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The Goddess of Love: Chapter 12

Jon's jaw dropped without him meaning it to. " Are you serious ? You really want that ? " he asked still slightly shocked. " Yes , I do. This is our last day together , right ? I wanna make it the best one yet " Alexis replied still grinning nervously. " Are you absolutely sure about this ? " Jon asked wearily. He couldn't help thinking how Aphrodite would take advantage of this for one of her tricks. " Look Jon if you don't ask her I will. And I think she'll do it " Alexis said putting her hands on her hips. Jon had no doubt the goddess would. " Fine , I'll ask her " Jon conceded. " Oh ! But ask her to do it slowly. I don't wanna just shoot up. We have plenty of time for it to be slow ". Jon stood in silence for a few moments " Okay , let's do it ". Jon sent his thoughts to Aphrodite. Jon took a step back , not knowing what to expect. Nothing appeared to be happening to Alexis. She certainly didn't shoot up. " Well , " Jon whispered " , how do you feel ? ".

" I felt a weird tingling feeling for a few seconds but then it disappeared " Alexis said looking down at herself. " You did want it to be slow ". " Yeah , true. Well I guess we don't need to be here just yet. This is for when I get really big , " she indicated the large warehouse " , for now let's go back to my house ". The two suddenly appeared back in Alexis's house. " I guess I don't need to ask Aphrodite for anything anymore. She's doing it herself ". " Well until I start growing , lets watch TV " Alexis said sitting down on the couch. Jon and Alexis sat and watched an over the top action movie for awhile. " Alright , my shoes feel smaller on me and so do the jeans. Stand up , let's check my progress ". Jon stood up and faced Alexis. When they were both normal height Alexis came up to a few inches below Jon's shoulder. Now , she was staring at Jon's throat. " Yes ! It's working ! " Alexis squealed happily. " Yeah , it is. I've been meaning to ask ; just how big do you wanna get ? " Jon asked reluctantly. " Oh , you'll see , " Alexis's smile widened " , now lets have Aphrodite speed it up a bit ".

In seconds Alexis's eyes were level with Jon's. Still Alexis continued to grow. Barefoot , Jon's height was about 5'10. Alexis was a foot taller than Jon now. In the process Alexis's shirt had torn , her jeans had torn in places and were inches above her ankles. Her toes had poked right out of her shoes. Alexis started growing again. Alexis's feet exploded out her shoes , quickly covering up the tattered remains. There was a loud snap ; Jon could only assume it was Alexis's bra. Her shirt ( and bra ) fell to the ground in tatters as well. Her jeans had multiple tears and only covered above her knees. The whole time Alexis just stared down at her growing self in shock. " That's enough ! " Alexis yelled. She stopped growing as suddenly as she started. Alexis covered her exposed bosom , blushing. Jon looked up in amazement , Alexis had to be over 7 feet tall. " Wasn't quite expecting that " she breathed nervously. " Me neither ". Alexis shifted around nervously , her devilish grin suddenly returned. " Sit back down at one end of the couch ". Jon did as he was told still mesmerized. Alexis sat down at the other end and brought her new long legs up onto couch. Planting her new , much larger , feet in Jon's lap.

" Growing out of my shoes really hurt my feet ; could you massage them for me ? " Alexis asked still covering her chest with her arms. Jon's eyes widened " O-Of course ". Jon looked down at Alexis's feet. They were much bigger , almost the size of her mothers. Jon's hard on made a appearance yet again. While she was growing Alexis's red toe nail polish and chipped off , leaving only small pieces. Alexis's toes wiggled expectantly. Jon looked at Alexis , she just smiled at him. Jon set to work. He rubbed Alexis's long toes and sole diligently. Her big toe was almost the size of his ring finger ! Jon had his hands on both sides of Alexis's left foot , kneading in his thumbs , when he felt an odd sensation under his hands. He looked closely and saw to his liking that Alexis's foot was still growing as he rubbed. As was the rest of the girl.
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