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Author's Chapter Notes:
Time to take a ride with Teresa's feet!
The Goddess of Love: Chapter 10

Teresa rose from her seat. The underside of her toe pressed down as she started to walk , nearly touching Jon's back. The ride wasn't as bad as it had been with Alexis. Teresa walked slowly , with graceful steps. Jon was still mad about Aphrodite's surprise. She knew he now wanted nothing to do with Teresa's size 14 beasts. But Jon also he had no say in the matter. If Aphrodite didn't get her way who knew what she would do to Jon. While Jon reveled in his anger , Teresa had made it to Alexis's dads car. Her toes scrunched up over Jon as she lifted her foot into the car. Once inside the car she put her feet up on the small carpeted wall under the dash. Jon crawled out from underneath her toe. He rolled over so his back was on the flip flop. He put his feet on the space between Teresa's big and second toe , and his hands on the sides of either toe for balance.

From his new position Jon saw Teresa was sitting in the passenger seat with her eyes closed. To his dismay he couldn't see Alexis in the back seat. Jon carefully considered his options. He thought about sliding down the behemoth that was Teresa's foot to the floor and then crawling under the seat to get to Alexis. No, Jon could get stuck or lost or there could be no way out from under the seat. And Jon didn't like his chances of getting back onto Teresa's foot if his idea didn't work. Jon would stay where he was.

Alexis was enjoying having Jon under her toes. It was much more fun than she thought it was going to be. Alexis looked out the car window and realized , with some disappointment , they would be home in a few minutes. The SUV pulled into the driveway and parked. Alexis was the first out of the car , she didn't want Jon to get claustrophobic in her shoe. Her dad opened the door and Alexis rushed to her room. She shut the door and sat down on the edge of the bed. She slipped her foot out of her right shoe. She waited a moment but Jon didn't appear at the opening to her shoe. " Okay , you can come out foot boy. You've had your fun " Alexis called playfully. Still Jon didn't come out. " I swear if this is another prank you are so dead " Alexis said picking up her shoe. She looked inside it , the shoe was empty. " This isn't funny Jon " she called out. Jon didn't start speaking in her head or suddenly appear. Alexis began to feel sick. What if she had left him at the restaurant !

Jon sighed , still staring up at the underside of Teresa's large toe. Once the family had got home she had gone into her office and sat down at the computer. She had been here for awhile now. Teresa started to get up. " Where are we going now ? " Jon wondered. Jon realized with excitement she was going to Alexis's room ! She knocked on the door and after a moment Alexis opened the door ! Jon crawled out from his hiding place and saw Alexis's bare feet just inside the door. Jon stood up and hoped off the flip flop , running into the room. He ran past Alexis's feet and to the foot of her bed. After a short conversation Alexis closed the door. She turned and walked to her bed and sat down. Jon ran around the corner of the bed. Alexis had her head in her hands and she was crying. " Oh god , she probably thinks something bad must've happened to me " Jon thought sadly. He truly hated seeing girls cry. Especially when he caused it. Jon ran up to Alexis's feet and hugged her toe. Alexis lifted her head and looked down. She gasped with surprise and reached down to gently pick Jon up. " I'm so glad you're ok ! What happened ? " she said wiping her eyes. Jon told her the story but made it seem as if it was an accident , not Aphrodite's cruel joke.

" You had to ride with my moms feet ! Oh , I'm so sorry I should've made sure you were in my shoe " she cried holding him to her face for the second time that day. " Don't worry it wasn't your fault it was mine. I didn't get in in time. " Jon said wiping the wetness away from Alexis's cheek. " I'm just glad you're okay ". The two sat in silence for a bit. Alexis pulled Jon away from her face " So , what should we do now ? ". " How about we call it a night , it's been a long day ". " Okay " Alexis got up and turned the lights off , and then put pajamas on . She laid down on her back on the bed. Alexis placed Jon on her chest. " You can sleep up here with me tonight " she said grinning. " Fine with me ". Jon sprawled out on the giantesses chest. And that's how the two went to sleep.
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