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Story Notes:

I haven't written a story for public consumption in a while so I may have a bit of writers rust so I apologize in advance.

Author's Chapter Notes:

This first chapter has been edited slightly as I added additional content to further cement the relationship the two characters have as opposed to glossing over it. 

A Little Affair




Chapter One: Innocently Cheating

“Learn to appreciate what you have, before time makes you appreciate what you had”




                Adam Price was a young Professor at Pacific Coast Academy. He has always had a naturally youthful look about him. His parents, who are both in their fifties, look mid-thirties while his grandma looked middle aged when she died well into her 80’s. It was a blessing now that he is approaching his late thirties; however earlier in life it was quite embarrassing. Such as when you’re young and going on dates in high school, and getting carded while your date can stroll right in to a rated R movie or being mistaken for your date’s younger brother as opposed to her boyfriend.  

                 Pacific Coast Academy is located near Malibu and is tucked in amongst several ridges that overlook the Pacific Ocean and runs alongside the Pacific Coast Highway. All of which make the school quite picturesque, which allows for a hefty tuitions that lead towards an elite education.

                Adam had always been a family man. He loved his wife Lisa and his two beautiful daughters. So when he had to spend three weeks in New York City at a teaching conference it was the hardest three weeks of his life. He was being asked to step away from his family. It killed him, but he couldn’t exactly tell the dean no. As it didn’t do him any good to love his family unconditionally from a cardboard box; so he packed a suitcase and kissed wife and kids goodbye, before heading out to New York City.

The first day was long and grueling, as there is nothing worse than listening to a bunch of intellectuals banter. So once the conference ended for the day he decided it was a good idea to get a drink from the hotel bar. Adam was about halfway through his second beer when he noticed a gorgeous brunette with blonde highlights who sit down at the bar next to him.

                “Riley, Riley Parker” The brunette said as she slid next to Adam.

                “What?” Adam asked a bit confused setting his drink down.

                “Riley Parker, that’s my name. You look out of place sitting here all alone.” Riley flirted as she slid her identification over to the bartender who barely glanced at the card as he was too busy staring at her rock hard abs that were prominently displayed thanks to a nearly inappropriately short halter top. “Morgan Coke, easy on the coke” She ordered before turning her attention to Adam.

                “Adam Price, I’m here on business, how about you?” Adam said unconsciously flirting back.

                “Soccer actually, I have a private coach who lives up here so I spend a few weeks each summer here in the apple.” Riley replied while motioning towards one of the empty booths.

                The two continued talking well into the evening before Adam finally had to retire but not before the two exchanged phone numbers and continued to meet over the next few weeks. One night Adam had gotten some box seats and took her to Yankee Stadium. Another night he took her out to a restaurant a colleague had recommended called the Chef’s Table as the chef Cesar Ramirez is supposed to be a wizard of the kitchen.

                The two had a great time no matter where they went. A few nights they would go out to a few of the tourist points and other times would catch a show on Broadway or a flick at the theater near the hotel. It was all so innocent at first. The two just casually talked about current events, what each other did. Just typical small talk when getting to know someone, but without Adam realizing, they had started to go beyond that. Talking about kids, personal beliefs and future plans.  It wasn’t until three nights before the end of the conference that Adam realized truly what was going on. They had gone up to his hotel room and started working their way through a bottle of Crown Royal when everything started to get fuzzy for Adam.

                It wasn’t until morning that Adam realized the mistake he had made. As when he rolled over he noticed Riley sleeping away. He gasped as he looked down at her impressively nude body. Her athletic looking six foot frame was that of a Phoenician goddesses, her flawlessly smooth skin beckoned to him. Adam reached out gently stroking the side of her face as she slumbered. He couldn’t believe that a young woman in her twenties who looked like this would want anything to do with him. She was nearly perfect, with the only blemish being the fact she wore glasses, but even that was often hidden by the fact she often wore contacts. However, as he looked at the young woman he knew he had gone too far. He loved his family and now he had jeopardized that.

                “Riley, Riley wake up.” Adam softly whispered into her ear not wanting to scare her awake.

                “Morning” she coo’s do you want to continue where we left off last night? Or do you want some breakfast first, Kitten?” Riley playfully said as she rolled over and leaned into Adam.

                “Riley look, we need to talk” Adam said as seriously as he could, while staring into the gorgeous young woman before him.  

                “What? Is it the distance thing, because I was thinking about this last night. I know you have your career so I could play soccer out west instead of out east.” Riley said as she leaned in and kissed Adam.

                “Wait, wait, wait” Adam said while pulling away from Riley. “It’s not just that. I have a wife, and my girls. I couldn’t just leave them. I’m sorry, I never meant to lead you on or make you think this was more than what it was.” Adam explained as he started to get out of bed.

                “So you can’t be with me because of Lisa?  I thought you loved me, I know you love me.  You’re just scared and that’s okay. I know I’m younger then you, but age is meaningless. What we have is special Adam.” Riley pleaded as she got out of the bed.  “Let’s just both wake up a little and think about this with a clear heads. Why don’t you order us some breakfast while I use bathroom okay?” Riley then turned without waiting for a reply and headed into the bathroom closing the door behind her.

                Adam sighed heavily as he looked around for his phone, hoping it wasn’t in the bathroom. He exhaled in relief as soon as he saw it on the table across the room. Grabbing the phone he went to turn it on with the thought of seeing if he could push his flight up and get the hell of out of here. As he truly didn’t mean to lead her on, while part of him really wondered if he had led her on at all. A single thought of running away with her entered his mind, starting fresh in some other part of the country. 

“What am I thinking” Adam said to himself.  Thought of losing his girls, maybe not even being awarded visitation rights crossed his mind. He loved his daughters so much and losing Lisa was something he wasn’t prepared to do.

Adam dipped his head burying his it in his lap as he contemplated how he would tell Lisa about this. If she would even take him back. He hadn’t ever done anything like this. This was going to kill her. How do you break something like this to someone? He couldn’t imagine her trusting him ever again. Trust was always such an important value to her. They both worked so hard to instill trustworthiness into their children.

“I just went against everything I taught my girls in fall swoop. I can’t go home to them. How can I?” Adam questioned wiping the tears from his eyes while glancing at the bathroom door with a mixture of lust and disgust. His desires had betrayed his feelings in such a way that the simple act of repenting would never be enough.  Adam knew some sins cut too deep to forgive and the mercy of god provided little solace to the living.

Adam stared at his phone dreading the call he was about to make. He could hear Lisa’s voice so chipper and happy to hear from him.  Then listening to that happiness bleed out over the phone as he explained the vivid details of his folly. He could hear her crying in his mind, and him not being able to console her, or tell her it’s going to be okay, that brighter days were ahead because he was the cause of the vile cancer that filled her heart.

                “Great” mumbled Adam as he looked for his phone forgetting it was gripped in his hand momentarily before watching it boot to a low battery screen and then turning back off. He headed over to the nightstand; the walk being like a death march as neared where his phone charger laid. He plugged the phone in, but nothing happened. He then remembered that he had to unplug the phone charger last night to plug the lamp back in. He reached behind the nightstand and unplugged the lamp; as he plugged his phone charger in a shock coursed through his body

                Adam staggered back grabbing his chest as if he were having a heart attack. He grasped at the wall before tumbling over smashing his head against the night stand before he collapsed to the floor as the world swirled around him in a slow spin while the pain which started in his chest begun to expand out to his limbs.

                Adam closed his eyes tightly for a couple minutes before reaching out towards the bed to pull himself up. However as he did so he grasped nothing but air, so he reached out again figuring that he must have fallen farther from the bed then he thought. However, once again his hands grasped nothing but the warm stale air of the hotel room. Adam blinked his eyes back open as he took a deep breath before he was blanketed in thick heavy weaved fibers. 

                “What is happening” Adam thought as he crawled beneath the heavy fabric until he saw a pin point of light in the otherwise dark surroundings. Not knowing what was going on or what else to do he headed toward the light. After a bit of wandering he was able to pop his head out amazed at what he saw. Almost immediately Adam began to hyperventilate as he peered around the gargantuan room.

                “I must have a concussion, or else this is some kind of nightmare induced by the stress of the situation.” Adam murmured as he grabbed his head which was pounding. He took a few steps before he noticed that he was completely nude. This recognition caused him to cover his privates in embarrassment while he stared upwards at a bed that seemingly rose up forever like the New York City skyscrapers he had grown accustomed to seeing.

                “Adam, did you get breakfast ordered? We can work this out; I know you’re just scared right now.” Riley said as she stepped out of the bathroom back into the room unaware how true her words were, just for the wrong reasons.

                The voice of Riley boomed across the room as Adam fell to his knees covering his knees as he felt the floor quiver like a lost child’s lower lip.  The understanding of the situation began to come into focus as Adam heard Riley’s voice call out again.  A single thought formed in Adam’s head. He had somehow shrunk.

                “No, no, no” Adam said covering his mouth with an astonished look spread across his face. “No” He said again as he pounded his fist against the carpeted floor. 


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