I shrank" Jon said feeling the toga , which was actually quite soft. " This all seemed a little crazy Jon , I mean a Greek Goddess came down to Earth just to shrink you and put you in my shoe ?" Alexis said. " Ummm a little help here please ? " Jonathan thought. " Call upon me out loud , I'll prove my power and existence to her" Aphrodite answered sounding slightly angry. " Aphrodite ! " Jonathan yelled aloud " please come forward and reveal your power".

Suddenly Alexis made a surprised sound. Jonathan looked up at her, but she was already looking down. Jon followed her gaze and just about fell over. Alexis's feet were steadily beginning to grow. Her toes ballooning and feet elongating. Alexis looked on in horror whimpering quietly. Despite his shock Jon found himself slightly turned on by it. Alexis's feet seemed to have a mind of their own. The toes were wriggling quickly. " Ah ! Please Aphrodite I'm sorry for doubting you ! " Alexis yelled. Just as quickly as they grew Alexis's feet began to shrink back to normal size. Jon found himself slightly disappointed. " Honey ? Are you alright in there ? " Alexis's moms voice called. Jon could hear massive foot steps coming down the hall. " Oh crap , wait here " Alexis said getting up. Her gigantic sole flew over Jon's head. " Where am I gonna go ? " he thought sarcastically. Alexis came back into the room a few minutes later. She carefully stepped around Jon , who was still standing on her flip flop. Jon couldn't take his eyes off her pretty toes. " Alright , my mom is leaving for awhile and my dad doesn't get home until like 10. Sooo ... you're stuck like this until Sunday night ? " she said. " I suppose so " Jon replied. " What should we do until then ? " Alexis asked. " Well first could you ... pick me up ? It's starting to hurt my neck starring up at you like this" Jon asked shyly. " Oh ! Um sure " Alexis said lowering her hand " Climb on". Jon scrambled onto her hand and stood up. It felt odd to stand on skin.

Alexis raised him to eye level " Better ?" She asked. " Much " Jon replied. " Would it be alright if I carried you out to the living room ? I usually watch TV after school" She asked politely, holding her hand as steady as possible. " Yeah , that's fine. I do that too" . Alexis bent her fingers to shield Jon . She got up and walked out into the living room. Jon held onto her pointer finger to keep balance. Along the way Jon admired Alexis's house . The place was huge , even if Jon wasn't tiny, the walls were white, and everything looked fairly expensive. Alexis lowered her hand onto the coffee table and Jon hoped off. The TV was huge ! A large expensive looking flat screen sat in front of him. It was like a movie screen. Suddenly the TV turned on. " You alright with MTV ?". " Yeah that's fine". Alexis propped her feet up on the coffee table without thinking. Jon was mesmerized. She clenched and unclenched her toes slowly , enjoying the show. Jon badly wanted to run up and rub and kiss those feet. But he held himself back , who knew how Alexis would react to that ? She may freak out.

Alexis noticed Jon staring at her feet. She pulled them off the table " Sorry that must be weird for you ". " No , no it's fine I don't mind" he said walking towards her. " Okay then , if you don't mind " she said putting them back up next to each other. Jon sat down criss cross apple sauce. He pretended to watch TV but he was really watching Alexis's feet out of the corner of his eye. The TV turned off without warning, Jon turned to Alexis " Why'd you turn it off ?". " Alright , I'm just gonna come out and ask you. Ever since I found you you've been staring at my feet Jon and I even found you in my shoe". Jon's eyes widened " Yeah so ? " he said defensively. " Oh god she noticed I'm an idiot !" Jon thought. " Do you like my feet Jon ?". Well there it was, the question that would ruin all of this. Alexis would think he was weirdo and make him leave. " Damn, I didn't even get to rub them ... might as well tell the truth". " Fine , yes I have a foot fetish. That's why Aphrodite shrank me so I could play on your feet and rub them. I'm sorry, I never should have done this" Jon said lowering his head. " No ... Don't be sorry Jon". Jon looked up confused. " No ones ever liked my feet before. It's sweet in a weird way. Jon ... would you like to rub my feet ?".
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