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                I first met Roger when he was on business in Hawaii. We just met by chance, as he was vacationing and so was I. I didn’t know at the time that he had just gotten out of a bad relationship. I wasn’t really looking to find anyone in particular. I was well into my thirties and, I had gotten use to the idea of being single. I knew there was a chance I could find mister right, but those odds were as they say in Vegas “a long shot”.

                We were both part of the same tour group but, on the first day we didn’t say anything to each other. It wasn’t until we were being taken by bus to several historical sites around the island that we started talking. I was in the seat right across from him. It started out, we were both sitting alone and sometimes the sight would be on my side of the bus other times his. So we kind of made a pact to share our space.

                This broke the ice, and after that we spent 8 days laughing and talking. It was amazing. I had never felt such a connection to anyone in my life. We could talk about anything and it didn’t feel awkward or strange. It was as if we had known each other forever, and were just reconnecting.

                When the vacation ended, we made plans to stay in touch. It started out just exchanging emails, then phone calls. Soon he was flying out to see me on a semi regular basis. It was an amazing five months, however when he proposed to me, it was a bit of a shock. I didn’t know what to say. What do you say, when you never expected to find love and then here is the man that brought about these incredible feeling you didn’t even know existed inside of you asking to marry you. I had no choice but to say yes.

                As soon as I said yes, he hugged me and we kissed. It was a great a moment. Then he became very serious as he looked at me. I thought he was going to tell me he was dying or something based off how white his face looked. So when he told me that he had a daughter, I was just thrilled he wasn’t dying. A sense of relief washed over me for several minutes as he explained to me that he wasn’t trying to keep her a secret or anything. He just didn’t want to get her hopes up until he was sure this was real and forever. As the divorce with her mother hard on her.

                I told him understood. My parents had divorced when I was younger so I knew a bit about how she must have been feeling. However, nothing prepared me for the first meeting. I thought I was ready. I thought I was prepared, but I wasn’t anything of the sort. I walked into Roger’s house expecting to see seven or eight year old child the way he talked about her. However, the girl who strode down the stairs was clearly anything but. In fact, the contrary was quite true.  

                “Hello, I’m Rachel Saunders” I said to the girl extending my hand out. I didn’t really know what kind of reaction I was going to get, but the scowl on her face told me that she would not be joining the Rachel Saunders fan club anytime soon.  The way she looked at me quite frankly gave me willies.

                “Tawnee Cruz, but I’m sure you already know that.” She said sweetly enough, but the sarcasm ringing from her words told another story. The glare she looked at me was quickly replaced as her father looked down at her.

                Roger led us into the dining room with Tawnee, and I sitting across from each other, and Roger sitting next me. As we ate dinner the conversation was great. The scowl and anger I felt from the introductions was nowhere to be found. I wondered if I had just imagined the whole thing or if it was just my nerves making me see things that weren’t there.

                We thought it would be best to not tell Tawnee of our engagement right away. We wanted her to get use to the idea of Roger and I being together. So I stayed at a hotel for a couple weeks and we did several things with just three of us. Tawnee was always rather warm and engaging when her father was around, but the moment Roger would leave the conversation would turn a bit icy. In fact I could swear that when I wasn’t looking at her that she would be shooting daggers at me with her eyes.

                We were approaching the end of the third week when Roger and I finally broke the news to Tawnee. She flew off the handle at this point. That scowl and hidden rage I saw on the first day. The icy personality when we were together all bubbled up to the surface.  Tawnee was a shorter girl standing at five foot one, so I had a good six inches on her and I still felt a twinge of fear as she spat hate towards me for several minutes before storming off to her room.

                Needless to say, I didn’t see Roger the next day. We talked on the phone for a few hours, however we thought it was best to let Tawnee have some space. It wasn’t until three days after what we have taken to call  “the incident” that I even saw Roger. We were both beginning to wonder if maybe this wasn’t going to work. As while we loved each other dearly neither of us wanted to hurt Tawnee. While we both came to this conclusion, I knew Roger wouldn’t be able to go through with it.  He loved me too much to just walk away.

                I decided that night I would just go over that morning, and let him know that it was over for now. Maybe down the road if circumstances changed we could revisit the idea, but I knew it wasn’t fair to Tawnee who was obviously still upset over the divorce, and not ready to see her father with another woman.

                Just as I had gotten into bed, my phone rang. The number was unknown so I almost didn’t answer it, but my curiosity got the better of me so I picked it up. I was shocked when I heard Tawnee’s voice on the other end. She wanted to talk in the morning. I agreed, knowing I was going to head over there anyway, and now I knew for certain that one way or the other this would definitely be over.

                I arrived at Roger’s house promptly at nine. I was still a bit taken aback over just how nice of a house it was. It was a gorgeous two story building with large windows all over next to a beautiful lake. It was one of those kinds of homes I always dreamed about living in as a girl growing up.  Snapping myself out of my day dreams I clutched the letter I had wrote out for Roger. As if the meeting with Tawnee went badly I knew waiting around for Roger would be out of question, and I could always call him and explain things in more detail later after he had processed everything.

                I knocked on the door and nervously waited what felt like hours, but in reality was only about thirty seconds. The door opened up revealing Tawnee who ushered me in. The tension in the room felt thick, at least it did to me. I don’t know how Tawnee felt, but I was ready to call it quits there on spot. However, I had come this far so I needed to see this through. Even if there was the slightest chance Roger and I could work out, I needed to take that chance. I owed him that much.

                We sat down at the kitchen table and Tawnee offered to get me a drink. I wasn’t thirsty, but I was so nervous. So I figured having her get me a drink would buy me some more time. I watched her stand up and head into kitchen. She was a fairly good looking girl. She had short black hair cut into a bob cut. I knew black wasn’t her natural color but, with her milky skin it really meshed well together.  She had on very baggy jeans with a black zip up hooded sweatshirt. I noticed the baggy clothes hid her thin appearance.

                Tawnee shoved the soda at me before sitting at the table with a cold icy glare that sent shivers down my spine. I didn’t even notice I was tapping my foot until I gripped my leg with my hand, and felt it moving up and down rapidly.  I knew I just needed to get this out, but I had trouble finding the words. However, once I started everything flowed out.

                I explained to her that I wasn’t trying to take her mother’s place, or push away her relationship with her father. That when my parents broke up the last thing I would have wanted was another person coming into my mom or dads life. I just want to make Roger happy. It sounded corny coming out but it was sincere, and I hoped that Tawnee would understand that.

                After I explained this she didn’t say anything for a few minutes, she just stared at me, then finally got up, and kind of paced about the room. She looked like she was planning to kill me based off the expression on her face, but she finally turned towards me, and spread her arms out. A toothy smile spread across her face, and before I knew it we were hugging. Wave upon wave of happiness washed over me, and then I heard a click followed by immense pain.

                Tawnee shoved herself away from me, and I stumbled to the ground. I could feel something constricting against my neck. My hands ran over a metal collar that I tried to pull it off, but I couldn’t find any lock or button to remove it.  It felt as if it was perfectly smooth all the way around. A burning sensation started to form around the collar, and frantically I tried to pull it off me.

                “Get it off, get it off.” I shouted while pulling at the collar. I rolled about on the ground in sheer agony as Tawnee stood over me. Her meek five foot frame looked tall and powerful as a smirk spread across her face.

The burning sensation around my neck subsided while my body was still writhing in pain. My limbs begun to flail as if I was having seizure, only I was fully conscious. I cried out for help again, but nothing came out of my mouth. Helplessness filled me as I found my eyes locked onto Tawnee, watching her standing over me as she appeared to get taller and taller by the minute.

I screamed for help, but by the time my voice came out of my mouth it was nothing more than a faint squeal. My clothes weighed heavily against me as they became looser and looser. Soon I felt like I was a little girl playing dress up in her mother’s clothes.  I tried to get them off of me as terror gripped me unsure of what was going on. However my own clothes felt too heavy to shove off of me.

“Help me!” I managed to get out and then everything went black. It was as if a tarp had been dropped on me.  My flailing begun to subside and I started to regain control over my body. 

I just laid on the ground for several minutes gasping for air trying to regain full control over my body.  The tarp was then jerked upwards, and I slid end over end down the tarp tumbling back down onto the ground. The moment I hit the ground I knew something was wrong. Tall white fibers rose up from the ground all over.  Instantly I recognized them as Rogers high shag carpeting that I had fallen in love with. I loved how you kind of sunk into it as you walked across it.  However, now it looked so big. As I stood up the carpet rose well above my ankles.

“How’s the view down there?” Tawnee’s voice boomed. It sounded far away, yet powerful. It was reminiscent of thunder in that way. The booms sound right on top of you, yet at the same time they sound so far away. I looked around still confused for a moment until I looked too the far left and right, on either side of me stood now massive bare feet.

“You’re right Rachel; you won’t be taking place of my mother. You won’t ever be taking the place of my mother. You ruined everything. They were going to get back together. You just-just got in the way. You won’t get in the way anymore. Will you Rachel!” Tawnee said.

I nervously looked up at the normally tiny thin girl who now towered over me. Tawnee never gave the appearance that she could over power me or anyone till now.  The floor groaned and shook as Tawnee shifted her feet and knelt down over me. A sense of dread and panic assaulted me as I tried to stand up. I didn’t know how or where I was going to go, but every sense I had was telling me to run. I managed to get to my feet, and I took off running as fast as I could in the tall carpet.  A second later her hand came down against the ground as if it were a wall.  I tried to stop but, I crashed right into it.

“You’re not going anywhere.” Tawnee boomed as I fell back onto the ground. My head slammed against the floor, while I fought desperately to push back the tears; but soon enough they slid down my face as I writhed in pain on the floor.

“Why are you doing this?” I said in a voice so high pitched I startled myself as I wiped the tears from my face.  My eyes focused on her now gigantic toes.  The sound they made was one that I wont ever forget.  Tawnee wiggled her toes drumming them against the floor. The drumming was so loud it sounded like explosions going off overhead.

As I struggled to my feet my eyes were transfixed on the sheer size of Tawnee. While her blue painted toenails were distracting, her now endlessly long denim covered legs were terrifying. Tawnee always had a lot of leg to her, and now from my vantage point I found myself just barely able to see the hooded sweatshirt she had on.

The pain I was experiencing begun to subside, as I shivered a bit making the fact I was completely nude apparent to me for the first time. As I went to cover myself for a bit of modesty a pressing against my neck became noticeable.  I ran my hands over my neck and a flood of memories came back to me. I remembered clutching the collar Tawnee had put on me. I was trying to get it off but, couldn’t. The collar now had fused to the skin around my neck. It felt as if it were a part of me.  I panicked at this point. I grasped the collar on either side and tried to turn or twist it, but the collar was quite literally fused to my skin and, it gave no indication it was ready to let go.

“You aren’t getting that off, so you might as well give it up. You’re mine now bitch. I wish I could say it wasn’t personal, but it was, you little home wrecker. The only person who will be with my father is my mother. You got that?” Tawnee shouted down at me. I watched her foot rise up into the air. The shadow of her foot hung over me while my eyes transfixed on the underside of her foot. It looked at the dry, feint lines where they were starting to crack which were visible in a few places.

“Please Tawnee, Please!” I begged as a grin spread across her face.  I staggered to my feet quickly looking from left to right. The entire kitchen looked huge now. The table and chair I was just sitting at, rose up above me like monuments. The thought I was just sitting on one of those chairs felt so unimaginable now. Dust that wasn’t even noticeable to me before, now looked to be everywhere as I continued to scan for a place to hide, however  there wasn’t any place I could go that Tawnee couldn’t get too.

Dread pulsated through me as a gust of wind pressed down against my body as her foot descended downward. I started run towards Tawnee as fast as I could, hoping to outpace her foot, but the shadow seemed to get wider and wider.  As I stole a glance upwards, I saw the cracked heel of her foot just inches from me. I knew I wasn’t going to make it.  Not knowing what else to do, I dove to the ground so that I could slide across the floor.

The boom of her foot hitting the floor was deafening as I looked back seeing my two feet just clearing the back of her heel as it touched the ground. I pulled myself off the floor and ran away from Tawnee. The sound of her voice rang down around me like that of the gods themselves. She was telling me to stop, but there was no chance of that happening. I had to hide somewhere until Roger could get home, and then he could force her to change me back.

“I warned you” Tawnee said, and then a moment later intense pain radiated through my body. I dropped to the floor as my body spasms. The pain was incredible as tears welled in my eyes, while my limbs beat against the floor.

“When you disobey, try to run, don’t do exactly what I say that little shock you just felt was the lowest setting. Disobedience will not be tolerated bitch. I told you that I own you, and your punishment is a lifetime of servitude. You will spend every moment of every day trying to make up for the fact you ruined my life.

“Please, just let me go Tawnee. I was going to leave. There’s a note in my purse for Roger. Just let me go, you won’t ever hear from me again.” I desperately tried to explain.  A look of disbelief spread across her face, but her attention turned away from me and onto my purse still setting on top of the table.  Her entire body swiveled as she turned away from me. The floor rumbled even now under the weight of her footfalls as she walked towards the table, her arm reaching out for one of the chairs.

I looked on in a bit of awe, as that as big as Tawnee now looked, she moved with such grace. My mind unable to grasp that everything else wasn’t any bigger, it was me who was smaller. In my mind, I was looking at tables, counters, chairs, and Tawnee all ranging from as little as fifty feet to over a hundred feet tall. 

Watching Tawnee dig through my purse was nerve wracking as she pulled out my wallet and miscellaneous items before finally pulling out letter. It wasn’t sealed so I watched Tawnee read through the letter I wrote for her father. My heart was pounding, and my body shook nervously as my teeth chattered from the cool air. 

“This is perfect.” Tawnee gloated as a wave of relief hit me, and I allowed myself to smile.

“I wasn’t lying, you can give the letter to your father. Just change me back, and you won’t ever see me again.” I explained as I walked near Tawnee.

“I will definitely give this to my father, but this doesn’t change anything with us though. All this does is clear me and my father from any part of your disappearance.  The way I see it, you left my father and never made it home. This works out so much better than what I planned. I was actually a little worried about getting caught, but now, now no one will be poking around here for you.” Tawnee gloated as she looked down at me gleefully.

My heart absolutely stopped as I looked up at the titanic girl. I could feel absolute fear welling inside of me as I processed everything she had said. I kept trying to come up with some flaw, but she was right. I made this easy for her; in fact I practically signed myself over to her I thought until I remembered the car. I drove the car I was renting over here. She won’t ever be able to explain that off.

“You have quite a few credit cards here Rachel, boy that just sounds weird to call you Rachel now that I own you. I believe in calling a spade, a spade. Just telling it like it is. When I look at you, I don’t see a Rachel. No, I have a friend named Rachel. She’s a sweet girl, wouldn’t hurt a fly. Not like you, when I look at you, I see a bitch. That seems like the perfect name for you. What do you think of that Bitch?” Tawnee said while briefly looking down at me for a reaction before turning her attention to my wallet pulling out all five of my credit cards, and my debit card.

“You can’t do this. You won’t get away with this. They, they will find my car and, and my clothes are still here. Ju-just change me back, and no one has to go to jail.” I tried to say authoritatively.

“No, I don’t think so. You are going to do what I say from now on. You, my little bitch are nothing but property. Think of yourself as one of my shoes, or a pencil, a shirt even. You’re just something I own. So waltz your scrawny ass over here and hmmm what would be a perfect way to illustrate your new position to you…..oh I know.” Tawnee said with all the glee of a school girl about to get her first kiss.

I shook in fear as I neared Tawnee. I desperately wanted to run, but the memory of the shock she gave me before was still fresh in my mind. Until I can figure out how she does it and a way to either break the device or get it away from her, I had no chance of escaping.

“Bitch, you are going to kiss my foot. You are going to kiss it, like it was my father. As even the lowest point of my body is still above you.” Tawnee ordered as her foot rose up and stomped down just in front of me. The force was enough to knock me to the ground. When I looked up my face was right next to her.  The air coming off her foot was smelled slightly foul. I never noticed it before but now that I was practically on top of her foot it was clear as day.  I looked upwards at her and it felt as if she had grown even taller now that I was literally beneath her.

“Please, don’t make me do this.” I begged in what I tried to make sound stern but came off more, meek and feeble.

“Lickity lick, little bitch, show reverence to your master’s foot.” Tawnee said, relishing every word as she watched me hold back my tears while I grasped her dry toes, heaving myself up onto her foot.

“Tawnee Please” I begged once again as I watched her bend over a bit to get a better view of me. The grin on her face told me everything I needed to know. There was no compromise, or getting out of this. Tawnee extended her tongue out, and made a licking motion while stomping her other foot.  She reached into her pocket pulling out a small remote. It appeared to have several buttons on it and I knew it had to be the device that controlled the collar.

Tawnee’s finger hovered over one of the buttons. I knew a shock was coming unless I did what she wanted, so with no more time left; I wiped the tears from my eyes as I lowered my face down against her middle toe. I had to force my tongue to come out of my mouth, and press it against her dry disgusting skin. As soon as my tongue slid against her foot, it felt like it was hitting sandpaper, due to the dryness of her skin. As my tongue rolled across her foot I could no longer hold back my emotions.

“What’s wrong? Is being my foot bitch a bit too much to handle?” Laughs Tawnee as she paged through my credit and debit cards once more. 

As my tongue drug across her foot I felt a piece of me die. It felt as if I was less of a person, and after three or four licks I tried to stop. I began to pull my head away when her toes reached out, and grabbed me by my neck before they thumped back against the hard wood floor. Desperately, I screamed for mercy, and I begged her to stop, but she held me firmly in place.  Any fight that I had in me, flowed out of me at that moment as I breathed in the stale air from between her toes.

“No” I tried to scream, but it came out a whisper. I forced my tongue out knowing there was only one way to free myself from this hell. As soon as my tongue pressed against the skin between her toes I knew it was different.  The soap and water from her showers clearly didn’t reach here as well as the top of her foot. I could feel dead skin, and bits of dirt falling into my mouth. I tried to spit the skin and grime out, but the moment my tongue pulled away from Tawnee’s foot her toes started to squeeze the life out of me.  My face turned purple as I couldn’t get enough air into my lungs. So I forced myself to swallow the bits of skin and grime. I gagged as they slid down my throat and into my stomach. As soon as my tongue pressed against her warm skin I felt the pressure release on me.

“That’s enough” Tawnee’s voice said with such power, and strength my body responded as if it were a command. I didn’t even realize at first what I was doing. The moment Tawnee spoke, I had obediently listened as if I were a mindless pet, unable to think for myself.

“Now, I need your pin code for each of these cards, and you’re going to give them to me and if you don’t, I will kill you. I will press my foot down against your body, and your existence in its entirety will explode against the underside of my foot. Then, I will just grab a wet-nap from your purse, and wipe you off my foot, and that will be it. That will be the total of your existence and your worth. So start spilling your guts, before I literally spill your guts.” Tawnee said as her eyes fell on me with a glare that could kill. I could see no waver or doubt in her eyes. She was prepared to undertake the actions of her words.

If I had more courage, or bravery, if maybe I was a stronger person I could have stood up to her. I could have told her no. Maybe I would have tried to do anything, but just rollover and give up. I was shaking in fear as I pleaded for mercy before spewing out the numbers she asked for. As I recited number after number my gaze was enraptured by her foot. Every fidget, every slight movement I would think about myself trapped beneath her foot. That fear brought about a conviction that gave me the strength to fight for another day, and to give in to her demands.

“That’s a good little bitch. Now crawl into my hand” ordered Tawnee as she lowered the palm of her hand so that it rested on the floor. I looked nervously at her hand not wanting to get on. However, the thought of what she would do if I disobeyed pushed me forward.

“You wo-wont drop me?” I asked as I stepped onto her hand.  It was a strange feeling as I walked onto her hand. My feet sunk into her skin as the warmth from her body radiated through me. I nervously decided to sit down Indian style in the palm of her hand for fear of falling.

As Tawnee stood up, the trepidation in me begun to rise, my heart was racing. I crawled over to the edge of her palm as she begun to walk. Every step she took would cause me to lose balance slightly. It felt like walking across a trampoline while it’s in use.  As I looked over the edge of her hand, the floor looked so far away.  A drop from here would surely mean death.  As that realization entered my mind I immediately backpedaled from the side of her hand.

Tawnee sped through the kitchen towards the staircase.  Everything we passed by was a bit of blur as Tawnee was walking at what appeared to be fifty five miles per hour. It felt like driving on the interstate in a convertible with the top down.  The air rushed passed me blowing my hair. As we reached the staircase Tawnee curled her fingertips up cupping her hand.  As she started climbing down the stairs I immediately curled myself up into a ball in the middle of her palm.  I shook a bit as she ran down the stairs, but with her cupped hand, and me lying flat in her palm, I didn’t suffer any major damage.

The door to her bedroom was pushed open with a creek and in a matter of moments I spilled out onto a large oak desk. The bedroom was large, I remembered Roger talking about Tawnee having the basement as her bedroom. As when he had the house built he allowed Tawnee to have full design input on the basement so it could be designed to her specific needs and taste.

“Dad never comes down here you know. The only reason he would have to ever come down here is the washer and dryer or to clean, but he makes me do the laundry and cleaning around the house. So it’s just you and me.” Tawnee said with a smile that gave me the chills.

“Tawnee, what you’re doing is illegal. I understand how you feel. I wasn’t trying to take any ones place. You have to believe that. Just please change me back, undo all this, and no one has to know.” I pleaded with her.

“Shut it bitch. You speak when spoken too from now on.” Tawnee said as she pulled the small remote from her pocket.

“No, no, please not again” I cried out but her finger pressed down on one of the buttons. Almost instantly an intense shock wave pulsated out across my body from the collar. I dropped to the ground immediately unable to support my weight. It felt like she held down the button forever before she released it.

“Understand your new place in life. No longer are you Rachel Saunders, you are my bitch from now on, and will be addressed as such. Your life will consist of doing whatever I say, when I say it, for however Iong I tell you to do it, and if you can’t manage that you will be punished severely. If you try to escape, I will kill you like the cockroach you have proven yourself to be.” Tawnee shouted down in a commanding voice to me.

“Please Tawnee…” I managed to get out before being cut off.

“The only thing I should hear out of you is yes or no right now.  Do you understand bitch or do you need a demonstration of your new place in life?” Tawnee bellowed as she sat down on her desk chair as if it were a throne.  Fear gripped me as her eyes befell me filled with rage and superiority.

“Yes Tawnee, I understand. You’re in charge.” I meekly said in between sobs.

“That’s better, although someone like you doesn’t deserve to call me by name do you?” Tawnee said. I waited nervously unsure if I should answer or if the question was rhetorical. “Answer me when I speak to you bitch.” Tawnee shouted as her head lurched back quickly before her lips puckered.  Seconds later a yellowish green phlegm pelted against my body and sending me hurdling violently against the floor of the desk as if I had been shot.

The warm mucus covered my body from head to toe. I tried to stand up, but the density along with the stickiness of the phlegm had me pinned against the desk.  I struggled in vein to lift my arms out of Tawnee’s spit. However, I could only squirm in the warm liquid as it continued to ooze disgustingly around my body. I wanted desperately to wipe it all off of me, however I was helpless to resist against the unintelligent ooze.  

My lungs begun to burn as I continued to hold my breath, my nostrils were covered as I held my mouth closed tightly with an iron grip as I tried to keep any of the mucus from entering my mouth.  I desperately tried to lift my head up hoping to break through the powerful layer of mucus, but my efforts were for not. Finally, I had no choice but to relent. I opened my mouth allowing to the thick sticky mucus to slither into my mouth, and down my throat.  I gagged as the phlegm hit my tongue, fighting against myself the entire time as I swallowed it. I had hoped to be able to clear enough space to get air into my lungs, but as soon as I swallowed the first bit more slunk into my mouth. 

“Nooooo” I screamed in my mind as I made the realization that I had opened the proverbial faucet, and now I had no way to close it. I continued to flounder in Tawnee’s warm spit like a fish of out of water. I kept thinking any minute she would fish me out of here, she would save me. However, she merely looked down at me with that cold superior gaze.

I didn’t want to die like this, suffocating to death in Tawnee’s spit. I couldn’t think of a more humiliating and pathetic way to go. My entire existence snuffed out by the simple action of her spitting. I opened my mouth wide open this time allowing much of the thick mucus into my mouth. As I opened my mouth I pushed my tongue out of my mouth and slid it around the corners of my mouth creating a hole in layer mucus.

As I continued to look up at Tawnee I knew at that moment what she wanted, what I had to do. The only ways out of this was to further stomp down on my pride, and push it further down into the darkest bowls of my being. I felt the cool air of her basement room touch my lungs ever so briefly. The slightest bit of air finally hit my lungs and rejuvenated me a bit and gave me the energy to give Tawnee what she wanted.

“Master please! Mercy!” I begged, and for the first time Tawnee showed movement. I heard her rummage through her drawer before pulling out a plastic pen. She flicked the pen against my side shoving me free from the puddle of Mucus.

                “I want you to remember just how easily your life can now be eradicated. Your existence is solely dependent on my mercy and kindness.” Tawnee gloated relishing the power she held over me.

                “Yes, thank you master.” I forced myself to say while boiling inside. As fearful as I was for my life each time I called her master a sense of degradation seemed to envelope me.

                “Good, now let’s tie up some of these loose ends shall we?” Tawnee said. This time the question really was rhetorical.  She reached behind me pulling a tissue that looked like a bed sheet from a massive Kleenex box.  She quickly pinned me down as she wiped the mucus from my body before discarding the tissue and lifting me off the desk.

                Tawnee carelessly held me between her pointer finger and thumb as she walked across the room towards her bed. My limbs flailed as I felt the power behind Tawnee’s fingers as she effortlessly held me between her fingers. 

                As soon as we reached the bed Tawnee sat down, and held me dangling before her face. I looked downward at the floor, and even seated, it seemed dizzyingly far away. Tawnee smirked as she lowered me down. My stomach lurched as a wave of motion sickness hit me from the sharp descent. As soon I reached ankle height I felt Tawnee’s grip on me release.

                “AHHHHHH” I screamed as I fell what seemed like foot after foot to me. I knew this had to be it as I closed my eyes expecting the worst. My descent came to a jarring halt knocking the air out of me nearly instantly. I rolled over onto my back gasping for air as Tawnee looked down me.

                I started to regain my senses as I turned my head from left to right instantly sensing something was wrong.  The floor was a dingy pink and padded like a mattress only it stretched out to white canvas walls with pink trim which seemed way to close together to be Tawnee’s bedroom.  As I stood up I noticed a six point five stamped into the floor along with the Nike swoosh.

                “Oh god.” I said with dread as the stale air and dingy pink floor all made sense for the first time. I was in Tawnee’s shoe.  I looked up at her expecting to see her gloating face, but instead the dry sole of her foot engulfed the mouth of the shoe.

                Panic filled my body as my head swung from left to right as my senses became hyperactive. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion as her foot continued to descend. I ran towards the white canvas walls. I grabbed at the wall hoping to find some a handhold, or something I can use to climb out of her grungy shoe. However, the smooth walls provided no grip, and as I pulled my hands away they were covered in dirt and grime from years of use and abuse.

                Tawnee’s barefoot poked through the mouth of the shoe making climbing out, and escaping impossible. I cringed knowing that her heel would be resting in this area of the shoe. I could see the deep crevice created by the force of her bare heel crashing against the pink insole. I looked toward the dark depths of the shoe knowing it was my only chance for survival.

                I ran into the depths of Tawnee’s shoe as quickly as I could. The once stale air begun to make my noise crinkle as a now visible odor hung in the air albeit faintly.  Looking behind me her foot was nearly on top of me.  Turning around I was like a deer in headlights as her toes smashed into my stomach.  Tawnee curled her toes, flicking me to the ground as her foot passed overhead.

                “No stop, wait, wait wait. STOOOP!!” I cried out but, if Tawnee heard me she didn’t respond. Soon enough her foot halted as it slunk to the floor resting against the pink insole. I found myself laying vertically underneath the arch of her foot. My arms were pinned against my sides while my legs were pressed against deep into the insole with my face buried against her foot flesh.

                “I should probably say sorry. I intended to take a shower before you came over, but I just got up late and all the sudden you were at the door and now I have these errands to run.  I’m sure you wouldn’t mind giving my foot a little head start. Would you bitch?” Tawnee said with a stomp.

                I knew she couldn’t hear me, and I was in no position to do anything but, submit to her demands. I slid my tongue out of my mouth and started to clean her unwashed foot.  As soon as my tongue pressed against her foot my tongue shuddered in revolt.  Dried sweat and filth that covered her foot was now being dislodged by my tongue.

                True hell was upon me for the first time in my life. I felt the shoe I was in rise up off the ground. As Tawnee took her first step I felt myself sink deeper into the pink insole as her foot continued to rise off the ground. I felt myself dying inside as my tongue continued to press against the underside of her foot. The dry skin of her foot rubbed against my body as her foot slid back slightly in the shoe. I coughed and gagged as her dry skin flaked off her foot and tumbled in my mouth.

                The dry skin was rough and hard, I tried to spit it out but I was plastered against her foot.  I could do nothing, but quickly chew on her dead skin and swallow it. I was mortified as I felt her grimy dead skin slide down my throat once again. As soon as it hit my stomach Tawnee’s foot crashed back against the floor. The full weight of her left foot came crashing down upon me as what little bit of air I had managed to hold onto now billowed out of me like a smoke stack.

                The weight of her foot was crushing, I could feel her immense weight press against me until my body felt as if it were about to burst. Then the weight began to lessen once again. As her foot rose back into the air, I sunk back into the insole as her foot lifted up off of me while sliding back in her shoe.  The dry skin of her foot raced over my tongue along with the rest of me. This just her second step and I could already feel my skin starting to chaff.

                As painful and violent rubbing of her foot against my body was on the up step, the slight gap that it created between her foot and my body provided me with some much needed oxygen. I tried to suck in as much of the air as I could however in doing this more bits of dirt and grime from the underside of her foot trickled into my mouth. While the first time dead skin flake trickled in, the second time a piece of blackened dust from the high shag carpeting tumbled into my mouth. 

                I tried to spit the dust ball out, however as the dust ball projected past my lips Tawnee’s foot had already started its downward motion.  The weight of her foot came crashing down against me and, the dust ball I had tried to expel was forced back into my mouth. Making matters worse, my lips were once again mashed against her dry oily skin. This was a nightmare, I thought to myself as I cried out for mercy in my head.

                This felt as if it had been going on for hours already; however it was only the second step. It had just been seconds. I had no idea that the worst was still yet to come. The downward motion was much shorter this time. I was expecting an extra few seconds before making impact with the ground, however Tawnee had reached the stairs. As she stepped down on the first step, I was unprepared for the full weight of her body to unexpectedly come bearing down on me.

                Second after second ticked by in this hellish world Tawnee had forced me into. I couldn’t believe she was really going to keep me in here. Step after step her foot pounded against my body. My tongue continued to pillage dirt and grime from the underside of her foot. I could hear her walking around the house as if she were gathering things. When I head the front door slam shut a realization of what was going on hit me like a ton of bricks.

                Tawnee was erasing me. The hardwood floors of Tawnee’s home felt like heaven in comparison to the unforgiving concrete of her sidewalk and driveway. The cement only added to the force of each of her steps. My nude body was covered in the oils and filth from her foot. I wanted to cry, but anytime I would stop licking her foot Tawnee would stomp down onto the ground with an extra oomph. The stomp was almost more painful the electric shocks she gave me. After the second stomp I learned that any reprise would have to be granted by my new master.

                I felt sick even thinking of her in that way. She was going to be my step daughter, I was engaged to her father. We had plans to spend the rest of our lives together. It was as if fate had brought us together and now that same fate entwined our lives was not a merciful act of god to bring to star crossed lovers together but, a ploy by the devil himself to bring us together and then tear us apart. However, as if losing the one you love wasn’t bad enough. I was most likely going to spend the rest of my life just a few feet from the man I love in servitude to his daughter.

                 When I heard the car door of my rental car open up it was music to my ears. The weight of Tawnee begun to peel off of me as she rested her foot on the floor of the car. No longer was her weight bearing down on me which I thought at first was going to be heavenly in and of itself. 

                “I think it’s time you show the rest of my foot just how much you respect its power and total authority over you. As your master my foot is basically a holy object to you. So I think it’s time you show the proper respect to it.” Tawnee ordered down to me. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She wanted me to further subjugate myself to not just her, but her disgusting foot of all things.  

                As much as it pained me to do it, I did what I had to do so that I could survive. Tawnee’s foot was resting vertically as I heard the car the startup and roar to life. This created a small bit of space between the insole and her foot. I could tell Tawnee was actively creating this small gap. I’m sure she felt this was her way of being nice or helpful.  I could now climb up and down the shoe much to my chagrin.  This allowed me to do just what she commanded.

                 I crawled up and down the length of the sole of her foot as she drove my car to god only knows where. The radio boomed above me playing top 40 songs which Tawnee hummed along too. All the while my tongue continued to bathe her scruffy foot. I couldn’t picture anything worse than this as Tawnee drove for a good twenty minutes before the car stopped.

                “We finally made it to our first stop. I didn’t want to use an ATM near the house so I drove to one of the suburbs. Now, let’s start with Mr. Discover and then work our way down. Oh, I hope you don’t mind that the ATM fee.” Tawnee said as she shoved my credit card in. I had trouble fathoming that she was really going through this. I kept thinking she would reveal this to be some really bad joke but, as soon as I heard the electronic beeps of her pressing in my pin codes I knew she was serious.

                One by one she maxed out my credit cards bringing me to further financial ruin. I struggled to think of some way I could explain all this if I did manage to get out of this, but I knew there wasn’t going to be a way without me being committed. If not for the fact I was living through this hell I wouldn’t believe it.  

                “Wow, so this is what 82,000 dollars looks like. Pretty amazing. Don’t worry Rachel; I will gladly accept this money as payment towards room and board.  A life of service to me won’t fully cover what you owe but it will have to be a start.” Laughed Tawnee as she stomped the foot she held me under before returning to the car.

                As Tawnee got into the car I felt her foot pull away from me. Fresh air flowed into the musty shoe as she lifted the shoe up from the ground. The beaming face of Tawnee peered in at me briefly before tilted the shoe and I tumbled onto the passenger seat.  I rolled several feet before coming to a crashing halt. Looking upwards I saw my own purse now standing over me like a mountain.

                I looked over at Tawnee wanting to ask her why she was doing this. There had to be some more of answer then just a girl not wanting to accept her parents had split up, or not liking what was going to be her new stepmother. But I stopped myself from questioning her actions out of fear of being punished. It had only been a few hours, but already I had grown to fear Tawnee.  I found myself only able to look on as she shoved all of my money into her purse before starting the car back up.

                I couldn’t see where we were going from my vantage point on the seat. I didn’t know why Tawnee had decided to take me out of her shoe, but I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth either. I desperately tried to use this time to see where we were going. What she had cooked up. However, we drove for the better part of forty minutes before it came apparent on just where we were.

                The rumble of planes taking off and landing told me we were at the airport. She was going to leave the car here with my stuff in it. Her plan begun to form in my head, I looked about in fear as the realization that this could actually work hit me. Devastation hit me like a ton of bricks which only caused Tawnee to laugh with glee seeing my shock. I knew now why she wanted me out of her shoe. She wanted to see the look on my face. The look I have now when fully realizing that she was about to get away with all this.

I watched her walk out of the car leaving the door ajar.  She then opened the trunk pulling out a pair of gardening gloves along with my clothes. She ripped my outfit in several places leaving it scattered about around and near the car along with my debit and credit cards. As she walked around to the passenger side of the car I wanted to desperately to run. I wanted to get away from this devilish girl, but the car seat had me trapped. The drop the floor of the car was too far away to just jump down and even if I did survive where would I go. I would still be trapped in the car. She would catch me in no time.

“You really are all mine now. The police will just think you got abducted. The letter you wrote will get my dad and I out of it. Any DNA they find of mine on your clothes will be able to be explained away by the fact that you were with me earlier leaving the Dear John letter to my dad. The scene here makes it look like you were mugged or abducted. This isn’t ever going to get back to me.”

“No, no, you won’t get away with this. You won’t!” I cried out not wanting to believe it to be true but, I knew she was right and I had made this easy for her.

“I will let your insolence slide this once, but don’t you ever talk back to me again” pointedly said Tawnee as she grabbed me off the passenger seat of the car before grabbing my purse. She carefully slunk her way over to the garbage can in the far end of the parking lot.

“There now it looks like they just ditched purse. Don’t worry about the camera’s.  You smartly parked your car in a blind spot and your tinted windows hid me nicely coming in. The amount of cars makes it easy for me to move around as long as I crouch around. However, I can’t have you causing any funny business.” Tawnee said matter of factly as she opened her purse which she then proceeded to drop me inside before zipping it back up.

“Rest up; it’s a whole new world for you when we get home Bitch.” Tawnee gloated while I cried myself to sleep in the darkness of her purse.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

When I awoke I was no longer in her purse. The purse felt a bit like heaven in comparison to being trapped in Tawnee’s shoe. In the purse I could stretch my limbs and a bit. The swaying of her purse was rhythmic enough that it was reminiscent of sitting on my parent’s rocking chair.  The purse itself had its own pitfalls.  Where the shoe was a stable and had a solid floor. In her purse I was merely atop a bunch of precariously positioned objects.  Any swift movement would be enough to change the entire landscape.

This new prison I have found myself in is truly a lesser version of hell. If I had to picture what my own personal eight rungs of hell would be. This would be about rung five or six. Tawnee had arrived at home while I was sleeping. I thought I was just taking a nap but, the stress and exhaustion had knocked me out more than I had realized. As when I awoke a thick pink shoelace had been tied around me. The shoe lace was the fat and thick kind I would expect to see with a skate style shoe.

I didn’t realize where I was at first. As the room was nearly completely black outside of a small beam of light which was leaking in from the partially ajar door. The bit of light provided just enough light so I could somewhat make out objects that were around me. It was difficult at first but as my eyes grew use to the darkness which allowed me to see clearer and clearer until I fully realized just where she had put me. The little shit had me stuck in her closet.

I looked down at the thick pink shoelace that was wrapped around stomach a couple of times before being tied off in a bowtie. I attempted to pull at the lace but the shoelace was so thick and heavy to me now that it took so much of my strength just to lift it up that I had trouble exerting any real force to pull it free.

The hopelessness of trying to untie myself from the shoelace slowly became apparent. I cursed Tawnee’s name as I looked about trying to gain a better understanding of just where she had placed me.  The floor was made up large wire squares which extended out from the floor all the way to the wall and then ran up the wall all the way to ceiling where it continued on to the opposite end.

“This is a shoe rack…A simple wire shoerack.” I said to myself as I covered my mouth unable to believe something as trivial as a shoe rack could appear so daunting. The reality of what she had truly done to me has started to set in. As I looked to my left I could see a bright white shoe that looked spotlessly clean that stood resting in its cubby hole. While below me, I could see through the wire floor to an older looking black gym shoe with pink rubber soles and pink trim along white borders.  Above me, two worn shoes with rocks, mud and a wad of chewing gum she must have stepped on that was pounded into the rubber tread of the shoe. The shoes were spread apart far enough where I could see past them to where the truly humbling sight of her clothes hung. They looked to be a hundred or so feet above me. The bottom of dresses and skirts hung directly above me, while shirts and sweatshirts hung along the opposite wall of the closet. The back wall was nothing but jeans and all along the circumference of the closet was a three story wire mesh shoe rack which housed everything from flip flops to dress shoes all the way down to sneakers.

The closet itself was sickeningly large. I knew roger had said she pretty much designed the basement as her bedroom but, this closet is about the size of my bedroom in my apartment back home. In the middle of the room sat a large backless sofa in the middle of the room along with a row a mirrors a few feet down from the sofa where she could see herself form multiple angles.

“I have to get out of here” I mumbled to myself knowing that she had left the closet door opened must have been a mistake. I couldn’t hear her or much of anything going on in the bedroom itself, however knowing that her bedroom spans he whole basement left me a bit of doubt that she wasn’t just in a distant part of her bedroom.

I began to stand up hoping that if I jumped through the wire floor that the shoelace would untie itself and I could tumble out to the floor. The idea of falling that far to the floor was a bit nerve racking but if I could survive the underside of her foot I was sure I would survive the fall. The only thing I wasn’t sure on was if I would have any major injuries, but a life in servitude to Tawnee was no life at all. Not wanting to think about it further as I knew the logical half of my brain would talk me out of this soon if I delayed any further I jumped through large hole in the wire floor.

I fell and fell for what seemed like minutes but I’m sure was only a few seconds. As the shoelace came to a halt it snapped up a bit and I felt the knot of the shoelace began to give. The snap of reaching the end of the lace was enough to send me hurdling back up a few feet before tumbling back down towards the floor. The second snap of reaching the end of lace was enough to break me free.

“AGGHHHHH” I screamed as I fell what felt like several more feet before I came to a sickening halt as I dangled seemingly in midair.

“What the hell” I cursed in frustration as I looked left and right then above me. As soon as I twisted my head back as far as I could I noticed a large metal loop strung through a loop in the collar. The loop appeared to be for where someone would attach the end of a dog leash to. However, in this case a small metal loop appears to be from a keychain which had been looped around and then shoved through the shoelace.

“TAWNNEEE” I screamed angrily. I wanted to kill her. If I could just get 2 minutes with her in a room at my old size I would pound her to the ground. 

                The situation I found myself in after my failed escape attempt was a thousand times worse. Any movement I would make would cause me to swing from side to side. The lace of the shoe I was attached to was a fairly long lace as it stretched down and into the mouth of the shoe below which left me dangling in midair inside the shoe. A musty mixture of old sweat and lotion emanated from the well-worn shoe. 

                I tried reaching out for padded walls of the shoe hoping to somehow gain a hold. But as I swung haplessly towards the wall my hands merely slid along the smooth walls before gravity would pull me away and bang me into the opposite wall.  Any movements I made only seem to increase the speed of the swing forcing me to finally give up and dangle lifelessly.

                Minutes drug on like hours as I hung powerlessly from a shoelace in Tawnee’s closet. The passage of time was almost non-existent to me as I hung in the air. There was no clock I could see, while Tawnee’s basement room had a few windows none of them provided any natural light that I could distinguish. The only light shards that reached into my closet prison were from overhead lights built into the ceiling. This meant the light seeping in was constant and controlled. 

                I was starting to lose my mind when I finally heard the disgustingly loud thuds of Tawnee recklessly pounding her way down the stairs. I dreaded what was about to come but, I welcomed being able to free myself from this prison. When I heard Tawnee step off the stairs I expectantly turned my attention towards the door, however she never came.

                “Tawnee! Tawnee!” I yelled as I heard her walk about the room opening and closing what sounded like drawers and doors.  I was flabbergasted over the idea of her not coming in here. I expected her to rush into here and torture me, however torture never came. The low drone of an electronically created beat rhythmically pulsed throughout the room. Every so often I would hear bits and pieces of the pop lyrics attached the music.

                My mind struggled to warp itself around this idea. My plight was no longer the center of Tawnee’s attention.  I could then, hear her bare feet slap against the floor as walked near the closet. I knew this was going to be it. She was coming for me now. She had been home for hours now at this point. She was just making me wait here as another form of punishment. I remember reading that Isolation can a break a person much quicker than other means as it breaks down the social foundations that humanity thrives upon.

                A pop tune blared out as I heard Tawnee step near the closet door. As soon as the tune played her footsteps started to get farther away.  I couldn’t believe my luck as I heard her answer her cellphone followed by the squeaking of her bedsprings compressing. Tawnee’s voice boomed about the room as she spoke on the phone as I became privy to her side of the conversation with a friend.

                I could do nothing but, hang in this hellish prison I couldn’t help but think about how I partially put myself into this situation.  The smell coming off Taila’s gym shoe was horrendous. I didn’t know if she used it work out in, or just smelled this way from being old. However, whatever the reason was it was sickening.  I turned my head enough so I could look out of the shoe. The rim of the shoe itself looked so far away. I knew with my current size and from my present vantage point I would have no hope of reaching that.

                Soon enough my neck became too sore to keep twisted around and I relegated myself to once again stare down at the battered insole of the shoe I was dangling into. The outline of where Tawnee’s heel rested was clearly visible. It had been beaten down from her abusive foot. The grime laden footprint was truly repulsive. It made me somewhat thankful for the shoe Tawnee had imprisoned me in.

                As soon as I thought it, I couldn’t believe it came from my brain. Thankful for the abuse Tawnee had forced me to suffer through. I should never be thankful for anything she does. She put me in this hell hole for her own amusement.

                As if in response to my thoughts I heard Tawnee’s voice go silent. I cringed as I heard her heavy footsteps beat against the floor. I knew she was coming for me. I knew some new kind of hell would be in store for me. However, instead of coming for me the lights of went completely dark. The beams of light that had been slightly illuminating my closet world vanished. The room grew dead silent. Tawnee had gone to bed.

                I felt like I wanted to die. I never imagined that she would leave me here overnight.  I crinkled my noise as my nostrils tingled and burned from musty smell that paraded around me. The giant shoe I found myself hanging in would be my prison for hours longer.

                Sleeping was a struggle that night. I never slept for more than a few minutes at a time. I happened to be in one of those brief twenty or thirty minute interludes when I could actually sleep when the door was pulled open.  I leapt awake with fear as the heavy boom of Tawnee’s footsteps were practically upon me. I had forgotten just how devastating they were.

                My eyes wandered up her long thin boney legs. The girl always had a skeletal look about her. I remember when I first saw her my first thought was to call her skelator. As I could remember my best friends brother watching he-man when we were kids. However, I refrained at the time, but if I had known what was going to come I wouldn’t have withheld my tongue.

                Tawnee’s nude body dominated my vision as I craned my neck to look at her. She looked as if she had just gotten up. I thought surely she was coming for me, however she started pulling clothes from her closet and was about to leave when finally I yelled up to her.

                “Tawnee!”I screamed. She paused and turned her head looking about the closet for a moment before finally looking down at me. Her lips curled into a smile as she saw my plight. She dropped the clothes she had gathered on the floor before walking over towards me.  Her body hulked over as she knelt down bending over and staring down at me with glee.

                “It looks like someone tried to escape. Tsk tsk tsk” She said wagging her finger in front of me. “And I swore I told you my name was for people. Not someone like you, who at best could hope to be my pet.” Tawnee pointedly said as she jabbed me in the stomach with her index finger. I swing with force into the grimy wall of her shoe. I could feel the crud which lined the walls rub off on me as soon as I impacted it.

                “You bitch, have been quiet naughty” Tawnee gloated with what I couldn’t help but detect was a bit of happiness.

                I watched her pull the metal hoop which held me to the pink shoelace free. I was thrilled at first but, but then I found myself tumbling through the air. A second later impacted with the grungy insole I had been staring at for hours. I rolled over onto my back in a bit of pain as Tawnee pulled the shoes free from the cubby hole before gathering up her clothes for the day.

                The still nude Tawnee set her shoes and me on her desk while tossing her clothes onto the bed. The sound of her desk chair compressing underneath her weight caused a sense of dread in me that made me sick. My heart was racing as her giant face peered down at me as I lay in her shoe.  Wobbly I stood up on my feet as I realized for the first time how weak I felt. It had been at least a day since I ate or drank anything.

                “I think it’s time for a little re-education bitch. It’s time you learn just where your place in this world now is. I want you to get down on those hands and knees and lick the insole of those shoes clean. They are my favorites after all. They have seen better days but I can never quite bring myself to throw them away and now that I have you I don’t need too.” Tawnee ordered.

                “You aren’t serious. If you think I’m just going to kowtow to you or some shoe you have another thing coming. There isn’t anything you can do to make me degrade myself any more than I have.” I shouted up to her defiantly. Licking her foot was degrading and horrible, but that was so different. While humiliating I could wrap my brain around kissing a foot. Licking some insole and shoe clean is another story.

                “I just want you to remember that you have done this to yourself Rachel.” Tawnee said. I trembled a bit as she looked down at me with same cold eyes from before. The fact she used my actual name was not lost on me.  The grinding sound of her wood desk drawer being pulled out rang in my ears. I could see her reaching down into drawer but, her gaze never left me. A moment later a large jar filled with a purple sludge was placed down onto the desk.

                “Wha-what is that.” I asked nervously but, Tawnee didn’t reply. I watched her stir the sludge a bit before reaching back down into the drawer and pulling out a glass baster. She pushed the long glass tube of the baster into the purple sludge before squeezing the rubber inflated ball at the top. As she let go of the rubber top the purple sludge was pulled into the baster.

                “Let’s talk about this.” I stammered having second thoughts about my defiance. It was already too late for talk though as I witnessed Tawnee squeeze the rubber end of the baster. The purple sludge squirted out landing squarely on top of me. It ran down my body like rain only instead of rolling off and onto the ground it clung to me.

                The sludge began to absorb into my skin before I could even try to wipe it off. I fell back down onto the grime laden insole expecting the worst. I figured immense pain or some kind of torture would ensue but nothing like that happened. The sludge merely sunk into my skin. I watched the rest of it disappear before my eyes as Tawnee squirted the remaining sludge back into the jar before returning both the baster and jar to her desk drawer.

                “Whatever you did seems to have backfired.” I gloated.

                “Maybe, maybe not” Tawnee said with that same knowing gaze and confident smirk. I felt leery about my defiance now more than ever knowing that her plan had gone awry. However, I was too far committed to simply back out now.

                “I’m not cleaning your shoe.”  I said while noticing that these shoes had a much lower heel then her other shoes.  I took running start towards the wall and was able to run up the wall far enough to leap upwards and grasp the rim of the shoe with my fingertips.  The weight was too great though and I slid back down the wall to the ground.

                “If you want out, all you had to do was ask but getting back in may not be so easy.” Tawnee said as she knocked the shoe over with her fingertip; which now rested on its side made it easy for me to climb out and onto the desk. I took a few steps away from the shoe before Tawnee grabbed the shoe and pulled it form her desk. As soon as she moved the shoe away I doubled over in pain. My lungs began to burn.

                “Help” I tried to scream out but I couldn’t seem to get enough air into my lungs. I gasped for more air trying to suck in as much as I could but, it didn’t seem to make a difference. I was suffocating. I floundered around on the ground like a fish out of water. The cold gaze of Tawnee turned to pure joy as she watched me flap around her desk.

                “Not such a big shot now are you! ARE YOU!!!” shouted Tawnee as she hovered the sneaker she just pulled off the desk over my head. 

                “No” I tried to scream out as I watched the shoe tumble down towards me. I could only dive out of the way as I watched the shoe impact the wooden desk with a deafening thud. I turned back to see the shoe had landed upright upon her desk standing tall like a monument before me.

                “That collar doesn’t just shock you, nor does it just simply keep you shrunk. I think it’s time you see another feature.” Tawnee said as I backed away from her mighty shoe while still trying to get some air.

                Tawnee quickly walked over to her clothes from yesterday which were scattered about the floor. She dug into her pocket pulling the small device from her pocket.  As soon as she held the device I watched her press down on a different button then she had before. Instantly I felt myself dwindle further down. She continued to hold the button as I watched myself shrink further and further. I wanted to beg her to stop but my lungs were on fire now. I didn’t have much time left.

                When she stopped I was half the size I was before. A Tawnee lumbered back towards me. The slap of her bare feet against the wood floor sounded more devastating than it had before.  As she sat down on her chair and looked down at me with that same air of superiority I truly knew for the first time just how silly I was to defy her. I should have never questioned her authority as she stood now twice the size she was before to me. The idea of escaping her wraith seemed but a fantasy. The kind of fantasy you would expect to read in a book or movie. This young girl had clearly outsmarted me.

                “If you want any precious air, you better make your way back towards my shoe.” Tawnee spoke this time though her voice rumbled. While I could still understand her its volume was so much louder. The voice seemed more commanding. I obeyed without question even though I couldn’t quite see how any more air could be over here. It was not as if we were in some kind of vacuum chamber.

                However, as I approached her shoe her shoe the slightest bit of air hit my lungs. I gasped as much of the air in as I could but, it seemed so thin. My nose crinkled once again as I neared the shoe. My decrease in size seemed to also make her shoe smell that much worse.

                “You don’t get it yet do you. Let me explain it to you slave. When you defied me, when you chose to disobey your master you needed a further demonstration of your place. You serve me and everything I own by extension. That ooze that covered you altered your chemical makeup ever so slightly. I infused that ooze with my sweat you see.” Tawnee spoke proudly as she gloated over her victory.

                “No, that’s not possible” I thought as I still gasped for air. However, everything made sense now. The closer I got to her shoe the more air I had. The air is permeated with her sweat molecules the closer I get to the shoe.

                I wanted to die as I looked up at her. Tawnee was so much bigger then she was just minutes ago. My body, now even more diminutive then it was before.  She appeared as if to be another person now because of my even further reduction in size. Her once thin boney limbs now seem to have almost rippling biceps. A single swipe of her finger could eradicate me.  

                “How fitting is this; A lecherous bitch such as yourself living out your days underfoot.  If you think about it, my sweat is like an air purification system for you. You are going to spend the rest of your life solely dependent upon me for survival in now the most literal sense. The only air capable of sustaining your life is air that has mixed with my sweaty body.” Tawnee said as she leaned back in her chair relishing her newfound power over me.

My lungs however were still burning up. As I neared her shoe I could actually breathe, but the air was quite thin to me. I could tell that I wouldn’t be able to survive long term here. I looked up at Tawnee’s shoe unable to believe that the object that tormented me all night with its putrid stench was now going to be my salvation. 

I reached the worn sneaker and desperately grasped at the outer walls of the shoe. I had thought that I would be able to just climb in, however the shoe was no impossibly tall. If I had more time, I could perhaps uses the shoe laces to climb up and into the shoe but, I could never hope to achieve that without the amount of time I have left. I would surely suffocate before ever getting inside.

“Does someone want back in my ratty old sneaker? You didn’t have anything good to say about it earlier, but look at you now. Desperate to get back inside the very object you escaped from. If you want back inside my shoe you will have to beg me for privilege.” Tawnee said as she leaned back in with her eyes trained on me.

“Ta-Tawnee please! Let me back in your shoe. I was wrong to not show you the proper respect.”  I felt sick as I uttered each word. The sheer notion of having to kiss up to her was enough to make me sick. Having to actually follow through with it was just one step above death.

“I just don’t know if I believe you Rachel.” Tawnee said in a fake hurt tone.

“Master please, you are a goddess to me, just let me live in your glory.” I shouted up to her as I felt myself starting to lose consciousness. I wasn’t even sure if she heard what I was saying.  I really thought that I was going to die. However, Tawnee lowered her hand towards me pinching me between her fingers with utter ease. I felt myself lurch upwards off the ground as if I were nothing to her, and I probably was.

Tawnee held me over the mouth of her shoe while my stomach turned from the fumes emanating from her musty shoe wafted up towards me. I could breathe normally once again. I sucked in several deep breaths of the musty air before Tawnee pulled me away. I was surrounded once again by un-breathable air. My mind still had not wrapped itself around the idea that air I had spent my entire life breathing was now toxic to me.

This teenager was going to be death of me after all I thought, but as we approached her bed Tawnee knelt down and set me back down on her cold hardwood floor. She reached underneath her bed pulling out a white sock. This sock had clearly seen better days.  While the ankle portion of the sock was white the bottom of the sock was a dirty grey color. As Tawnee dropped it on the ground I could feel a tremor vibrate through the floor.

Tawnee stood up walking back into her closet leaving me staring at this giant old dirty sock. I knew I needed air though, so I ran to the sock as quickly as I could climbing on top of the filthy thing. The sock had grown stiff from her sweat having dried into the sock. It smelt as if it had been marinating underneath her bed for months.

My lungs drank in the rancid air while my nose wanted to fall off and die. I looked about her massive room from the floor and could do nothing but weep. Anything that I could use to maybe get out of here or even get help was impossibly fall far away and unless Tawnee decides to take leaving sweaty clothes over every inch of her room I would suffocate and die before I could reach anywhere.

The floor rumbled as I heard her return. I gulped as she brought back the shoe that was directly above me last night. It was a large heavy shoe to start with and my reduction only drove home that fact. Tawnee knelt down on the floor setting the on the side so that the treading of her shoe faced me. The gum, dirt rocks and other crude was now all magnified. Seeing the objects pounded into the underside of her shoe drove home the power she held.

“You were right before when you said goddess. I am a goddess to you now. You won’t ever stand in the way of my parents getting back together now. However, your penance for your adulterous actions is servitude Little Rachel. I hope you enjoy that sock you’re on. It’s been blessed by my feet just for you.  In fact, I want you to think of my sweat as holy water especially since you clearly think I’m your goddess. That makes me a divine being. “Laughs Tawnee. “As your first action in service to your creator, I want you to cleanse the holy artifact before you. However, before you start I think you should give thanks to world I created just for you.” Tawnee exults.

More than anything, I didn’t want to show her the pain in my eyes and the defeat in my soul. I couldn’t let her thinks she won. However, as I looked down at the dirty sock, and how it extended out like grass, the realization hit home. Tawnee was right. This sock is my world. If I leave it, I would surely die. My gaze turned back to Tawnee who standing back up to her full godly height. 

“I said you should give thanks to the world I made.” Tawnee said as her foot rose off the ground. A gush of wind which felt at least thirty or forty miles per hour hit me knocking me to the ground. I looked upward as the shadow of her foot hung over head like the moon in the sky. I scrambled to my knees and bowed down to the sock. Shouting my praise to this cotton earth for the air it gives.  

“Now, was that so hard bitch? Just to show you that I can be a merciful goddess as well my little subject. If you show the proper reverence and respect for all that is holy and above you with years of service I may show benevolence and return to you to your previous height.”

“Thank you my goddess.” I meekly said as I approached her shoe reaching towards what would have been a pebble to me just a day ago. I knew now that I would live a life serving this teenage wench who now ruled over me. As I cleaned the waste from her shoe all I could do was cry as I knew this was my life now. I would spend my days just a floor below the man I loved.





Chapter End Notes:

I do have plans for a second story which would continue Rachel's story if there is enough interest. Also, no i havent abandoned my other story. I do plan to continue and finish that one.

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