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Author's Chapter Notes:
I'm just going to focus on writing short stories from now on. I've had this idea for a while now and wanted to see how it would turn out. I also give permission to anybody who wants to write a story with any of the ideas in this story or any of my other stories or just to rewrite it in general.
“I cannot believe my rotten luck.” Jason fumed as he started walking towards the elevator. Jason was a sophomore in college standing at 6’8”. He had traveled to New York to attend a special lecture by one of his heroes about the theory of dimensional shift. Having read and reread over the subject many times before, Jason just wanted to hear the man who came up with the theory in person. Of course his flight was delayed so by the time he made it to the hall the lecture was over. Going back to his hotel to spend his next couple days till he could take the next flight home, Jason was severely upset.
A dimension shift was when reality shifted for a small amount of time. This was only limited to a small area and was never noticed. Because reality was changed, the shift felt like the norm so it would usually go unnoticed. These shifts could change any aspect about reality from a change in a freckle here or there to everyone being a superhero in disguise. On the off chance that you did notice that reality was changing, you were in for a surprise.

Finally making it to the elevator, Jason stepped in and pushed the button to the forty second floor. Before the door closed two small girls stepped inside the elevator. The girls both stood around 5’4 and one had blonde hair while the other was a red head. Both had a small build to them and neither of them supported a decent size chest. Jason considered both of them cute, but wouldn’t take a second look anyway. Seeing as neither girl came up to his chest, Jason decided to focus on the floor number.

As he was staring at the numbers he noticed that they started to come slower and slower. This didn’t seem to bother the girls as the color of the number changed from a dark red to a light blue and showed the number 12. Looking at the change in color Jason’s mind started to race with the possibility of a dimensional shift. Deciding to see what else changed he started to look at the two girls in front of him.

The number changed to 13 and the girls shot up 3”. No standing at 5’7”, the girls where oblivious to what was going on. As the number went up to 14, they shot up again to 5’10”. Also the fabric of their shirts expanded to show a small pair of B cup breasts. Despite his best tries, the girls started to notice that he was staring.

“So how is the weather up there.” the redhead said as she turned to face him.

“um…what?” Jason blurted out.

“Well, you don’t seem very bright but you are quite handsome.” The blonde chimed in.

“Oh, um I’m Jason.”

“Well I’m Jessica and this is my friend Ashley.” said Jessica pointing to the redhead next to her.

The number changed again to 15, and again the girls shot up to 6’1”. Their chest also expanded to a nice set of C cups. After this Jason noticed that he could barely see over either of their heads.

“So what are you doing at this hotel?” Jessica asked taking a small step closer.

16. Now standing at 6’4” with a now impressive D cup, these girls started to look like super models. As they got closer, Jason started to feel blood flow to his other head.

“I came here to attend a lecture but I ended up missing it” Jason said as he could now see the top of Jessica’s and Ashley’s forehead.

17. Jason now was only an inch taller than either of them and both had a huge chest both measuring to E cups.
“Well I find smart guys attractive.” Ashley said as she lightly put her hand on Jason’s chest.

18, 19, 20. Now standing at 7’4”, both girls stood over Jason with a full their full F cup breasts. With the sudden jump caused Jason to look up at these towering amazons. As he was looking up he noticed that the ceiling seemed to grow along with both girls.

“So we have a question for you, who do you think is sexier?” Jessica whispered as she took Jason’s hand and placed it on her huge rack.

21, 7’7”.

That’s not fair you can’t bribe the judge!” Ashley exclaimed as she took Jason’s other hand and pressed it firmly against here breast. Deciding to take it another step forward, Jessica grabbed John by the back of his head and started to kiss him passionately. As Jessica’s tongue invaded John’s mouth, John could feel it swell in his mouth a few times. The bulge in his pants was extremely visible by this point and Ashley was having a fun time undressing him. In a matter of minutes John was completely naked with two towering goddesses in front and behind him. Finally looking over at the number on the elevator he noticed that it read 25 which meant that these two once short girls where standing at a massive 8’7”. Seeing as how he still had several more floors to go he wondered what was in store for him next as the elevator door opened.
Chapter End Notes:
I'll write one more chapter to finish this. Leave a comment and tell me what you think.
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