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"Consider Every Variable" by B. Tweenercheeks

The "Spoiled Brat". That's what everyone on the project
called me. My real name is Chuck, but I took solace in their name
calling. At 29 I was the youngest scientist on the "Big
Picture" project. The reality was that I was the project. I was
surrounded by every form of idiot. Somehow I forged ahead despite the
incompetence of my co-workers.

The premise of the "Big Picture" project was simple. It
came to me years ago as I fantasized about being two inches tall
while looking at the centerfold of a Penthouse. All matter, from sub
atomic particles to the clusters of galaxies that make up the
universe, are exhibit the same basic pattern. The electrons and
protons circling the nucleus of a molecule on the sexy toe of a porn
star were no different from the planets orbiting the sun. The
difference was merely one of scale. Physics, intuition and hard work
soon resolved those differences. For the government, the implications
were unbelievable. Space travel, defense, hunger, energy, all
problems and challenges facing our society would benefit.

For me it was still about that Penthouse. Whenever I saw a beautiful
woman, I looked at her body and imagined myself shrunken to a tiny
size, enjoying the curves and crevices of her body. I was driven to
achieve my fantasy. The money and prestige meant nothing. I was also
driven to make the morons assigned to the project helpful, although
they did their best to remain stupid and useless.

In a year we had our first human application of the project. We were
able to shrink the subatomic particles that make up a goat by feeding
the goat grain mixed with a compound. Within minutes the goat shrank
to the size of a mouse. He became the favorite plaything of the other
scientists. Many of the women would cradle him in the palm of their
hand and giggle at his peepish "baahs". I found myself
jealous of that goat.

After hours I would visit the goat. One time my secretary Kim
Lombardi walked in as I stared at the lucky little goat. "Dr.
Chuck, you need to get out more, you spend too much time with that
shrunken farm animal." I liked Kim. She was what she was - a
secretary. She had a high school education, but the body of a porn
star. She was blue collar through and through. It's amazing that she
was allowed to work on such a project. While the other scientists and
workers were pretentious fools, Kim saw things like they were.
"This pint sized goat's gonna make you a rich man, Dr.
Chuck" she'd laugh, "every woman with half a brain is gonna
be throwin' herself at you." I looked at Kim, as she twirled her
blond hair teasingly in her finger, 5'8", tight Levi jeans and
sneakers with a low cut top revealing her ripe breast. Kinda what I
had in mind.

The red tape was getting ridiculous. We needed FDA approval to try
human tests, yet other agencies would not let us involve too many
people. As a result the project began to stall.

This was the worst time for me. The other scientists laughed at my
frustration. They were not as invested in the success of the
"Big Picture" project as I was. Having few close friends I
found myself drinking more and more. Things got bad when I returned
from lunch drunk. My co-workers whispered as I fumbled my way into my
office. Seeing what was happening Kim grabbed me by the arm and lead
me out of the office to the parking lot to her car. She phoned my
boss and told him that I had stomach flu and that she was driving me
home. Not wanting to risk the brains of the project, my boss told her
to take her time and make sure I was OK. I could not believe Kim's
kindness. "Thanks so much Kim, you're the best" I slurred.
"Look, Dr. Chuck, you have to tell me what is bothering
you" she said as she drove. Touched by her concern, I told her I
would on the condition that she stop at a bar so we could talk over a

And talk we did. My loose alcohol lips told Kim everything. That I'd
been fanasizing about shrinking for years, that i didn't care about
the money, that I wanted to try it myself and what I wanted to do
when I shrunk. Kim listened intently. She seemed to understand how I
felt. Finally when I was done bearing my soul she spoke, "man,
Chuck, I never figured you to be, well, a pervert." We both
burst out laughing.

That night we rented a motel room. Soon we began to meet regularly
after work. For being sort of a pushy girl, she let me do whatever I
wanted in bed. It had been ages since I'd had sex regularly. I nailed
her in every position. I did her doggy style up her ass. I began to
try to get her to do things just to see if she would say
"No". She brought a freind and we threesomed. I picked out
guys and told her to fukk them while I secretly would watch. I came
in her mouth, her ass, her cunt, and even fisted her. Kim was
incredibly subservient. Anything I wanted her to do, she did.

Meanwhile the delay at work was driving me crazy. I couldn't take it
anymore. I would test the compound on me. I needed a plan... and I
would need help.

If I were really going to do this then I would have to go for the
gusto. I might only get one shot at it. It was a little embarrassing
to ask Kim. Our relationship had become one-sided. She did whatever I
asked her to, and now I was asking her to help shrink me to a tiny,
helpless size while she then would control everything. I knew Kim
enough to know that she would do whatever I asked. I was just worried
about not being in control.
When I asked Kim she laughed and said "any man who wants to face
me when he's barely an inch tall...deserves to!" "So you'll
do it? You'll follow all my directions and fulfill my fantasy?"
I asked. Kim smiled and hugged me "Of course I will."

My fantasy was to be in and explore Kim's crotch. I wanted to fukk
her as a 1" man. My first concern as a scientist was getting in
position. The least amount of unecessary movement would be important.
What if Kim crushed me while trying to place me in position? What if
she dropped me to the floor? I decided that I would consume the
compound while I was fukking her so that I would be exactly where I
wanted to be when i shrunk. Another variable was her bodily fluids.
If I shrunk too small I might drown in her feminine lubrication. For
this reason I crafted the balance in the compound to shrink me to
exactly 2 millimeters, or just under an inch. The reversal compound
would be the mirror image but in a tiny serving.
Another variable was my voice. My tiny size would also have a
comensurate tiny voice. Communicating any directions to Kim would be
difficult. Even if my pipsqueek voice were aplified it still might be
too high to be audible. My solution lie in Kim's computer. I would
use a tiny headset that would transcribe my words onto the screen of
Kim's computer. We'd place the screen of her computer on the
nightable next to her bed so she could read and follow my every

I discussed the plan over and over with Kim. She assured me that she
understood. "You can't screw around, you have to do this right,
I'm trusting you OK Kimmy?" I warned. "I promise, I'll do
it just like you want baby" she assured.

Leaving work the next day I smuggled the compound in a baggie I
inserted into a soda can. It worked. Driving home I felt like a
teenager with a new dirty magazine.

Kim was waiting when I arrived. She sat on the edge of her bed
wearing nothing but striped pink panties and a pink push-up bra. I
wanted to nail her right then. She had set up the computer screen
next to the bed. The tiny headset lay in the bed. A tiny container
held the reversal compund. A cup of water waited for the shrinking
compund. "Are you sure you want to do this? I'm worried"
Kim said. "Honey," I replied "this is my deepest
fantasy. This is why I went to school. This is why I stay up all
hours of the night on those giantess/shrinking websites. Yes, I'm
sure. Let's go."

I ripped off my clothes. "This is it. Finally, to really look at
a giant woman, to see, smell, taste and fukk her. It's finally
here". I paused and choked back emotion "thank you for
agreeing to do this, Kim. It really means alot to me." "I
know it does. I know you'll love it. I just hope everything works
OK" Kim reassured me. She was taking this seriously.

She layed back on her bed and spread her legs. I slid into position
and kissed her passionately. "I love you." Kim said looking
deep into my eyes. Now was not the time to argue. "I love you
too" I responded. Nuzzling my prick into her warm wetness I
inched in deeper and deeper with each thrust. Kim's eyes roled back
and she panted deeply. Her legs wrapped around my hips. At the hieght
of her pleasure, I poured to compund into the water. Kim sat up. I
remained between her legs. "Here it goes" I smiled. I
chugged the glass down.

I felt only a whoosh of air - perhaps the space between the
sub-atomic particles of which we all are composed - escaping. I
looked around. Two long, tan legs the size of c-3 transports extended
for miles behind me. Off in the distance Kim's pink painted toes
looked unbelievable. I turned around. Like two four-story, wet, sides
off beef Kim's pusssy lips glistend, still wet with her love juices.
I almost came looking at it. Her cunt pouted, gaping slightly from
the rough fukking we'd just been doing. she smelled like heaven -
slightly fishy and warm with passion. It was everything I'd hoped

Looking up, Kim's dark brown eyes peeked over her taut, round breasts
at me. Leaning back on her arms she stared blankly at me. "Baby,
this is great, you look so beautiful" Kim just stared down at
me. "Can you hear me?" I asked. Of course she couldn't -
she would have to look at the screen. I waved my arms and yelled into
my headset "hey Kim, You have to look at the computer
screen" Looking at the computer I was relieved to see my words,
posted billboard size, appearing simultaneously as I said them.
"Good," I thought to myself, "she'll figure it
out". Looking back at Kim, she continued, exactly as before,
those huge brown eyes just staring down at me. "Oh, let her have
her fun." I thought "I'll have mine." Climbing between
her pussy lips I began to hump her. Her slimey lips were incredibly
warm. The smell was almost noxious. My dick was was about to burst. I
reached up and grabbed her clit. It was roughly half my size. I
continued to hump her while smearing her clit with my
hands. Soon it swelled looking like a veiny hoppity horse. Looking
up at Kim her expression had not changed. "God, what's with
you?" I yelled into the head set. Soon I came. Stream after
stream of my spuck shot into her giant , hungry pusssy. Exhausted, I
slid down towards the bed.

Why wasn't she participating? She knew how much this meant to me and
she screwed it up. I was pissed. Kim just stared down at me.
"What the hell? This is my hottest fantasy and you screwed it
up! Gaddamn you! Now you want to play the dominant one? Giving me
that nasty stare. Now you are tough. Knock it off. Stop staring at
me! You fukking bitch. I knew you couldn't follow directions. No
wonder you're only a secretary, you stupid ****! I only asked you to
do this one thing and you couldn't get it right. Do you think you are
intimidating me? What, are you gonna outwit me with your high school
diploma? I guess it must just be hereditary, though. Your family is a
bunch of stupid, working class idiots and so are you. Would you stop
staring at me? You fukking slut! You're not intimidating me! Why
don't you stare at one of those scumy guys I told you to have sex
with? Do you think I really was turned on by that? I just wanted to
see if you were stupid enough to do whatever I said, a
nd you did you whore!"

Then Kim stopped staring. Ever so slightly, as if in slow motion, her
head began to turn towards the screen of her computer. There they
were, word for word, my entire tirade was on her computer screen.
Finally, once her head faced the screen, I watched her eyes. They got
real big. Very slowly, Kim blinked. After what seemed like 15 or 20
minutes tears welled up in her eyes. Like a slow moving crane her
giant fingers reached up and covered her eyes.

Time! I'd forgotten the variable of relative time. How long do bugs
live? How long do mice live? Time goes fast for small beings. God,
had i screwed up. Kim's face slowly turned towards me. Tears streaked
down her cheeks. I yelled "Baby, I'm sorry, I thought you were
screwing with me. I'm so sorry. I really love you." It was too
late. Kim wasn't interested in reading the monitor anymore.

I realized that I had almost no chance. Turning I ran as fast as I
could awayfrom her crotch. Was I getting away? Kim wasn't catching
me. I felt the beddin shift underneath me but she didn't catch me. I
ran as fast and as far as I could. After what seemed like a half an
hour, I stopped.
"I got away!" I thought to myself.

Turning around, Kim knelt in her bed in front of me. Her hand was in
the process of scooping me up. I scurried to change directions but
her hand snatched me by my arm. Lifting me to her face her face was
red with rage. She screamed at me so loud my eyes involutarily teared
up. Her voice sounded so slow and low it was surreal. "You never
loved me! You a$$hole! I did anything you wanted me to and you treat
me like this? You talked me into fucking other men...for your
amusement? I was your plaything?"

Kim pulled me away from her face. She lowered me below her boobs and
past her trim belly. I was glad she wasn't yelling right at me
amymore - my ears rang with pain. Her tirade continued as she reached
her hand under her crotch "So you wern't turned on when I fukked
other men for you? Well I was! I know you'd love it if I put you in
my cuunt...so you're not going their. You are $hit Chuck! Here is
where you belong!

Slowly, from between her legs, I emerged at the crack of her round
ass. With me still in her hand, Kim jutted her cheeks open to expose
her brown, wrinkled hole. Straggly hairs, encrusted in dried sweat,
marked the route to her bung. Her butthole grew bigger and bigger as
Kim shoved me towards it. Her most fragrant hole filled my senses. I
flashed back to barebacking her up her butt. What a treat that was!
Slowly her anus approached again. This time I wasn't as excited. Kim
continued to scream at me. "You think your so smart? Well guess
what? Not only are you going in butt you have made me feel terrible
about myself. When I feel this way, I want a man. I want to do
anything for him. It makes me feel loved. Guys love my ass, Chuck.
They love to screw me up my ass. You did, remember? Well, now you'll
get to see what it's like from my a$$hole's perspective. See if you
like it, OK Chuck?"

Her round cheeks parted. Kim's pink fingernail dug open her anus.
With her other hand she slid me in. Kim's rubbery browneye clamped
down on me. She reaked. I had to work to force breathes. Her sphinter
was crushing me.

Kim's voice continued as I became light-headed, "I'm gonna wear
a tight, black mini-skirt tonight Chuck. when I hit the bars it'll
show off my butt."

I passed in and out of conciousness. Loud music blared. I had no idea
how much time passed. Suddenly the music stopped. I heard voices. A
man's voice said "right here, in your car?" Kim responded
"Why not, I want you in my butt." A light appeared at the
end of Kim's butthole. I tried to move but her sphinter held me
tight. Suddenly I felt my body smeared into the wall of Kim's rectum.
I felt my back crunch and crack. My legs were numb. I heard this guy
mock Kim as he violated her tightest hole. "Yeah, take it you
slut" Knowing where I was Kim tainted her lover "Harder,
deeper, can't you do it harder? I want it to hurt!" I rolled
back and forth with each plunge of this guy's monster dick. Soon I
felt no pain. I flopped around like a rag doll spinning up and down
her rectum for what seemed like hours. Finally I heard moaning. As a
final insult, I was covered not just with Kim's $hit, but with the
sperm of my replacement.

Soon I only heard Kim's voice as the warm sperm which she was filled
with began to seap towards her anus. "I hope it was good for
you, Chuck"

Kim parked hr car. She Opened her apartment and kicked her high heels
off her tired feet. Pulling down her panties, Kim sat on the toilet.
As she puched, I felt my body slip from her crack. Falling to the
cold water of Kim's toilet I floated on my back looking up at her
round cheeks framed by the toilet seat. Kim stood, and turned around.
Looking down on me her expression softened. Then she smiled and threw
a soiled, wadded piece of toilet paper into the bowl. Reaching down,
Kim flushed the handle.
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