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Disclaimer: No copyright was intended. I took the origional story from "  http://giantessworld.org/Stories7/giantess.htm  " and edited it. No author name was given in the origional document.



 Chelsea was always the smallest person in crowds. Only four pounds at birth she was always considered the runt. At 21, she stood at 5 feet tall and was very flat chested, looking like a prepubescent child, but she had the most lovely face, beautiful long flowing blond hair and was very shy. She had always been teased as a child, called "midget", "shrimp" and always felt she was just a nameless face.
One day she stopped in by the local cafe and stopped instantly when she noticed Gerald. Gerald was the man of her dream, at 6'6" and very muscular she always adored him. She always want to talk to him but he never noticed her and his girlfriend was around.
At 6'4", Mary always intimidated people, with her large breast and muscular body she could easily take down a professional wrestler. Chelsea always tried to avoid her and succeded until today.
Chelsea decided to walk by Gerald to catch a quick glance, but Mary caught her and this pissed her off. She stood up, and walked over to her. Chelsea was easily dwarfed next to this woman. Looking down at Chelsea past her monster tits, Mary starting laughing, hard.
"Ha Ha Ha, you little shrimp I've seen you slipping glances at my man". Chelseas' face turned blood red, she didn't know what to do. "I've gotten tired of you walking by 40 times a day acting like I don't know what your up to". Chelsea started to back up but Mary grabbed her arm almost breaking it in half, screaming she turned to Gerald hoping he would stop this, but he saw him laughing as well.
Chelsea was heart-broken. The tiny woman couldn’t help but feel upset, but that wasn't the only feeling in her. Anger started to boil up inside her, for years she was laughed at, proded at and treated like a little child. Mary pulled her forward, "You little midget, what makes you think Gerald would ever been interested in you, look at you, you and your rediculisly small breasts. Compared to most those are small, next to mine and you’re as flat as a board. In fact, I think I could crush you in between my monsters, shrimp".
Chelsea felt the rage inside her build even more and a warm and tingly sensation came over her body. She noticed Mary's hand around her arm was starting to pry apart and then she noticed her arm looked longer. She looked down and saw her chest starting to expand under her small shirt, growing from her tiny fly bites to the size of large tangerines. Mary instantly let go and backed up, staring in awe. Gerald also stopped to notice the change along with a few patrons in the cafe. Chelsea was dumbstuck, she didn't know what to do, she thought at first she was dreaming, but then she realized everything was very real. "Damn, how the hell did you do that" snapped Mary, "You know magic know you little shrimp?".
Chelsea's face turned blood red with anger, "Don't call me a shrimp!" she shouted. Chelsea heard strange noises coming from her body and she looked down in time to see her tangerine sized breasts burst through her top now rivaling watermellons, with nipples the size of a large thumb. She began to grow quickly.
What was left of her clothes were torn from her body as she grew up and up.  Her panties became very tight and became a thong with her ass completly engulfing it before it too snapped in half and floated to the ground. Her unusually small bra stood no chance of holding as her nipples tore holes through the already stretched fabric. Almost instantly it burst to shreads from the rapid changes in her body. Chelsea’s head smashed against the ceiling of the room and leaving the now monsterous woman nowhere else to grow but out. She droped her head in shock and without thinking slamed it back up through the ceiling and into the apartment above. A young woman was sitting on her couch, folding her laundry on her living-room table when the massive head followed by an expanding bust and eventually a belly button exploded from the floor beneath her. Her table was sent acrost the room in an instant and cracked into pieces against the wall while the woman was knocked to the floor. She recognized a small butterfly tattoo next to the belly button of the massive and still growing shape. In horror the woman realized the body which destroyed her floor was that of her best friend, Chelsea.

Her head passed through the second floor and stoped shortly after penetrating the third floor. The last floor knocked Chelsea off balance as she stumbled forward, smashing through the floors and dropping to her knees.

The woman on the second floor didn’t have a chance to comprehend what was happening, she never had time. Just as the giant figure’s growth seemed to stop, it came tumbling forward. The woman screamed in terror as she realized what was coming for her. The now massive, bloated breast of her friend Chelsea was coming for her fast. She placed her arms out infront of her in a feeble attempt to stop the unstoppable. The woman was crushed between the floor and Chelseas swollen breast. The floor creaked and heaved under the pressure.

   She stopped growing and stood back up in the middle of the cafe, her head almost touching the roof of the forth floor. There she stood, a very big, very beautiful, very busty and still very angry goddess.
She noticed Mary and Gerald running out the cafe in a panic along with the frightened patrons. With anger still in her, she walked towards the doors and without missing a step walked straight through the front of the brick building, completely oblivious to the bloody smear on the front of her breast.
She noticed the couple running into their car and started towards them, thinking about all the terrible things that happened to her life, she started to grow again her feet now starting to crack the ground. By the time she had reached Mary & Gerald she had grown to 75 feet and her breasts were enormous even at her size.
She grabbed the tiny couple and brought them up to her face, laughing. "What did you say about your monster's" Chelsea asking sarcastically, "You said that you could crush me with your tits, well I could crush you, your car, and your entire family with just half of one of mine" she started to laugh again and began to lay down on the ground. Now with her anger subsided she had strong cravings overcome her.
She felt powerful, beautiful and sexy, and for once she admired her body. She needed to satisfy herself. "Mmmmmm, you know I'm still a virgin and I think its about time I change that." she said. Grabbing Gerald, she brought him to her face and dropped Mary in between her mountainous tits. She stripped him, very carefully, and noticed his little erection. "Mmmmm, you like what you see?" "Well hold on because your about to get a better view". With that last word she thrust Gerald deep into her cavernous pussy and giggled in delight as she felt the tiny man wiggle up inside her. She then then turned her attention to the tiny Mary, who was trying very carefully to slip to the ground below.
"Where do you think you're going, shrimp" She used her finger to push Mary in between her enormous breasts. "Guess what I saved for you.” "I'm going to show you what real breast's can do." and with that she pushed her tits together, engulfing the tiny woman.
She started to stroke herself with both hands and used her arms to push her breasts together, keeping the tiny body of Mary between them. She  stroked harder and began bucking her hips which cracked the pavement. Her moaning was loud enough for people in the next city to hear. She stroked herself harder and slammed her tits together occasionally catching glimpes of Mary been pressed up against the side of her breast. With Gerald in between her legs and Mary in between her tits, Chelsea  climaxed.
Her vag spasmed hard, crushing Gerald inside. Her arms pressed her tits togeather harder than before, within minutes she began to relax and bask in the afterglow of a mighty orgasm. When she let her tits open up she noticed Mary, pasted against the side of both her tits. At first Chelsea was mordified, but only for a second or two. She looked around at the bystanders who were only inches tall from her point of view and realized that she was unstoppable, they were like ants to the massive woman. Mary had also threatned her by saying she would crush her with her tits, the only difference was that Chelsea could actually do it. She laughed hard with the thought that Mary's life was now expendable. The tables had turned after years of torment.
She then remembered the tiny man, fished him out with her huge fingers and noticed that he had been horribly mangled but he was still alive. Feeling sorry she layed him on the ground and stood to her full height. "It's a shame, I really like you" she said knowing he could still hear hear. "I figured you would have been a nice guy, but I guess I was wrong. Oh and by the way your girlfriend…", she giggled and spread her tits, exposing the very obvious blood steins for all to see. "She found out what real breasts can do to a person. Sorry to have to do this, but this way seems to be the kindest and most appropriate way to end your misery, seeing as I’m now towering over you instead of vise-versa...I hope you like the feeling of powerlessness at the presence of someone much bigger than yourself.”
She lifted up her enormous foot and stepped down, crushing the mangled remains of the man, mercifully ending his life. Cracks radiated from the ground causing car alarms for miles to go off. Feeling powerful and extremely sexy, she looked at the city in front of her, and caressed her breasts. The giant woman noticed the blood stein on her nipple and upon closer inspection noticed a small hat which was caked on by the bloody mess. She retraced her steps through the last fiew minutes and came to a horrifying realization. The café sat below her best friends apartment and the hat was hers! She axidently crushed her best friend in her uncontrollable growth spurt. Chelsea was overcome with emotions. Anger built back up inside her and the growth began again at a steady rate. She spoted a woman she wanted to take her newfound anger out on, just down the road.

Tiffany hid in the Laundromat, under the nearest bench, shaking with each thunderous step made by the massive woman. The steps were getting louder and louder until a massive hand crashed through the window at the front of the building. Tiffany was pulled out of the building by one huge hand and placed on the ground infront of the building. She rolled over and came face to face with the angered stare of her co-worker who was now an astonishing 125 feet tall and growing. 

The tiny woman let out a scream at what was facing her. Chelsea enjoyed the scream and took full advantage of her size. She passed a quick glimpse to the tiny woman who was trembling in fear at what was to come next. Chelsea moved forward and brought her massive breasts over the tiny woman, her erect nipples now the size of small cars. Chelsea loved what she was about to do to Tiffany. Her heart raced and her already steady growth exploded. Chelsea’s size was increasing at an alarming rate: 175 feet, 200 feet, 250 feet, 350 feet. Tiffany looked around at the massive breast hanging over her body which was growing larger and larger. As Chelsea got bigger, her breasts were lifted higher and higher above the ground. Tiffany turned over onto her knees and started crawling as fast as she could away, trying as best as she could to out run the massive hanging boobs. With her gaze fixed above her, Tiffany noticed the giant woman’s boobs  growing wider in the streets, eventually filling the gap between the buildings on both sides of the street. The buildings fell over from the pressure placed on them. Tiffany was now out from underneath them but was now infront of the growing mass of flesh. Breathing heavy with her increased heart rate, Chelsea was enjoying watching Tiffany crawl away in horror at her increasing size. Tiffany bumped into a stopped car in the middle of the street and could not go forward any more. She layed with her back against the car and faced what was coming for her. The car was engulfed without a sound, just the groaning from the body of the massive woman.    Chelsea stopped and realized she had full control over her size and stopped the growing. The now 600 foot tall woman stopped and looked around at the tiny figures running around her feet and the messes left behind in her ginormous footsteps. Looking round the city she breathed in deep and realized that she was invincible and her power was unstoppable. She could do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted without a care in the world. All of a sudden her stomach growled in hunger. She smiled and began her stroll into the heart of the city.
The End ????

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