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The sun rose slowly on a cool spring morning. Streaks of yellow and orange painted the sky, chasing away the darkness. Some people were already up and awake, ready to begin a new, wonderful day.

Little Joey Jojo was eager to begin a new day of school. He gathered his belongings, hugged his beautiful mother, and told her that he might be late coming back home from school. He'd just asked one of his classmates out, a little girl by the name of Alina. It was puppy love of course, as they were both only in Elementary, but what harm was there in a little hand-holding after school?

Joey stepped outside and skipped happily to the curb. Though the sun had only risen minutes ago, he wanted to be a little gentleman, and walk Alina to school. It was supposed to be short and easy, but it wasn't long before he found himself in a heap of trouble.

Stopping at a street corner, he waited for a car to pass when he got the feeling that he was being watched. Being watched by someone big, much much bigger than himself. Anxiety built up in his heart as he turned slowly, and craning his neck upward to see, towering high above him, the face of Deon, the neighborhood bully.

“Jojo... where are you skipping off to?” Deon asked with a sneer.

Joey didn't know what to do. He tried to speak, but found he could only stutter nervously as the bully looked down on him, completely intimidating him. The vehicle he'd been waiting for had crossed awhile back, and Joey made a snap decision.

The young boy's feet became a blur as he ran, the older bully chasing closely behind. It didn't last long though, thanks to a size advantage, Deon quickly tackled Joey in mid-run, before ripping into the boy's backpack. He didn't know what exactly he was looking for, but anything worth stealing would be nice.

“LEAVE HIM ALONE!” A shrill, high pitched voice shouted.

Deon turned his head to see a small blonde girl about Joey's age shouting at him. Though he wasn't the least bit intimidated by her, he knew that he would be in serious trouble were news to get out that he hit a girl. The girl's fists were clenched as she stomped toward him, and Deon decided to back away, clutching the stolen $1.50 in lunch money Joey's mother had given him.

Once Deon had left the scene, Joey stood up slowly, trying to keep a strong face. He didn't want his new girlfriend to know that he was on the verge of tears from the assault, and had to keep strong so she wouldn't worry about him. He dusted himself off, wincing as his hands rubbed against a scraped knee, and his wide eyes became dewy.

“Are you okay?” Alina asked, giving Joey a hug. The two schoolchildren embraced a moment, and Joey could feel the pain in his scraped knee begin to fade as he embraced the girl. She always made him feel this way, and he idly wished the moment would never end.

Then, the sky went dark. The two panicked, and Alina pointed straight up, screaming. A huge, pretty bare foot was hovering in the sky, and it was headed directly for them. They looked to each other and silently mouthed their love as the soft, pretty skin of the foot pressed them into the street, forever crushed in their embrace and providing nothing more than a soft tingle to the giantess who'd idly stepped on them.



Two gorgeous young women were sitting in a ruined city square. Crushed buildings were strewn about, and the distinct shape of footprints littered the debris. Red splotches dotted the skin of the giantesses, along with the devastated landscape.

“And you made all that up over the course of a single step?” The first giantess asked, brushing her shoulder-length, brown hair out of her face.

“No, Melissa, it's not a made up story. It actually happened.” The second giantess scoffed while running her fingers through her own luxurious blonde locks. “I know everything, so I was able to relive my victim's final moments before they were, well, you know.” She giggled, her lips cracking into a smile.

“Bullshit Karen. How could you know about any of that?”

“I'm... um, omnipotent!” The thin blonde said, smiling nervously.

“I don't think omnipotent is the right word.” Melissa said, sifting her fingers through the dust and debris. “Maybe more along the lines of... incompetent.” She added, laughing.

“Oh really? You're the incompetent one. This beautiful landscape we created right here.” Karen said, standing and spreading her arms wide. “All me. You might as well be a splotch of spilled paint on my masterpiece.”

“Is that so, Miss 'Oh, I Don't Want To Step On That School Bus Because The Last One Exploded And Burned Me?” Melissa taunted, standing to her full, wondrous height. “Or maybe it's Miss, 'No, Don't Eat The People From The Hospital, They're Poisonous!'?”

“Hey!” Karen answered as she stood and pressed her chest into her best friends. “You got sick and had to sit out for a couple of days after!” She nearly shouted, taking her friends taunts personally.

“And yet I still had a higher body count than you!” Melissa laughed, her eyes catching movement on the street. Never taking her eyes off Karen, she moved her bare foot over the tiny, fleeing man and crushed him using only her big toe. Grinning, she twisted it on the ground, before whispering, “Plus one.”

“I don't wanna start anything here Melissa, but you're insane if you think your total can even compare to mine?” The pretty blonde said incredulously as she spotted some movement at her feet as well. With a lazy movement, she slid her entire sole back, rolling over the fleeing blue car like a steamroller and transforming it into a sheet of blue metal tinged with red.

“Of course I'm way better at this Karen! Just look at us! Look at this.” Melissa said, bending over slightly and slapping her huge, round bottom. The jiggle lasted for several seconds before she continued, simply adding, “Or are you too tiny to stand up to me?

“I am not tiny!” The perky blonde nearly shouted, her face glowing red with frustration.

“Then what do you say we have a contest?” Melissa said, her tone suggested it'd been her plan all along. “Next city we get to will have us competing in a few... events, so to say.”

“You'd really sacrifice the lives of so many innocents just to see who was better?” Karen asked, her tone suddenly grave, and serious. “You're really fucked up Melissa. They may be tiny, but they're people. They have thoughts, dreams, friends, and lives of their own. What right do we have to infringe upon that? I just don't know if we can be friends anymore.” Karen said, shaking her head in disappointment.

“It wasn't funny the first time you did that joke, nor was it the next three-hundred times Karen.” Melissa groaned, rubbing her temples with her fingers. “Now let's get moving.” She ordered, taking her first step out of the city, leaving perfectly formed footprints behind her.

“One of these days I'll make you laugh.” Karen giggled, completely losing her serious demeanor. She skipped after Melissa, pausing a moment to kick over a building that'd had the audacity to remain standing in their wake. The pair was nothing if not thorough, and with a fire in their hearts, they were both ready to prove superior over their closest friend other at the next victim of a city.

The destructive pair strode through the countryside, stopping to flatten the occasional farmhouse between their pretty toes. This turned into a competition of sorts as well, with each ruining acres of farmland in an attempt to reach a house first.

With even this turning into a game, it was inevitable that there would be some form of dispute as both girls spotted a lone house at the same time. The tiny, scared owner noticed the twin giantesses rushing for his home, and made a feeble attempt at escape. In less than a second, two impossibly huge walls of flesh slid through the soft earth and bulldozed the owner and his home.

“I totally got the guy!” Melissa bragged, placing more weight on her foot and deepening the hole she'd created.

“The contest wasn't to crush people, it was houses!” Karen whined, sliding her foot back to reveal splintered and cracked wood. As expected, there was no red dot anywhere, and she frowned, secretly hoping she'd managed to get both.

“It so was not, Karen. We never specified because that was the first, and people are worth double points. So I win this encounter, Two-One! Guess who only got one?” Melissa grinned, lifting her foot and wiping the bottom on top of Karen's toes. A muddy red stain streaked the blonde's fair skin, proving that the brunette had managed to stomp the man.

“Yeah, well...” Karen said, looking hurt over the sudden addition of rules. “That was only a practice round! The actual city will have some real rules! And the loser has to be the winner's slave!” She said confidently, placing her hands on her hips.

“Someone's confident.” Melissa taunted, bending over to look her slightly shorter friend in the eye. “We'll see how much you appreciate those terms when you're kissing my big, perfect ass.” She said in a sing-songy voice, giving the blonde a friendly shove.

“Good.” Karen said, lifting her own foot and brushing the splinters and debris onto the top of Melissa's bare toes. “But you should prepare to worship my dirty, gross feet!” She finished, standing on her tip toes to stare the brunette in the eye.

“Hmph.” Melissa said, pressing her chest into her friends and leaning forward. “Then let's make it official with a handshake!”

“Deal!” Karen shouted back, leaning forward and shoving her own, larger chest into Melissa's.

“Fine!” Melissa shouted, suddenly stepping back, so Karen lost her balance and fell face first onto the tiny farmland without the support of her friend. A haughty laugh could be heard high overhead as Karen climbed back to her feet, ready to wipe that smug smile off of Melissa's face.
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