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My name is Marakneus. Pronounced, Ma-rack-NE-us. I am 11 years old. I am the last of our, my, race. Which is the "Sumruck" race. We have lived on Earth in secret, absolutley NO ONE has known of our being. Our #1 one law, NO INTERACTIONS WITH HUMANS. But, I am on my last leg. Not literally, but I need help. Ever since our race has been destroyed by weather, animals, etc. and by the way, our race is only 3 inches tall, according to the human metric system.

We ended up here after a black hole sucked uo our planet. Ever since that horrible day, we have lived here. We look exactly like the humans. Anyways, like I said, I need help. I'm very desperate. At this moment, I'm standing outside a house, ready to go in.


I'm at the door, about to walk in through a crack. I start to walk through the crack. I get in and look around. Everything is so....... big. While I'm admiring the gargantuan house, a giant, beautiful girl walks by. Her red hair hangs a bit past her shoulders. I run up to her and start yelling.

I yell "HEY! HELP ME! DOWN HERE MISS!" She stops and looks around. I yell "NEXT TO YOUR FOOT!" She looks down and screams. Since I'm right next to her slippered foot, she kicks me at the wall. Hard. I hit the wall with extreme force and I feel and hear a bone break. I fall to the floor, unmoving. I start sobbing from the pain. Perhaps, in hindsight, I shouldn't have gotten so close. But, maybe it could have gotten worse. Then, she kneels next to me and mutters "What the....."

She picks me up and inspects me. I look at her face and realize how beautiful she is. Her big blue eyes tear up while she looks at my beaten body and whispers "Oh my god..... what have I done?" She quickly rushes me in a room. I look around and see the room is painted a bright pink. There are several posters of shirt-less, muscled teens around her room. She has a weird-looking thing that has a screen and a keypad.

She carries me past that and places me on a brown desk. I feel like my chest is on fire and I have trouble breathing. A sharp pain shoots through my body. I scream whe she places me on the desk. She gasps and looks at me. She gets a pillow and carefully places me on it. She pokes me in my stomach and I wince.

She then stands up and walks out the door. I hear faint voices in the room next door. I take this time to examine my injuries. I have several bruises on my body, and I think a one of my ribs is broken. I wipe my tears and lay down in the VERY comfortable pillow. The next thing I know, the girl walks back in with a boy, slightly shorter than her. He says "WHOA!" Then, he walks to me and stares at me.

The girl sits in the seat. The boy has black hair and emerald green eyes. He takes out his magnifying glass and studies me. After a few minutes, he faces the girl and says "He has a broken rib-cage and maybe a fractured leg. What did you do to it? Now, its practically a bruise."

I say "Um, excuse me?" They look at me in shock. The girl says "You.... You can talk?" In a pretty voice.

I snort and say "Of course I can talk, and I'm not an 'IT', my name is Marakneus. Parden me, but um what is your name Miss...?" She still has a look of shock on her face.

She says "Oh, sorry, I am Mika, and this is Ceaser."

I nod and say "Ceaser is right about my condition. I'm sorry I scared you madam."

She shakes her head and says "Oh, no, please forgive ME! I'm the one who almost killed you!"

I say "Well, I think I'm better now. I better get going."

"Wait!" She holds her hand up and says "How did you get here? Are you like.... A human?"

I say "I'm not a human. I am the very last one of my kind, the Sumruck race. My planet was sucked up by a black hole, so our people moved here. After a looong time of being here, more of us were dying. My parents died when I was nine and I was taken in by another family. Then, a storm destroyed EVERYTHING. My new family, my friends, my home." I realize I'm crying, but I continue. "I was only ten when it happened and I was the only survivor. I've been living off garbage and trash for a over a year."

I start sobbing and I bury my face in my hands. I start trembling and then, Mika gently picks me up and strokes me with her finger. I continue to sob, slowly stopping. I open my eyes and see only Mika. I look at the door and see Ceaser next to the door, looking at me.

After I get control of my hysteria, I wipe my eyes and sit up. I hear Mika say "I'm so sorry Marakneus."

She struggled with my name. I say "I need a nickname I guess" in a trembly voice.

She strokes me and says "How about.... Marcus?"

I smile and nod. This may be a good beginning for me.
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