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Story Notes:
Warning: The following story may contain language not suitable for all audiences.
Author's Chapter Notes:

All characters, places, and names are figments of my imagination.  Any similarities to any person, place, thing is just by accident.  This is an original idea that I have came up with and wanted to right a story about.

Seeing as I'm not a writer, I have low confidence on my writing techniques and the story in general.  Please review and tell me whether you enjoy this or not.  I'll write a few  chapters and depending on feed back I'll either continue it or not.  Anyways enjoy!!!

“Procrastination is a pain in my ass.” says an exhausted Randall.  After finishing up his English assignment, which took him three hours, he finally had time for himself.  For being an outgoing person he just couldn’t help but put off this assignment until the last minute.  The assignment wasn’t a hard one, but it was one that he didn’t want to talk about.  Randall had to write a three page paper about his childhood up to entering high school.  This isn’t a problem for most people but when you are born with a rare form of dwarfism, life is never easy.  At the age of five Randall was only two feet tall.  This in turn caused him to be the constant target of bullies.  Because of his stature he only had one friend through his first few years of elementary school and this was Ashley.

You could say that opposites attract and that would be an understatement.  Ashley was born with a completely different genetic disorder that made her grow at an amazing pace.  While Randall was picked on for being small, Ashley was picked on for being too big.   Standing at 5’4” in kindergarten, people tended to tease you for being a freak.  Despite his size Randall was always confident and outgoing, but he never knew when to back down.  This in turned led to him taking a few beatings up until high school.  Ashley on the other hand was extremely timid and shy.  The way they met was by chance when they were younger.

Ashley’s family had moved in next door to Randall right after his first week of kindergarten.  They had met on several occasions at the park, but they wouldn’t go anywhere near each other.  Randall’s reason being that Ashley was gigantic compared to him and Randall knew that kids bigger than him enjoyed to tease and bully him.  Other that Ashley’s height; Randall was fascinated by her long red hair and dark brown eyes.  Ashley on the other hand was scared of Randall just because she knew that kids shorter than her would tease her for her differences.  She couldn’t get over Randall’s appearance which made her curious as well.  Because of Randall’s disorder, he had no pigment in his eyes or hair.  Having completely white hair and white eyes was a point of fascination for Ashley, but another reason of torment for other people.  One day while Ashley was at the swing a group of boys in third grade started to call her names and throw anything they could get their hands on at her.  After she was pushed into the corner of the park Ashley just collapsed on the spot and started to cry.  This however didn’t stop the boys but had the opposite effect. 

“STOP IT!” yelled a voice in front of Ashley.  When she opened her eyes she sees the small boy with white hair in front of her.  This sight of a small kid protecting someone over twice his size made the boys go into a laughing fit.  This would have been enough if Randall didn’t run up to the leader of the group and kick him in the shin.  This of course made the boys let out there frustration on the small kid and they left after Randall couldn’t stand back up.  Ashley crawled forward to help the small kid sit up.  “Are you ok?” comes out of Randall mouth without a thought for his well-being. 

“Why are you asking me that you are the one who got attacked just now?  Why would you do that?”

“This is nothing, but I just couldn’t let those guys pick on you like that, I mean you are bigger than all of them.”

“I-I-I don’t know they were all just so scary.”

“Well they are gone now and it is getting pretty late so do you want to give me a ride home?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, considering the fact that I don’t think I can walk very far right now a piggy back ride sounds like a good idea to me.”

This led to a laughing fit from the both of them and Randall getting a piggy back by Ashley back to his house.  After that they were both inseparable from that moment on.

Chapter End Notes:

Please review and tell me if I am doing a good job or not.  Sorry but the first chapter was introduction, but the main story is coming up.  I forgot to add that Randall has normal body proportions also, it is just that he is just really small

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