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Author's Chapter Notes:

a gentle willing story. Happy birthday French Snack.


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while it isn't mandatory to read the previous stories, the main point of dramatic tension might be lost if you are unfamiliar with certain characters.

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Un Peu de Gout

“She has black and white eyes
A mind full of vintage squibs
She has black and white eyes
A mind full of cheering lives”
-“Black and White Eyes” Syd Matters

M. casse-croûte was struggling to stay awake in the taxi. A nine-hour flight had given him major jetlag.  The rain was pounding hard outside, but the weather report said it would be gone by the evening. That didn’t really concern him. He didn’t plan on being here anymore by then. He let that sink in. Last night might have been his last night.

He tried not to think about it too much. He didn’t want to dwell on anything that would give him second thoughts after spending so much money to get here. He couldn’t really afford a plane ticket back and was sure he’d lost his job by now. He’d come too far. He was able to figure out American money very easily. Being bilingual, he was able to read the values without trouble, and therefore, knew exactly how much the cabbie had cheated him. While it was normally something that would anger him, he knew he wasn’t going to need the money in a few hours, so he let it go. The cabbie probably anticipated this. He most likely did it to anybody that asked him to take them to Forbidden Dish.

M. casse-croûte ran to the awning and wiped his feet before entering the restaurant. The bouncer squinted at his identification, grunted, and let him pass. Despite the fact that it was a weekend, it was also the lunch hour during the rain, so the place was barren. He noticed two women with blue bands on sipping coffee. They both had a tiny man in a bowl before them. Their animated gestures and gentle laughs made the tiny men almost appear normal. It was just like one of his stories.

A man with a red band had approached the women and was asking them something, but they were too far away for him to hear what it was. He obviously didn’t like the answer and stormed off to sulk at a booth on the opposite side of the restaurant. Alone in a corner booth, a young woman sat writing steadily in a notebook. Other than that there didn’t seem to be any other-

“Welcome to Forbidden Dish. My name is Janice. I’ll be your hostess slash server today,” A tall young woman (apparently Janice) said making him jump. He hadn’t seen her there before, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you,”

“It’s ok. I must not have been paying attention,” M. casse-croûte said, trying to calm his racing heart.

“That happens to me all the time,” Janice said, brushing her hair out of her eyes. She was very pretty, but even her hair seemed to be trying to hide her. Her clothes didn’t lend her much visibility either. They weren’t Victorian or anything, but they were modest and their colors were dark and tended to blend in to the background somehow, “Would you like a red band or a blue band?”

“Oh, um, red please,” He said. He had read the rules on the website and knew what the different bands were for. Janice wore a green wristband signifying that she was a member of the staff.

“Does that mean that I could ask you to eat me?” He asked, pointing to the bright green band.

Janice blushed and made a strange nervous noise, “Um, yes. If you wanted to, but first, have a look around,” She gestured toward the empty tables and chairs, then made a face as if she realized the ridiculousness of what she just said, “Feel free to seat yourself. Want anything to drink?”

“Coffee please,” He said.

“Ok. I’ll be right out with that,” She said and headed to the back. One of the two women that were talking was tapping her fingers against an empty bowl while the other was casually pushing a tiny man into her mouth in between words. They continued the conversation without addressing what they had just done. This must not have been their first time.

Not wishing to dine alone, and being a writer himself, M. casse-croûte approached the table of the younger woman.

“Mind if I join you?” He asked. She didn’t have a band on either arm. She gasped and looked up at the sound of his voice, quickly closing the composition book. When she saw him staring at the name Oishi1 on the side she tried to discreetly slide it into her lap. She had long black hair with straight bangs that covered her forehead wide innocent eyes that looked trapped behind thick glasses, and her lip quivered as if she were caught doing something she shouldn’t be doing.

“N-not at all,” She said, giving a sweet smile. Her voice was high and soft. She seemed unsure how to react to being approached, “I like your voice,” She covered her face in embarrassment when she realized what she said.

“Thank you,” He said as he made himself comfortable in the chair.  He was familiar with the name on the notebook .

“I though Oishi1 was a man,” he said.

The trapped look formed on her face again, “I, I found this here. I think he was a customer and won’t need it again,”

“It wouldn’t surprise me,” He said. It had been a while since he’d seen any new stories come up, “What are you writing in it?”

“Just stories. I come here for inspiration,” She said, “I get a lot of good ideas just by watching people. My name’s Martha, by the way,”
“You may call me M. casse-croûte. I prefer not to give my real name,” He said.

“Ok, um, M. casse-croûte, did I say it right?” Martha asked.

“Close enough,” He said politely. They talked about their mutual interest in writing. It turned out that they had both read each other’s work before. The longer they talked the more comfortable she became. She scooted a little closer to him and let him read over a rough draft of a story she was writing.

“Here’s your coffee,” A sweet voice said from out of nowhere. M. casse-croûte nearly barked his knee on the table and just barely missed spilling the coffee. Janice panicked and dropped it herself, “Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!” She said as she grabbed napkins from a nearby table and scrambled to clean up the mess.

M. casse-croûte had been so caught up in the conversation that he’d completely forgotten about the coffee, “Don’t worry. I just didn’t hear you walk up,” he said.

“Yeah, I’m kind of used to that now. Maybe I should wear a bell,” Janice said, “I’ll go get you another coffee,” As Janice walked away with the broken coffee cup, M. casse-croûte couldn’t help but notice how similar the two women were in a lot of respects. In his brief time of meeting them, he already felt like he had known them both for a long time. The two women had already paid their tabs and left. The other man was grumbling and making his way to the door when Janice came back. He barely missed plowing into her, but didn’t apologize or acknowledge what had happened in the slightest.

She carefully placed the coffee cup in front of M. casse-croûte, and then stood anxiously by the table. That was when he realized that besides the kitchen staff, they were the only people there. She seemed unsure how to proceed.

“Why don’t you join us? You know, at least until traffic picks up,” M. casse-croûte offered. Janice smiled and sat beside him. Martha was polite but a bit cold. They all three talked for quite a bit. Even though Janice and Martha were probably the same age, because of their size difference, they could almost pass for an older and younger sister. Martha was tiny. She could barely touch the ground with her feet. Janice had to lean in to make room for her legs.

While M. casse-croûte liked both women, he knew he had to choose just one. As the conversation continued, it became apparent that nobody else was coming. He decided to broach the subject first. If one of them proved uninterested, that would make his choice for him.

“I do not mean to be rude, but I think I need to do what I came here for before I lose my nerve,” He said. They both perked up, but neither of them spoke. Great. They were both interested. Maybe he’d find out which of them had the least opportunities in the past.  Janice worked here, so it would easily be Martha, right?
“So, Janice, how many guys do you eat on a given day?” he asked.

“Um, that is to say, I,” She blushed, “I’ve never actually eaten a tiny man,” 

His eyes went wide, “But you work here,”

“Yes, but this is my first day on the floor. I’m usually an operator,” She said.

“What about you, Martha?” He asked.

“Nobody ever comes to me,” Martha said, “I don’t even bother with a bracelet anymore,” So, they were both inexperienced and equally interested. He found them both equally beautiful, and they both seemed gentle enough for his purposes. He was going to flip a coin, but couldn’t decide who was heads and who was tails. He sipped his coffee and though, while they waited. Never in his life did he imagine he’d have this problem.

He didn’t know how he came to his conclusion. If he had time to piece it out, he may have even changed his mind, given enough time, but he closed his eyes and said,

“Janice, would you go back with me?” Janice smiled. She looked just as shocked as he was. Martha tried not to look hurt but obviously was, “I’m sorry, Martha,”

“It’s ok. I’m sure someone else will come along,” She said almost sounding like she was fighting back tears as they stared at the deserted restaurant.

“Right this way, sir,” Janice said, getting up. They left without saying another word to Martha. They didn’t want to prolong the uncomfortable situation.  Janice led him to a small room in the back of the restaurant. There was a phone booth sized chamber made mostly of glass attached to a nearby machine. There were about four of the booths. She handed him the consent form and they went over it together before he signed it. They didn’t read it thoroughly, but certain things in it seemed troubling to dwell on anyway.

Janice opened the nearest booth, “Please step inside,” She said. M. casse-croûte slowly made his way into the booth.

Janice closed the hatch and locked it. She went to push the button, and stopped suddenly, “Oh yeah. Don’t want to do that again,” She said, and turned toward him, “Are you absolutely sure you want to do this? This is your last chance to back out before I shrink you,”

He tried not to think about it too hard, “Yes,” He said.

“You know, I’ve hardly pushed the button too early at all this week,” She said. Before he could reply, she pushed the button and his world was filled with light. He felt no pain, but was dizzy and disoriented when she picked him up. She took him to the nearest private room since none of them were occupied and locked it behind them.

There was a table and one chair in the room, a couch, a jukebox, a restroom, and a stripper pole.

“Now what?” he asked.

She blushed again, “I don’t exactly know. I’ve run the booth many times, but I’ve never been on this side. I know I’m supposed to eat you, and that you get one free song, and a, and a dance, but, but, I’m not a good dancer,” She looked petrified at the though.

“You don’t have to do anything that will make you uncomfortable. We can just talk again. Why are you the only one here right now?” M. casse-croûte asked.

“They are saving all of the other waitresses for tonight. A king is supposed to come here for a party, and they don’t know who they will need. The boss is here and she’ll fill in while we’re back here. Not that I expect much business,”

“I’m glad I came when I did then, or I might have missed you,” he said. She blushed again.

He let her do most of the talking for the rest of the conversation. She was afraid to know too much about him, and he wanted to know everything he could about her.  She talked about her interest in photography. All of her statements about F stops, apertures, and lighting was mostly lost on him, but he didn’t care. She was more animated and passionate than he had seen her earlier when they were talking. He wished the rest of the world could see this side of her.After a while she stopped mid sentence after looking at the clock, “I’m sorry, but if I take too much longer Megyhn may get mad,”

“Let’s get started then, I guess,” This was it. Despite knowing what he came here for, his knees felt weak; “I guess I’m ready when you are,”

She lifted him to her mouth and tried licking him a few times but her tongue was dry and rough, “I’m sorry. I’m just very nervous,” she said.

“You and me both. Try a drink of water,” M. casse-croûte said. Janice went and got a glass of water.

“Let’s try this again,” She said, and then took a sip from the glass. She brought him to her mouth again. Her nerves made her breathing heavy. Hot minty air blew over his body as he stared past her lips into the red humid cave that would soon take him away. This time, when the tongue ran across his body it was incredibly pleasant. The moisture was like a full body sponge bath. She hesitated, then focused on his manhood before drawing him, feet first, into her mouth.

She held his belly with her lips and stared down at him, while drawing his body in like pasta until he was neck deep in her mouth. She raised her head and he slid the rest of the way in. Her mouth closed behind his head, encasing him in hot wet darkness. He could hear both of their heartbeats and feel himself sliding down her tongue. Suddenly, a bright light blinded him from above and cold water hit him like a hard wave. Before he knew what had happened, he was being squeezed from all sides and forced downward. It was like being encased in warm raw meat. The water ran ahead of him, but eventually he came in contact with the sphincter of her stomach and was forced down. “No changing your mind now,” He said to himself as he plunged into the turmoil below.


Janice found the experience quite pleasurable. She loved the way she was able to feel him going down her throat and the fluttery feeling he was making now was just divine. She finished her water and made her way back to the floor. She was blushing.

“First time?” Megyhn asked. Janice nodded, “We had a few customers come in when the rain picked up. See to them while I get things ready for our special guest,” As business picked up Janice completely forgot about her little treat. By quitting time, she was trying to decide what to have for dinner. Her stomach was complaining about its emptiness, and expected something to be done about it. She didn’t think about her snack until she was at home in bed. By then he was little more than a distant memory, but it was very nice. She hoped she got to do it again, but if not, at least she had her little taste.

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