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Author's Chapter Notes:
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The Goddess of Love: Chapter 15 - Finale

Alexis was sitting on her bed. Her back was on the headboard and her legs stretched out in front of her. She was watching some family sitcom. Jon was back in the seat of honor. He sat in between Alexis's big and second toe. One foot up on his knee while he watched the show as well. The foot Jon sat on was crossed at the ankle on top of the other. Jon glanced back at the clock on Alexis's nightstand. The clock read 11:20. Jon's time with Alexis was coming to an end. He had immensely enjoyed the weekend. Even with the occasional trick from Aphrodite ( which weren't all bad ) he'd had fun. Aphrodite had delivered on their deal. After all the time he'd spent with Alexis's feet he knew them well. Their fragrance , the length of her toes , even the small wrinkles. He would miss being with her and them. Somehow Jon knew he wouldn't be returning here anytime soon. " I really hate to say it Jon but I have to get to bed. It is a school night " Alexis said sadly. Jon turned around " Yeah , I understand ". Alexis reached down and picked Jon up. " You won't be here in the morning , huh ? ". " No , probably not ". " Well , I had a really great time with you this weekend. I didn't think it'd be so much fun having a tiny guy playing with my feet. If you ever wanna come back its fine with me " Alexis grinned. Jon hadn't told her she would remember none of their adventures over the weekend. He just didn't have the heart to tell her. " Yeah , I most certainly will " he lied. " As a final favor to you , you can sleep on my foot tonight " she said putting him on the bed. Alexis got comfortable and Jon walked down to her foot and climbed onto the sole. Alexis dropped a tissue on top of him. Jon took it and got comfortable. " Well , I guess I'll see ya around Jon. Good night ". " Good night , Alexis ". Jon laid on Alexis's sole remembering everything they did over the weekend. His hard on made a final appearance. Jon smiled and picked his head up the clock read 11:58. Two more minutes and the weekend was over. Jon looked down at Alexis's foot and kissed it a few times. He laid his head back down and closed his eyes. The clock flashed to 12:00.

Jon sat up suddenly , the bed cover falling off his chest. His alarm clock was blaring loudly. He hit the snooze button. It was 5:30 in the morning , the usual time he woke up for school. He was in his own bed , in his boxers. Not on a huge , soft sole of a beautiful girl. Jon sat and thought. Maybe the entire thing had been a dream ? No , it was way too real. But the Greek gods were just myths , right ? Deep now Jon had a feeling it all really happened , but his logical side rejected it. All Jon knew for sure was he had to get ready for school. He rolled out of bed and walked into the bathroom.

Aphrodite looked down from the clouds on her marble throne. She began to laugh to herself. " Oh , Jon-Jon. You have no idea that the games are just beginning ! "
Chapter End Notes:
And so ends my first story. Thank you for reading especially those who stuck with it from the beginning. It was a rocky start, but I will try to make my future content much better. I'll see you all next time!
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