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Samuel was a young married man who lived with his wife and his 6 years old daughter.
One morning he woke up in a different way, since that day his life experienced an important change, this is what happened that day.
As every morning, the clock placed in Samuel's night table, in the right side of the bed rang. Samuel woke up listening to the alarm but as he looked around him he noticed that everything was dark, which was very strange since his room is illuminated every morning by the sunlight entering through the windows. Therefore hi didn't understand where he was.
He found himself placed in a soft and a bit sloping (at least in the portion where he was) surface and covered by some heavy and large fabric that, despite its weight he could hold up and walk underneath it. Samuel didn't understand anything and, besides, it was all dark, he had no idea where he was.

Suddenly he felt the floor he was on was moving, sinking a bit, so was the fabric that covered him and soon he heard his clock's alarm stop and spotted on an area a light beam getting in under the fabric. Due to what he had seen and to the sound of his alarm clock he had the feeling that he was like in his bed but being this of a huge scale. He was really puzzled with the whole situation and not yet very awake but the only thing he managed to do was walk towards the lightened zone, as he got closer he could see more illuminated surface and he even saw something on the background that he recognized as his pillow but of huge proportions. Completely puzzled and a bit afraid he kept walking until he left behind the fabric over him.

He couldn't believe what he has seeing, it was his room, but everything was enormous, the ceiling was many feet above, the things where all perfectly proportional to each other but not to him, he was small, ridiculously small for a human being, he turned back to take a look on the rest of the room and saw something that shocked him even more, his wife, Sophie, standing on the other side of the bed, but huge and looking directly at him, in the same proportion as the room and all the stuff. So was the shock of seeing a human being so much bigger than him that he fell on the mattres and his body started to shake, during the first seconds she stayed looking at him without any movement, she couldn't either believe what she saw though the situation didn't cause fear to her but a deep amazement. slowly she started getting close to him, bending down, resting her hands on the bed.
"Samuel  ¿is that you?, said she.

"yyyess, yes " said Samuel, still trembling and shaking his head with a voice that didn't sound as his normal voice but quite more treble, This made Sophie smile a bit.
She felt like grabbing him, yes, for you to figure what his new size was, Sophie could have grabbed him with only one hand, comfortably, with her fingers wrapped around him leaving out only his head, But as she noticed that her hudband was trembling with fear, she decided to be a little more gentle so she walked to the side of the bed where he was and crouched down with her face in front of him. Meanwhile he stood back up, as she was placed in front of him she said.
"I cant believe it, ¿what happened to you? you are so small"
Her expression was of awe but also a little smiley, as if the situation was fun to her.
"I don't. I don't know" answered him, still disturbed.

All of a sudden, Sophie stood up cheerfully and putting a new rythim to the whole situation she said "Well, being that size you won't be able to take Rosie to school so i'm gonna  have to take charge" and turned back and started looking for some clothes.

She was in her underwear and her ass was a little higher than the surface of the bed on which Samuel was standing.
He stayed staring at her and for some reason to see that made hime feel even weaker and insignificant.

She started to get ready to go out. Putted some clothes on, went off the room, came back after a while with the phone in her ear and while she took some of her things and looked for a pair of shoes Samuel heard her saying the following.

"oh, and when you come, be careful because something happened to Samuel and he woke up small today, so you be careful not to..."
"yes, small, the size of a little doll, very weird, but well. I was asking you to watch where you walk so you don't step on him and not leaving him near Rosie because she might as well step on him..."
"Yes mom, he is smaller than Rosie, i told you, like a little doll, don't know his exact size, when you come over you'll see him..."
"mhhhh, yeah..., you are right, well, it's ok, come now if you want it that way. However i'm already going out 'cause, plus, now i have to take Rosie to school, i'm gonna be late. But i'll leave him on the shelf above the countertop so you find him easily..."
"Well mom, Yes, Ok, see you, bye..."

she putted away the phone, finished putting the shoes on and walked again towards Samuel. This time she grabbed him without any contemplation, she took him with her hand, wrapping his body with her fingers, leaving his arms pinned to the body in a way he couldn't move much and leaving out only his tiny head. She took him to the kitchen.

In the moment she lifted him he got a bit dizzy but Sophie didn't worry on that, while she was taking him to the kitchen she said to him. "Mom is coming soon and she will prepare some breakfast for you"

Samuel was already a bit more awake and started talking fluently "¿what are you doing? you can not lift me that way without asking me ¿what for is your mom coming?"
"Sam" Said she "i'll put you on the shelf so when mom arrives she will find you soon and not step on you"
"why does she have to find me?" said him a bit upset.
Meanwhile, Sophie was already placing him on the kitchen's shelf.

"Look Samuel, i know you and i know that when mamma comes you will not want to see her, like you always do and now that you are smaller than Rosie's Ken doll you can hide in any place. But she wants to see you, i told her you are very small and she felt curious"

"what you doing!?" Don't leave me here" yelled him while she started to walk off. "and tell your mother i don't need any brea..." Sophie, who was already getting off the kitchen towards the living room turned back and interrupted him. "Look Samuel, i have no time to talk about this stuff now, i must take Rosie to school and it's already a bit late, whan i'm back we can talk, ok?"

She walked off the kitchen and after a while Samuel saw her passing with Rosie, their 6 years old daughter. As he saw her he thought as well about the size of her daughter, also huge compared to him, he felt afraid he would loose authority over her, which displeased him quite much and he refused to accept as a posibility. As they passed cross the living room, Samuel heard them talking. "Why isn't dad taking me to school? where is dad?"
"Dad can't take you to school today so it's me who will take you. Bye Sam" Said Sophie and right off he heard the door shut.
He was placed on a shelf inside a plastic container, one of those wide bottles that, although it was uncovered didn't let him get out because its rim was too high for him.

Her wife's mother was a 53 years old woman, regular stature, and not fat but not either very thin, She dressed elegant she had white skin and curled hair, not very long, she dyed her hair blonde cause otherwise it showed some white hair.

That day she decided to wear sandals to go out. she was also wearing a pair of pants, a shirt and a small coat.
After Sophie left not much time passed by until Samuel heard the sound of the key and the door opening.

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