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Author's Chapter Notes:

Started the story somewhere in the middle, so the "beginning" is not really the beginning.

Gisele was rather uncomfortable. But she knew it was to be expected. She did after all allow Mt Shasta’s eruption to go off inside her pussy. She giggled at the thought. She nearly climaxed because of the eruption of an active volcano! She shifted uncomfortably on the summit and in doing so, could hear the mountain crack and groan as it was crushed beneath her enormous lips. Even from her lofty height, the noise was loud and clear. And while it only sounded like ice on a pond cracking beneath her feet, to the countless observers’ miles away the ground was trembling gently from the noise. And through some covered ears, the sharp cracks could still be faintly heard.

Gisele tried to peek through her enormous cleavage, but was unable to see because her arms were pushing her boobs together.

“I GUESS I’M NOT A DOUBLE D ANYMORE.” She said softly, though she knew everyone for miles could still hear her. Suddenly she was no longer grinning; it was beginning to sink in. She was miles and miles tall and anything she did could potentially kill someone, or something. How many poor, innocent animals had she crushed beneath her?

“OH GOD. HELP ME, I’M HUGE!” She whispered desperately, looking around her for signs of help. But she couldn’t even distinguish individual trees at the base of the mountain; everything simply blended together.

Something abruptly shifted inside her vagina.

“OH…” She closed her eyes and bit her lip, drawn to the sensation, the shifting magma swirled and tickled, but she felt that the lava was cooling down since it no longer burned, but it was definitely settling at the base that joined her pussy lips to the crater of the volcano. She shuttered, sending a strong tremor through the ground that was felt for miles, sending trees nearby shuttering back and forth. She involuntarily squeezed her vaginal muscles, feeling the building sized boulders compress, crack, crumble and meld together as she sighed in euphoria. She looked down over her quivering breasts, still breathing heavily, watching clouds of ice, dust, ash and rock racing down the mountain, into the valley between her tanned thighs. The dust stuck to her skin. She was now causing massive rock slides.

She didn’t want to cause any more damage, so she leaned slightly forward to put more weight on her hands and knees, trying not to crush the volcano any further.

“HOW BIG AM I NOW?” She muttered to herself. She looked up and saw contrails from an airliner flying nearly a foot over her forehead.

Gisele gasped, she was over 50,000ft tall! She suddenly noticed that the airliner, smaller than a grain of sand, was in freefall. She looked on helplessly as the contrails spiraled towards her face. Her sudden intake of air had caused the airliner to be sucked towards her and now it was going to crash into her town-sized face.

She held her breath, but wondered if she should stay still or blow away the falling plane like a leaf. But if she did, wouldn’t the plane simply break apart? As she decided, the plane seemed to regain control, passing over her nose from what felt like several inches. When the airliner was far enough for comfort, Gisele gave a long sigh. Her breath became a gentle breeze that combed through the forest in front of her. 

“OH MY GOD.” She said in a normal tone, causing many people for miles to cover their ears while trying to stay upright from the blast of her voice.

“WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?” She said, tears beginning to form in her eyes, but then she saw a wisp of white smoke that contrasted with the green forest below. That wisp began to lengthen until it was a very thin, long line and after a few moments, a double line was formed, forming the letter F.

                A relieved giggle came from Gisele, who blinked, causing tears to fall down her face, showering her cleavage in a downpour of fat raindrops.

She had a bit of trouble seeing the letters as they were of fine print and sometimes blended with the occasional cloud. She squinted and leaned further, her breasts shifting forward too, jiggling as their masses shifted. After a few moments, the skywriting stopped.


“NO! DON’T STOP! PLEASE!” She whispered, worried that the plane may have crashed. She searched and searched, looking for clues as to what had happened. But then a new line, one that was several times thicker and now yellow, formed over the white “F”. Little did she know that her difficulty seeing the skywriter worried the authorities, causing them to call in an entire 5-plane formation. They wrote in thicker, yellow smoke that could be now be seen, even with clouds in the background.

“Follow the yellow smoke trail. It will lead you to Pacific Ocean. Crawl slowly and avoid highways.”

“OKAY.” She said, nodding.

After waiting for nearly an hour, a trail of yellow smoke began to form. Heading west, the five plane formation tore through the sky as fast as their planes could. The pilots were not comfortable knowing that a giant woman was more or less chasing them.

Gisele began to crawl forward, her movements causing constant tremors throughout the ground for miles. She first reached out with her right hand, trying to keep her palms from touching the forest floor.

Of the 4,000 people that lived in the town beneath Mt Shasta, of the people there that had seen Gisele the giantess save their town, Kyle Brybaker was the only one that had seen her naked on the internet before. Her stunning, lightly tanned, goddess-like body, full breasts that were now bigger than the town he stood in, her flat, shapely tummy that could hold thousands, maybe millions of people and digest them within hours. Wide shapely hips that could take hours to travel across, blonde hair that was as long a the mountain was tall, long legs that for once literally stretched for miles and a pussy that could swallow a mountain. He should know. He just saw her accept Mt. Shasta like a sex toy six hours ago. And since then, he hasn’t done anything but sit in his room, watching her through his window, unable to peel his eyes away from her body.  He may not have had a fetish for gentle, giant women, but he had to admit: He definitely had one now.

He was sad to see her go and by default, her twins, but he was at least glad that she was leaving with an unbelievable show. Her every move was causing a gentle tremor, causing his bobble-head collection to fall into a bobbing frenzy. She slowly, lifted her left hand, reached outward and planted it somewhere down the mountain, out of site behind his neighbor’s house. But as she slowly leaned over her outstretched arm, the left side of her body suddenly dropped as if her hand had slipped.

Kyle’s house jumped while simultaneously blasted by the shockwave, tossing his body into the air. He landed hard on his side and slammed his head against the edge of his chair. But despite the pain, he jumped towards the windowsill and tried to not break eye contact with the goddess. His house continued to shake all around him. Lamps and bobble-heads were falling over, books toppling from their cases, the wood structure of his house was rattling apart. The neighbors were shouting and screaming in fear, every car alarm surged into an orchestrated blare, but after a few seconds that felt like eternity, the quakes swiftly past and the earth settled. Little did he know that he had just experienced the force of a thermonuclear bomb. And had her hand been 2 miles closer, his town would have been nothing more than a collection of collapsed buildings.

And while the police sirens ebbed and flowed, car alarms continued to screech and neighbors called out to one another, Kyle Brybaker was in heaven. He didn’t even notice the fire hydrant that had ruptured, blasting water onto his porch.  He was too busy watching Gisele’s breasts bounce up and down from her sudden drop and stared open mouthed as they slowly bobbed in unison for several minutes. Her pert nipples drew upright lines in the air. And he swore he could hear a faint sloshing sound that emitted from her breasts as they bounced slowly and seductively. So entranced, he didn’t even notice the ashamed look on her face.

                “I’M SO SORRY,” A panicked Gisele whispered, watching the cars in town scurry around like mites. Travelling on her fingertips probably wasn’t going to work, not on mountainous terrain anyway.  

                She lifted her left leg and tried to plant it at the base of the mountain, but she couldn’t seem to move forward. Her lightly furred crotch seemed to be stuck to the volcano’s crater. She tried to pull her pussy forward.

                “AH!” Gisele gasped as she felt a sharp sting from inside her vagina. It felt like her flesh was tearing away.

                “HOLD ON, I SEEM TO BE STUCK.” She whispered, panting heavily. “JUST GIVE ME A MOMENT.”

                She pressed down on her hands and knees, trying to lift her pussy off the volcano. She sank deeper into the crust, causing more massive rockslides and shattering granite, but the pain it caused was dramatically worse. And she wasn’t less stuck than she was before. Still breathing heavily from the intense pain, Gisele tried to twist her pussy off the volcano’s crater. At first the pain was nearly unbearable, but she twisted harder. Starting with an ear-splitting crack, the rock connecting her to the mountain gave away in a growing cacophony of crumbling, shattering volcanic rock. As her hips rose into the sky, smaller bits of superheated earth, ranging from the size of cars to small office buildings, broke away from the chunk of rock still lodged inside her crotch. In their reddish-yellow glow, they fell silently into the newly-reshaped volcanic crater, before thundering down the sides of the basin, each impact and tumble sending shockwaves throughout the area. Mt. Shasta and Weed, all the townspeople saw thick clouds of steam and ash rising from the basin like a pot of boiling water, into the cold summit air.

                To Gisele, the intense tearing pain inside her was intolerable. She wanted to scream with all she had, but all that came out in a deep, tense groan.

“OOHHH…” She cried, clenching her teeth, the voice of her pain shaking every window and bone in the towns around her.

She involuntarily squeezed her vaginal muscles and the stinging sensation peaked, but it quickly declined as her pussy lips, their height comparable to the Sears tower in Chicago, began to forcefully close. The tip of the 4,600 foot slab of rock, retracted up into her vagina. And to the many speechless onlookers of the town, it seemed like an inverted mountain, glowing in a reddish-yellow aura, quickly disappeared inside her.

Gisele could barely breathe as her crotch throbbed in pain. She lifted her right arm and tried to spread her pussy open with her fingers, but the swollen tenderness of it made her reconsider. Since it was too painful to remove the mountain-sized boulder now, she would have to wait until the tenderness and swelling went down.

“OKAY,” Gisele muttered, still rubbing her sore crotch. “I’M READY.”

The planes came around for another pass and the yellow line soon reformed. Traveling on her hands and knees, she began her 100 mile journey to the Pacific Ocean, which she saw glistening in the distance.

The immediate challenge for Gisele was crossing Highway 5, merely six miles away from where she sat; a distance no longer than the length of her legs. The authorities needed Gisele to pass between the small towns of Mt. Shasta and Weed. The area she would cross the highway would give her even distance from both towns. The town of Weed would be three miles to the north, while the town of Mt. Shasta would be three miles to the south. But while these two townships would be safe from being crushed, between them was a thick belt of low-density housing. Occupying the areas West of Highway 5, every house was practically invisible to the goddess Gisele. To her, every home in the belt was smaller than a grain of sand. And she was now headed their way, crawling one earth-trembling limb at a time.

Willy’s house was a complete disaster. His floor was covered in broken dishes, his boat had thrown off its carriage, the back door had broken loose and his boiler had sprung a leak. And according to Willy, it was all because of “that damn giant bitch.”

But he certainly didn’t have much time to mourn because National Guardsmen were rounding up the neighborhood in a forced evacuation.

To say the least, he and many others did not enjoy the suggestion of leaving their home and belongings. But Willy was special. He didn’t have home insurance. This was the reason why he refused to leave his home, the reason why it led to a struggle, the reason why it ended with an unconscious Willy, a smiling soldier and his brand new taser.

For many, it was not a very difficult decision. They were told that Gisele would be moving through the area, devastating the neighborhood and obliterating anything unfortunate to be caught beneath her. But on a positive note, the soldiers told the evacuees that the government promised to cover any of the damage. The Guardsmen had tried to tell Willy this, but tasering him was quicker. Who in their right minds wanted to waste any time? An approaching goddess, completely visible from the doomed streets, reaching into the sky above them, was bearing down on them.

As the evacuees were raced down the highway towards Mt. Shasta, Gisele had managed to crawl down the mountainous slopes. And as she drew closer, everyone in the transports could feel the tremors grow stronger and stronger.      

Positioned on the east side of Highway 5, the Mt. Black Butte was over 6,000ft tall. This meant that even from its lofty height, the mountain barely reached halfway up Gisele’s shins. And as she slowly came to a stop at the highway, she sat down on soles of her feet. Mt. Black Butte was nestled away between her knees, a mere foot to Gisele, from a pussy that could have easily plowed right through it. The yellow line had stopped short of the highway and she guessed that things weren’t ready for her to cross.

Gisele was finding it a bit hard to keep her hands to herself. She looked down on the mountain before her, wondering how fragile it was. After all, she was enormous, multi-mile high being; crushing acres of land beneath her coming to a highway that looked almost like floss. She had reformed the landscape to a series of 200 foot depressions and her very movement triggered seismic events. She was an immense god-like being and that truth was starting to go to her head.      

Transfixed in this sense of marvel, Gisele reached down between her knees and gently palmed the Mt. Black Butte’s summit. To Gisele, this mountain was nothing more than a softball sized rock. And naturally, she assumed that with her strength, she could rip this mountain out of the ground and hurl it dozens of miles, before it slammed into the earth like a meteor. But she simply watched as the trees on the summit were crushed beneath her hand and small rockslides boiled down to the base of the mountain, coming to a rest in the ditches before the highway. She was gentle and tried not to accidently break off bigger chunks of rock. But realizing what she was doing, she carefully took her hand off the summit and placed both of them on her lap. She didn’t want to hurt any more wildlife. She knew what she had to do.

But still, in the back of her mind, she imagined what would have happen had she jumped. Her enormous thighs flexing, the earth’s crust fracturing like thin ice as she pushed off, the feeling of weightlessness as she came back down at terminal velocity. The shattering of the earth’s crust as she sank knee deep into the ground. Compared to the mountain before her, how much bigger would the resulting impact be? 

The people watched her nervously as she did this, toying with the mountain. The National Guard was thrown into preparation, hoping that “greater measures” wouldn’t be necessary. They knew the General Chief of Staff was comfortable with lethal force, if only to subdue the goddess. But they couldn’t destroy Gisele, an all powerful goddess who could wipe them all out with the slightest of actions. A footstep, a slap-

A full-breasted push-up…

Things remained tense among the commanders as she removed her hand from the summit.

Gisele turned her head southward and looked down at Mt. Shasta, seeing the microscopic crowds grow bigger and bigger at the township’s edge. The entire crowd looked like a tiny, nearly transparent, grayish amoeba that had attached itself to the edge of town. She could see tiny vehicles: cars, trucks and a few tanks, rolling towards her edge of the district. So small were these nearly indistinguishable things that she had to narrow her eyes and lean slightly forward in order for her to get a better view. But she was so close to the town of Mt. Shasta, so unbelievably enormous, that simply leaning towards it positioned her looking down on the town from above. But so concerned with watching, she hadn’t noticed that or her mouth that was casually hanging open. Her immense pink tongue slipped in and out of view as she ran the tip of it over the tops of her incisors. It wasn’t a threatening gesture, just an absentminded one. But the guards on the ground saw it in a slightly more menacing light.

Chapter End Notes:

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