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This is my first attempt of a story...I hope you enjoy.


“Yes, I did it” said Julie, a 6’2” 22 year old woman.  Julie looked like she stepped right out of a magazine.   She is tall with long brunette hair down to her shoulder blades with 36C cup breasts weighing in at 135lbs and green eyes.  Julie had just created a growth potion that she had worked on for the last four years.  Julie handed a glass with the potion to her one of her two best friends, Allison.  Allison, also 22, was not as good looking as Julie, but any man that woke up next to her would not be complaining.  Allison has wavy golden blonde hair down to her shoulders and is 5’0”.  Most people would say that Allison was petite.  Allison has a killer body with 34C breasts, green eyes, and she weighs in at 97lbs.  Allison has always been envious of Julie’s because of her beauty and height.  If the potion worked as Julie claimed, Allison would never have to worry about being envious the rest of her life.  The other glass went to the third 22 year old in the room named Sarah.  Sarah is 5’7” with reddish/auburn hair cut short, clear blue eyes, and has the largest breasts of the three at 36D.  Sarah also falls in the middle weight wise, at 120lbs.


“A toast to our dreams” said Sarah.  All three women drank the potion.  As they waited, they began to wonder if Julie was mistaken on making the formula.  An hour went by, then another and still no growth.  At 11 pm, Allison said that she had to go home to go to bed because she had to go to work in the morning and for Julie to continue to work on the formula.  “Are you sure you got it right?” said Sarah. Julie replied “Yes, and I don’t know what is wrong”.  Sarah said “goodnight” and also left.  Julie could not understand what was wrong with her calculations and spent most of the night rechecking her work.  She finally fell asleep at 4 am.


The next morning, Allison thought she was taller, but could not tell for sure.  Allison jumped in her Honda Accord and drove to downtown LA for her job as a secretary.  Allison’s building is 20 stories tall and she works on the 12th floor.  Allison’s boss, Samantha, is gorgeous and always makes fun of Allison’s height since she is 5’0” and Samantha is 6’2”.  Allison was so sure that she would not have to put up with Samantha’s remarks because she thought the growth potion would work.  When Samantha walked past Allison, Allison thought she was even with her breasts, which she normally was not.  Since Samantha is on a roll today with all of the snide remarks, Allison had to get a breath of fresh air.  Allison left the building and began walking around the block and then it happened.


Allison’s clothes felt tight and then she heard the first button on her blouse pop.  Then her skirt began to stretch and her shoes began to tear.  Allison quickly grew to 6 feet and then 7 feet in the span of seconds.  Allison by this time was completely naked.  For over a minute she grew until she topped out at 400 feet tall.


Sarah woke up and was getting ready for work.  When she put on her clothes, she thought she was a little bit taller, but then quickly thought that is was a figment of her imagination.  Sarah got in her BMW SUV and was stuck in traffic for an hour on the LA freeways.  Sarah was not happy because her boss said the next time she was late, she would be fired.  What Sarah did not know what that 1 mile up the road was a horrible 6 car pileup and she was not going to be moving for another hour.  As she waited in traffic, Sarah began to notice that her clothes were becoming very uncomfortable.  Just like with Allison, Sarah began to grow extremely quickly.  Her BMW was quickly crushed with her ever expanding naked body.  Sarah also topped out at 400 feet and killed hundreds of people sitting in traffic that had no time to move out of the way of her gargantuan body.


Julie woke up with the cool breeze on her body.  Julie is not a person to sleep naked in bed.  Julie could not understand why she was outside.  As Julie began to focus, she noticed these tiny insects all around her body.  Julie thought to her self that she must still be dreaming of being a giantess and that at least part of her fantasy came true, even if in her dreams.  Julie reached down into the insects pile with an index finger the size of a telephone poll.  As she exerted, what she thought was the slightest pressure, she killed 50 insects.  The insects were actually people that had come to witness this beautiful giantess and to see what happened.  As Julie brought her finger to her eye, she noticed all the red on it, like a grease spot.  Julie first gasped in horror as she realized what had happened, the slight movement from her had seemed like a Mack truck to the people on the ground.  Then she screamed “Yes” for her success.  This was not a dream and she really did create a growth portion.  She looked for her house, but could not find it.  Then Julie realized she had crushed it in her growth stage.  Oh well she thought, these insects can build a bigger place for me anyway.  Julie then realized that her breasts were crawling with people.  They must be men she thought.  Julie was about to give them a rude awakening.


Julie realized that she had the largest breasts in the world, unless her two friends also grew, and then it was one of the three largest.  Her breasts are about 22 feet high (from bottom to top), extended 17 feet from her chest and are 28 feet wide.  She slowly moved her index finger to her right nipple and said “Hey boys, what do you think of my breast?  My nipple is larger than five of you combined.  Do you want to play with a big girl??”  The men on her breast began to run for dear life.  A few of them fell off and landed on her stomach.  A few men fell to their death on the ground and the remaining men landed in Julie hand.  She slowly raised her hand to her eye and closely examined the men.  She then told them to strip.  Six of the men stripped and one of them did not.  Julie asked again and the guy did not strip.  She took her left hand index finger and separated him from the group.  “Since you did not listen to me, your Goddess, I will make an example of you.”  She put him in her left hand and told the other six that obedience is necessary or they will die.  She then put her lips close to her left hand and blew.  The man flew for 1 mile at 100 miles per hour (which was a slow blow to Julie) and splattered to death.  One of the side affects of the growth potion was that Julie (and the other two) could see for miles like they were right there.  She then told the three men on her stomach to climb Mount Julie.  After witnessing what she just did, they immediately complied. 


Julie began inspecting the six naked men in her hand.  She grabbed the 2nd one in line with her thumb and index finger of her left hand and told the other men that she wanted to experiment.  She slowly began to squeeze until she popped him like a grape.  She then rubbed her fingers together showing the other men the paste.  They all began running on her hand, which tickled Julie, trying to escape the cruel giantess.  She closed her right hand preventing any escape.  Julie was becoming very good at not crushing any men unless she wanted to.  She told the men that she was going to open her hand and they better be bowing if they did not want to die.  When she opened her hand, all the men were bowing.  “That’s more like it” she said.  Julie asked the middle man if he thought she was pretty.  The man said “Oh Goddess, you are the prettiest woman I have ever seen.  I love how your hair is so long and silky.”  Julie said “you like my hair?  I will put you in it.”  Julie then grabbed him with her left hand and pushed him down with her right index finger.  She then lowered her brown hair into her palm.  “How do you like that little one?”  When she removed her hair from her palm, all that was left of the man was his gory remains.  When Julie thought about it, her simple act of lowering her hair onto the little person was really lowering tons of hair onto him.  It did not take much for the guy in her left hand to be crushed to death.


Julie then asked the remaining five guys if they liked her hair.  After seeing what she did to their friend, all of them said no.  Julie, who was not happy with that answer, plucked one guy out of her palm and dropped him to the ground, instantly killing him.  The four remaining guys began shaking in fear.  Julie then grabbed another man from her palm.  This time another man tried to bring him back, but a simple act for Julie was too much for his puny strength.  She then took both of them and placed them in her left palm.  She asked them their names.  They gave Jim and Steve.  “Jim, who do you think will fly farther if I blow you off my hand?”  Jim replied “I don’t know”.  Julie then said ‘well I guess we will have to find out, won’t we”.  The men, the realizing what Julie intended decided that suicide by jumping of her hand was much better than being blown off her hand.  Since they had a distance to go before they reached the end of her hand, Julie gave them a false sense of hope.  Right when they were about to jump, Julie lowered her 5 foot thick lips and blew.  Both Jim and Steve were blown off her hand for a couple miles before falling to their deaths.  She gave out a sexy laugh when she blew them to their deaths.  Julie found out that Steve went farther.


With the final two men in her right palm, Julie told them that they would get a reward for staying alive.  She would give them a blow job.  Julie lowered her red lips and started to suck on the men.  They were so small to her that she could not grasp only their cocks.  She began sucking, so hard to them and so light to her, that she swallowed them.


The three men running on her stomach towards “Mount Julie” took their comrades misfortune as an opportunity to try to escape.  Unfortunately for them, Julie was so large that they could not safely jump off of her.  “Where are you going?” Julie asked.  “Let me help you” Julie brought her finger back and flicked all three of them off at once.  Lucky for them, they were killed when Julie struck them.


Julie then began to stand up.  The few idiots that remained got one of the most impressive sights that they had ever seen.  A four hundred foot brunette giantess with a cunt the size of a large house and breasts jutting out from her chest.  She then asked the insects what time is it.  When they responded 9:45 am, the raised her foot and stomped on them.  They stood no chance when a giantess puts her foot down.  Julie decided that Allison and Sarah would be at work and if they grew like she did, then she would find them easily.  If not, she would demand that they be given to her.


It did not take Julie long to find Sarah.  “Sarah, can you believe what has happened to us?  It worked; it just took a little bit longer than I thought.  Don’t worry, I crushed my house by accident when I grew and all my research was destroyed except what is in my head.  We don’t have to worry about these insects growing to challenge us.”  Sarah responded “Julie, I killed hundreds of people when I grew…it was amazing.”  Julie said “you think that was amazing, wait until you do it on purpose instead of when you grow”.  Julie looked down at the freeway and saw a jeep trying to escape.  “Sarah, watch this”.  Julie bent down and placed her index finger on the roof of the jeep.  The jeep was spinning its wheels but not moving anywhere.  Julie grasped it and placed it on her palm and walked over to Sarah.  “Sarah, this little one thought he could escape us.  Why don’t you take it and begin your initiation.”  Sarah grasped the jeep out of Julie’s hand and brought it up to her clear blue eyes.  Her eye was all the driver could see.  “Julie, he is shaking…this is sooo cool.”  “Sarah, command him out and show him your strength.”  Sarah, doing as Julie requested, told the pipsqueak to get out before she killed him.  The little man not wanting to be killed opened the door and got out.  Sarah then grabbed the jeep with her other hand and brought to eye level of the man and began to squeeze.  In no time, the jeep was like a balled up tin foil.  She then threw it to the ground creating a tiny explosion to Julie and Sarah.  The man had not moved a muscle fearing that Sarah could do that to him.  “Julie, this is just like we dreamed.”  Julie responded with “Sarah, tell him to strip.”  Sarah looked at the little man and said “you heard my friend, strip.”  The little man began to strip.  Julie and Sarah laughed at his little prick.  “It’s so small” laughed Sarah.  Sarah then placed him on her enormous nipple and told his to hang on.  Sarah said to Julie “look how small he is.  We are Goddesses.”  Julie bent down to look at the little one on one of her best friend’s nipple.  “Little one” Julie spoke “do you think you could survive lesbian love?”  The man, said no, but Julie did not really care for the answer.  “If you happen to survive this, which you won’t, we will let you free.”  Julie lowered her lips and brought them to Sarah’s nipple and had the man in her mouth being careful not to hurt him.  Julie brought her mouth to Sarah’s as their gargantuan breasts touched each other.  Men from miles away were jacking off at this lesbian love fest.  Julie opened her mouth and passed the little man to Sarah.  Sarah put her tongue in Julie’s mouth and that was the last they heard from that man.


After they finished kissing, Julie said to Sarah “do you realize that our bodies are magnificent.  I killed someone with my hair.  My hair, which to you and I weigh nothing.  To these insects, it weighs tons, even your short hair.  Try it out.”  Sarah lay down on the freeway where traffic was trying to escape.  She then placed her head down and her hair became a dam to block everyone.  As the traffic crashed into each other, more cars were pushed deeper into Sarah’s reddish auburn hair.  Every once in a while, Sarah would feel the heat from explosions, but it never even singed her hair.  Sarah then lifted up her head and tried only to have her hair come down on the cars and people.  She was successful and began to crush everything in its path.  Sarah was beginning to fall in love with this method of killing. 


Julie spotted a bunch of cars that were not crushed by Sarah’s display and commanded them out of their cars if they wanted to live.  After seeing all the destruction that the two giantesses created, they got out.  The mob of people was in between Julie and Sarah.  “Sarah, watch this.”  Julie then lowered her self to the ground so that she was only about 20 feet above them and began to blow.  At first, the people got behind the cars, but Julie increased her breath and blew them into Sarah.  “Julie that is so amazing our littlest actions are huge destructive actions to them.”  The tiny automobiles and people crashed into Sarah’s huge body.  Most were killed, but a few survived.  Sarah reached her hand down and grabbed the lucky survivors.  They were trembling as they stood in her palm.  Sarah asked them if they had ever been with a woman this amazing.  They all said no.  Sarah then told them that her friend Julie was hungry and that she wanted her to be fed.  They started hobbling to the edge of Sarah’s hand because they did not want to be eaten.  Julie told Sarah to bring them to her.  Sarah held them in front of Julie’s cunt.  The brown pubic hair of Julie was like a forest to them.  Julie took her fingers and spread opened her vagina for Sarah to deposit the survivors into.  Sarah did so and then used her hand to make Julie orgasm.  Julie took no time to orgasm and when she did cum drowned everyone inside of her.  “That was amazing…I fucked over 20 people at once and they still did not satisfy me.” 


Matt and Randy were 5’3” 100 lbs and 5’7” 145 lbs respectively.  They had somehow escaped the two giantesses playing.  They were slowly making there way from the destruction.  They glanced back as the brunette was fucking over 20 people and felt the street shake from the woman quake.  They ran past cars because they thought it would stand out if the women saw a car moving.  A couple times when the giantesses glanced their way, they played dead and it appeared to work.  Each time they glanced away from them, they slowly moved towards safety.  As they thought they reached safety, a giant flesh wall appeared in front of them.  It was Sarah’s hand.


“What do we have here?  You thought you were smart by trying to play dead…but I fooled you.”  Sarah closed her hand and captured Matt & Randy.  She brought them up to her face and said “Hi boys” in a very sexy voice.  “Which one do you want Julie?”  Julie said “I don’t care, either one will do”.  Sarah said “I have an idea, let’s flip another person in the air and if they land on their heads, you get this one. (pointing at Randy) and I get the other (pointing at Matt).”  Julie reached into the crowd that was enclosed by her legs and grabbed a guy and flipped him into the air.  He landed on his feet.  Julie was given Matt and Sarah kept Randy.


Sarah placed Randy right below her belly button and told him to start running south.  As he ran, he started to get caught up in her pubic hair.  Randy could smell her sex and was afraid of what was about to happen.  As he was running over her vagina, Sarah opened it and he fell into it.  Just like a Venus fly trap.  Sarah then took her fingers and inserted it into her pussy and began to masturbate.  She shortly had an orgasm that Randy had never experienced before.  Too bad for Randy that he died giving pleasure to Sarah.


Julie looked at Matt and said “look at your friend…he went bye bye.  I guess he couldn’t handle big women…Can you?  Do you think I am pretty?”  Matt responded “yes, I think you are gorgeous.”  Julie asked Matt his name.  “Matt, did you know that I killed someone earlier with my hair.  Do you think my hair is pretty?”  Matt said “yes”.  “If you value your life, then you are going to hold onto a lock of my hair as I lowered it into the valley, especially at your size, of my breasts.”  Julie did just what she told Matt and lowered a lock with him holding onto dear life in the valley of her cleavage. 


With Matt holding on to her brown hair, Julie swung her hair and Matt over her shoulder.  When Matt looked down he had a 350 foot drop down her back past her ass to the ground.  Julie told Sarah that they should go find Allison.  As they walked towards Allison, they left destruction in their wake.


Allison looked at the building she used to work in.  The top of it was even with her breasts.  She could not believe that Julie’s potion actually worked.  She had been dreaming about this day ever since Julie told her what she was going to create.  Allison took her right index finger and poked at a window located on the 12th floor and told her former coworkers to produce Samantha or she was going to destroy the building.  It took less than a minute for them to produce Samantha.  Allison could not believe how small Samantha looked compared to her.  Just earlier this morning, Samantha towered over Allison and now it was the reverse by 100 fold.  Allison poked out the window and commanded Samantha to get on her right palm.  Samantha did not and Allison reached her whole hand into the office and grabbed her.  Allison marveled at how light she was and that she controlled Samantha’s fate.  She stood up to her full height and placed Samantha on the roof. 


“What do you want?” asked Samantha.  “I want to get revenge for all the height references and snide remarks you made to me since I have been working here” said Allison.  “Now strip”.  Samantha did not and Allison bent down real fast, creating a strong gust that knocked Samantha down, and grabbed a guy off the street.  She brought him to the roof and held him between her thumb and index finger.  “If you don’t strip” Allison said to Samantha, “this is what will happen to you”.  Allison slowly squeezed her fingers together crushing the man into a gory paste.  Samantha became pale and complied with Allison’s request.  Allison started to compare her nipple that was resting on the roof to Samantha.  It was larger than Samantha.


“I can’t believe how small you are.  Your breasts are so tiny.  My nipple is bigger than you are.  Come rub my nipple.”  Samantha started to take her tiny hands and rub the nipple.  The nipple started to grow as Allison became more excited.  Allison took her hand and started to fondle her breast.  She then bent down to the ground and picked up five people that were standing around her feet.  She commanded them all to strip.  With her index finger, Allison pushed Samantha back.  She grabbed one man and woman and told the woman to give the man a blow job while she held them in her palm.  Allison watched them for a few minutes and then said “Now a real woman is going to do it”.  She then brought them to her mouth and stuck her tongue out and gave both of them oral sex at the same time.  She stuck her tongue into the woman’s pussy and over her breasts.  It did not take long for their bodies to start breaking apart because of Allison’s rough foreplay from their standpoint.  From Allison’s standpoint, she was barely touching them.  She was beginning to realize that her littlest movements were huge events to everyone else.  She ended up swallowing them.


“Samantha, do you remember when you used to make fun of me?  Now these innocent people are going to pay for your abuse of me.”  Allison plucked Samantha from the roof top and placed her on her shoulder.  “If you want to live, hold on to some strands of my hair.  Samantha grabbed onto the golden locks flowing around Allison’s shoulder.


Allison then moved her nipple onto one of the remaining three.  The guy was instantly crushed to death.  His girlfriend started to hit Allison’s nipple with her small hands to try to move it off of her boyfriend, but it would not budge.  “Do you want me to get off of him?”  Allison lifted her nipple off of the man she crushed and let the girlfriend see the gory remains.  Allison then lowered her body so that her face was even with the roof top.  Allison opened her gargantuan mouth and she began to blow a stream of air at the two remaining people on the roof.  They did not stand a chance as Allison blew.  They were blown right off the roof top to their deaths. 


“Hey girlfriend” said Julie.  Julie & Sarah had finally found Allison.  All three of them hugged with tons of titty flesh being smashed together.  When Allison and Julie hugged, there hair came together and Samantha released Allison’s golden locks and jumped onto Julie’s brunette locks.  She ended up next to Matt.  “I see you have been up to no good” said Sarah.  “Yea, I have been experimenting with the local populace.   Our littlest movements cause great destruction.  I blew some people off the roof, I crushed one underneath my nipple” Allison responded. 


Samantha took the first chance she could to leave Allison and jumped to the brunette named Julie.  For whatever reason, Allison really had it out for her.  She knew she probably would die, but stood a better chance with one of the other two giantesses.  Hopefully she could come up with a way on how to make her way down the brunette before Allison realized she was gone.  She saw this naked man holding onto the brunette’s large lock of hair.  “What is your name?”  Matt told her his name.  Samantha then asked “How long have you been here?”  Matt replied “for about 25 minutes.  They are so large.  Julie and Sarah, that’s the name of the red head, had a field day on the highway thinking up ways to kill people.  They like to use their hair and blow people.  I think she forgot I was in her hair or she just does not care because she moves her head one way and then another real fast and I have to hold on for dear life.  Ever normal movement to them is a magnificent event to us.  We have to be prepared for anything.  From the conversation Julie & Sarah have had, I think they have been planning this for years.”  Samantha told Matt to be ready when Julie moved her head near a building.


All three giantesses heard the helicopter hovering above them.  All of a sudden, Sarah saw a missile launched at her.  It hit her in her arm and she saw the explosion.  “That piece of shit just fired on us.  We need to destroy it” said Sarah.  Julie said “don’t worry, we are invincible.  The energy that made us this tall has made of invincible to any modern weapon.  The only thing we have to worry about is another giantess, and then it would be three on one.”  The helicopter drifted within Allison’s range and she grasped it between her thumb and index finger.  “Get out of the helicopter if you value your life” said Allison.  The two pilots obeyed their Goddess and stood on her palm.  “Even though they can’t harm us, they attempted to shoot us with their puny weapons, Sarah, I think you should decide their fate” said Allison.  Allison extended her hand which hovered about 300 feet above the ground to Sarah dumped the men into Sarah outstretched hand.


“Do you realize that you are just a toy, or plaything, to us and that which ever giantess holds you, controls your fate.  My pinkie has more power in it than both of you combined.  How do you think you could challenge me, much less all three of us?”  Sarah put both men into her pussy.  Julie then lowered her knees to the ground, crushing tens of people stupid enough to be near the giantesses, and began to lick Sarah’s pussy with both men inside.  Julie felt the two men and pushed them against Sarah’s clit with her tongue.  The two playthings were crushed to death by Julie and Sarah’s love.


Allison, meanwhile still held the helicopter.  She blew it off of her palm into a building a quarter of a mile away.  Allison then looked at the building and said "Hey boys...do you wanna play?"  She then took her index finger and poked some windows out on the 14th floor.  "Julie & Sarah, watch this."  Allison lowered her mouth to the open window while Julie and Sarah watched.  She then blew a stream of air into the building. 


Pete watched the giantesses with the rest of the building.  He had always thought that Allison was hot, prior to her great growth.  Every little thing she did was creating enormous destruction to all the little people.  The pussy licking of Julie to Sarah was turning Pete on.  If just one of them would use him as a sex slave, he would die happy.  Pete thought that the brunette, which he heard was named Julie, looked like a gigantic Shania Twain.  As hot as Allison was, Julie was so much hotter.  Allison is a pebble compared to Julie's mountain in terms of their hotness.  Pete heard the building shaking and glass breaking as Allison poked at the windows.  Then he heard a train sound and felt the warm moist air in the building.  Pete looked at the windows and saw these giant lips covering the whole window area.  He realized that it must be Allison showing her power of such a simple act.  Pete made his way down the hallway towards the lips.  He was careful not to get in the stream because no human could withstand Allison’s simple act of blowing.  Pete finally made it to another window where he saw the brunette staring into the building. 


Julie and Sarah saw the office furniture flying through the walls and the little people in the building bouncing around like little pinballs.  Julie then saw a little man in the office staring at her.  She could not believe anyone would attempt to get that close to them after all they did.  Julie poked the window out and plucked Pete from the office.  She brought him in front of her face and noticed a little bulge (from her standpoint) in his pants.  Julie took the tip of her index finger and poked his prick being careful not to injure it.


Pete could not believe his luck.  The Goddess had plucked him and was giving him a hand job.  Pete then began to realize that he could be hurt and most likely killed by her littlest movements and she probably would not feel him die.


"Hey Allison, look what I found."  Julie showed Allison, Pete.  "Look, he has a hard on.  Do you realize that we are every guy’s fantasy?  We have long legs, great bodies, big tits, & a huge pussy.  How many guys do you think are masturbating to us right now?"  Julie gave a slow dance as she said this giving all the guys around a great tease.  "Allison, catch" said Julie as she causally tossed Pete 100 feet to Allison.  Pete survived the throw with little injury.  Allison caught Pete and said to Julie "you are right, he does have a hard on."


Allison then looked closely at Pete and said, "I know him, this is Pete in the technology department.  He always had a crush on me.  He must still since he wandered up to you Julie.  Pete how do you like the new me?"  Pete answered, "I think you are a Goddess and are amazing.  I have always liked you and I like you even more now that there is more of you to like."  As corny as that sounded, Allison liked it.  "Pete, would you like a blow job?"  Pete said "yes". "Strip for me" Allison said as she held Pete in her palm.  Pete did as ordered and could not believe his luck that Allison, the woman he had a crush on was about to give him the largest blow job he had ever had.  Once Pete stripped, Allison brought her large lips to his body and began to slowly suck on his whole body since his dick was so small.  In no time, she tasted a small salty taste of Pete's cum.  He must have blown his load.  They were so big, that she barely tasted it.  Pete was limp in Allison's hand after the greatest orgasm he had ever had.  "Pete, did you like that as much as I did?  Would you like to get titty fucked on one of the largest sets of tits in the world?"  Pete responded yes to both questions. 


Allison brought her palm to her left tit and began to slowly caress her tit with Pete.  She then placed Pete on her nipple as Sarah brought her lips down on it.  "Sarah, please don't crush him, I still want to fuck him."  Pete saw a shadow come across Allison's breast.  He realized that Sarah was going to fondle him and the tit with her mouth.  He suddenly felt a warm moist breath around him as Allison's nipple began to grow.  Sarah was careful not to crush Pete as her tongue moved around Allison's breast.


Sarah forced Allison to the ground.  Allison's luxuriant hair began crushing cars and buses and the little people around.  Her legs shot forward into her office building causing structural damage.  The whole city heard "ohhh yesss Sarah, this is amazing".  Allison grabbed Sarah's red hair as Sarah continued to lick Allison's breast.   Sarah was finally done and lifted her mouth away from Allison.  Allison looked at her breast for Pete.  She saw Pete treading water on her breast.  At first she could not understand why he was doing that, and then she realized that it was Sarah's saliva that he was treading.  They were truly Goddesses.  Sarah, place him in me.  Sarah grasped Pete from Allison's breast and said "are you ready to experience sex on the scale of a Goddess?  She slowly moved her hand down Allison's body.  Once she got near her cunt, Sarah let go of Pete.  She could not believe how Allison's golden pubic hair was bigger than Pete.  "Allison wants you and I want her to have you...so in you go".  Sarah slowly pushed Pete towards Allison's vagina.  With her other hand, she opened it up so that Pete could fall in.  Sarah then stuck a few fingers in and began to make Allison orgasm.


Pete was suddenly dropped near Allison's cunt.  He looked up at the forest of golden pubic hair.  He then felt pressure at his back as Sarah slowly pushed him towards the opening.  He saw Sarah open Allison up, something he realized that he could not do at this size.  Suddenly, he fell into her and felt the sticky cum of Allison.  This was getting Allison off.  Pete then felt fingers moving him deeper into Allison.  He then reached clit, which was enormous to him.  He felt the fingers slowly, rhythmically, pushing him back and forth against the clit.  He then felt the muscles begin to contract and release as Allison began her orgasm.  The next thrust by the fingers was his last. 


Julie watched with fascination as Allison kicked in her former office building.  She saw all the little people at her feet running for their lives.  As people made it to their cars in the parking deck across the street, they started driving with no regard to anyone in their way.  Julie got angry because only the three Goddesses were allowed to kill people.  Julie extended her telephone pole sized finger and pressed into the pavement and the exit of the parking deck.  The pavement stood no chance and immediately began to cave in.  The first set of cars reached the 100 foot long and 50 foot wide hole and vanished as they fell in.  The cars behind them slammed on their breaks to prevent from dieing.  Julie saw a bright yellow SUV stuck in line on the fourth floor.  Julie grabbed the SUV and removed it from the deck.


Julie lifted the car, which to her was like a micro machine, to her face and said “if you had not had a yellow car, maybe you would have escaped my notice”.  Julie opened the door, which meant tearing it off of the SUV and looked at the shaky woman in the driver’s seat.  The woman was a long haired brunette, like Julie, and a good looking woman with good sized breasts and long legs with a short skirt.  “You can either walk out onto my palm or I will force you out.”  The woman had seen what Julie had done before and chose the wiser course of walking out on her on free will.  Julie then took the SUV and crushed it like it was tin foil and dropped it on the masses below. 


Julie looked at her catch and realized that they could be confused as sisters.  “I think you are pretty.  Before I became a Goddess, I think many people would have thought we were sisters.  It would be wrong for me use you as a plaything.  What is your name?”  The woman responded “Jessica”.  “Jessica, strip for me.”  Jessica did not do as Julie requested.  “Don’t make me angry or I will kill you, sister or not.  Jessica, hearing the anger in Julie’s voice complied.  “That’s better” said Julie when Jessica stripped. 


Julie saw a man on the top of the parking deck and she grabbed him.  She used her nail on her index finger to quickly strip the guy.  “Jessica, I want you to fuck this man.”  Jessica tentatively moved closer and began to fuck the guy per Julie’s command.  Julie watched for a few seconds and laid on the ground causing mass destruction.  She then placed the two new love birds in her lush brown forest of pubic hair. She was getting sooo turned on that her pubic hair was larger than both of them.  Julie began to fondle her breasts and then slowly made her way down to the love birds.


Jessica was fucking the man the Julie had captured.  She then felt Julie’s hand moving down towards her crotch.  She then felt Julie’s pubic hairs and heard her moaning above.  Jessica saw the massive breasts being fondled and then saw Julie’s hand making its way down to where she was.  Jessica realized that Julie had lied about not using her as a plaything.  She saw a shadow appear on the unknown man and herself. 


The man realizing that Julie’s hand was getting closer to them got off of Jessica and started running to safety.  Julie chuckled a sexy laugh as the man got caught in the pubic hair.  “Where are you going little one?” Julie asked.  Julie plucked the man with her right index finger and thumb and removed him from her forest of pubic hair.  “Was Jessica not big enough for you?  Would you like a big girl like me?”  The man was struggling uselessly in her grip.  “Sarah, come look at this.”


Sarah made her way to Julie and looked at the man in her hand.  “He was running away from my cunt…don’t most men want to get in a woman’s panties?  Sarah said “give him to me and I will teach him to show proper respect.”  Julie handed over her prize and Sarah bent down between Julie’s massive legs and dropped the man back into the forest.


The man started to run again and he saw Sarah lower her mouth near the cunt and blow.  The man was lifted right off of Julie’s cunt and blown into her gargantuan breast.  He died on impact.  Sarah the noticed Jessica still entrapped in the pubic hair.  She grasped her and looked at her.  Jessica was trembling with fear.  “Julie, I think she looks like you.”  Julie responded, “yes I know, I think I shall call her MiniMe.  Sarah handed MiniMe over to Julie.  Julie placed her in her hair.


Jessica saw a woman and a man dangling above her in the brunette’s hair.  “I guess you both were captured.”  Samantha told Jessica hers and Matt’s names.  “We are trying to escape.  As soon as this cruel giantess comes close to the ground or a building, we are going to jump.  I suggest you come along with us, because if you don’t, you definitely will die.  Jessica quickly agreed that Samantha’s plan was the best course of action for survival. 


Julie turned around and started looking at her reflection using the windows of a building.  She turned around like she was a supermodel and leaned closer to the windows to get a look inside.  When she leaned closer, her hair hit the roof top of the building and Samantha, Matt & Jessica leaped off onto the roof.  Julie straightened and started talking to Allison and Sarah.


After being trapped for close to an hour, Matt and Samantha were finally free.  When Matt landed, that Samantha was gorgeous and close to a foot taller then him.  Jessica was also around 6 feet tall and was very pretty.  What was happening that he was near all of these tall women.  Both Jessica and Matt followed Samantha’s lead to the door.  When Samantha tried to open it, she found it was locked.  Samantha did not want to try very hard to force the door open because she was afraid that one of the giantesses would hear them and re-capture them.  All of a sudden, the building began to shake.  All three of them realized it was a woman quake brought by Julie approaching the building again.  They ducked behind the doorway and hoped she did not see them. 


Julie saw movement out of the corner of her eye and pretended not to see them.  They did not grasp that Julie was so tall that she could see straight down on them.  She realized they must have jumped out of her hair.  “Allison, come look at your reflection in the windows.  Once again the building began to shake as Allison walked and created her woman quake.  Jessica, Matt & Samantha were rudely shaken.  Allison also saw them and walked around the building and started talking small talk to Julie and they both watched the little people. 


Matt could not believe their luck as they were not spotted.  All of a sudden, a 15 foot sharp pin descended from Allison’s hand towards them.  The pin stabbed Matt in his leg.  He tried to move away from it, but Allison was holding him down with ease.  Samantha and Jessica started running towards the edge of the building when they ran into Julie’s tits.


Allison was thinking how great it would be to have a pin in her hand to play with the toys below.  All of sudden, she had it.  Without any thought, she stabbed Matt and held him as he struggled to move.  She saw Samantha and Jessica start running and she laughed as they ran into Julie’s tits.


“Julie, did you see what I did?  The pin magically appeared.”  Julie responded, “do you know how they say humans use only 10% of their brains, well when we grew, we gained use of all of our brain.  We truly are Goddesses.  We can do things with our minds that are unheard of.  Watch this”.  Julie willed 20 men into her hand and dropped them 10 feet, an inch to Julie, to the roof top.  The men immediately started running trying to escape Julie.  Most of the men had seen the giantesses on TV and were no where near downtown when they magically appeared in the Goddess’s hand.  The building began to shake as Sarah created a woman quake as she approached the building to see what Julie and Allison were doing.


“You are holding out on me” said Sarah in reference to the playthings on the rooftop.  “Sarah watch this” said Allison.  All of a sudden, a man from the rooftop floated in the air, 50 feet above the roof, and was spread eagled.  “Our minds are so powerful, we can affect the world with it.”  Julie walked to where the guy was suspended in midair and used her mind to mentally strip him.  She then lowered him with her mind to her breasts with her hair nestled in the valley.  “Do you like what you see little man?”  She then grasped the man and placed him in her palm.  Sarah came over and blew him for miles with a simple blow to her.  They had 19 men left plus the two women and Matt.


Meanwhile, at the White House, the President was watching everything unfold on TV.  He could not believe how big the three women were and how their littlest movements caused mass destruction.  What made it worse was the fact that they liked it.  Mr. President, you must order the army to attack before they kill more people.  The President gave the ok and prayed for the attack to work.  “You can use all force available, even nuclear options”.  The generals in the room gave the ok.  The planes and ground troops immediately departed a nearby base.  The ETA was 80 minutes.


Allison removed the pin from Matt’s leg and he collapsed in pain.  She then slowly tried to prick the group of men.  They evaded the pin and Allison blew on them causing them to fall.  She then trapped one person with the pin as she speared them.  She lifted the man off of the roof as the pin went through him like a sword.  The man was in pain as he dangled from Allison’s pin.  Sarah walked over and grabbed the pin with her mouth and swallowed the man alive like he was a hors d'oeuvres.


Sarah commanded a small man, who was 5”5” to start fucking MiniMe.  She then told another man, who was 5”3” to start fucking Samantha.  Both men went to the women and proceeded to get undressed.  Both women were much taller than the men.  Their breasts were at their heads.  Samantha grabbed the man’s head and began to rub it in her breasts.  The man’s cock began to grow and became very hard.  He then was lowered to the ground by Samantha and she proceeded to fuck him.  Julie lowered her head to the rooftop, which caused her hair to spill all over the place and watched with interest of how the taller woman was having her way with the man. 


“Why are you raping Samantha” asked Julie.  I did not hear you ask for her permission.  The man responded, “I am not raping her, she is raping me.”  Julie disagreed and said she would show him what a man being raped was like.  Julie grabbed both Samantha and the man and placed them in her palm.  She then pulled them away and causally dropped Samantha back to the rooftop, which was a 10 foot drop. She then ran her left index finger over the guy and caressed his puny muscles while lingering at his stiff cock.  She then gently blew on him and his cock making it as hard as possible.  “I think he likes me” said Julie to Sarah and Allison.  Julie then lowered a few stands of hair into her palm and told the man to hold on.  She lowered her strands, with the guy holding on, onto her left breast.  Her nipple began to grow and she told the man to fuck her nipple.  The man was very afraid and did as she said.  “Look how little he is.  I bet you his “massive load” will be tiny.”  Both Allison and Sarah agreed.  The man finally blew his load and was hanging on for dear life.  “Hahahahaha” said Julie laughing at the insect on her nipple.  She then slowly began to massage her gargantuan tit inching closer and closer to the man.  She grabbed him and lowered him into her pussy.  She took her fingers and pushed in and out as the man struggled to survive in her love juices.  Finally, the pressure was too much and he was destroyed into a creamy paste with the rest of Julie’s cum.  Sarah took the other man and swallowed him alive.  Everyone could hear his screams down her throat.


Allison created with her mind a two part cage on the rooftop.  The first part was thirty feet tall with barbed wire at the top and it wrapped around the second cage which was also thirty feet tall and 30 feet wide.  “Girlfriends, I have a great idea.  Why don’t we have a battle royal with the remaining men.  A fight to the death and winner moves on.”  Both giantesses responded that it was a great idea.  All of a sudden, all the men appeared in the first cage.  “Since we have an uneven amount of people, we need to make it even” said Allison.  Sarah chose one guy at random and placed him in the second cage.  “We are going to thumb wrestle.  You can use your entire body and if you can move my thumb, I will let you live.”  Sarah extended her thumb and placed it over the man.  Julie said “ready set go” and Sarah watched the man try to push up with all his might.  Sarah slowly pushed down and heard the guy start screaming.  Eventually, his body could not withstand the pressure and was crushed into a gory paste. 


Allison grabbed two guys and placed them in the ring.  “What are your names?”  The first guy, who was 6’3” 210 lbs responded Alex and the second guy who was 6”0” 175 lbs responded Victor.  “When I say ready set go, you will fight to the death.  If you are not fighting as judged by one of the Goddesses, you will be killed.  You can do it your way and have a chance to win or our way and die…It’s up to you” said Sarah. 


“Ready set go” said Sarah.  Both Alex and Victor attacked each other to the great delight of the Goddesses.  Alex was on top of Victor pummeling him   Victor had a broken nose and had blood streaming down his face.  All the other men were watching, not because they enjoyed it, but because they wanted to live and needed find out everyone’s strengths and weaknesses.  Sarah had her head resting on the rooftop with her breasts jutting into the building.  She thought Victor was cute and decided she wanted him to advance.  She reached into the cage and picked Alex up and dropped him five feet away from Victor.  She held him down like an insect and told Victor if he wanted to survive, he would have to kill Alex now because she would not kill him.  Victor staggered to Alex and began punching him making Alex match Victor in terms of blood down the face.  Sarah took her other hand and gently pushed Victor away and blew Alex into the barbed wired fence.  Alex was still living, but could not defend himself.  When she removed her hands, Victor continued to beat Alex to a pulp and he killed him.  “We have a winner” said Allison and she grabbed him and placed in the second cage.  Victor immediately collapsed to the ground trying to recover from the beating that Alex gave him before the Goddess took his side. 


Julie grabbed the next two competitors and placed them in the cage.  “What are you names?”  They responded Jack and Bobby.  Jack was 5’10” 150 lbs and Bobby was also 5’10” and weighed 155 lbs.  “Ready set go” said Julie.  Both Jack and Bobby started swinging and connecting early.  Eventually, Jack landed some vicious right hands that knocked Bobby out and he broke Bobby’s neck killing him.  Jack had never killed before and realized that he probably would not survive the later rounds unless one of the giantesses took his side.  Julie picked Jack up and placed him next to Victor while telling them that they would fight next.  Sarah picked up the next two people and held them in her palm while asking them their names.  They were named Adam and Chris.  Adam and Chris were both big guys, 6’5” 225 lbs and 6”7” 260 lbs respectively.  She casually dropped them 10 feet to the ground and said “ready set go”. They both circled each other looking for an opening.  They would jab and step back.  Allison was getting annoyed that they were taking their time and decided to intervene.  She grabbed Chris and began to squeeze his arm.  She heard the break and saw tears rolling down his face.  She then placed him back in the ring and said “good luck little one because I don’t think you will survive and if you do, and you win the whole tournament, no doctor will be able to put your arm back together again.  She blew him a kiss, which knocked him off his feet.  Adam immediately jumped on him and killed him fairly quickly once Allison took an interest in the fight.  Julie grabbed Adam and said “ooh he is a cute one” and she licked his cock before placing him in the second cage 


Julie grabbed four men next and said this would be a four way fight.  She asked them there names and received the answers of Tommy, Jeff, Brad & Louis.  They were 6’1”, 5’7”, 5’11” & 5”5” respectively.  As she held them in her palm, she mentally stripped them, which had not been done in the other fights.  She told them that she would be meddling in their fight and they could use her body for protection and that she would constantly move her hair into the cage and out and if they wanted to, they could jump on it to escape a beat down.  She then plucked them one by one and dropped them into the cage.  Julie dropped Tommy from a height of 15 feet, which caused him to sprain his knee on impact.  She dropped Jeff from 10 feet, Brad from 15 feet, which caused him no serious injury and Louis she placed on the rooftop. They were each in a corner.


:”Ready set go” and off they went.  Since Tommy was injured, all three other men jumped on him.  Jeff used the opportunity to start hitting Brad.  Julie then lowered her luxurious hair into the cage and Tommy grabbed it as she lifted him out.  She then watched with Tommy hanging on as the other three started in on each other.  She lowered her mouth and blew causing all three to blow pretty hard into the cage.  She lowered her hair and Tommy did not let go.  When she brought her hair out and saw Tommy still hanging on, she slowly to her, swung her head around causing a gust to blow.  When she lowered her head again, Tommy got off.  He hobbled over and quickly got some punches in on Louis.  Louis who took the worst from the blow, was defenseless and was killed by Tommy’s right hand.  Julie then lowered her gargantuan fingers into the cage and slowly crawled them over to Jeff.  She grabbed Jeff and held him upside down at 5 feet as Tommy and Brad beat on his head.  Blood was rolling down his face.  Julie then lifted him higher, away from their puny reach, and watched with glee as Tommy and Brad went at each other.  She then lowered her hair again, but this time did not use a few strands, instead used a lot, which could crush the men.  She lowered it onto Tommy and when she lifted it, his body was gone and in its stead was his gory remains.  She then lowered Jeff back into the ring and placed her hand over Jeff so that Brad could not get to him.  “Brad, do you think I am pretty?”  Brad responded, “you are definitely pretty”.  Julie asked if he wanted to win the fight and Brad of course said he did.  “Don’t you get it now, it is not what you want, it is what I and my fellow Goddesses want.  For your answer, you will die.”  Julie lowered her mouth over the top of the cage and sucked in air.  Brad’s body was so light that he could not withstand the pressure.  He tried to hold onto the barbed wire fence while blooding his hands.  Julie just increased her suckage and he flew into her mouth.  She lowered her mouth to the second cage and opened it showing a still alive Brad.  Julie then used her monstrous tongue to push Brad to the front of her mouth.  With everyone on the rooftop gasping her horror, she closed her pearly white teeth and bit Brad in half.  She then swallowed him.  Julie closed her hand and lifted Jeff away from the first cage and placed him in the second cage. 


Allison decided the next match would be a 6 person match.  She grabbed the remaining men and placed them in the cage.  They were all average height and weight and were named Billy, Harry, Neil, Buzz, Abe & Robert.  “Ready set go” said Allison and the fight began.  Billy quickly dispatched Neil with a cheap shot to his balls and a couple of stomps to his head.  Buzz and Abe teamed up and shoved Neil into the barbed wire and pounded on him until he died.  Allison kept her fingers in the cage and was using a flicking motion.  Harry got to close and no regular sized human could withstand the force of a simple flick.  Harry flew into the cage and died by suffocation because of the blood in his lungs.  Allison then picked up Robert and dropped him on Buzz and Abe.  Abe, seeing it coming put his feet up with knocked the breath out of Robert.  Abe got up and punched Robert until Buzz started on him.  Allison placed her nail on Abe’s leg and pressed down cutting his leg off and his knee.  Abe, who was in serious pain from such a simple act on Allison part; died when Buzz kicked him in his head.  Robert and Buzz went one on one until Robert killed Buzz.  Julie grabbed Billy and asked him what he thought of her.


Billy responded “I think what you and the other two giantesses are doing is wrong.  There is no doubt that you could kill me and everyone else up here.  All 20 of us could not put up a fight against your pinkie.  In day to day society, the bigger people don’t go around killing the smaller ones.  I think you should do the same.  Imagine all the good you could do with your size.  Instead, you use us as playthings and discard us when we stop being useful.  There is no doubt that you are beautiful.  You have long gorgeous lush hair, you have big breasts (even when you were normal), you have long legs.  I could not imagine how you could be satisfied unless there was a man your size.  I am in your hands, litterley and figuratively.  What are you going to do to me?”  Julie responded “You amuse me little man, so I am going to let you win” and she crushed Robert with her pinkie showing Billy what he already knew, she was too powerful.


Julie took Billy and placed a few strands of her lush hair around him and swung her hair into her valley.  Billy looked at the gargantuan breasts with awe.  “You are right little man, no man could satisfy me.  Imagine how big a cock would have to be to satisfy me.  Since there is not a man that big, I will have to settle for playthings.  “Have you ever seen tits this big?” asked Julie looking down into the valley of her cleavage.  “We are Goddesses, and men from all over the world should be lucky to be as close as you are to my breasts.”  Fuck my tit little man.”  Billy, not wanting to tempt the Goddess’s anger, immediately began fucking a nipple bigger then he was.  Julie’s nipple began to grow and harden and she looked at the little man hanging from her hair attempting to fuck her nipple.


Sarah grabbed Victor and Jack and placed them in the cage.  She noticed that Victor had not fully recovered from his beating.  Jack began to punch Victor in the face and he quickly was covered in blood.  Victor’s legs were hurting and he could not move.  Sarah took her right breast and stuck it over the cage.  She slowly lowered it until it was a few feet over Victor.  Jack moved as far away as possible.  Sarah was getting turned on just by looking at the little man and comparing her breast to him.  Her nipple began to grow and quickly touched Victor.  Victor tried to move away from the nipple, but Sarah lowered the rest of her tit into the cage and crushed him.


Sarah grabbed Jessica and Samantha and then raised her fist and slammed it on top of the building.  All the remaining fighters were crushed to death with the exception of Billy who was presently occupied by Julie.


Donald had always fantasized about giantesses and was watching on TV in his home in Iowa.  He was stripped down and was masturbating to the TV.  He wanted so badly to be near them, not fully comprehending that it was probably a death sentence to be in their presence.  Donald turned around and saw 49 other naked men with hardons.  He looked beyond the men and saw a white wall reaching 100 feet in the air all around them.  They were trapped.  They did not know where they were and after comparing stories, each man was whacking off to the giantesses and suddenly appeared in the white walled room.  All of a sudden they felt the ground shake and looked up and saw a leg rising beyond the walls to a pussy so large that it was incomprehensible.  They saw the reddish pubic hair and realized it was Sarah.


Sarah willed a 100 foot white walled box with no roof into existence.  She then willed one man from each state that was currently masturbating to them in it.  She then dropped Samantha and Jessica into the box.  She grabbed 7 men and laid down in the street crushing tens of people that were foolish enough to get that close to the giantesses.  When Sarah laid her head on the ground, her hair crushed the insects and entangled a man and his wife.  Sarah then took the naked men and gave them their secret wish of being on her breasts.


The men began humping her soft, yet hard, titty flesh and had an orgasm soon after.  Sarah had seven tiny spots of cum on her right breast and she brought her lips to it and licked it clean.  “That was tasty, but unfulfilling.  Seven of you could not even satisfy me.”  The men began running around on her tit and hump her in the same area so that their next orgasm would produce a bigger amount located in one place.  Sarah watched in amusement as the little men tried to satisfy her.  There next orgasm was just as tiny and did little for Sarah’s appetite.  The men felt the tit shake as gorgeous Allison came to see what Sarah was doing.


“What do you have there” said Allison.  Sarah responded “I willed a man from each state that was masturbating to us into that box over there, pointing at the box, and decided to see them and their first mates up close.”  Allison lowered her massive body right next to Sarah and said “hey guys, do you think 7 men can handle two women?”  She then lowered her mouth onto Sarah’s left tit and licked it.  Sarah started shaking, which shook her right tit causing the men to lose their balance.  “It takes a woman to satisfy a woman” said Allison in reference to her licking.  She then brought her mouth to the right breast and began licking. She licked two men bringing them into her mouth.  “Ummmm, they are so tasty” Allison said as she swallowed them.  She then plucked the other 5 men from the tit and brought them to Sarah’s pussy.


Sarah watched in awe at how Allison and she had so much power of the men.  Allison released them a couple inches, a few feet from the men’s perspective, from Sarah’s pussy.  All five men landed in the forest of reddish pubic hair.


Henry was on one of the largest breasts in the world as the blonde bombshell Allison came over and began to lick it.  He was trembling being this close to the Goddesses.  Henry began to hump the breast as he got turned on from Allison’s sexy movements.  Henry saw Allison’s hand grasp the breast and pick him and the other four men up and drop them onto Sarah’s pussy.  He landed with little impact and rose to his feet as he looked around at the forest of reddish pubic hair.  He realized then that he and the other men were just playthings to the women and he was going to die.  At least, he thought to himself, he would die fucking a giantess. 


Allison grabbed another man as she easily held open Sarah’s pussy, something the men would need machinery for, and dropped him into her cum.  She held the pussy open and then grabbed Henry and held him over the opening while he looked down at the man swimming in Sarah’s cum.  Allison dropped him in and quickly added the other three men.  The men were covered in Sarah’s sticky love juices and watched in horror when Allison closed the pussy.


The men called out to each other and found that they were all still alive.  Although they did not tell each other, they all still had hardons and began to fuck Sarah.  Some of them found her monstrous clit and began to hump it.


“I can feel their movements.  Three of them are humping my clit” said Sarah to Allison.  “They are so exhausted, yet they are like little energizer bunnies.  Sarah grabbed a bus nearby and squeezed it instantly killing the occupants.  Allison lowered her mouth onto Sarah’s pussy and began to lick. 


The men saw light flood into the pussy and then darkness as Allison lowered her mouth over the opening.  Allison could feel the men as she licked Sarah.  She crushed the three men on her clit.  The other two men were stuck to her tongue as Allison moved it around.  She finally withdrew her tongue as Sarah had a massive orgasm.  She grasped them from her tongue and showed them to Sarah.


“Sarah, these men survived love on the scale of a Goddess.”  Allison then lowered them onto her right breast as her index finger slowly caressed it.  She finally got near them and crushed them with such a simple move.  Allison thought it was amazing that they could survive her eating out Sarah, but could not survive her finger.


The men in the box heard “boom boom boom”.  For the last few minutes they had only heard Allison and Sarah moaning in ecstasy.  They had been in the box for close to 30 minutes.  Most fell to the ground as the ground started shaking.  All of a sudden, the white walls became clear class walls and they were given a view of a lush brown pussy and legs enclosed around the clear box.  Julie had arrived.


Julie, still had Billy fucking her nipple, walked over to the box Sarah created.  She wanted a piece of the action.  She sat down so the men could not see her through the open roof and put her legs around the box and her pussy up to the wall.  She then willed the white walls into glass walls and watched as the men looked at her in awe.  “Hey boys, aren’t I gorgeous?” 


Almost all men that saw Julie, Allison & Sarah together would say that Julie was the hottest of the three, even though if they ended up with Allison or Sarah they could die a happy man.  Most of the men started whacking off again at the sight of Julie and were not even ashamed to due it in front of the other men or Julie.  Julie reached her hand into the box and grabbed a man and put him on her other tit and commanded him to titty fuck her. 


Julie then grabbed three men and placed them in her pussy while all the other men jacked off.  The 39 remaining men looked on in awe as her pussy easily swallowed the men.  Julie had an idea, she wanted to see how far she could go before the men stopped jacking off to her.  She decided she was going to torture and kill as many men until they were fearful of her.


Julie reached into the box and grabbed a man.  She brought him up to her face and said “you are very tiny, do you think you can handle a big woman?”  Julie then placed her nail of her index finger on his hard cock as he continue to whack off.  Julie slowly increased the pressure near the base of his penis and sliced it off like she was cutting a piece of bread.  “Whoops, I am sorry, you are so tiny that I forgot my strength.”  She placed the bleeding man who was in agonizing pain back into the box making sure to have him bleed on a lot of the men prior to releasing him.  The man slumped to the ground and passed out due to the intense pain.


Julie then grabbed another man and held him over the box as she gave him a playful squeeze between her index finger and thumb.  Unfortunately for the man, a playful squeeze to Julie was a death squeeze to him.  She slowly rubbed his gory remains between her fingers and let it drop over the crowd.  Julie looked down and could not believe that after placing three men into her pussy, slicing a penis off, and crushing a guy to death, the men were still jacking off.


Julie then said “I keep forgetting you are all so fragile.  Yesterday, every one of you could manhandle me and now today, my pinkie can manhandle all of you at once.  I think we need a new name for that, how about giantess handle.  You are all just playthings to me and my Goddess friends.  You are insignificant bugs that I can do as I wish.  Every little movement by me is a catastrophe waiting to happen to you.”


Julie grabbed another guy and placed him on the ground outside the clear box.  Julie’s pussy was above him and in front of him.  The guy, who was so turned on, ran towards her lush brown pubic hair and began to hump Julie the best he could considering her size and his size.  He quickly orgasmed and Julie said “I can barely feel anything, your massive load was tiny.  Do you want to see what a massive load really looks like?”  Julie stuck a few fingers into her vagina and began rhythmically pushing it in and out.  The three men that were inside were killed as Julie began to orgasm.  When she orgasmed, her cum dripped out and went onto the man standing at her gargantuan pussy.  The man was swimming in her cum, which was just a few drops.  She had some on her fingers and let in fall into the clear box.  Compared to the men in the box, Julie dripped a large quantity of cum into the box, so much so that it covered the entire floor of the box and rose up to two and half feet. 


The men were in ecstasy when Julie dropped her warm sticky cum in the box.  Julie observed some of the men attempting to swim in it.  “Hey guys, you want to swim in it, let me help.”  Julie place her fingers back in and grabbed some more cum and dumped it in the box.  She repeated this process two more times and everyone in the box was treading her cum.  Julie had plenty more where that came from.  She could not believe that these men were swimming in her cum.   The remaining men loved that they were in Julie’s cum, but then realized that she was not going to empty to container and that they would have to tread the cum until they tired and drowned. 


Sarah and Allison walked over and looked at the box.  “Let us watch them drown” said Allison.  Julie agreed and they sat down.  Every once in a while, one of the three giantesses would reach their fingers into the cum and swirl it around.  After 15 minutes, Julie grabbed Samantha and Jessica and placed them on the ground near her pussy.  They could smell her sex and were overwhelmed with the gargantuanous of it.   Jackson saw Sarah’s index finger coming near him and all of a sudden, he was drinking in Julie’s cum and drowned to death.  Sarah could not believe how easy it was to kill him.  He was an insect to her.  At the 45 minute mark, the men began collapsing, which meant death in their case.  By an hour, only 2 men were still treading cum. 


Allison grabbed the two men and congratulated them on surviving their rough play.  She placed them on her breast where they collapsed because of all the energy they expended treading Julie’s cum.  The cum was harder to tread because it was heavier and sticker then water. 


“Place the men on your breast on the ground or we will be forced to open fire” said the corporal in charge of the army that just arrived.  Allison said “No, I will not give you my toys, in fact, I think you really want to be picked up by me because you have never been with a woman this big.  I can show you what a real woman is like.  I think you will be turned on being held in my hand and secretly love the fact that you are an insect to me and my girlfriends.”  Allison lowered her fingers and grasped the young corporal.  The next officer in command got on the bull horn and said “put him down or we will open fire.”  Julie responded “if you open fire, Allison will not be a gentle Goddess anymore and your corporal will die.  It’s your choice.”


The young corporal looked out over a sea of flesh of Allison’s hand in awe.  He thought to himself that he truly was an insect to her and she would not notice crushing him or his army.  He yelled down to the army to not to open fire since there was no chance for them to win against one Goddess much less three Goddesses.  Being a few hundred feet in the air and being cupped in Allison’s hand prevented the army from hearing him.  Allison, Julie & Sarah heard him well and Allison told the army that the corporal commanded them to open fire.


The army opened fire and for a few moments the Goddesses stood still and watched the army through every thing they had at them.  After the army ran out of ammunition, Julie shook her brunette mane of hair and sexily asked the army “is that all you got???  Let me show you what happens when you talk the talk and can’t walk the walk.”  Julie grabbed Samantha and Jessica and stuck them in her hair and said “be good and you may survive.”  Julie glided in a circle around the army, making them fall to their knees with her every step, and stuck her index finger into the pavement and dug a 100 foot hole with such ease to trap the army.  The “moat” was 20 feet wide. 


Julie then got down on her knees crushing several tanks in the process and lowered her body so that her hair was on the ground and her breasts hovered over the soldiers.  Julie blew at the army and watched in glee as the soldiers were blown into one another as they either died or were injured.  Julie brought her right breast and hovered it above one soldier who was injured.  Her nipple was expanding because she was getting so turned on with the destruction she caused with a kiss.  “Massage my tit little man and you may survive”.  The soldier hobbled to his feet and began to massage Julie’s tit.  Julie could barely feel him and told the soldier to do it harder.  The soldier could not believe he had his hand on her breast.  He realized that she was just toying with him and was going to kill him.  The only thing left undecided was the “how” he was going to die.  Julie spent a few moments getting a massage and then she picked the little soldier up.  She raised him to her eye level and said “goodbye”.  Julie then dropped the man almost 400 feet to his death.


Sarah walked over to the other side of the battle field and began crushing the men with her fingers.  She then grabbed a few tanks and put it into her pussy.  She could feel the tanks a lot better compared to the men because they were bigger.  Either way, the tanks were crushed when Sarah orgasmed.  Sarah saw about 30 men who have survived Julie’s kiss running for their lives.  She easily extended her arm and placed her hand in front of them.


The soldiers looked up and started to back away slowly.  Even if they ran, they stood no chance of escaping.  Sarah grabbed a few men and put them on her breast.  “Titty fuck me little men”.  The men did as commanded and stripped down and began to hump her right breast.  “Whoops, I can’t believe you did not get out of my hand’s way” said Sarah as she crushed the remaining men.


Allison walked over to Sarah and placed the insect corporal on Sarah’s breast where the other soldiers were.  “Be a good boy and bring some pleasure to my friend” said Allison to the corporal.  The corporal looking around the vast tit began fucking Sarah just like the other soldiers. 


The President watched all this on TV in awe and horror.  He and the Joint Chiefs could not believe that none of the weapons, everything in the arsenal except the nuclear bombs, did anything to the women.  The brunette named Julie played with the army like they were toys and simply blew the majority of them to death.  They could not stop one of them, much less three at once.  The President commanded his generals to find out what the women wanted and to immediately begin trying to recreate the formula that was used to make them tall.


It was a gorgeous day in LA and lots of people were at the beach unaware of the events of the morning.  Their lives were about to change.  Allison suggested that they all go to the beach and work on their tans.  Sarah and Julie thought that was a great idea.  Downtown LA was happy that they were leaving, but when a giantess walks, it poses all sorts of other problems.


Lauren and her girlfriends were doing what most teenage southern California girls do, lay out at the beach.  Lauren had never been in an earthquake so when the ground started shaking, she was excited.  Since she was on the beach and there were no structures around, it was pretty safe unless the ground opened up.  Little did she know, it was not an earthquake, but a woman quake causing the ground to shake. 


The Goddesses finally made it to the beach.  Lauren could not believe her eyes.  Staring at her were three beautiful 400 foot women.  She was having a hard time comprehending what she was seeing.  Allison sat down in front of Lauren crushing tens of people in the process.  Allison’s cunt was right in front of Lauren.  Allison reached down and picked up Laruen and her four friends. 


Allison looked at the girls for a moment and noticed that they were all around 17 years old and cute.  They were so tiny in her hand.  She saw that they were trembling in fear.  Allison commanded them to strip.  The five girls did not comply.  Allison selected a brunette from the group and placed her in her left hand.  “This is what disobedience causes.”  Allison lowered her massive lips and blew a focused stream of air at the girl and she flew off over a mile into the sea.  The girl was lucky that she landed in the water instead of a building where she would have died.  Unfortunately, for the girl she was so far out to sea, she did not stand a chance.


After watching their friend blown out to sea, the four remaining girls stripped in the giantess’s hand.  Allison noticed that there were two blondes and two brunettes.  She slowly caressed them with her pinkie finger.  She felt their little breasts and compared it to her mountains.  She then grabbed one girl by her long blonde hair and held her up to her eyes.  A brunette grabbed the blonde and tried to bring her down back to the palm, but she soon let go as she realized she was no match for her strength.  “All four of you are not even as big as my nipple.  How does that make you feel?”  The girl answered “insignificant”.  Allison responded “you are right, you are nothing but insects to me and my girlfriends.  This is how insignificant you are.”  Allison placed the girl on her nipple and let the girl hang on for her life on a mountain of a breast. 


Lauren could not believe that her best friend, Brittney, was dead by a simple blow from the giantess.  She had never felt as powerless as she did now.  After seeing what Allison did to Brittney, Lauren immediately stripped so that she was not killed.  She realized that Allison truly thought of her and her friends as insects.  Allison’s pinkie came near Lauren and she thought to herself that Allison’s pinkie had more power in it than all four remaining girls combined.  Lauren did not move when Allison caressed her and her friends.  She did not know why, but it felt good.    


Lauren watched as Allison grabbed Zoey by her long blonde hair.  Lauren could not stand the thought of the giantess having her way with Zoey, so she grabbed Zoey’s feet.  Zoey was screaming in fear as Lauren tried to bring her back down to the giantess’s palm.  Laruen was succeeding at first in bringing her back down, but quickly realized that Allison was playing with her and that all her strength was nothing compared to Allison.  Laruen looked on with fear when the giantess placed Zoey on the gargantuan nipple 50 feet below.

“Fuck for me” said Allison to the remaining three girls in her palm.  Lauren immediately began massaging Heather’s breasts as Linda began eating out Lauren.  Allison watched as the three girls began fucking each other.  She loved the power she had over their insignificant lives.  After watching for a few minutes, grabbed Heather and slowly began to press her right breast together with her index finger and thumb.  It did not take long for Heather’s breast to explode like a melon with blood running down all over her insignificant body.  “This is power” said Allison as she placed Heather back in her palm and watched her friends try to comfort her.


Lauren was massaging Heather’s breasts when she was roughly pushed to the side so that Allison could grab Heather.  It looked like the Goddess was massaging her breasts, but Lauren could hear the screams of pain from Heather.  Lauren realized that the Goddess was squeezing the breast and all of a sudden she heard a scream and saw the blood running down Heather’s body.  The Goddess watched with amusement for a few moments before placing Heather back in her palm.  Lauren did not know what was done to make the scream, but she thought it was not good.  As she and Linda walked over to Heather, she heard “This is power” from the Goddess.  Lauren realized that the Goddess had mutilated the breast, a sign of womanhood and that Heather was in severe pain.  She and Linda tried to comfort Heather and they stood in the Goddess’s hand.  After witnessing the display of power, she knew that the Goddess controlled their fate and that they were insects compared to her.


Allison watched as the girls tried to comfort Heather.  They were saying how it would all be better and they would escape.  Allison grabbed Heather and commanded her to live.  “I have used my power to ensure that you will not try to kill yourself or have someone else do it for you.  I will let you live, although you don’t really want to nor can you find a replacement for your breast.”  Allison placed Heather back in the sand and continued to play with her friends.


Zoey was standing on the nipple afraid to move.  She had plenty of room and realized how small she was in relation to Allison.  She heard and saw what Allison did to Heather and prayed that she died quickly instead of being played with as a toy.  Zoey could feel the nipple growing and she realized that Allison was getting off on a power rush by dominating her friends. 


“What do we have here?” said Julie who walked up to Allison and was now staring at her nipple with Zoey on it.  “She is just a plaything that I picked up.  Let’s show her friends our power.”


Zoey turned around and saw a gorgeous brunette staring at her with an amused expression on her face.  Julie slowly caressed the breast that Zoey was standing on.  Allison lowered her hand with Lauren and Linda on it so that they could get a closer view.  Julie continued to caress the breast as Zoey stood still on the nipple in fear.  Julie then lowered her mouth and started to lick the nipple.  Zoey could feel Allison’s nipple growing even larger than it already had.  Locks of brunette hair were hanging down and around the breast for over 50 feet.  Julie finally got to the nipple and laughed a sexy laugh before licking.  Julie was about 15 feet away from the nipple and she sucked in air causing the ultra light Zoey to fly into her mouth. 


Julie then opened her mouth and showed Zoey’s friends, who were standing in Allison’s hand, their helpless friend.  Lauren and Linda looked at Julie in horror as she held Zoey in her mouth.  Allison told them to say goodbye and they all watched Julie swallow.  When she opened her mouth, Zoey was no where to be found. 


Allison placed Lauren and Linda on her right nipple.  Julie, catching onto what Allison wanted to do, and approached Allison.  With the giantesses standing a few feet apart they each watched their own nipples as they grew.  Soon, they were almost touching.  To get them over the hump, Allison asked Julie what it felt like to have this much power over two insignificant insects.  A few seconds after the question was asked, the nipples were touching each other.  Unfortunately for the two girls on Allison’s nipple, the weight of Julie’s nipple was in the tons and was enough to crush them into a pulp.


Lauren and Linda felt Allison’s hand moving down.  They were placed on one of her nipples.  They stared out in awe at the enormity of her breast.  They saw Julie approach Allison and felt Allison’s nipple growing larger.  They could physically see Julie’s nipple growing as well.  Lauren and Linda became concerned when they saw how close the giantesses’ nipples were.  Lauren was thankful to see that their nipples had stopped growing and they would be saved.  She knew that if Julie’s nipple touched Allison’s nipple, they would not stand a chance.  Lauren and Linda heard Allison ask Julie what it felt like to have this much power over two insignificant insects.  A few seconds later, the nipples began to grow again and they both were crushed instantly to death.  


Sarah looked out into the ocean and saw to boys surfing.  She decided to toy with them.  “Hey boys” she said as they came to shore.  Both boys looked up and this massive woman in awe and a little bit of fear.  “Do you like what you see?”  said Sarah as she showed off her body to them.  The boys did not move and were like statues.  It was probably a good thing they stood still because any attempt to escape would have been futile.  Sarah reached for them and picked them up and openly was inspecting their tiny bodies.  “Since I am naked, I think you should be too.”  Both boys started to strip.  She ran her index finger down their tight bodies, lingering at their limp, but hardening pricks.  Sarah was glad to see they were responding to her body.  “I can be a gentle Goddess since you obeyed me.  Let me show you.”  Sarah gave them both a blow at the same time.  After she was done, she looked at them and saw they clearly enjoyed it.


Roger and Sam were 17 years old and surfing and were coming to shore when they saw three giantesses approach the beach.  They decided to make it to shore and try to escape.  As they came to shore they saw one of the giantesses standing near them.  They heard her speak to them but were frozen still in shock and fear.  They saw her hand descend from the heavens and were immediately rising in the air faster then the fastest elevator.  The giantess commanded them to strip and they did it because they saw what happened to the girls the other two giantesses were toying with.  The giantess ran her finger down their bodies.  Both boys were getting turned on with the “hand job” she was giving their bodies.   They heard her angelic voice say “I can be a gentle Goddess since you obeyed me.”  All of a sudden her mouth came down to her hand and they thought Sarah was going to eat them.  Instead, she gave them both a magnificent blow job at the same time.  In no time, Roger and Sam blew their “tiny” load in Sarah’s mouth.


Sarah sexily licked her lips and swallowed their pathetic load.  She could barely taste it.  “Guys, that was nothing.  I gave you the greatest blow job you will ever receive and I get nothing in return?”  Both boys looked at her in fear because they were afraid she was going to hurt them since they could not satisfy her.  Sarah took the boys and placed them on her nipple.  She slowly caressed herself and watched them look on in fear.


Sarah grabbed both of them off of her breast and threw them in the air.  Sam and Roger reached 5,000 feet and started free falling.  Sarah opened her gargantuan mouth and caught them.  Miraculously, they survived because of the saliva in Sarah’s mouth.  “mmmm”, said Sarah as she closed her mouth and played with her toys using her tongue.


Roger and Sam were concerned that they were going to be crushed on Sarah’s breast as her hand neared them.  All of a sudden they were engulfed in her warm hand and immediately started flying up into the air as Sarah threw them.  When they reached the apex of the flight, the began to free fall down and looked back down and saw a huge opening that was Sarah’s mouth waiting for them.  Amazingly, they survived, but were immediately played with by Sarah’s tongue.  They were torn to shreds with the littlest movements of her tongue. 


Julie ran her index finger through the sand and made a moat (no water) 30 feet wide around a 100 square foot area filled with people running in fear.  She could practically smell and taste their fear.  She saw two good looking men near the edge of the moat and casually flicked them a mile into the ocean.  There were 23 people now left in the prison.  “Have you ever seen something so large?” she asked. 


Julie plucked two guys and brought them to her eye level to admire their puny bodies.  She saw that men would always be men because their first mates were saluting her through their bathing suits.  She brought her index finger to their hard cocks and slowly rubbed it very carefully.  She then placed her long brunette hair into the valley of her breasts.  “Do you want to play in my hair nestled in the valley of my mountains?” Julie asked.  Julie did not wait for a response and placed the two men in her hair.  She told them to strip.  They immediately complied knowing it was death to not follow the commands.  “One of you each needs to climb onto each breast and stand on my nipple.” 


Both men started to climb through the hair onto Julie’s gargantuan breasts.  “I am so large compared to each of you.  How does that make you feel knowing that my littlest moves can crush you.”  Each man was slowly working their way through Julie’s brunette locks of hair.  The men did not know how to respond to her question, although it was probably a good thing considering it was rhetorical.


Julie got tired of waiting and plucked both men from her hair and asked them what their names were.  They responded Jacob and Lamar.  “Because you are so puny, I will have to place you each on my nipples.”  Julie placed Lamar on her right nipple and Jacob on her left nipple.  She slowly caressed their hard pricks.  They responded to Julie’s caressing and quickly blew their tiny loads. 


“I want to show you how powerful I am and how puny you are” said Julie.  She  reached for some of the people still in the moat and brought them to her breasts to show Jacob and Lamar the people in her hand.  She then took one man between her thumb and index finger and slowly squeezed him.  Everyone in her other hand could hear the man screaming in pain.  Alas, Julie was too strong and she popped him like a grape.


Sarah walked over to see what Julie was doing and asked Julie to dump the remaining people in her gargantuan hand into her pussy.  Julie did as Sarah asked and then plucked Lamar and Jacob from her tits so they could see the show.


Jacob was scared speechless when the evil brunette captured him and Lamar.  She placed them in her soft hair.  As he started climbing he realized that it was a long dangerous trek to the mountains above him.  He did not want to give her any reason to terminate him, so he set off to the top of the mountain.  Unfortunately, Sarah started fondling Julie’s breasts and crushed Jacob and Lamar without even noticing.


More to come...when I get around to it.

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